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  1. “A house divided against it self can never stand.”
    Who said that,who cares this statement is wrong. We old white guys in the our republican Party can win the 2016 election by ourselves.We know how to get the vote without these young know nothing young guys.If this is what you believe old established Repubs,wake up before its to late.

    • Ellen: It was that Jesus guy:

      Matthew 12:25 –
      “Any kingdom divided against itself is laid waste; and any city or house divided against itself will not stand.

      Of course, that Abe Lincoln guy used it, too. . .

    • This “kingdom” – country is not just divided, it’s fragmented and ripe for its demise according to the 200 to 250 year cycle that happens to every Democratic Republic. As we move from a constitution and founding documents based on freedoms and capitalistic free markets to government control and subsidy past the 50% mark. it’s all over but the shouting. Liberalism will soon outweigh any other form of politics, and liberalism has changed it’s ideology to destroying the Bill of Rights.

      • No, the media have us pretty much divided into two camps–and they are quite stable, and are making rules to make sure that no other voices are heard. We’re in no risk of falling apart, because that would threaten the power and wealth barons. But BOTH want to destroy the Constitution. The other side wants to redefine the Second Amendment, but you’re friends want to cripple the first–crushing dissent, establishing religion, restricting rights, attacking the media–the fourth, unreasonable searches-the fifth, habeas corpus defendant rights, and the, you know, rule of law–eighth, cruel and unusual punishment (ie, torture), ninth–laws restricting individual freedom in the bedroom and clinic, tenth–states’ rights, when it suits your purpose.

        Most of us have been divided into two sides, and both sides are wrong. It’s not just “them.”

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