Texas Congressman, and Presidential Candidate, Ron Paul appeared on The Tonight Show with Jey Leno on Tuesday night. Despite rumors of a “surprise” announcement from Paul, there were no major endorsements from the Congressman:

Report from Examiner.com:

Paul did say a few things towards the end of the interview which may have been considered “announcements”. Paul clarified that while the United States fights wars overseas in the name of “democracy”, the election process here in America is far from democratic. He clarified he would not initiate a third-party, independent, or write-in campaign for President. However, given the well-known date restrictions for the various states that had been reported by Ron Paul websites over the weekend, the majority of Ron Paul supporters already knew the date had passed to start a new campaign for 2012.

When Jay Leno asked Ron Paul if he would be voting in the upcoming election, Paul said “Probably. I haven’t missed very many.” Though Paul confirmed he would be voting in the election, Leno was unable to convince Ron Paul to endorse a candidate or even announce who he would be voting for on Election Day.

No endorsement for Gary Johnson or Mitt Romney, Paul will continue charting his own course in 2012.


  1. Here’s a little more:

    “The system is very biased. We talk a lot about democracy. We send our troops overseas. We want to spread democracy. BUT DEMOCRACY ISN’T ALL THAT HEALTHY IN THIS COUNTRY”

    Paul declined to endorse Romney, saying he had “no clue” who he would vote for.

    Paul also drew laughs when he was asked about Romney’s convention speech.

    “It was nice,” said Paul simply. “It was very pleasant. But it wouldn’t have been the speech that I would have given. I would have talked about foreign policy and some other things.”

  2. There will come a time when the people of this Country, who are asleep, will “suddenly” Wake Up and realize that Ron Paul was right all along. There is NO DIFFERENCE between the Republicans and the Democrats when it comes to growing the Government and the National Debt to unsustainable levels which we can NEVER pay back.

      • Nah. It’s way too late for Greece. The people of Greece don’t want what is needed to right the ship. They have been taught for too long to simply accept the mannah from the Government. They don’t understand where it comes from and don’t care. Look at the riots over any cuts to spending all while the bus is half way over the cliff. When the electorate is so completely ignorant of what’s causing the problem, and of the needed solution, it’s too late. There’s no one left to implement the needed changes.

        Greece will continue bleeding the EU until someone cuts them off or they all go down together. So will all of the other EU countries in turn. As the union has to pour more money into failing economies to keep them going, they will weaken the stronger countries until none of them is economically viable. At some point Germany will have to decide if they want to continue bankrolling this lunacy or get out, and if they get out, the house of cards will come tumbling down.

        In any case, there is no saving Greece, or likely Spain, Italy, Portugal… Look at the exodus of wealthy from Spain recently. They see the writing on the wall and are leaving the sinking ship before things get so bad that the Government finds a way to lock them in and bleed them dry.

        We in the uSA have a chance because there is a large enough minority that still understands, and are sharing it with those who will listen, via the Internet. Those who know that something is very wrong with the system but don’t know what it is, can learn. The key is to get the number of people who understand high enough to really make a change before it’s too late.

        • Oh I think those high up on the totem pole do understand and have moved their cash out of the country. Regulations make it difficult for the average American to even deposit money in a US Bank. I see it as the Goldfinger syndrome. They don’t want more, they want what you have to become worth less.

  3. This is the most idiotic person to ever run for president. He says “bring all the troops home and lost the wars”. The Americans object to that. He says we should leave our allies like South Korea and Isreal out in the cold. The Amercians ALSO object to that. He says we should make ALL illegal narcotics legal. And again, the VAST majority of Americans disagree with that. He thinks that if a state wants to make gay marriage, abortion and anything else they can think of legal, that is ok with him. Well, that is not ok with the rest of the country. Most of us still living here still have morals which is something that Paul forgot all about. Give me a break. I’d rather hire Barry Soerto or even Adolf Hitler as president over the one we have now.

    • So what wars have we won ? ? ? 350,000 troops spending their pay checks in foreign countries back up with borrowed money from China is not going put Americans back to work or in any way reduce the national debt. Great if you are in the body bag business though. South Korea & Israel are dependents not allies. legal means liberty, illegal means oppression. The more things that are illegal the more jails we need. We lead the world in people locked up so being #1 ain’t always what it’s cut out to be.

      Now I for one might be willing to even listen to you about Romney if you could tell me how he intends to pay for his platform. As Clinton said, “ARITHMETIC”, RP knows arithmetic but certainly not Romney nor Obama.

    • Here we can see a fundamental misunderstanding of the way this country is supposed to work. First of all, this is not a Democracy where the majority rules the minority, it is a Republic, where the individual and his/her freedom is protected by a document called the Constitution. What “the vast majority of Americans” want is irrelevant. The question is whether it is LEGAL according to the Constitution.

      Engaging in combat without a declaration of war, issued by Congress, is ILLEGAL. By that definition, none of the “wars” fought since WWII have been legal. It doesn’t matter what the American public “wants”, unless their Congress declares war, it is NOT allowed.

      Subsidizing our allies is not covered by the Constitution, so we may or may not do so as we please, however the simplest of economics suggests that when your pocket is empty, and you are in hock up to your eyeballs, you shouldn’t be giving out money to others. I am not suggesting that we leave them “out in the cold”, we should still be their ally and support them morally and legally, but you can’t get blood from a stone.

      Narcotics laws? Again, not covered in the Constitution, however the fundamental idea here is that the Individual should be at liberty to do whatever he/she wants so long as it does not harm anyone else, with the caveat that they also take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for the consequences to themselves (read not being a burden on society financially or otherwise).

      Gay Marriage, abortion, etc. is not a Federal issue. The 10th Amendment of the Constitution states that “powers not granted to the federal government nor prohibited to the States by the Constitution are reserved to the States or the people.” Nowhere in the Constitution does it mention Marriage, Abortion, or “anything else you can think to make legal”. Therefore those issues MUST be decided at a State level. That’s where the people affected live, and by allowing them to tailor their society to their needs, it prevents the tyranny of the masses from interfering with their lives. It is exactly the way the founders intended it to work. It doesn’t matter what “the rest of the country” wants. If they don’t like it, there are other States in which they can live. If we were really so united in our opposition to these things, then all of the States would have the same laws and we woulden’t be debating the issue here.

      Oh and incidentally, you don’t make things legal in this country. Everything is legal until it is made illegal. There is a distinct difference. We are completely free until a freedom is taken away.

      As to morals, the ultimate immorality is tyranny; imposing your will on others who are not doing any harm. Ron Paul and the Liberty movement are fighting against this immorality.

      The confusion and anger that you seem to be experiencing appears to me to stem from a lack of understanding of the fundamental way in which this country is supposed to work. A study of the Constitution, and why it is written the way that it is might make it easier to understand where Ron Paul and others like him are coming from.

      • You are preaching to a very very small choir and a very large audience of deaf people.
        I’m sure you saw the survey that the questions that Americans could not answer went from the more challenging – how many justices are in the Supreme Court? (63 per cent did not know) To the most basic – who is the Vice President of America? (29 per cent did not know)

      • Dave:

        You cover a lot of ground, but I certainly agree with you regarding war. In our modern world of immediate communication, there is NO reason we cannot go back to the Constitutional imperative of a declaration of war by CONGRESS.

        We got away from the declaration during the Cold War. We felt that the president needed the flexibility to react immediately if the Soviet Union acted. I suppose what we should have done is declared that a state of war DID exist, and just let the president choose when and where to deploy. But so shortly after World War II, “war” was a dirty word. Without Congress, we had what we called a “police action” in Korea, and after that, just let the president do what he damned well pleased.

        Today, there is no reason why members of Congress cannot convene (electronically) at a moment’s notice and go back to acting constitutionally.

  4. This is another prime example of Paul’s egocentric foray into politics. Afterall, he did run as a Republican, not as an independent. For him NOT to endorse Romney and urge his “followers” to vote for him, he shows his little spoiled-brat, “I-Love-the-attention” personality. Both he and his supporters show again how terribly faulty their reasoning is… and both are pathetic. Any respect he garnered during the process is gone!

    • KG:

      No, actually, it’s about ideals.

      Let’s say someone is a Santorum fan, and religion is his only interest. If the party nominated an atheist who said he wanted to remove all reference to God in all public and private venues, are you saying as a “Republican” that he would put party above his ideals and beliefs?

      • What if he said but that is a state issue by just my opinion. Remember we has a few atheist sign onto the DOI and the USC.

    • Us RP supporters just don’t think either of the big two have the answers to keep us from going the Greek way. Spending billions we don’t have is common to both parties. So Obama wants to spend it here and Romney wants it over seas. Paul doesn’t want to spend it at all unless we have it to spend. Guess all us RP supporters are missing something ? ? ? Clue us in, please.

    • KG:

      I don’t see “awaiting moderation” nor “yd2008.”

      Did someone called “yd2008” say something and have it deleted?

          • Hey check this out: Secret Service Probing Theft of Romney Tax Records

            Secret Service Probing Theft of Romney Tax Records Watergate II

            • Billy:

              It’s apparently a third party, because they are asking payment of untraceable funds NOT to release them.

              So, my question is, what is in them that makes the thief think Romney would be willing to pay to keep them secret?

            • Haven’t a clue, could all be a hoax, then again they did steal the A-bomb secret so nothing is really a secret if more than one person knows about it or where to find it.

    • The “awaiting moderation” is for first-timers only. Just prevents obscenity, drive-by vandals, etc…

      Not for filtering political opinions.

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