Last week, following President Obama’s announcement of a shift in the way younger illegal immigrants would be dealt with, the political world erupted into a fiery debate regarding constitutional merits, executive privilege and immigration matters in general. The summary of the President’s decision involves providing work permits and visas to illegal immigrants aged 16 to 30 who were brought to the United States as children “through no fault of their own.” This is also the general idea behind the DREAM Act which would essentially do the same thing with a few differences here and there.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio has been working on an alternative to the DREAM Act which intended to do something similar to the President’s announcement.

One angle that hasn’t much been discussed is whether this position change from the President could actually diminish the chances that Mitt Romney would select Marco Rubio as his VP. The DREAM Act is not a piece of legislation supported by the majority of the Republican Party nor is President Obama’s recent announcement. Rubio’s legislation, which has not been released yet, would also be very similar to the DREAM Act and President Obama’s announced policy change.

There are two schools of thought on this move.

A) Does President Obama’s policy change actually make it more likely that Romney will strongly consider Rubio in the hopes of making up any lost ground the President might have gained with Hispanic voters? You would have to accept the premise that the President’s move will shift votes in his direction and that the Romney team will perceive this as a real threat they have to counteract.


B) The President’s change will actually make it less likely that Romney would choose Rubio given the firestorm surrounding this issue. After all, Rubio was supporting a position nearly identical to the President’s, he was just pursuing it legislatively and convincing Republicans to sign on along the way. If Romney were to choose Rubio, could that take away any criticism that could be levied against the President on this issue?

This is all speculation, of course, since no VP has been named but one has to wonder about the timing since the President had 3+ years to wade into this issue yet he was silent.

I have read many sources where people think it more likely that this move puts Rubio higher on the list for Romney’s VP choice. However, when conventional wisdom takes the ball and runs, I begin to look the other way.


  1. Rubio has such an ego. Why does he think this is about him?

    It’s really about Obama trying to have something to show Latinos, since they felt ignored by him, after his campaign promises to change things.

    Willard probably is stupid enough to pick Rubio, who has nothing at all in common with most Latinos in this country. When “HIS” people sneak across the border, we throw a parade–and then let them lord over our Western Hemisphere foreign policy. . . .

  2. The bottom line here is that they are like a wife you just can’t get along with, it’s still cheaper to keep um. Flip side is they are great family men for the most part thus they send money home, good for them but not for us.

  3. Rubio was about to release his plan for young illegals here ‘through no fault of their own . . .’, than Obama announced Fri his executive order – policy change regarding illegals. No question, Obama one-upped Rubio Friday with an executive policy allowing 16-30 yr olds safety from deportation & eligibility for work visas. How could anyone question that Obama did this for political advantage with the Hispanic community, a significant base, where he is polling poorly compared to 2008. For 2 yrs from 2009-2011 Obama & Democrats had total control of Congress & could have passed a Dream Act type bill into law, but he disappointed Hispanics & ignored the issue, probably reason for his weakened polls.

    Obama’s strategy to cozy up to women, another base polling poorly, free contraceptives through Obamacare backfired & met with lawsuits based on separation of church & state & freedom of religion.

    Having lived in IL during Obama’s campaigns for State Senate & again for US Senate, the media’s negligent lack of vetting covered up that it was a total fluke that Obama won in both races. He was barely known. His campaign threw a bomb at the last minute in both races, revealing information in sealed divorce court records & exposed unproved allegations. If there are any skeletons in Mr Romney’s closet — or any allegations of such — it’s probable that all will be released when it’s no longer possible to confront the charges. And it’s guaranteed that the mainstream media will protect their golden boy every step of the way. The Obama camgaign, Axelrod, Pflouffe, Messina, Jarret, are thugs. They play dirty — it’s only about winning, no matter the cost.

    Read “The Amateur” by Ed Klein to open your eyes. I was frightened to think that this gang is running our government.

    • Yes it does, it is the opinion of the people at a given time subject to change in less than a heartbeat. (the people meaning some drunken judge)

    • DT — yes it does!

      It means that if you and I, as American Citizens, break the law, we’ll punished!

      But when millions of hoards become Criminals, by breaking the law and entering the USA illegally, they are to be forgiven (the meaning of Amnesty) for this criminal act!

      How great it is to live in the New-and-Improved US-of-A!

      Our own Citizens will be punished if we break the law, but when Mexican-nationals break the law by invading our Nation…they’ll be rewarded with food stamps, amnesty, drivers license, car insurance, welfare benefits(and we, the American People, will pay their way to invade us)!

      It’s good to be an Illegal…!

  4. Rosanadana:

    That’s the only thing Willard has going for him. He’s an empty suit, and empty suits don’t have skeletons!

    Seriously, public knowledge would be enough to sink him. He just figures he can buy the fall election the way he bought the primaries, and he’s probably right. You don’t need to “convince” anyone if you can blast them 24/7–and the NeoCons have, literally, unlimited cash.

    But, you’re absolutely right. Obama’s supporters voted for change and got only “spare change.” He could have shaken things up on all fronts, but he was more interested in “no drama.” None of his supporters are excited, either.

    • Hey Ms. Behr, what’s your take on Greece voting in austerity and France going to spend it’s way out with socialism? Two opposite solutions to the same problem.

      • Billy Malone —

        You mean two non-solutions to the same problem….

        Greece only extended the agony of the European Fiat Union by a couple of months.

        Once Spain defaults in the next few weeks (unless, our criminal Federal Reserve private corporation, injects our tax dollars INTO Germany to save the Euro) following next is Italy. Then France.

        The Euro collapse is IMMINENT — its demise, time-wise, depends only on how many artificial resuscitations our Feds can get away with, before the American People notice the drop in their purchasing “power”!

          • Billy Malone — LOL!

            Or — the hammer is falling…it can only be delayed, but not stopped!

            The sad part is that we’ll end up footing the bill for the delay (and when the hammer disintegrates the Euro Zone…we’ll be no better off than them…since our own government will spend our “tax” printed money in this ‘PRAY AND DELAY’ tactic…until it reaches the point of NO RETURN — and the American People will be left scratching their heads trying to figure out why a Steak costs $100 and a gallon of milk $150…LOL)!

            • Surf:

              If milk is $150 and steak is only $100, somebody is going to be getting a subsidy somewhere!!

            • I think there is a lot more government control on milk than meat and control cost big time

            • Here in Florida milk is high because of all the sand the cows take in they just are not as efficient as those in the North. Much cheaper to ship the milk in but like gasoline, where it come from is highly regulated by big brother. (kickbacks)

            • Whatever, regulation drives up the cost and eliminates competition. Great if you are a politician on the take as they all are. One exception, RP

    • Cute word: Amnesty — means you can kill, rape, steal, murder, pillage, deal drugs, cheat, lie, commit fraud — AND ALL THIS IS FOREVER TO BE FORGIVEN as if it never happened! Has to be the cutest word in the New American Dictionary!

      It’s good to be an Illegal…in the USA!

        • Surf&Billy:

          I dunno. We’re talking about a few hundred thousand out of twelve million. And we’re talking about kids who grew up AS Americans. It’s all they know. And there’s still a decision as to whether they are a credit to our nation–as soldiers or college students. Any killers, rapists, murderers, pillagers, drug dealers, cheaters, liars, and fraud committers can still be tossed.

          I think the Rubiobama plan is not that bad an beginning. Gotta start somewhere. And I, for one, don’t want to turn the Land of the Free into some kind of xenophobic gated community.

          Look, illegals come here for jobs. Duh. The solution is to penalize the sleazy employers–who are proud of cheating the system. No jobs, no illegals. That’s the real root of the problem, but as usual, we are trying to “solve” the predicament back-assward.

          • No, no, no, you are looking to the government for a solution to a problem. I take it even you Goethe Behr have not had enough. In the words of Stossel, “No they can’t”

            • Billy:

              Dude. No matter what the solution is, it will be a government solution, whether it’s building fences, land mines, dogs, poisonous gas, or whatever.

              Likewise, jailing people is a government action. Deporting them is a government action. There is no solution that’s not a government solution in some way.

              Simply stopping sleazy employers from enticing illegals over the border is the least “government” solution of all of them.

            • Billy:

              Yeah, but these aren’t cheaters. They’re sons and daughters of cheaters.

              But I’m not really that tough on their parents, either. They were south of the border without money, without a job. They hear about jobs up north. They go for those jobs. I find it hard to condemn people who just want to provide for their family. It’s like the ethical question of whether it’s wrong for a starving man to steal a loaf of bread.

              The fault lies with the sleazy employers who enticed the illegals with jobs. If there were no jobs for illegals, there would be no illegals. We ought to deport the sleazy employers! Put ’em on a boat that never lands.

            • Sorry I wasn’t clear, my fault, the cheaters are the employers that hire these people. But what about all the employers that pay their employees part check and part cash so they can still keep their food stamps. More cheaters. Maybe that’s why the FEMA concentration camps and railroad prison cars. A massive crackdown on cheaters? ?

            • Billy:

              I get it. Sorry. Yeah, I worked for a guy who owned a hotel. He hired women as maids who couldn’t even speak English. His excuse was that everybody was doing it.

              It’s a domino effect. Things should cost what they’re worth. If you have to pay more, you have to charge more, so maybe people will spend their money on something else for awhile. But eventually, the system would reach equilibrium.

              What we have now is a de facto subsidy to specific industries, and it perverts capitalism in a lot of ways.

            • Yep, sounds like the guy who cuts my lawn. I should check on his legality? ? ? I pay him cash twice a year and the grass is always cut.

            • Good point. . . hadn’t thought of it as “subsidy” but you are right. . . for hotel & restaurant industries, landscapers, farms, ranches & factories. There oughta’ be a law!

            • Rosa:

              Exactly. Enforcing current laws and then stamping down on the sleazeball employers would cause some disruption, such as pricey tomatoes and fewer hotel discounts, but the long-term result would be good for us all.

              Should we give Billy an exemption for the guy who mows his lawn?

            • No need as I own enough property around to hide Pedro if it comes to that. Pedro doesn’t require much. With all the phoney ID’s around, good luck at finding him.

            • Truth is government is the problem. Immigration did not protect our borders or deport illegals since Pres Reagan, they did not check overstays on student visas or visitor visas. Even the terrorists of 9/11 wouldn’t have been in the country had our policies been so lax. The government shares the blame for not doing their job. IMO, government is as much at fault as those who are here illegally.

              Obama’s plan to placate Hispanics by grabbing power from Congress is a desperate attempt to correct poor polling numbers & failure to live up to his promise in 2008, despite a Democrat-controlled Congress. This is a last ditch effort to win their vote. Why now, 4 months before election?

              How many illegals can prove they were here before age 16? What of teens who crossed the border on their own at 13, 14, 15 or 16, as many do? a 32 yr old who was carried here as an infant? Obama’s policy is discriminatory! There’s nothing wrong with the concept. It’s just an ass-backwards means to an end for political advantage with the Latino vote. I hope the Hispanic community realizes they’ve been used . . . it is so obvious.

            • Any suggestions? More government? More jails? How much you think we should spend on the problem?

            • Rosa & Billy:

              The Rubiobama plan is just a drop in the bucket, and it makes sense to me. These folks lived their lives here. They’re as “American” as most of us.

              According to reports, the lack of jobs, due to the Depression, has caused a net OUTFLOW of illegals over the past year.

              Seems to me, all we’d have to do is require employers to prove citizenship for all employees being paid less than, say $10/hour.

              Seems to me, the cost of the program could be funded by fines on the sleazeballs who hire illegals.

              While it would be nice to get rid of all illegals, that’s not realistic. But this is the time to legalize some and discourage others so that they’ll go home on their own. The important thing is to stop illegal hiring before the economy picks up and produces jobs that will entice more folks to come looking.

            • Get rid of the people who hire the illegals and the crops will rot in the fields. (prices spike upwards)

              Get rid of those that hire the illegals and there goes small business, what’s left of it.

              As for the illegals that are here when the jobs dry up they steal and get caught, go to jail and it really cost.

              Best just leave Pedro alone, I need him to cut my grass

            • Billy:

              That’s the argument that has always encouraged illegal activity. OMIGOD, NO!! We can’t enforce the law! The sky will fall!

              Nonsense. Unreasonably low wages might help those who do make a reasonable wage–temporarily–but the net effect is to drag down all wage-earners, and to maximize profits for those who are paying too little for labor.

              Secondly, just because you do things legally doesn’t mean the system can’t work at all. Just have them get a visa or work permit. If you really think that white Americans are too shiftless to take a job at any rate, allow foreigners in to do the job–but require the paperwork.

            • Sorry I grew up in Chicago and honesty there was the sure road to starvation. I’ve been to
              Dubai. I saw what cheap foreign labor can do to a city. I’ve been to Detroit. I saw what highly paid skilled labor can do to a city. Lincoln used that same argument to start his civil war. (If slavery spreads it will take away your jobs) Shall I go on about the railroads & cheap labor…………..Pedro stays. I need Pedro to cut my grass.

              Hey a lot of people in Michigan have a Pedro stashed in the guest house at their summer homes. Keeps the place up for sure. Pedro will live in the basement too.

  5. It is wrong to assume Rubio would bring in the Hispanic vote. He is Cuban, not Mexican or Central/South American. Cubans are treated differently as soon as their feet hit the American sand and that has always caused resentment among other Hispanic persons.

    Romney needs to make suer he does not side track from the economy. That would be a gotcha by Obama.

          • Billly:

            You’re not going to “bring in” the Latino vote, but if you make a stupid, superficial choice like Rubio, you’re writing off the non-Cuban vote and white bigots on top of it. And face it, the GOP is the party of old, rich, white men.

            But if you want to follow that pipe dream, pick Susana Martinez. That gives you a shot at the Latino vote you’re going to lose AND the women’s vote you’re going to lose.

            • He’ll bring it in in Florida and Obama gets the rest I agree.
              Don’t sell Romney short, the voters are unbelievably stupid.
              Look at where he is and the enormous amount of baggage he carries.
              Still got my money on Obama though. (not my vote)

            • Billy:

              It’s all about money now. Billionaires, foreign corporations, even foreign governments can now buy our elections, since there is no limit of any kind. Worse yet, they want to repeal any kind of reporting. This is exactly opposite of what the Founding Fathers wanted.

              If it were up to me, if you could not vote, you would not be allowed to BUY votes. ALL contributions would have to come from INDIVIDUALS–directly. I’d do away with all corporate/union, special interest, and bundling contributions.

              Anyway, Obama had the money advantage in 2008, so he was able to compete in red states. Now, Mittney knows he has a huge money edge, so he’s focusing on blue states.

              I would bet money on a GOP win, even if they do go through with picking the worst possible candidate, again.

            • Sounds like we are in a lose,lose situation but we have been here many times before.

              Seems like every time you post to me you want more government regulations to prevent something. That’s what got us into this mess, over regulations. I do see your point in things like banking where the government insures them and then deregulates them. Let the private sector insure them and you pick the bank you want to deal with. Not all the banks failed during the great depression. If there is fraud, book cooking yeah, bring in the feds.

            • Billy:

              But this isn’t about “regulation,” it’s about the public’s right to know. Contributions should be listed somewhere, and we have a right to know who is buying our votes, because if this year has proven nothing else, it’s that it’s money in-votes out.

              Imagine what the Founding Fathers would think if our minds are twisted by being pounded relentlessly by propaganda purchased by the Russian Mafia, China’s military, Iran’s Ayatollas, Israeli Zionists, Saudi oil interests, Venezuela’s oil money–or even by huge the superrich in our own country. Their whole concern was that foreign powers would turn us into just another colony. Today’s “foreign power” is the international banksters and multi-national corporations, not governments. Governments everywhere are just wholly-owned subsidiaries of big money now.

              Maybe we can’t stop the power of money to buy our votes, but it sure seems like we should have some way to find out WHO is perverting our minds and buying our elections.

            • “we should have some way to find out WHO is perverting our minds and buying our elections.”

              Don’t blame the people who put themselves in a position to receive the super benefits from the backs of dumb a$$ voters. The country is run like a plantation. Always has been. We both know who the richest president was but I’ll bet the average voter doesn’t. Yeah Old George might have been a great general but he was even a better businessman. Many had to die so he could become rich. (George Washington)

    • Liz:

      That is exactly what I have been saying. Rubio’s people sneak across the border and are welcomed by a parade and let them run our entire Western Hemisphere foreign policy.

      Then Rubio has been bad-mouthing non-Cubans. What a loser. But it would be perfectly in character for superficial Willard to pick him.


    New Asian immigrants to US now surpass Hispanics

    For the first time, the influx of Asians moving to the U.S. has surpassed that of Hispanics, reflecting a slowdown in illegal immigration while American employers increase their demand for high-skilled workers.

    [I’m not making it up. That’s the reporter’s name.]

    WASHINGTON — (Associated Press)
    For the first time, the influx of Asians moving to the U.S. has surpassed that of Hispanics, reflecting a slowdown in illegal immigration while American employers increase their demand for high-skilled workers.

    An expansive study by the Pew Research Center details what it describes as “the rise of Asian-Americans. . . .”

    “With net migration from Mexico now at zero, the role of Asian-Americans has become more important,” he said.


    OMIGOD, now we gots t’build a wall on the west coast, too. . . .

    • I don’t think a fence is what the government has in mind for them or is it us ?.

      FEMA ORDERED 102,000 Boxcars With Shackles!

      • Billy:

        The Asian immigration and shackles reminds me. . .

        I saw an old Twilight Zone episode a few nights ago. Very dramatic. George Takai (who later played Sulu on Star Trek) played a Japanese handyman. He went to the house of a white bigot. The episode was about the view of each of them about World War II (they were both dead at the end of the episode).

        The ironic thing is that Takai’s family was actually INTERNED during World War II–in the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.

        • My take is the new home of the brave will be the FEMA camps. FEMA camps will be located in each and every state – three to fifteen each. Or maybe I got it all wrong and the chosen few will be railroaded out to the FEMA camps and the cities sealed off.

        • If you multiply 107,200 times 143 times 11, you come up with about 15,000,000. The number of shackles.

          • FEMA camps will be located in each and every state – three to fifteen each (according to their population)!

            FEMA has ORDERED 100,000+ Boxcars With Chain Shackles (this calculates to about 15 Million Iron Shackles)!

            Unless Dr Paul wins — who do you think will occupy these FEMA Concentration Camps, other than the 15+ Millions of the Real Americans that support him (all True Americans will be “voluntarily” sent there in iron shackles)!?!

            Ron Paul to WIN — or America to END 2012!
            (there are no other options!)

  7. I don’t believe President Obama will be elected for another term. The truth about Fast and Furious will come out after the election. Romney has a big Job on his hands When he gets elected. Getting the oil fields reinstated without harming the environment and getting more people back to work!! So more people can rejoin the workforce and more money coming into the federal coffers. Obama has got to GO. Let people take care of themselves. Not the Federal Government.

    • I do. Obama will win as without the Latino vote in a close election it’s next to impossible. If he has a plan for getting people back to work it’s with the U S Government as he intends to expand it big time. The last thing the feds need is more money coming in. It’s the old kid in the candy store story. The man has a record and it sucks.

  8. Ron Paul has locked up being on the Presidential ballot in Tampa — no matter what the criminal GOP does, it will be hard put to overcome the below (without getting into further federal lawsuits!).

    At least States Plurality:

    1) Alaska
    2) Colorado
    3) Georgia
    4) Iowa
    5) Louisiana
    6) Maine
    7) Massachusetts
    8) Michigan
    9) Nevada
    10)New Mexico
    12)New Hampshire

    15-20) Plus Several States that are “Unclear” as of now!

    And States Majority so far (only 5 are needed!):

    1) Colorado
    2) Iowa
    3) Louisiana
    4) Maine
    5) Massachusetts
    6) Minnesota
    7) Nevada
    8) Virginia

    Bye, bye Perfidy Mitt — the UNBOUND delegates will vote you OUT, NWO-scumbag!

    Time for you — Mitt Rmoney — to resign NOW in favor of Ron Paul, thus becoming a patriot to be remembered (before you get totally embarrassed and have your political carrier ended in Tampa)!

    Federal Lawsuit has been filed claiming


  9. I like Rubio, for his intelligence, passion, youthfulness, etc. He would be a great choice. As for the issue of immigration reform, I think he’d be great. However; with the Presidents unconstitutional policy, along with Obamacare, I think maybe someone like
    >>>>> Michelle Bachman<<<< would be the better choice for Vice President. She understands the Constitution at a time when it's in play – Plus she understands Taxes and Obamacare! <<>>>>>>>>>>>MICHELLE BACHMAN FOR VICE PRESIDENT!! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    • I would hope that Michelle Bachmann would NOT be the choice for VP. She is one of the most polarizing officials in Congress today. I did have respect for her before the primaries. Most of her harsh, negative attacks on Gov Perry & Gov Romney during the debates were not even fact-based, yet she never apologized. Instead of presenting her own original ideas to set herself apart from other candidates, she consistently used her time to attack her rivals. Unfortunately, because the debates were so widely seen by the public, the harm done to Gov Romney by Bachmann & Rick Santorum demeaned her own party & herself. Nor do I agree that she’s as bright as you think. She doesn’t have any executive experience either.

  10. I think we are all forgetting that the mexican population is growing more from reproduction than immigration and we are also forgetting that the flow of mexican immigration has always been here and not just because people want to escape but we have been encouraging mexican immigration for years for their cheap labor except when our economy is in the hole. Lets not act like we don’t need them to work jobs and fuel our economy. The government isn’t offering Amnesty for no reason. Why do you think employers who hire immigrants are never really punished? Everyone knows about companies hiring illegal immigrants but when was the last time you saw a big company go down for hiring them?? Companies actually go into mexico and offer them jobs and then they’ll bring them in so lets not act like we have a problem with them breaking the law and getting away with it because clearly we don’t. They have also contributed to this country and those children feel like they are American, probably even more so than you, and have known nothing else. I think they derseve forgiveness

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