All these hot-button issues wrapped up in the case of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, where does one begin? Obviously this case itself has captured the nation’s attention for the time being but does any of this translate into 2014? For example, could President Obama use this case as an argument in favor of gun control or other issues which could help energize the liberal base?


Report from the Daily Caller:

The White House’s press secretary strongly signaled Tuesday that President Barack Obama will back out of the George Zimmerman controversy, amid public outcry and a handful of violent protests that could damage his chance of winning back the House in 2014.

“The president does believe we should have an ongoing conversation about [race] in our communities and churches and in the public square,” Carney said, pointedly excluding a White House role.

Obama is trying to boost turnout by women in the 2014 election, partly by using shooting controversies to demand demand gun-control laws that will be opposed by the GOP. In turn, the inevitable GOP opposition can be used to portray the GOP as a threat to suburban peace.

One option for Obama’s aides is to portray the shooting and resulting verdict as a caused by racial discrimination, justifying large-scale federal intervention in Americans’ social lives, workplaces and education centers.

So man facets to this case and new information continues to stream out even though we’re several days past the “not guilty” verdict being delivered.

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