The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) today released the ruling on President Obama’s health care law and found the law to be largely constitutional with the individual mandate to purchase health insurance being classified as a tax.

Report from the Washington Post:

The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the individual health-insurance mandate that is at the heart of President Obama’s landmark health-care law, saying the mandate is permissible under Congress’s taxing authority.

The potentially game-changing, election-year decision — a major victory for the White House less than five months before the November elections –will help redefine the power of the national government and affect the health-care choices of millions of Americans.

Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. sided with the majority in voting to uphold the law, Obama’s signature domestic initiative.

Passage of the legislation by the Democratic-controlled Congress in 2010 capped decades of efforts to implement a national program of health care. The legislation is expected to eventually extend health-care coverage to more than 30 million Americans who currently lack it.

Republicans in Congress and GOP presidential challenger Mitt Romney have vowed to try and repeal the measure after the November elections.

Calling this a win for the White House may be a little premature. The short term victory in the ruling is a win but now the President will need to sell this legislation to a citizenry who have already rejected it. The court stated that the financial penalty for not purchasing health insurance can be called a tax which means the President now has to defend a tax increase on anyone who does not purchase acceptable insurance. If the argument for ObamaCare was that many couldn’t afford health insurance, the President may be left answering the question of whether someone who still can’t afford insurance will now be forced to afford thousands of dollars in a “tax” for not entering the insurance pool.

This will not be the end to this issue, of course, since it will be a large campaign issue heading up to Election Day.

Full Opinion from SCOTUS: 6/28/12 – National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius (PDF)

More to come including reactions from the Obama and Romney campaigns…

More from ABCNews:

The court ruled that the mandate is unconstitutional under the Constitution’s commerce clause, but it can stay as part of Congress’s power under a taxing clause. The court said that the government will be allowed to tax people for not having health insurance.

“The Affordable Care Act’s requirement that certain individuals pay a financial penalty for not obtaining health insurance may reasonably be characterized as a tax. Because the Constitution permits such a tax, it is not our role to forbid it, or to pass upon its wisdom or fairness,” Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in the ruling.

President Obama vehemently argued in 2009 that his health care law was not, in any way, a tax:

This ruling will make his argument much more murky to defend in the coming months.


      • Priceless.

        But I still think it would be more contentious to have Willard debate with Rmoney.

          • I don’t think they’d get along at all–because they are so sure they are right. It would be like the Star Trek episode, in which irreconcilable enemies fight senselessly into infinity.

            OR–since Willard and Rmoney are so diametrically opposed, if they ever came face to face, it would be like the other Star Trek episode, in which they are like matter and anti-matter, and they risk destroying both universes.

            It just struck me that “Willard” is probably the liberal persona. I mean, the name is just too geeky. He probably spends his time petting kitties. THEN, there’s “Rmoney,” the corporate raider, who eats kittens for breakfast. . . .

            I suppose “Mitt” is the apologist–the one we’re going to see into November. He likes to sing Kumbaya with Barney Frank and Grover Lindquist. “Mitt” raises a houseful of adorable kittens–so he can then skin them and sell their hides as fox fur.

            • Well they do have some things in common like they both make about $37,000 a day. (Right just under 12 million a year) As a capitalist. I consider that a success.

    • Insurance AND Pharmaceuticals that kill thousands of people annually with their drugs. Some healthcare system.

      • Most over medicated people on the planet and they still want more pills for less cost. Kind of a win-win though as the quicker we knock them off the less time they spend in the nursing home.

  1. Luci D’Mari
    The Supreme Court has just turned our Republic into a Socialist Dictatorship. Just in time for America’s 236th Birthday! In a letter to John Wayles Eppes in 1807, Thomas Jefferson said, “The original error (was in) establishing a judiciary independent of the nation, and which, from the citadel of the law, can turn its guns on those they were meant to defend,, and control
    and fashion their proceedings to its own will.” May God have mercy on us all.
    seconds ago

    • Luci D’Mari — after many years of hoping for resurrection, I’m sad to say that it is finally over:

      America 1776 — 2012

  2. Yeah the law is always so plain, simple, easy to understand but for the “brightest of the bright” yet another 5-4.

  3. Just like the Social Security “Trust” Fund (LOL on Trust), the Politicians in Washington just set-up another “Piggy Bank” to which they can STEAL from!

    Furthermore, Barack Insane Obama just took away Bill Clinton’s “Title” of the President who implemented the Largest “Tax Hike” in American History. And just like Clinton, the “Sheeple” will still give Obama a decisive WIN in November. Ha!

  4. I think the calculation was that giving insurance corporations monopoly control was preferable to striking down the mandate, because without the mandate, the system would have been manipulated to put all sick people into Medicare, and the insurance peddlers would rip off only the most profitable customers (you). Now it’s a volume gamble.

    • Complain all you want but come election time nothing has changed. My money is still on Obama to win come November. As I understand it, all changes come about months after the election. Yeah, it’s a big tax increase for sure going right out of the taxpayers’ pockets and into the pockets of the insurance companies

      • Billy:

        Naw. This has nothing to do with taxes.

        It’s about putting us at the mercy of [expletive deleted] insurance companies.

        We’ll probably pay less in actual taxes to the government, since the government won’t be paying as much to cover the uninsured.

        Where you’ll take it in the neck is that we’ll pay insurance policies, and since we’ll have to pay, they’ll set the price. If you want to think of it as a tax, it’s a tax we’ll pay to [expletive deleted] insurance companies.

        • we can all refuse to buy into this … what will they do if NO ONE buys insurance or pays federal taxes? so we get audited & fined? how long will it take for them to put EVERYONE in jail? they wont be able to, because they won’t have any money to pay their goons … i will NOT be paying my federal taxes as long as this country is allowing for closed election tallies & forcing people to buy into the Pharmaceutical companies who are the ones that created health insurance in the first place … insurance encourages people to use their products … it’s a common business model … I’ve heard a lot of people calling for revolution & saying they will leave (for various reasons) … for those that wish to leave: stand up and have a backbone … not paying taxes is preferable to a violent revolution … take away what they want from us … the problem is getting enough people to stop buying in to this kind of thing

          • People react to fear and greed and fear is stronger than greed.. The government has begun a crackdown on student loans. They have employed the meanest barracudas in the water Right shyster lawyers on commission. Their fee gets tacked on to what you owe. Usually the first thing they grab is your car via a repo company even though it is paid for or financed for more than it’s worth. Doesn’t matter as they work under the same rules as the IRS.

  5. Congressman Ron Paul issued the following statement on the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold most of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

    “I strongly disagree with today’s decision by the Supreme Court, but I am not surprised. The Court has a dismal record when it comes to protecting liberty against unconstitutional excesses by Congress.

    “Today we should remember that virtually everything government does is a ‘mandate.’ The issue is not whether Congress can compel commerce by forcing you to buy insurance, or simply compel you to pay a tax if you don’t. The issue is that this compulsion implies the use of government force against those who refuse. The fundamental hallmark of a free society should be the rejection of force. In a free society, therefore, individuals could opt out of “Obamacare” without paying a government tribute.

    “Those of us in Congress who believe in individual liberty must work tirelessly to repeal this national healthcare law and reduce federal involvement in healthcare generally. Obamacare can only increase third party interference in the doctor-patient relationship, increase costs, and reduce the quality of care. Only free market medicine can restore the critical independence of doctors, reduce costs through real competition and price sensitivity, and eliminate enormous paperwork burdens. Americans will opt out of Obamacare with or without Congress, but we can seize the opportunity today by crafting the legal framework to allow them to do so.”

    • I thought it was the ultimate 3 card monte. I mean who saw it coming, no way can they mandate a service on an individual but they sure as hell can tax him for something he doesn’t want or need.

    • Awesome! Ron Paul is the man… I found a report declaring that OVER 50% OF ALL CANDIDATE PRODUCTS SOLD ON CAFEPRESS.COM HAVE BEEN FOR RON PAUL ALONE! If he does not win, I KNOW elections in this country are fixed and will REFUSE to pay any federal taxes & will REFUSE to buy into this pharmaceutical scam. I will not leave & I will not revolt. Non violent civil disobedience is what may need to be called for.

      • Nice piece.

        However, it doesn’t mention that, as a Corporate Raider, Mittney is actually an “ANTI-businessman.” What is left when Rmoney is done? Nothing.

        When Willard says he wants to run the country like a company, we can only look at his record. If he achieves a hostile takeover of the country, he’ll load us up with debt, reward his raider buddies with obscene “consulting” fees, liquidate Fort Knox, get rid of Mount Rushmore, the Alamo, et al.–then sell Lady Liberty and the Liberty Bell for scrap (brass and copper bring a high return these days).

          • Said it before. . .

            Democrats let dead people vote.

            Republicans keep live people from voting.

            The GOP establishment will find ways to push through their goldenboy, or in this case, platinumboy.  Look at what they did in Massachusetts.

            I don’t believe that Mittney is scared at all. It’s not like delegates “count.”

  6. Since the 4th of July tag of “Independence Day” is no longer valid for USA — choose the best title from below.

    Here are some apropos: Oppression Day; Big Brother Day; Salute the Monkey Day; Bilderbergs Day; Last 4th of July Day; April Fools Day 2.0; Salmon Swimming Upstream Day; Salute the Monkey Day; Illegals Independence Day; 2012 End of the USA Day; Ostrich Day; Salute the Monkey Day; NWO Day….

    Feel free to chose any of the above, or come up with your own.

    • How about “Blow up and eat day””?

      I was thinking about this. Most fireworks have to be very late, because the sun is up till 10 in these parts. Consequently, people have the wrong day off. It should be like New Year’s–party the night before, relax on the holiday, then go back to work refreshed.

      It makes logical sense, too, since the fighting was BEFORE the independence. So we should have the fireworks on July 3, and then encourage people to fricken THINK on July 4. What does freedom mean? What does independence mean? What does it take to maintain freedom? Warmongers say war, but it’s really INVOLVEMENT that keeps us free.

      You don’t have to die for your country–live for it.

    • Maybe more like Dependence Day as we are forced to depend on the government that we can’t afford.

    • The only way we can save our Liberty is when 10 million strong REAL Americans descend on Tampa.

      And in one THUNDERING Voice, to be heard around the world, say to all delegates: “You enter the Convention now, and we hold you to vote your conscience! Do not think you can exit it unless Ron Paul is NOMINATED!”

      • But for the masses it’s “PORK, PORK, WE WANT PORK” and RP just ain’t the guy to give it to um. (that’s pork on credit they want)

    • Rmoney — an illegal running for the presidency…(what’s new)?

      His father did it…Insane Husein (a foreigner) won it — why not Mormon Mexican Mitt try for it…?

      After all, our nation has been reduced to accepting the lowest form of creatures (that had nothing to do with creating this nation) to lord it over us, Real Americans!

      • The headline on that YouTube is disingenuous.

        What they’re saying is that GEORGE Romney was not a “natural born American citizen,” according to some people (ie, idiots).

        The point of the story was that when George Romney ran in 1968, HE was the one whose citizenship might have been questioned (but wasn’t). When the headline says “Romney,” it makes it sound like Willard is not natural.

        Well, Willard is NOT natural. His face is rubberized plastic, but I have no idea what his hair is made of. . . .

  7. Was this video photo-shopped — or is it true that Israel’s Flag was displayed next to the US Flag? To which Nation is Wisconsin’s GOP pledging allegiance?

    See the Jewish Flag at 1:10; at 1:13; afterwards the camera won’t pan to the right to show the Israeli Flag on the podium, and then the puppet reporter (Kent Wainscott) covers it with his bulbous empty head.

    • Well, they had to have two flags. The one on our left illustrates that the United States determines its domestic policy. The one on our right illustrates who determines our foreign policy.

      As Netanyau simply said the last time he was here, “The United States’ policy IS Israel’s policy.”

      Interview with Former Senator Mike Gravel:

      • Goethe Behr — superb!

        I just spread it:

        I see now why this was not photo-shopped — but actually the Israeli Flag was displayed in opposite of the US Flag at this Wisconsin GOP sheep’s’ bleating.

        Watch how a near record of 29 standing ovations by the US Congress was set, during the May 2011 speech of the US Commander-and-Chief …President Netanyahu…..

        Make this Viral!

  8. i am disappointed with the news ( they are still free to their opinion) But I didnt like How they twisted something Romney said over the topic of the healthcare “TAX”,( trying to make hime look like he is flip floping again) a little bit a go Romney stated that if the Supreme Court is calling it a tax, then it is a tax. No where in this or the article(s) does this say that, this is how Romney feels, if anything its just saying hes not going to overstep the Supreme Court ruling. He hasn’t Flip floped here.
    I know that none of you die hard ron paul supporters will agree with me, most likely Billy Malone will be the first to contest, he will give me some propaganda, tell me that ron paul is the correct choice, there might be others, but my bet is Billy..I like that guy, he’s got heart

    • Actually, this article doesn’t really say anything about Romney, except that he vows to overturn the law if he is elected.

      But I do think it’s funny that the GOP decided to make repeal of the health-care act the main focus of the campaign, and then picked the ONE candidate who cannot honestly speak against it.

      • Kind of helps one to understand why we are 16 trillion in debt though. These shysters are clever, not smart.

    • The whole thing is as clear as mud. When Romney extracted money from the taxpayer’s pockets it was a fee. When Obama does the same thing it is a tax. There is a big difference between a fee and a tax. Romney never raised taxes only fees. Obama on the other hand raised taxes to provide the same services that Romney provided using a fee.

      I thought I caught the word “penalty” in my reading also in order to side step the word tax.

      • It’s all ludicrous. I haven’t thought of it that much, but I think the court is backward. A tax is something that’s levied on something. If you had to pay a penalty for BUYING insurance, that would be a tax. This is a penalty, and it could be argued that it SHOULD be allowed, under the commerce clause. It’s a fine or a fee or a penalty, it’s not a “tax.”

        Personally, I think we’ve gone a little insane about the word “tax.” I remember when Poppy Bush promised, “no new taxes.” I thought the simple result would be that he would raise the rate on OLD taxes.

  9. Mitt Romney Lies on Everything…except that he’ll do what his money raisers tell him to do!

    Minute 2:30 till 2:42 — Mitt’s recorded words: “To get that kind of money… you need to cozy up to All the Special Interest Groups, so they can go out and raise money for you (me) from all their members. That kind of relationship has an INFLUENCE the way you (me) is gonna vote!”
    In plain words — Perfidy Mitt has no problem lying to All Americans (since the controlled media will hardly report it), but MAKES SURE that his Financial Masters are AWARE that he’ll DO WHATEVER THEY WANT HIM TO DO TO AMERICA…as long as they give him enough money to get him elected as President!
    From minute 2:43 till 3:05 —

    Plastic Mitt supports the Federal Reserve Board, and states that Ben SHALOM Bernanke is doing a good job: “And it’s important the have the Feds as an independent Agency…I do not think The, The, The, The” —

    (here is were poor Mitt displays his weak mind, by trying to figure out which lie is best for the moment, his dullard brain shuts down and he begins to STUTTER…until what he believes is the most palatable lie enters his skull) —

    “I do not think The, The, The, The….the Congress in the United States trying to pull strings at the Fed.”

    Wow, The Mitt sounds like a NWO Child sucking on the Bilderberg’s tit — and NOT like an American!

    And Now, for the BIG Question — why is the GOP Establishment committing POLITICAL SUICIDE by breaking all their rules, and committing blatant election fraud across our Nation, to get this UNELECTABLE Mitt Creature nominated?

    Make this Viral!

  10. Interesting name — is this an indication of Things To Come — the End of the USA?

    Ben SHALOM Bernake — as in the Jewish ‘Shalom’…Hello and Good Bye (America, we will always own you financially)….?

    p.p.s. All chairmen of the FED since 1913 till Now are CONFIRMED Jews…does this tell us something?

    • Surfisher:

      Even if you believe it’s true, suggesting that there’s a Jewish conspiracy would open you to charges of being a Nazi sympathizer. You can criticize the concept of the Fed, but if you make it personal, it will be counterproductive.

      • Goethe Behr —

        I was only asking questions, not making charges.

        Are questions DISALLOWED in the USA now-days?

        • Surfisher:

          It’s just asking to be impuned. We are less than 3/4 of a century from the Holocaust. There are people still alive who survived it. There are many children of victims. And, of course, the entire generation after the war learned about Anne Frank and all the horrible details–intensely. The human race may never make it up to the Jewish people, and you can’t blame Jews (as well as Gentiles) for being sensitive about it.

          I do think the banking industry is a parasite on capitalism. But if you make it about ethnicity, people will stop listening.

      • Oh I don’t think RP was ever counting of the Jewish vote any more than the Black vote.

  11. 5-4, 5-4, 5-4, these clowns were all hand picked for their ability to force the square pegs into the round holes. Always a problem at the confirmation hearings but there are quite a few judges (well maybe not all that many) that could pass the toddler’s square peg – round peg test. That would end these 5-4 decisions.

    • I think Supreme Court justices should have to get unanimous or 75% approval. That would make the approval process more difficult, but it would end this nonsense of having a political supreme court. Years ago, people used to respect the court as judging on merit. Now, nearly all cases are decided by gutter politics. The only time any of these folks vote with the opposition is when they have an ulterior motive. We deserve impartial referees.

      • Kind of the point I was going for. There are many (well maybe a few) judges that could sail right through the hearings. They will never be picked by any president because said appointments are highly political and is based on his or her past political decisions. When those political decisions hit the confirmation hearings, gridlock. Only thing that breaks gridlock is pork, pork, and more pork.

    • Nebraska GOP Mafia has vowed that on the 14th of July they’ll do WHATEVER it takes to have Ron Paul Supporters SILENCED! See the strong-arm tactics these creatures have already set in motion to cheat Ron Paul of Delegates :

      Contact Lawyers4RP, Ron Paul’s Campaign — and ALL that are needed to go to Nebraska and assure that NO CHEATING against Real Americans is done, again!

      Spread this like wildfire!

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