For months, Mitt Romney has been outraising President Obama in monthly fundraising leading to concerns among Democrats that the President would have trouble matching the GOP nominee dollar-for-dollar down the stretch. The President is still at a disadvantage overall but the month of August showed a slight turnaround for the Democrats.

Report from the LA Times:

For the first time in four months, President Obama won a narrow victory over Mitt Romney in the campaign fundraising race.

Obama’s August total — more than $114 million between his campaign and the Democratic Party — marks the first time the incumbent president has out-raised Romney since his challenger secured the GOP nomination in April.

Romney’s haul, through a joint fundraising effort with the Republican National Committee, totaled $111.6 million. Both campaigns released their finance figures early Monday morning.

It is the first time this election season that Obama raked in more than $100 million in one month. Romney has done so for three consecutive months.

Team Romney ended August with $168.5 million in the bank; the Obama camp did not reveal how much cash it has on hand.

I would have to credit more election coverage with giving the President a boost, probably among his party faithful. The Obama campaign has been making countless impassioned pleas with supporters and perhaps it is beginning to pay off.