It appears the tables have turned in Missouri following Rep. Todd Akin’s comments regarding rape and the alleged way a female body reacts to the trauma of a violent rape. Akin had posted as high as a 10 point lead over Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill prior to his comments.

Report from Rasmussen:

What a difference one TV interview can make. Embattled Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill has now jumped to a 10-point lead over her Republican challenger, Congressman Todd Akin, in Missouri’s U.S. Senate race. Most Missouri Republicans want Akin to quit the race while most Missouri Democrats want him to stay.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in the Show Me State finds McCaskill earning 48% support to Akin’s 38%. Nine percent (9%) like some other candidate in the race, and five percent (5%) are undecided.

This had previously been classified as a “toss-up/tilt Republican” seat which was expected to change hands and aide the GOP in inching toward Senate control. However, barring some softening of feelings toward Akin come Election Day or his eventual withdrawal, this seat has been reclassified as “likely Democrat.”

Report from CNN:

Two of the top non-partisan political handicappers are altering their ratings of the U.S. Senate race in Missouri following a massive controversy surrounding the Republican challenger, Rep. Todd Akin.

The Cook Political Report Tuesday moved their ranking of the contest from “toss up” to “likely Democrat” and the Rothenberg Political Report from “toss-up/tilt Republican” to pure “toss up.”

Akin’s stumble certainly shakes up the race for control of the US Senate.


  1. Technically if he was up by 10 points and is now down by 10 poinyd there was a 20 point shift, not 10 points as cited in the title….just sayin’

  2. I am an independent conservative woman. I don’t live in Missouri but if I did I would still vote for Akin. He didn’t use the best choice of words but his message was that he didn’t believe in an exception for rape or incest in abortions. I agree with him. That baby is completely helpless and innocent. Why should the baby be sentenced to death because of what it’s father did? I never even heard the word “fetus” until after abortion became legal. It is a living human child that feels pain and fear even while in the womb. As civilized people we MUST protect the weakest among us.

    • To me, a resident of Missouri, its not about abortion itself, it’s about representative Akins COMPLETE IGNORANCE about how the female body works! Do we really want someone who obiviously knows NOTHING about human biology to be in a position to vote on any health care legislation? I THINK NOT!

      I feel very sorry for his wife and daughters! Yes, he has ALL FEMALES in his immediate family, and yet he knows very little, if anything, about how the female body works! How can that be? Unless he just hasn’t paid any attention to his own family!

    • I understand your point to a degree but why are you not taking the woman into consideration? Why should she have to carry the seed of her rapist? She has already been damaged emotionally and then to have to care for a baby that was forced upon her is beyond repulsive. If she wants to keep the child then that is wonderful but if she can’t deal with it she shouldn’t have to. You are also not considering the child’s disadvantage. It is not set in stone that the child would be adopted and if it isn’t..that child will know of how he/she was conceived and now feels that no one loves them….it’s a slippery slope and I don’t think a person that has never met the individual should decide their fate in cases such as this. I was molested,I wasn’t raped but molested. If I had been raped at the age I was molested and had gotten pregnant. I would HATE anybody that would have made me carry a baby, while I was a baby (but old enough to mensturate)….I know for a fact I would have hate for the people that made me continue to suffer. We need to keep the women that endure this in mind at ALL times.

    • Wanda, Wanda…you may not have heard the word “fetus” but it has been in the books and classrooms way, way before I was born and eventually read in my preparation to be a health care provider in the 1950s. Did you know it is not at all that uncommon for a pregnancy to be interupted not long after conception by an eventual menstrual cycle? A fetus is no more a child than the “fertilized” plant seed you put into the ground…it is not a plant at that time…late term abortions, now that is another subject. Babies have survived with a lot of medical support at six-plus months of gestation…that child may have to live with long term disabilities as can even happen with a full term birth; yes, in all these cases you can argue for the life of a child!

    • When I took College Biology there were a series of flasks which held human fetuses. They were labeled as to the length of gestation. At the time no one considered them as human beings. Such a series could be purchased from any scientific supply house at the time. It was only after abortion became legal that the opponents decided that the fetus was a person.

  3. I think it is sad that the R. N. C. IS SO
    Ron Paul. They are willing to give Obama four
    more years . All you have to do is Allow the
    voice of the people to speak (play out.)
    You cannot win any thing with out the voice of the people. Wake-up let the chips fall where they may. It should be the choice of the people as to who they want for their president.

  4. Well I do live in Missouri and what Todd Akin said about Legitimate rape is repulsive, and is what the Republican party will do to women, all my friends family, are done with the Republicans and even see them as vultures, who will destroy the very rights women have fought to have for over 60 years, in a society where women have worked hard for equal pay, and still face the glass ceiling, to accept these attitudes, would be setting our self’s back 60 years. That isn’t going to happen.

    • Well I am a female resident of the state of Missouri and I am voting for Todd Akin. He used a bad choice of words. The term legitimate I’m sure is not about the act of rape but the fact that there have been times that a female to save face has made the accusation of rape when there was none. Thus being not a legitimate accusation or a legitimate rape. People are too often too ready to jump at what is said without actually thinking the comment through. And the media is quick to jump at any topic for sensationalism.

  5. The good thing about this is that Claire McCaskill won’t need to waste any more money running ads against Todd Akin. All she has to do is let Todd Akin continue to defeat himself.

  6. To all you Todd Akin extreme right wing Republicans. Recently in Florida an 11 year old CHILD was raped by her mother’s boyfriend as a result of this rape she is pregnant. Should this CHILD be forced to give birth to a child? Would this be considered Legitimate Rape? (I am not sure if she fought back) Should you or our government have the authority to decide if this child should be allowed to have an abortion? Without exceptions this CHILD would be forced to give birth to a CHILD! ARE YOU SURE THERE SHOULD BE NO EXCEPTIONS? I am the mother of 5 GIRLS and would not want Todd Akin, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney or anyone else deciding my daughter’s fate. VOTING DEMOCRAT THIS ELECTION. (The pervert was shot and killed by police)

  7. So there are 42 million abortions a year on average in the US & 1% of ALL abortions are due to rape or incest. Just to add a bit to that 6% are due to high health risks to the mother. My question is why is everyone getting on a sop box over the 1% and not the overuse of abortion as a whole?? Sure a women that is victim of a violent rape or incestual relationship should have an examination done in a hospital and a morning after pill could be that solution to such an event. If I had to choose between my wife of a potential child (I would choose the wife – but it would really be her decision if she could live with the act.) I just don’t understand the need for the other 41,160,000. For Christ sake wear a condom!

    • Mark – you forget – the Republican party is also against any sort of comprehensive sex education in schools, or funding for condoms to be available through planned parenthood, or funding for women to receive the pill through their inusrance or via planned parenthood if they don’t have insurance. Time and time again studies have shown “abstinance only” “education” doesn’t work. The answer to abortions is education and availability of contraception. If the GOP is against both abortion and education/contraception, instead offering a “magic pixie dust solution” of returning to some imagined 50’s beavercleaver land where no one (well, women, anyway) had sex out of wedlock or unless they wanted to concieve – – then they have ZERO solutions to the problem of abortion.
      Science and education are the answer.

  8. Dear Americans: I am going to give you FACTS—not rheotric—FACTS. There are two choices in this election–A vote for the Republic (no, we are not a democracy) or a vote for socialized government and big government. If you believe in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, where we are “endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights–that among these are LIFE, LIBERTY, and THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS”(The Founders) or that the “Constitution is a out dated document of negative values.” (Barack Hussein Obama). In 1964, a far left, far reaching, PROGRESSIVE Supreme Court took God and the Bible out of our schools. In the Constitution, there is no Separation of Church and State Clause. For close to 300 years in North America, the Bible was used to teach reading and moral integrity in our schools. Prior to the 1964, the three main problems in school, reported by teachers were: Chewing Gum, Talking, and Sleeping in Class. NOW, they are Rape, Drug Abuse, and Murder. (Dept. of Education 2011) When will we realize what the REAL problem is??? It is NOT just coincidence. Abraham Lincoln stated: “The Philosphy of the Schoolroom in One Generation, will be the Philosophy of Government in the Next.” Since 1964, we have raised almost 50 years of children in a Secular, Progressive Classroom, with no moral compass. Why is it then we become amazed to find that their is an increase in a lack of morality in society when we raise our children without morals 9 months of the year, for the 12 years they are in the public school system. Those people are now living in society as doctors, lawyers, and yes, politicians. BACK to the FACTS: 71% of Americans did not want Obama Care passed at the time bill was signed….yet it was pushed through. (Rasmussen 2009) Gas prices since Obama took office are up 105% 224 coal plants will be shut down across the USA over the next year due to Obama’s Energy Plan and the over reaching EPA…Can you say, “higher energy costs?” Obama, before he was elected said, “Under my plan, energy prices will necessarily rise.” (CBS news interview April 2008) Food Prices are up 22% since Obama took office. The ACTUAL UNEMPLOYMENT RATE-IF YOU COUNT ALL OF THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE STOPPED LOOKING FOR WORK AND ARE NO LONGER COUNTED BY THE LABOR DEPT is 15.4%(Dept. of Labor-Aug. 2012) The National Debt as of September: $16.052 Trillion, up almost $7 trillion took office. US GLOBAL COMPETITIVENESS has dropped from 1st, when Obama took office, to 7th in the world. Middle Class Income has dropped $4900/ year. Home values have dropped a whopping 11%. HEALTH INS. COSTS FOR THOSE WHO WORK HAVE RISEN 23%, WHICH OBAMA PROMISED WOULD NOT HAPPEN…and since Obama took office, those now living in POVERTY HAS INCREASED BY 6.4 MILLION PEOPLE. Obama has told everyone that “we must be our brother’s keeper.” I agree with that. However, Mr. Obama, perhaps you should do it first. Obama’s half brother that lives in KENYA, has not been helped once by the most powerful man in America. He lives in a wooden shack on 75 cents a day. Recently, his son was so sick and needed an operation. Did Obama rush in to save the day? Just think what a photo op that would be…The answer: NO…His brother called a man he just met in America, who had interviewed him recently, and asked him for over $1000 for his son’s operation. The man sent him the money and his son was saved. So Sheila, from a previous post, your education is a dismal failure and that is why you have the problems with sex, STD’s, and no morality. MONEY is not the answer. MORALITY IS. It is amazing that less government intrusion into our lives works so much better than more. When you watch OBAMA do this one thing–when his speaks, do not listen to his “silver tongue” but watch his actions. ACTIONS DO speak louder than words. He is directing us to a socialistic style government, such as the ones we see in the failed Euro ZONE. IS that what we want? The only way we can change this is to get out and vote. Do not listen to the polls. Those polls are scewed by 5-7 percentage points towards democrats. The far left media is trying to get you NOT TO VOTE. They are scared and they will do anything to reelect their “messiah.” The worst thing they could come up about Romney is that he put his dog, in a dog carrier, on top of his station wagon. WOW…Well, Obama supporters, at least my candidate did not eat a dog!!!
    FINALLY–we live in a Republic where millions have died to protect it and keep it a shining light on the hill…not a socialistic/communistic regime that has killed millions so they can keep their oppresive hands on the throats of the people who live there. Sheila, if you have a problem with Republicans, perhaps you should look at your “messiah” and the problems he has caused for this country before looking at people who are trying to save it from his destruction. The last time I looked, Adoption, is a legal, safe option, to the killing of the helpless unborn, which our Constitution protects. Currently, there are over 1 million people waiting for an adoption. So, perhaps, if you willing to look at the facts, and REALLY educate yourself, you can reevalutate the facts and put the senseless far left rhetoric in the grave, where it belongs. I do not want my tax dollars given to the abortion mill called Planned Parenthood. It is my money, not the governments. Yes, Morality is the answer, not more money. II Chronicles 7:14. May God Bless you and May God Bless the Republic.

    • Matthew:
      Cherry picking facts that support your argument and leaving one ones that do not is just politics. If you want to persuade you need to deal with all the facts. Much of Europe has done better than the USA in the last few years. Their socialism has worked to make the lives of most of their middle class citizens better. Deal with the whole collection of all facts, don’t just cherry pick. Do you really think anyone is going to be convinced by your argument that Obama is the one and only person responsible for food prices, gas costs etc? Get real. Do you really think that responsible, employed, tax paying members of the 47% of the USA who will never vote for Romney are only worried about his dog? How about getting some education so that you can write a persuasive essay.

      • Craig:

        “Europe has done better in the last few years.” It is because the last few years American is run by an incompetent president that is why Europe done better in a few years. Socialism doesn’t work. America is founded wayyyyyyyyy after Europe and see what the Americans had contributed to this universe? Socialism will make people lazy, do not want to work, do not want to advances themselves. If Americans get to live by the rules that the great founder of this country created, and if they want to work hard for it, not only they have a better life, they will have a GREAT life. If your lazy ass doesn’t want to work, no matter what country you live in, your lives will always miserable and pathetic.

  9. Have you ever read the Treaty of Tripoli? You should check that out. This country is founded on the principal that the State cannot dictate religion, faith or otherwise. Freedom from religious opression is a foundational principal for America. Christians in this country have become exactly what they meant to leave behind in England, shoving religious beliefs down everyone’s throat, murdering doctors who perform legal medical procedures and killing people, some innocent of any crime, in the legal system. Women have been having abortions for centuries, many at the insistence of the priests, and preachers who got them pregnant. Wake up! This is not a new issue, religion is between a person and God, it’s not legislatable.

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