Three US territories held caucuses on Saturday giving Mitt Romney victories in Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands while Ron Paul took the US Virgin Islands. Residents in US territories cannot actually vote in the General Election, however, under party rules, they are allowed to send delegates to the party conventions.

Complete Results:
US Virginia Islands: Results
Guam: Results
Northern Mariana Islands: Results

Report on North Marianas and Guam from USAToday:

SAIPAN, Northern Mariana Islands (AP) – Another victory for presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. He’s won the Republican caucus in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, picking up nine delegates from the U.S. territory.

Romney won 87% of the 848 votes cast Saturday on the main islands of Saipan, Tinian and Rota.

Rick Santorum got 6%. Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich got 3% each on the main island of Saipan.

Romney was considered the favorite. His son Matt and wife Laurie visited Saipan, and he was endorsed by Gov. Benigno R. Fitial, chairman of the island’s Republican Party.

Fitial says he and the eight other delegates will support Romney at the Republican National Convention in Florida.

Romney also picked up all nine delegates from Guam during the GOP state convention there Saturday.

Report on the US Virgin Islands also from USAToday:

ST. THOMAS, U.S. Virgin Islands (AP) – The Republican Party chairman in the U.S. Virgin Islands says Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney has won the territory’s GOP caucus.

Chairman Herb Schoenbohm says Romney can count on seven delegates from the Virgin Islands. He already had three superdelegates before Saturday’s caucuses and he picked up three more in voting in St. Thomas and St. Croix. After the vote, an uncommitted delegate switched to Romney.

Ron Paul got one delegate, and one delegate remains uncommitted.

Residents of the U.S. Virgin Islands can participate in primaries but like residents of nearby Puerto Rico cannot vote in the general election.

There is typically little attention given to these small contests, however, in a year where every delegate will matter, the Romney team sent Mitt’s son Matt Romney along with his wife to campaign in some of these island contests. That speaks to how Romney is not taking any delegates for granted at this point and clearly they know they have to fight for each and every one moving forward.


Originally this story stated, as reported by USAToday and the US Virgin Islands GOP Chairman, that Mitt Romney won the US Virgin Islands caucus. In the popular vote count, Ron Paul won the US Virgin Islands caucus while Mitt Romney will walk away with the most delegates due to the rules of the US VI caucusing system.

See this report from WHNT:

Ron Paul got the most votes in the Republican Caucus in the Virgin Islands, but Mitt Romney walked away with more delegates. Why? The caucus system is a complicated one in the Virgin Islands.

Romney received 7 delegates, to Ron Paul’s 1. However, Paul received 112 votes, to Romney’s 101.

So here is why. In the Virgin Islands, you cast a vote for a candidate and you then vote for delegates. That’s just like it is here in Alabama. But unlike Alabama, where you must vote for a delegate that matches the person you chose for President, in the Virgin Islands you can vote for whomever you want.

So while more people voted for Paul to be their Presidential nominee, when they then voted for delegates, they gave more votes to the people representing Mitt Romney.

Thank you to the commenters for pointing out this discrepancy. Without checking into it further, it would appear on face value from USAToday/Associated Press that Mitt Romney “won” the caucus which implies he won the most votes which was not the case.


  1. Paul actually won the popular vote in the Virgin Islands. Amazing, even though he will probably win the delegate count in Maine, Paul was still declared the loser. But now that he wins the popular vote, but supposedly loses the delegate count, he is again declared the loser.

    • HG

      Breaking! Las Vegas, Nevada. Ron Paul Delegates SWEEP The Clark County Convention!

      Ron Paul 2012

      375 votes

      Chairman Gibbs brought the meeting to order by asking for any Santorum supporters to please raise their hands. A handful of people raised their hands. Then he asked for Gingrich. He got 2 handfuls. When he asked for Romney, his people clustered near the front of the main room raised their hands with a great cheer.

      When he asked for Ron Paul what looked like about 2/3rds of the crowd of over 2,600 delegates leaped to their feet as one and unleashed a thunderous ovation that lasted for 30 seconds. It was absolutely electrifying.

      Things settled down and we got down to business. We were allowed to self nominate ourselves as delegates to the state convention. Clark County which is BY FAR the most populated county in the state is allowed 1900 delegates. As only a little over 1,200 volunteered, all who signed up were confirmed as delegates. I do not have any exact numbers, but I can tell you we are likely to have an even larger majority at state than we did here. And this was DECISIVE.

      We heard from local candidates running for office. Senators Dean Heller and Joe Heck both spoke and were received with something less than whole hearted support, and deservedly so for their unconstitutional votes for NDAA and the patriot act.

      But the best part was filling the 14 seats on the Clark County Republican Party Executive Board. These are the people who set local policy. Each of the candidates was given only 30 seconds to speak.

      Are you ready for this?


      When the results were announced a Ron Paul cheer went up and if the Romney people were balloons you would have heard the air draining out of every one of them with a big, sad whoosh.

      The Clark County platform now OFFICIALLY calls for holding elected officials to their oath to defend the constitution, or face removal from office. The party platform now also calls for the repeal of the 16th amendment and a full public audit of the federal reserve.

      What does this all mean? It means all the garbage the media has been feeding us is precisely that. It means the campaigns delegate strategy works. It means this party is JUST GETTING STARTED!

      People, turn off your televisions and get to work. And if you want to have the experience of a lifetime standing there sweating and crying for joy, go be A Ron Paul delegate at your county and state convention. UNBELIEVABLE.



    • The belief that because Obama is a great Orator, does not mean he is a good Debater.

      1) As Orator (meaning: during an uninterrupted monologue) Obama’s reading of the tele-prompter is superb — he has the hand gestures down pat, the movement of his head to stare at an upper left, or right, diagonal, while taking a pause to underscore his point and thus allowing time for applauding, before he stares at the camera again and delivers the next segment of his PRE-WRITTEN Speech. His mastery of delivering dogma as “truth”, is only second to Goebbels propaganda abilities.

      2) As Debater (meaning: the ability to prove whose ideas are valid vs those that are illogical) — Obama is lost without the tele-prompter. Unless the questions were submitted beforehand, and his answers scripted, he gets annoyed when asked something he did not expect. When stumped by a question he does not know the answer, Obama becomes peevishly angry, he whails, clutches his hands, shakes his head, and responds with the COARSEST of Cliches! Then, he stumbles and bumbles his way trying to correct his outbursts by spouting irrelevant dogma! Pathetic — is the only proper word describing his debating “skills”.


      For those that believe BO is a great orator — you are 100% correct!

      For those that believe BO is a great debater — you are 100% wrong!


      Note this — when BO ran in 2008, he had NO record to be debated.
      Now, he has a horrible record as president — so anyone (without skeletons in the closet) will DESTROY this small-minded, perfidious clown!

      Ron Paul — who is a CONSTITUTIONAL Patriot — is best equipped to dismantle BO’s socialist dogma in a one-on-one debate for the Presidency!

      The rest have the ability (since a logical high-school kid can make Bama look silly in an unscripted debate) — but don’t have a clean closet (and Bama will attack their skeletons, since he can do nothing else).

      So, unless you do your best to elect Ron Paul — you’ll be party to the ignominious reelection of BO!

    • Billy Malone —

      Romney won Guam only because he outspent his opponents 10 to 1… (Newt was the only other to spend money on his campaign there, with the caveat that if he didn’t win, he wants his dollar back)….

      • The more I read about Newt’s past the more I feel he is a dead horse. He’s the one who put through the big war on drugs that was to rid the USA of both the crime and the drugs. A noble cause but a dismal failure. And the list goes on of money just being poured down the tube. All three of these guys a indeed part of the problem and in no way the solution.

  2. ROMNEY: The story of two men trapped in one body

    I love posting this video. It shows that if this guy is ‘winning’, then the people who are voting for him are no doubt.. still sleeping.

    What a sad time for the US of A.

    Here’s another of my fav’s. I happen to like this one ‘REALLY’ a lot.. it give me some hope that IMPEACHMENT is on the way.

    Obama Admin Ditches Congress, Cites Int’l Permission, As Legal Basis For Action In Syria

    You know, it’s bad enough that words are typed here in dismay.. It’s a shame that everyone will look in ‘awe’ when their country is taken over and they don’t know what to do.

    I often wonder why your own military hasn’t called this treason and refused to ‘fight’ these illegal wars. Panetta would look pretty ridiculous passing orders to invade Syria and his troops tell him to take a hike. Now THAT would be a video to view.

    Then again.. since Obama has more than 600 FEMA concentration camps up and running in the USA.. he’s planning on re-educating Americans’ to his way or elimination.. Google it. It’s all there.

  3. You really think people are stupid enough not to notice the fraud? Your disgusting machine is going to come down eventually you #####

  4. This is becoming almost comical in how the GOP is painting the picture for everyone. Are people really this dumb?

    • Brian —

      I’ll wager that the bellow tracker is TOTALLY incorrect:

      2012 Delegate Tracker:

      Romney 454
      Santorum 217
      Gingrich 107
      Paul 47

      These numbers are just SPECULATIONS!

      I’ll postulate that as of now the most Locked-Up Delegates are for Ron Paul.

      Trailing behind is Romney, with Newt and Rick fighting for third place.

  5. really… how is this website going to stand here and lie to the people like this? ron paul won the virgin islands wit 29% just go to he isnt goin to lie about the election.. he wont stand there and lie like the rest
    Dr. Ron Paul 2012!!!

    • Story corrected. I apologize for the oversight. No intention of lying to anyone. If you read the USAToday story, they claim Romney “won” as did the US VI GOP Chairman. Their definition of “winning” was wining the delegates, no the vote count.

      This is a grave double-standard on the part of the Associated Press where winning usually means a candidate won the vote count, they don’t factor delegates. I think they were following the US VI GOP Chairman’s lead since he declared Romney the winner.

      Paul won the caucus as a “win” is typically defined.

      • Don’t get us Ron Paul supporters wrong Nate. We would LOVE it if the “wins” in this race would begin being defined by delegates, because people would actually see the 2-man race between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney, and that Santorum and Gingrich fall utterly flat when it comes to grassroots support. In that case we would gladly concede victory in the Virgin Islands to Romney, because it would mean winning several other states that have already had conventions.

        Thanks for updating the post, it is much appreciated! Also thank you for updating the delegate tracker to show that it is being projected by the corrupt media outlets WSJ & CNN. Even if the numbers are still waaaaaay off, at least people know why… the source of the numbers! Maybe you could add an asterisk that says “*projected based on popular vote, and does not reflect the actual delegate count”, because it sure doesn’t.

        PRESIDENT PAUL 2012!

        • Is there a site which you feel is providing accurate numbers? I will add a third column showing as much information as possible.

          • Nate — meant to answer here…

            I’d just add the word SPECULATIVE (delegate tracker), and leave it at that.

  6. (your Update) “Thank you to the commenters for pointing out this discrepancy. Without checking into it further, it would appear on face value from USAToday/Associated Press that Mitt Romney “won” the caucus which implies he won the most votes which was not the case.”

    BS! This was not a “mistake” that all the news stations reported that Romney won. It is more of the same (Orson Welles) brainwashing. Shame on you and all the other FAKE news agencies. The fact is that you have no clue what you are reporting on(and needed commenters to show YOU (the news reporter) the truth….doesnt that seem completely backwards to you?

    • This was a mistake on my part which I apologized for. I’m not a news agency, I’m one individual following the 2012 election.

      I’d like to see you get a mainstream news outlet to make corrections and admit mistakes based on viewer comments. If you don’t think you’re getting accurate information from this site, then I would encourage you to find a website you do trust as I don’t want to mislead you further.

      • 1. Thank you for the corrections [to the story and to the tracker] and the explanations, deeply appreciated! I’ll keep coming to this site also because of your honest and sincere behaviour!

        2. It’s so great and so important that finally Ron Paul won his first caucus [in terms of votes], because many were greatly disappointed by the lack of such a victory till now and now you got it!!

      • Nate: I understand you are just taking biased news from biased media sources and regurgitating them for people to read. What you don’t understand is that you are reporting information that is purposely intended to convince the people to believe lies. Yes, you corrected yourself, (unlike most news outlets) and that is appreciated, but where is the REAL STORY?? That Ron Paul is being censored and blacked-out by the media elite in their attempt to discredit him as a candidate? Where is the real story of the corruption and proof of fraud against him? THAT is the real story….but who is going to report on THAT story? What happens in the media is that one station will report on something…then all the other stations “steal” that story and pass it off as their own, because they don’t want to be the “out-of-date” news outlet. I look forward to your article (if you wanted it could be 1000 pages long) on how the media elite (all owned by the PRIVATE OWNERS of the Federal Reserve) are doing whatever they can to not let Ron Paul’s message out to the people. You chould also do a story on how the Federal Reserve lends every single penny to the Government with interest. Your headline could be “The Federal Reserve is a Private company that has nothing to do with the Federal Government”. Now it all makes sense why they will do whatever it takes to prevent Ron Paul from getting into office.

      • Just to add (again), that I appreciate the fact that you corrected your mistake. That is commendable, and (contrary to what my post might appear to be saying), this was not a personal attack on you, but maybe some venting of frustration that the obvious media bias is so apparant. Thanks again.

        • this was not a personal attack on you,

          Ah but that’s what makes these blogs kind of fun, just reading them in itself is sometimes better than the comic section of a newspaper.

        • I share your frustration as I witnessed the Maine caucus results stop at 84% reporting and Romney was declared the winner. I wrote extensively on that topic over several posts since it was wrong to report an “official” result based only 84%. I’m sure that was much to the chagrin of Romney supporters but I don’t bat for any particular candidate, merely for accurate information and a fair process.

  7. yes thanks for the fixed comment man, and not your fault. its the real media and real news stations just dont want to show anything good for dr. ron paul. the guys wit the big bucks they pay everone thinks he is a threat to their pockets so in return they dont talk about him. i went to every news station that really covers again and none of them even has ron pauls name on there site anywhere… u can go look… nbc+cnn+fox news ect… not one word of dr. ron paul anywhere. it is upseting and appalling… i feel everything is rigged and the gov does not take us people seriously nor even listen to a word we say nor who we really support. cause ron paul has alot of supports.. i mean alot and we are die hard loyal supports. we vote for him or noone. i will write his name on the ballot if i have to along with many others will to. he fills the house up everywhere he goes, alot of times they turn people away because fire code restricts how many may be present. its a shame what they do to him and how they treat him. he really is are last hope and actually will change things and not just stand there lieing to us. Ron Paul 2012!

    • shaun eagan —

      When it comes down to reality — Mitt, Rick, Newt and BO all want the egotistical power (to be the most powerful man in the world firstly, and after their ego has been fed…maybe some lefts will be accorded to the American People, or maybe none)!

      Only Ron Paul differs from these plastic phonies.

      Ron Paul Wants to Be President: Not to Gain Power but to Save America!

  8. @ all writers,

    I appreciate the constant rhetoric with stories such as this. I’ve heard from some sources that “Ron Paul supporters are just a bunch of bloggers that overrun the internet.” Well this statement is true, they are also a bunch of supporters that overrun the conventions, the streets, the debates, the online media, Facebook, youtube, etc.

    Def: overrun – to swarm over in great numbers & to rove over (a country, region, etc.); invade.

    It is evident that Ron Paul supporters seem to be “overrunning” all of these facets because they are greater in numbers which in reality shows that THERE ARE MORE RON PAUL SUPPORTERS OUT THERE THAN…Romney, Santorum, Gingrich. The argument could be made that, “if there are more Ron Paul supporters, then why doesn’t he receive more votes in the elections?

    The answer is quite simple, Republicans are voting: to beat Obama, to support the front runner, to show support for the common Republican candidates. However, rarely do you hear of these people voting because they are Romney, Santorum, Gingrich supporters.

    Each of you Ron Paul supporters out there who are commenting, posting, and sharing your voice about why Ron Paul is the only candidate, thank you. You are being heard and you are making a difference. They can deny only what they have control over, and they do not have control over the people.

    Keep up the good work,
    Ron Paul 2012

    • Travis — looking for expertize on the below:

      Today’s Headline:

      “In ‘highly unusual’ move, Marines asked to DISARM before Leon Panetta speech!”

      Not sure, but can a Marine (unless placed under arrest) be disarmed in hostile territory, even by the Four ‘Starest’ of Generals…?

      (Some can put a spin that Panetta is so liked by the troops, that he does not trust his own soldiers with weapons in his presence….).

      Curious if someone knows the answers:

      1) Was it ILLEGAL — a breach of military law/conduct/rules — to DISARM the US Marines in a HOSTILE combat territory (in order to be herded without arms to listen to a speech from Citizen Panetta)?

      2) Name and rank (or civilian status) of person RESPONSIBLE for disarming the US Marines?

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