Texas Congressman, and Presidential Candidate, Ron Paul appeared on The Tonight Show with Jey Leno on Tuesday night. Despite rumors of a “surprise” announcement from Paul, there were no major endorsements from the Congressman:

Report from Examiner.com:

Paul did say a few things towards the end of the interview which may have been considered “announcements”. Paul clarified that while the United States fights wars overseas in the name of “democracy”, the election process here in America is far from democratic. He clarified he would not initiate a third-party, independent, or write-in campaign for President. However, given the well-known date restrictions for the various states that had been reported by Ron Paul websites over the weekend, the majority of Ron Paul supporters already knew the date had passed to start a new campaign for 2012.

When Jay Leno asked Ron Paul if he would be voting in the upcoming election, Paul said “Probably. I haven’t missed very many.” Though Paul confirmed he would be voting in the election, Leno was unable to convince Ron Paul to endorse a candidate or even announce who he would be voting for on Election Day.

No endorsement for Gary Johnson or Mitt Romney, Paul will continue charting his own course in 2012.