Aside from Missouri on Saturday, this weekend also gave us the Puerto Rico GOP primary on Sunday which was handily won by Mitt Romney with over 80% of the vote.

Puerto Rico Republican primary, March 18 2012
Candidate Votes Percentage
Mitt Romney 98,375 82.88%
Rick Santorum 9,524 8.02%
Buddy Roemer 2,622 2.21%
Others 2,590 2.18%
Newt Gingrich 2,431 2.05%
Fred Karger 1,702 1.43%
Ron Paul 1,452 1.22%

Report from the Washington Post:

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney won Puerto Rico’s Republican primary on Sunday.

With about 83 percent of ballots counted, Romney took an overwhelming 83 percent of the vote. By getting more than 50 percent of total votes, Romney will take all 20 of the territory’s delegates.

Despite spending time campaigning on the island on Wednesday and Thursday, former senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania fell far behind Romney, taking about 8 percent of the vote.

Romney probably got a boost from his unqualified support for Puerto Rican statehood, the top issue in the race. Santorum, on the other hand, faced a backlash after suggesting that statehood be contingent on Puerto Rico making English its main language. (Former House speaker Newt Gingrich and Texas Rep. Ron Paul largely ignored the territory and took a very small share of the vote.).

Romney also had the support of most of the state establishment, including Gov. Luis Fortuno (R).

In 2008 the state GOP held a caucus; only 208 people participated.

Twenty delegates is a good amount especially given the tight nature of the race up to this point. Romney keeps taking the small amounts from the territorial caucuses which are beginning to add up significantly.


    • Romney is a used-car salesman that made his money conning people out of theirs and you want him to represent your country on the world stage? Luckily he won’t. He’s been selected by Obomber’s people as the corporate puppet they’ve paid to lose against him.

      Seriously, would you buy a used-car from that guy? Nor would I.

      The People vote for Ron Paul

      The corporate puppets ‘count’ the vote and decide the result,; Beforehand!

      This isn’t Democracy. It’s just underhanded business deceit. The American People are being sold down the river once again!

      Enjoy your RFID chips, forced untested ‘vaccinations’, Toxic GMOs, constant 1984 surveillance, Martial Law and NDAA FEMA Camps!

      Land of the Free? Not even close!

      • Sure we need someone who can con China out of money and bring it home to the states. Rather than more people who will just let other countries walk over us.

      • Americans are easy prey now. Feminists have kicked where it hurts long enough without men countering, and male and female politicians have promoted the feminists. If American men supported an American man, they would choose Ron Paul. Females overpower them now, and tell them to go for Willard, thinking $ not character or country, and if they kick the Willard can forward, they are in for a foolin’ and it would be true justice. Vote for Willard and then pray when you see who scoops the loot, but you might wanna pray to Mr. Smith who led his troops west and trained them that Jesus isn’t the Saviour or Son of God. Hey, prove yourselves, Christians!! The world isn’t all that’s watching ya. Santorum is a powder puff obedient to zionists and claims to be a Christian. Gotta watch these guys. Now Santorum is bowing to Willard according to some news articles… betcha the zionists have told him to give it up to Williard. Will Santorum ever figure out he has been used by Israel who now wants a Mormon to open the door for them to enter one of their own next Presidential election go around? If he does he will have to keep his trap shut.

      • ME MAN, your name says it all doesn’t it? Why don’t you move to another country if it is so bad here in the United States?

        Ron Paul would be ashamed of some of the people who try to speak up for him. Talk about political rhetoric.

        Ron Paul makes a great argument for himself, until many of his supporters on this forum speak up. If the only thing you can do is bash the other candidates, you really have nothing to add to any dialogue.

        • 4theRepublic

          There’s not enough money to get me to enter the former USA. I prefer living in a place where I don’t have to show ‘ID papers’ to prove I have a right to exist, or hadn’t you realised that the former USA is now a fascist Police state under Martial Law?

          Best if you were to get Ron Paul into the White House while you still have a chance. As far as the other ‘candidates’ are concerned, I have yet to see one that hasn’t already either been paid off or is so weak and desperate to polish their own name that they’ll tell the people in front of them whatever they think they want to hear. Not so Ron Paul. He just tells them the truth and leaves it up to them to decide what they want to do with that.

          When next you speak with Dr. Paul, you’ll ask him if he’s ashamed of people speaking up for him, for me, won’t you. You already think you know how he feels about what I’ve said. Pretty presumptuous of you. Best to ask and find out, don’t you think?

        • . If the only thing you can do is bash the other candidates, you really have nothing to add to any dialogue.

          How about you saying something good about the guy you support???

          • Sorry, but evasive, Billy Malone–unless you call bashing the other candidates saying something good about the guy you support.

        • Ya Or until you just look up some of the Racist / Homophobic stuff the guy has said in the past. That would set real well in a general election to. And the only reason it has not is because he is a joke. 2nd, 3rd and 4th in ever race so far.

      • Can’t stand those who cry because someone who hasn’t made it their life’s ambition
        is winning the majority of the delegates. Get over it you big babies. Do you think Santorum has the gonads to get our fiscal house out of the gutter? I think not.

        • Do you think Santorum has the gonads to get our fiscal house out of the gutter? I think not.

          Oh I think any one of them could do the job, Newt more so than the rest but the question is priority. They may own more to “them” than they do to “us”. Their records speak for them and it looks like more of the same if any of the big three were to be elected.

  1. It is incredible. This Romney is such guy like Bush, he will ruin own country, he is racist, pro-war monger, an imbecyle supported by all speculators. Why does hi win? I think that these morons, who have rights to vote destroy own country.

    • Obviously you feel everyone but Ron Paul is a war monger. Racist? Really? Where do you get your source of information?

      When you point the finger of scorn, three are pointed back at you.

      • Obviously you feel everyone but Ron Paul is a war monger.

        Right, he is the only trekker on stage. All the rest are hawks. “What we say goes” you know who said that now don’t you????

        • ok.
          im a hawk. we shoulda got osama when clinton was pres but we were “peace loving” and we refused to get our hads dirty.
          now after 12 years we are back at the same thing. you guys talk smart but you are dumb. we got osama because bush did the hunting and obama had the guts to pull the trigger. he was messy and messed up the job but he pulled the trigger. you guys would have sent roses.
          @Billy you betta stop drinking. well at least you don’t have worms. ha

          • Here is mt problem with Romney:

            The weak condition of the Republican state party was one of several factors that led to Democrat Deval Patrick’s lopsided win over Republican Kerry Healey in the 2006 Massachusetts gubernatorial election.[160]

            Romney after his first and only term as governor. Right, bottom line he did a lousy job.

            Ah, I need a drink, it’s almost noon, well in a few hrs it will be.

          • @Billy Malone,
            better leave the booze alone. it’ll kill you.
            you know that campaign was all over the news right?
            you know the dems had pickets at the brother in law for his crimes right?
            you know the ad didn’t go on topic right? called him a cop hater and stuff like that right?
            made ads implying stuff that were not based on facts?
            and no one made any fuss about romney who was polling about even before he said no second term. He picked Patrick but the dems never said anything about that. only insinuations.
            well, i kinda think thats how you do it so i guess you’da known that. just didn’t want to share the whole truth. you do research, i’ll give you that. a lot of you guys didn’t even know romney endorsed patrick.

            • A real sob story for sure. Think I need a drink after reading it. Yeah got so bad for Mitt he was out of state for better than 200 days on fund raisers when he decided to run for Prez.

          • btw. of course by your logic the republicans shoulda won california after reagan right? dint govana moonbeam win that one?

            • Romney’s frequent out-of-state travel contributed towards his approval rating declining in public polls towards the end of his term.[160] The weak condition of the Republican state party was one of several factors that led to Democrat Deval Patrick’s lopsided win over Republican Kerry Healey in the 2006 Massachusetts gubernatorial election.[160]

              Just the facts man, just the facts.

    • “Romney took foreign seed money from Latin America” to exploit “dozens of American businesses” and the “thousands of employees that worked there.”

      “Playing the system for a quick buck. A group of corporate raiders, led by Mitt Romney. More ruthless than Wall Street. For tens of thousands of Americans, the suffering began when Mitt Romney came to town.”

      He didn’t bring money into the USA to invest, it was to plunder then remove billions into over seas accounts for his clients from Latin America.

      Yeah I’s say he’s in the right profession now, politics.

      • If you are going to ‘quote’ a source than at least reference your source because is sounds like a lot of the usual sour grapes presented as the supposedly “unrefutable.”

        Why don’t you RP supporters go back to your own website since obviously your only contributions to other forums are derision? If you want to respectfully participate instead of insulting everyone else, that would be great–but the current trend is (and has been) tiring.

        And saying, “he’s in the right profession now, politics” doesn’t say much about Ron Paul either does it?

        • The New York Times reported today that Bain Capital, the private equity firm started by GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, owns a Chinese company, Uniview, that supplies highly advanced surveillance equipment to the Chinese government. China’s authoritarian rulers are using the equipment to create an “omniscient monitoring system” throughout the country, according to a Human Rights Watch researcher quoted by the Times. “When it comes to surveillance, China is pretty upfront about its totalitarian ambitions,” said Nicholas Bequelin.

          To realize those totalitarian ambitions, China’s authorities, with Bain Capital’s help, are expanding the country’s already vast network of surveillance cameras. The city of Chongqing is spending $4.2 billion for a network of 500,000 cameras, Guangdong Province is installing a million cameras, and Beijing is planning to put cameras in all entertainment venues, the Times reported.

          • Billy Malone —

            Mitt supplies Big Brother equipment to China for a HUGE profit.

            LOL — imagine how much more he’ll profit if he becomes our Big Brother…..

            • And that money he makes doesn’t come back to the USA either. Now who in their right mind would vote for the vulture???

          • Sorry, I could not find today’s NYT article you are sourcing, does it have a title? Also, I missed the reference for your previous quote.

            Seriously, now Billy, if you built a house, lived in it and sold it ten years ago to someone else who decided to go on a killing spree–of course the law should be knocking on your door and arresting you as an accomplice because you are implicated by the sheer fact that you built and then sold that house to a murderer?

            Furthermore, how often have the media been gracious to Republican presidential candidates? If they can twist any misspoken word, fabricate, or slander they have been right there to present their ‘informed’ opinions. Also, frequently on these forums the Ron Paul supporters have been quick to point out that it is basically the ignorant who give any credence to getting their ‘news’ from mainstream sources. Therefore, I am guessing that, you are one of the few who do not fault people for forming their opinions based on “media hype”?

            • of course the law should be knocking on your door and arresting

              Interesting as it did happen to me. The ATF called on the phone and asked if I would meet with them at a public place near my home in connection with a 30 year old cold case. They did arrest a person some two years later and he was convicted. (I went to grade school with the guy) Yeah it was like “this is your life Billy Malone” birth certificate education history, passports, service records, marriage license etc. etc and I have never been arrested in my life. Big Brother is indeed watching.

        • ya,
          maybe paul freeks are democrats.
          i peeked at dem blogs an they sound like same.
          big words but – not true at all!
          maybe harvard graduates no?
          and how come no one i no is for him? i have ask all my friends and eeekkk!
          only smart — that neva had to work for living.

      • maybe i’m too old for this. i just remember all this stuff from every four years. start with Eisenhower all the way to present. but wasn’t it the democrats doing all the dirty evidence that wasnt real?
        after the elections charges drop and claims disappear no matter who wins because it wasn’t real.
        and if the democrats don’t win they say election fraud but if they win silence.
        same thing this time. i think so anyway. i remember clear but you got video. well no frutty college education gonna make me think so.

        • Hey I lived in Chicago back then so tell me all about how election fraud works while I take a nap.

  2. Rick Santorium is the “Bidden” of the GOP party. He is a dumb man. He sticks his foot in his mouth, often. He gets bounced out of his state senate seat and the only reason hes getting as many votes as he does is because of his religion. I’m not a Ron Paul fan, but once in a while he makes sense and says something that really works. His comment on RS is accurate. RP says RS is a fake. He is a phony. He is a Washington insider that failed at everything and never got anything done. He has no ball sack. RS couldn’t be successful at anything and then failed at politics, now he wants to run for President? Ca mo people, rally to get him out of there, he’s done. A phony failure, using religion and social issues so he can cling on, enough is enough. Lets get serious about beating OB. Loose the old windbag newt, send the religious phony RS back to church so he can sell bibles door to door and let RP go back to the puppet show, his ventriloquist will be one less off the employment line. I wish for once, you brain dead, joy stick, muffin gentle folks of this emotionally based society would stop being knieve for just one minute and get Rom on the ticket. Mathematically, nobody else can get enough delegates to win!!! The GOP will not take away the nomination from Rom, at the convention, if he has 955 or more votes. Every one of you are idiots that think we can beat OB, with a 2.5 month campaign! Ca mon people!!! Oh, you want OB to win, I see. If you like OB so much, go live in Europe, Russia or Greece. You are wishing things were different, but stupid, what we had and have is sought after by the rest of the world, because its the only way to live life!!!!

    • “There’s a sucker born every minute” is a famous old saying and being proven again and again. American women rule, the males ate too much soy if it’s true that soy feminizes testosterone. Shhhhh. Let them keep lingering, they seem happy.

  3. Ron Paul did win Iowa.… When will everyone figure out that the popular votes in these state races are “just pretend”? It’s all about the delegates; and the process of winning delegates happens weeks and months after the popular vote which in most states is more or less a straw vote.

    The media stories are not relevant. The published delegate counts are not relevant. The pretty colors on the CNN map are not relevant. THE ONLY THING THAT IS RELEVANT IS THE NUMBER OF SUPPORTERS THAT SHOW UP ON THE CONVENTION FLOOR IN TAMPA IN AUGUST!!!

    The charade of media reports is a distracting circus. Either they don’t understand the actual nominating process or they do understand but want us to sit back and believe the “fantasy horse race”. GET IT?>>There are no pink or purple or orange states; most of them are still selecting who will take their message to Tampa. e.g. Missouri, which Santorum is said to have “won” a month ago, is just now beginning their decision making process for who will go to Tampa and how they will vote. Maine, where “your Romney” “won” is sending 70% Paul supporters to the National Convention. Same for Nevada and Minnesota AND MANY MORE STATES. WAKE UP!

    • Your link goes straight to the huffington post… not only can we not see the article in question but the huffington post is the most vile liberal troll site ever.

    • Windisea — Spot on!

      Hundreds of thousands of Ron Paul supporters will come to Tampa voluntarily! While, the Three Stooges (Mitt, Newt and Rick) will have a hard time busing in a couple of hundred each!

      Then, let’s see what martial measures are taken to stop our cry for Ron Paul — “The voice of the People”…..

      • Hundreds of thousands of Ron Paul supporters will come to Tampa voluntarily!

        No doubt about it, I’m there already

    • ok,
      so maybe – if you count unions – paul is popular. but i don’t like the thing about legalize pot and i don’t like the thing about let europe burn! its like political isolation. but dont the europens stub there toe and we hurt? really.
      and that thing about all the paul people go to Tampa? didnt obama do that?
      how come they all sond like obama against obama? only the politics change like tiger change colors but stripes remain!

      • but i don’t like the thing about legalize pot and i don’t like the thing about let europe burn!

        Maybe we can borrow from China to bail Europe out when the Germans have had enough of supporting all the welfare people over there.

        As for pot…You and the Newt. He was in favor of the death penalty to stop it cold in it’s tracks.

        • ok ya. i support the death penalty if everyone gets the same sentence. I say death penalty for financial fraud and rape and child abuse.
          good thing i dont write hte law.
          but cause and effect man cause and effect! we started the war on drugs and made some drugs good and some drugs bad. and now we just say ok new game?
          kingpiin says ok. he always use grass to start coke and heroin dependance where his real money is. so he stays in business. what next? make cocaine and heroin legal? i think i have some experience here. heroin kills like nothing else. and i think i have a candidate for the death sentence. but i’ll be nice.

          • i support the death penalty if everyone gets the same sentence. I say death penalty for financial fraud and rape and child abuse. we started the war on drugs and made some drugs good and some drugs bad. and now we just say ok new game? kingpiin says ok. he always use grass to start coke and heroin dependance where his real money is. so he stays in business. what next? make cocaine and heroin legal? i think i have some experience here. heroin kills like nothing else.

            Overdose deaths from abuse of prescription painkillers in the U.S. now outnumber deaths involving heroin and cocaine combined,

            It cost the taxpayers from 3 to 6 million dollars to convict and put to death a person who receives the death penalty . Think China will loan us the money for your idea?

          • @billy malone, you are really like a democrat right? just how the dems do it. pick a word or phrase and blow it out of place!
            first. i think gingrich is an idiot. second. anyone with a sound mind knows we would never execute a man for stealing no matter how much he stole. my point was we cant execute the criminals and we cant legalize the traffic. cows out of the barn. we don’t fix it by saying ok, prescription kills too so lets make cocaine legal.
            i think you make the drug companies take more care on how they make and sell things. prosecute the kingpins. lock them up for life. make small amounts of marijuana misdemeeners and authorize drug companies to make a medicine out of the stuff fo those who say they gotta have it!
            holy backwords, batman! no more of the liquid medicine for you!

            • prosecute the kingpins.

              It’s the kingpins that want to keep the stuff illegal and donate big bucks to the politicians and clergy who agree with them in part (keep it illegal)

              It take it you think the number of alkies went down during prohibition? Or that texting while driving laws are a good idea .

    • your like young right?
      i was young when ronald reagan was a democrat an he got elected republican presidetn.
      maybe people grow right?
      or maybe he changes hair color and styel for evry position too.
      democrats trie the same for reagan and for bush but didnt stick.
      video look familiar tho. i think i saw in a gingrich ad. he changed too right?

      • Mitt Romney resting on a wooden desk, flanked by an American flag, a picture of his wife, a lamp, and a painting of mountains
        Official Massachusetts State House portrait of Governor Mitt Romney, by artist Richard Whitney

        Romney supported raising various fees by more than $300 million, including those for driver’s licenses, marriage licenses, and gun licenses.[115][126] He increased a special gasoline retailer fee by two cents per gallon, generating about $60 million per year in additional revenue.[115][126] (Opponents said the reliance on fees sometimes imposed a hardship on those who could least afford them.)[126] Romney also closed tax loopholes that brought in another $181 million from businesses over the next two years and over $300 million for his term.[115][132] Romney did so from a sense of rectitude and in the face of conservative and corporate critics that considered them tax increases.[132]

    • @BigSlurpy, haaaaaaa! that is too funny to be for real!
      face it. the wrong paul sups are not republican. they’re democrats planted to disrupt republican stuff.
      wrong paul should run as a libertarian. or an anarchist. his followers make trouble waaay out of their numbers. kinda reminds me of obmas run for the presidency.

    • nice music.
      ever been to the realitycheck website? i bet you can.
      feminist democrat and anti republican.
      but who cares when the music is so inspiring. right?

  4. I thought this election was for a United STATES president — when did Puerto Rico become a STATE, so their votes get counted?!

    According to Puerto Rico Government site —

    “…The major differences between Puerto Rico and the 50 states are exemption from some aspects of the Internal Revenue Code, its lack of voting representation in either house of the U.S. Congress (Senate and House of Representatives), the ineligibility of Puerto Ricans to vote in presidential elections….”

      • Brendan — re: “This is for the republican party not the US president.”

        Clearly. But why are they EVEN allowed to have a say (awarding delegates) as to which republican may be elected to run for president — when they cannot vote in the presidential election?

        What nonsense is this — Non-US Citizens to affect our elections?!

        • ok
          i am not old enough to remember when. i think 1900 the congress said puerto ricans were citizens. but i think you have a video proving they aren’t right?
          wow. i know i got prejudice @Surfisher but wow. ease off a little on the big talk. just wrong thats all just wrong.

      • Billy Malone — LOL!

        Therefore, since nearly as many Greeks live in the USA, as in Greece — when are we to expect the GOP voting results from Greece…..

    • wow!
      you like just take away theyr vote?
      i kinda thought they might become a state soon.
      your right tho, they don’t get to vote. shame. i like pr. theyr honest people.
      anyone know why they cnt vote?

        • i think you got the horse pushing the weed basket there. they don’t pay taxes because the us says they don’t pay taxes but they pay social security and back in 1965 i was with a guy from puerto rico that got drafted. all you need is a law that makes them pay taxes and they can vote? aye carabma cabayero.
          they cant vote get drafted get ssi and live poor. i say let them vote in the election and stop the crying over what 20 delegates? crybabies. you think you have it tough because some guy plays by the rules and wins. i tell you this. you ron paul people gotta get tough or die.

          • Romneynow —

            I would agree that if Puerto Rico is allowed to vote in the Presidential Election, they should have their votes in the GOP election counted. It would be a matter of principle.

            But since they are not allowed, than the awarding of 20 delegates for whomever won the GOP race there, is WITHOUT Principle.

            That’s the only point I was making.

            (As far as the people there, we missed our connecting flight from St. Thomas, and had to stay overnight in Puerto Rico — taxi driver drove us to the best hotel they had on the beach, and we stayed 3 extra days since we loved it there, and the people were so warm and wonderful)!

          • @Surfisher,
            ok. got your point.
            next time they should change the rules before the whole thing starts.
            leave the airplane story out of it. its sorta like a “some of my friends are black” story.
            side point: that was how reagan got himself elected after not getting nominated vs ford. learned the rules. and changed rules that didn’t work for him where he could. come convention time all rise for the new american president! you know the rules are not fair. never could be. people made them. change the rules or play by them.
            ya, the republican party was against reagan at first but he knew the game and he played it like a master. never ever cried foul!

  5. hey this is fun almost half of these people can think logically! some are too well edjucated for them to put two coherent thoughts together so i think they’re being fed what to say. but mostly good chatter!
    you guys keep up the back and forth. i’ll be gone for a while cause my wife thinks we need to go on a vacation. gotta pack the fifthwheel! catch y’all on the next one!

  6. what is with Ron Paul?
    The best presidential candidate and the only chance for USA and what does US nation do?

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