The VP choice was unveiled this morning in Norfolk, Virginia, as Mitt Romney officially named Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate. Here is video of Romney’s introduction and Ryan’s remarks:

Report from the Los Angeles Times:

NORFOLK, Va. — In the shadow of a military battleship, Mitt Romney formally named Paul Ryan as his running mate Saturday, saying that the 42-year-old Wisconsin congressman was the “intellectual leader” of the Republican Party with the experience to tackle the fiscal crises facing the nation and the temperament to be effective.

“Paul and I are beginning on a journey that will take us to every corner of America,” Romney told thousands of supporters gathered on a muggy morning here, shortly before introducing Ryan and embracing him. “We are offering a positive governing agenda that will lead to economic growth, to widespread and shared prosperity, and that will improve the lives of our fellow citizens. Our plan to strengthen the middle class will get America back to work and get our country back on track.”

The men, dubbed “America’s Comeback Team” by the campaign, appeared together at the USS Wisconsin, a retired battleship whose name was a nod to the state in which Ryan was born and which he has represented in Congress for seven terms. Romney appeared in a light blue tie and no jacket, while Ryan wore a dark jacket and no tie.

Ryan has been described as a “safe but bold” choice given the other options Romney was considering. We’ll see in the coming days how this choice plays out leading up to the convention at the end of the month.


  1. To repeat:

    If the GOP ticket is Romney-Ryan (assuming the GOP doesn’t dodge the bullet at the last minute), they can use the Rolls Royce logo (RR). Very appropriate for them.

    With the slogan: “And the rest of us get Grey Pooped-on”


    Re: The Ryan Choice
    Romney needed a Christian to BALANCE the ticket.

    • Goethe Behr — LOL!

      Are you suggesting that in selecting Ryan, the Mitt did as Nero (trying to save his skin): “Throw another Christian to the lions…”?

  2. OK. . .

    Romney told people to go to the trouble of getting his app and he promised that if you did, you’d be the FIRST to know the amazing news of his veep pick. That announcement came at 7:08 am, but the news was already all over all media shortly after midnight, the night before.

    So the question is:

    (A) Is Romney a liar?

    (B) Is Romney a bad manager who can no longer complain about anyone else leaking information?

    (C) Is Romney a flip-flopper who changes any rules as he goes along?

    (D) All of the above?

  3. With the VP now picked,let us all pray that they get the word out how this country needs to be saved from failor , and Tell Us how your planning to do it. All Obama does is Blame everyone else for his failed leadership. It’s all talk and NO action!!

    • Billy Malone —

      Mitt is so skilled at making stupid comments…that should run for Monty Python’s president…not for US!

      • Funny that you should mention Monty Python.

        Now they’re using “Romney Hood,” to explain Willard’s rich-get-richer-poor-get-poorer economics.

        Reminded me of the sketch of John Cleese on horseback, as “Dennis Moore” (sung to the tune of “Robin Hood”):

        “Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore, riding through the glen,
        Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore, without his merry men,
        Steals from the poor, gives to the rich,
        Stupid bitch–“

      • Might be better if that 16 ton weight drops at the start rather than wasting all the time and money it’s going to take til the end.

  4. “Stop and consider, the U. S. Supreme Court now has six Catholics and three Jews. The election of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as president and vice president would mean that there would be no Protestant in the top positions of the executive and judicial branches of government.”

    Of course, the Mitt & Von Ryan’s Express would be defeated, so we’ll be stuck with the further destruction of the US by Insane Hussein!


  5. KNOW YOUR FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When we went into the great depression of the 1930’s, the Republican Party held office during that time prior to the start of the great depression and to the peak of the great depression. As follows: President Warren G. Harding “Republican” March 04, 1821 thru August 02, 1923 via death, Senate and the House of Reps. were majority Republicans; President Calvin Coolidge “Republican” August 02, 1923 thru March 04, 1929. Senate and the House of Reps. were majority Republicans: President Herbert Hoover “Republican” March 04, 1929 thru March 04, 1933, Senate and the House of Reps. were both majority Republicans. At the beginning of this time period, we were at 3% unemployment rate and at the end of this time period, we were at an unemployment rate of 25%.

    When we came out of the great Depression of the 1930’s. the Democrats held office during that time that ended the depression. As follows: Franklin D. Roosevelt “Democrat” March 1933 thru April 1945. Senate an House of Reps. were majority Democrats. Harry S. Truman “Democrat” April 1945 thru Jan. 20. 1953. Senate an House of Reps. were majority Democrats. At the beginning of this time period, we were at 25% unemployment rate and at the end of this time period; we were at an unemployment rate of 3%.

    KNOW YOUR FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    President George H. W. Bush ” Republican” Jan. 20, 1989 thru Jan. 20, 1993. He left an unemployment rate of 6.9% and it would of been worse if he would not of been voted out after just one term.

    President Bill Clinton “Democrat” January 20, 1993 thru 2001. He took office with an unemployment rate of 6.9% and left office with a 4.7% unemployment rate.

    President George W. Bush “Republican” Jan.20, 2001 thru Jan. 20, 2009. He took office with a 4.7% unemployment rate and he left office with a 9.6% unemployment rate. When Bush took office our Nation Debt was under $6 Trillion, and when he left office, it was $13 Trillion.

    Present Obama “Democrat” Jan 20, 2009 took office with an unemployment rate of 9.6% and the unemployment rate is presently at 8.3%, with the majority of the House of Reps. being Republican…

    When we went into the recent recession, the Republican Party held office.
    I am not republican or democrat. The United States Constitution and the first president did not have political parties…

    • James — many faux pas on your part.

      Here are 2 major ones:

      1) Forgot the Federal Reserve Board was created in 1913 (and was never audited till the crash of ’29…and still hasn’t).

      2) FDR created the Welfare State…afterward.

      • Think you are grouping a cold with cancer here. The Fed is fatal, welfare is an inconvenience that is treatable.

  6. @ Ginny – that would be the ‘failure’ (failior) of the education system would it? With ‘interlektuals’ like wot you are (and Palin / Bachmann et al) supporting him how can he possibly lose?

    • Cheap shots Tom, hit back with facts like who lead us into two world wars. I know the come back , but who lead us into the war hat killed more Americans than both WW combined. Facts Tom, just the facts.

      • James & Billy:

        This is just playing “party” games. You could say that Republican Ike got us out of Democratic Truman’s Korea without a world war–but what does “out” mean? We’re STILL there. Likewise, it was Republican Ike who got us into Vietnam after the French defeat at Dien Bien Phu in 1954 (and we were subsidizing and pushing the French before that).

        Most people blame Vietnam on Democratic Johnson, who escalated it. But then, you could point to Republican Nixon, who spread the war all over Southeast Asia.

        The fact is that both parties take us to war–because it’s the only BIG GOVERNMENT SPENDING PROGRAM that doesn’t have to be defended. (Military expenditure is what finally got us out of the Great Depression–because the government pumped so much money into the economy.)

        But regarding deaths, it’s true that Republican Eisenhower’s Vietnam was our longest war (20 years–1955 to 1975), but it wasn’t our most deadly. We 58,000 in Vietnam. We lost TWICE as many–over 116,000–in Democratic Wilson’s World War I; more than three ties that–over 405,000–in Democratic Roosevelt’s World War II; but the “big one” was one-and-a-half-times as costly as that.

        Republican Lincoln’s Civil War killed more than 625,000–at a time when our total population was about 30,000,000. That’s more than two percent of our population. That would be like losing more than SIX MILLION today.

        War kills people.

      • Billy Malone — that would be Lincoln (under his presidency more Americans died than from both World Wars combined)… fact.

        • How right you are Surfisher as I got that information from one of your prior post but the point was he was a republican. Enough blame to go around for sure but someone has to come out on top (or bottom) and here Honest Abe has it hands down. Indeed it was yet another war that never should have been

  7. Mitt’s video above — Rmoney announces the NEXT President of the USA…(minute 7:36 and on) Paul Ryan!

    We all know by now, that the Mitt has no real brain, being a plastic human facsimile…his movements are so life-like, that people forget he is not a real human boy. But even a wooden-head like him, should have memorized that HE wants to become Dictator of the USA (and announce Himself, NOT Paul Ryan as the Next US President)!

    How incredible is this — hope, all that care to waste 25 minutes of their life, watch it! Because, it has some incredible MOMENTS!

    1) Rmoney says about Ryan (about minute 7:36+): “Join me, in welcoming the next President of the United States — Paul Ryan!”

    2) At about minute 7:57 — Ryan makes a dramatic descent from the retired ship, tilting his helmet-like-blackened hairdo until hugs and kisses are exchanged with Rmonkey (this loving exchange between Mormon and Catholic continues till it becomes too sugary…then, waving at the shills bussed-in to MAKE IT LOOK LIKE real Americans actually participated in this charade — minute 8:58).

    3) At about minute 9:03 Ryan says: “WOW” — an intelligent reply while his hair-piece is waving a strand of horse-tail at the back of his head (till minute 9:17), worthy of Our Gang’s jealousy by Alfalfa or Buckwheat (take your choice).

    4) at 9:23 more Hugs — and Rmonkey admits he makes mistakes! Still more patting between these two, till minute 9:37…LOL!

    Sorry, but had enough of this dog-and-pony show by then!

    If you want to waste your time to see it all — it’s your privilege.

    • Regarding the “dog and pony” show. . .

      Which one is the dog and which one is the pony?

      Or are you referring to Willard’s dog-on-his-roof,

      or the $77,000 tax deduction for Willard’s dancing horse??

  8. OK, time for English class. . .sit up straight.

    Ginny: As Tom said, for someone to claim failure and then misspell “failure” is just too precious.

    Billy: Not a big deal, but the expression is “much ado about nothing,” not “much to do.”

    James: It’s a common error, but it should be “would’ve” (contraction for “would have”). not “would of.”

    –Ain’t nuttin’ wrong with murderin’ de language, as long as it’s premeditated.

    And, Billy, before you ridicule, as Sidney Poitier said, “they call me MISTER Tibbs!”

      • That may be true today but if it wasn’t Israel I’m sure the USA would find some other “noble” cause in order to engender a love hate relationship.

    • Way back when I was in grade school I was taught that it was the responsibility of the person speaking to express his thought upon the listener in a way the listener could understand. Seemed to me at the time any words necessary to convey said thought were okay so long as it got the job done.

      Now you are suggesting that when said thought is reduced to writing it has to be grammatically correct in order to get the point across ? ? ? I don’t think so.

      • Billy: I agree. The purpose is to get a point across.

        When I taught English, I told the kids that the goal is not to follow rules or to obey convention. The REASON they should learn standard English is that the more “correct” they sound, the more they sound like a member of a higher socio-economic class. So if they want to blend in, and JOIN that higher class, they need to seem to be “one of them.” You don’t have to think like them, you don’t even have to like them, but if you want to LIVE like them, you have to sound like them.

        ………………………”Shibboleth, shibboleth, shibboleth.”

        In this case, if you’re trying to convince someone that you’re intelligent and want to make your argument convincingly, you don’t want to make low-class errors–which at best distract attention from your point, and at worse, make you sound less educated.

        It drives me crazy when I hear Obama drop the “g” at the end of every “ing” word (“thinkin’,” “goin’,” “actin'”). I believe he is doing it intentionally, to sound like “one of us,” but it sounds artificial, and therefore, a little insulting to our intelligence.

        • I’m sure you have read the paragraph where every word is spelled incorrectly but one still gets the full meaning. Being a really poor speller myself I never notice a word misspelled. I’ve traveled a bit to foreign lands and found that no matter how bad their English is, it is still way better than the way I pronounce their native language.

          Hell, the smartest man in the world (Hawking) can’t speak one word and I can’t understand even one sentence of his writings. It may be in English but plain it is not.
          (black holes in space) LOL

          • Billy:

            You bring up an interesting point. People who are very literal sometimes have a harder time understanding other people–because they expect the words to be exactly what the person intended. So if something is not quite right in a sentence or paragraph, the literal reader gets confused, whereas someone who is poor in grammar and/or spelling gets by with approximate meaning, and can approximate what the person meant.

            It would be an interesting study to see if that’s the case. It’s counter-intuitive, since we normally assume that the more educated person has superior capabilities. When it comes to understanding others, that may not be the case.

            By the way, yes, I’ve seen those paragraphs in which all the letters are jumbled. The thing that I find most interesting is, not only can it be read, but I find that I can read it as quickly and fluently as if it were spelled correctly. I would have thought that the brain would have to take time to guess the meanings. What this suggests to me is that our brains cheat. That is, they guess the meaning of words without looking at every letter and position. And when the words are in context with other words, and they seem to make sense together, we read even more quickly. That could be tested by doing one of those paragraphs, but throw in a word that doesn’t belong. That would derail the brain and make it then question all the previous words and where it went wrong.

            • I think the dumber one is the easier it would be to read. I know myself when I leave the “n” off of “then” it becomes “the”. Even if I prof read my post, I won’t catch it.

              I’ve left complete words out, prof read it and after posting re read it and only then caught it. I’m sure there are many I didn’t catch

              We don’t have any DP’s (nice) on this blog but I have little trouble understanding their points (really broken English)

              I can even read the original “Songs of the South”. The “dis” & “dats” are the easy parts. The sentence structure is what makes it tough. It does take some work for sure.

  9. Har-har.

    It’s only been a day, and Willard is already freaking. The media are pointing out that the hundreds of people who went to see Willard has now grown to a thousand or more.

    Believe it or not, Willard’s office has already felt the need to issue a statement that HE (Willard) is the important one on the ticket, and Ryan is the “second banana.”

    That brings me to what would be a good poll question:
    “Who has less personality, Al Gore or Mitt Romney?”

    At least Gore was smart enough to pick someone with even less personality than he has. Lieberman sounds JUST like the cartoon character, Droopy Dog (“Oh, my”).


    I was listening to the radio yesterday, and a guy said that Romney is extremely obsessed with becoming president, and the guy couldn’t figure it out. At first, I thought–well, his gargantuan ego and sense of entitlement, of course. But there’s more.

    Some kind of weird oedipal complex.

    We saw it with W. He was shocked that his father was denied a second term, undermined by lack of GOP support. In some sort of strange combination of envy and revenge, W was willing to say anything and do anything to become a NeoCon, in order to be elected and RE-elected, on the one hand to avenge his father’s defeat, but also to show up the old man.

    Deja vu.

    George Romney was flying high when he stumbled in 1968. Then Nixon stuck him in a dead-end job. But the final straw was when George’s wife, Lenore, ran for senate, and the Republican establishment withheld its support.

    So now we see Willard, who found a way to weasel himself into the GOP establishment in a way his father never could, spending what he needed to, and saying what EVER he needed to to win primaries. And now, he is maniacally obsessed with getting what his father was denied.

    I’m sorry, our time is up.

    • As soon as he went anti war he became anti American. Americans love war and the president that can run up the highest body count on either side becomes the greatest hero in the history book.

      • Billy: I assume you’re talking about George Romney.

        I totally disagree that Americans love war. A good example is the War in Iraq. Despite all the paranoid fearmongering it endured, the American people were overwhelmingly AGAINST war in Iraq. It was not until we had “boots on the ground” that public opinion changed, and I think the whole point is our feeling toward the military.

        We don’t like war, we just like our military.

        I think part of that is guilt. We feel, collectively, that “they fight for our freedom,” so we feel that we have to honor and respect them. But we do NOT like war, and we didn’t even want to go to war against Hitler, for cryin’ out loud. In fact, a careful read of history shows that even our Revolutionary War had plenty of opponents–not because they were “unAmerican,” but because they doubted that war was the answer.

        However, I do agree that historians focus too much on war. It’s understandable, because (a) wars change the direction of history, and (b) they are easy to delineate, since there’s a clear beginning and end. It’s much harder to describe the Civil Rights Movement, Prohibition Movement, Women’s Rights Movement, and other waves of change, so they are ignored, while kids are taught names and dates of the battles in wars.

        Back to George Romney, it’s a family trait to say stupid things. I’m not sure if it’s a matter of stupidity in the genes, or just bad communication skills, but George’s big mistake was his wording. He said he was “brainwashed,” which means two things or both: (a) the military is bad, or (b) his brain was easy to manipulate. Since Americans have this guilt complex regarding the military, he was doomed to the dustbin of history. If he simply said, “it’s time for a complete re-evaluation of our goals and methods in Vietnam,” we wouldn’t have had Nixon to kick around anymore.

        • Yes I was talking about George the hawk who was leading in the polls until he turned dove. Think about it Nixon beat out every dove he ran against. And how many GOP doves were on the stage when the primary debates started? No I stand by my statement that Americans love war as evidenced by the hawks beating out the doves come election time. And even a so called dove may be a hawk (FDR).

          • Billy:

            Nope, I still disagree. As you note, even FDR had to SAY he was going to keep us out of war.

            The way that hawks win over people is always the same argument–you have to have war in order to get to peace. Black is white. Up is down. War equals peace.

            It’s true that NeoCons love war–but I was talking about “people.” This year’s debates were a NeoCon festival, including Mitt Robot.

            • Yes but his backers all knew he was a hawk in dove feathers. Like he called Mac Arthur out of retirement in July of 41 because he was a man of vision and foresaw what was coming on December 7, 1941. yeah, sure…….hey the American people were duped again but because it was war, they loved it.

  11. Can’t wait to read Malone’s and Surfisher’s comments after the election when Romney wins. Wait — yes I can! I am so tired of their remarks and “their only my way will save the country” atitude I think I will quit this website. Thank God niether of you are in a decision making position.

    • Oh either way I think we will both do just fine. And if not, well life’s been good thus far and I know my best days are long since behind me so, bring it on. I have my pass port ready if it get’s too bad.

    • Michael:

      Actually, only Surfisher says the world will end if Willard is nominated. I say the world will end if Willard is elected. And Billy just hates everybody, which is why we love him.

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