The remaining GOP debate scheduled for March 19 has been canceled since agreements could not be reached with the candidates over scheduling. It appears from the onset that Mitt Romney had little desire to participate in this debate and so far, only Newt Gingrich had committed to it. This debate was to be sponsored by Oregon Public Broadcasting, the Oregon Republican Party, and The Washington Times.

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A scheduled Republican presidential debate in Oregon was cancelled today after the leading candidates declined to participate.

Oregon Public Broadcasting, the Oregon Republican Party, and The Washington Times announced that the March 19 debate in Portland will not take place. Oregon Republican Party Chairman Allen Alley said organizers “did everything we could to accommodate the candidates, including exploring change of dates and venues — but in the end, we could not accommodate all of their schedules.”

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s campaign said on Monday that he would not participate, since Romney planned to be in Illinois in advance of that state’s March 20 primary. As of yesterday, only former House Speaker Newt Gingrich had committed to the debate. Yesterday, a spokeswoman for Oregon Public Broadcasting said organizers were still talking to former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum and Texas Representative Ron Paul. But Santorum has since declined to participate.

This would have been the last scheduled debate of the campaign season.

That appears to be all she wrote in terms of GOP primary debates. This was the last remaining possible event and this too has succumbed to a lack of candidate interest. Who can blame them after around 20 debates already under their belts?


  1. I stopped tuning in because their jabber was far from my thoughts for the country. Won’t miss it at all.

    • When he could get a word in, Ron Paul said everything I appreciated. The brashness of the media control freaks that pull the strings of their puppet pretties as Debate Hosts is intolerable. Richie Rich was especially annoying with his throwing $10,000 into a gamble, and bragging about his stepford wife scooting around (shopping what else) in two cadillacs. What does she do for an encore? The media moguls are clearly pushing for Willard to be President because he is part of a belief that denies Jesus Christ is the Son of God and Saviour. The “moguls” are strategizing with putting Willard in the White House as a place holder till next Pres election when they can easily slide in one of their own since Willard would have broken the barrier that has held claiming we are a Christian nation. After that barrier is broken, they plan on putting in one of their own and to celebrate, can put Mz Ginsberg on a Winners Float down Madison Avenue and help her destroy our “old out of date (Christian based) Constitution” that she hates. I am a Born In America citizen and will stand my ground and vote for Ron Paul regardless of what the control freaks try. I know my country and Americans will take up the same fight.

      • “Fight,” I must reply to your ignorrant post about the church that Gov. Romney belongs to: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I also belong to that church. We believe in God the Eternal Father and in His Son Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost. We consider ourselves to be Christian. And we also consider Catholics and Protestants to be Christian. My definition of a Christian is someone who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ and tries to be nice to others. I believe that Jesus Christ died for us that we might live again and if we follow His commandments, repent (since only He is perfect), that we may live with God again and progress eternally.

        Perhaps the reason why Catholics and Protestants don’t think we, as members of the Church of Jesus Christ, are Christians, is because we believe that God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are seperate and distinct personages and that the Father and Son have bodies of flesh and bones. They are one in purpose and love to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of mankind.

        To the religions who still subscribe to what a group of men decided about God at the Council fo Nicea, that the Holy Trinity is one Being without body, parts, or passions, the Church’s view of God may sound strange.

        We don’t use the cross, which is an ancient Roman instrument of torture. We worship the Living Christ. But I am not offended when I see a cross. It is the internationally accepted symbol of Christianity.

        We read and ponder the Holy Bible, as well as the Book of Mormon, and additional modern revelation. The only difference between us amd other Christian churches is that we have more scriptures that teach us and testify of Christ and God’s plan of Salvation.

        I think Mitt Romney will make a great president. I’m not voting for him because he belongs to the same church as me, though that helps since I know that he must follow high moral and ethical values to be a member of this church in good standing. I understand that he also keeps the sabbath day holy and doesn’t campaign on Sundays, while the other candidates have.

        In case you’re wondering, since that FL pastor who has endorsed Santorum, has demanded that Romney denounce his religion. “Mormons” (our nickname) did not own slaves. One of the reasons why the early Mormons were persecuted in the early 1800s was because they were abolishionists. Would this FL pastor demand that Catholics and Protestants denounce their religion? Because they did own slaves in the South.

  2. With the Neo-Con “Establishment” firmly ensconced within the Media and the GOP Primary/Caucus Vote Tabulation Process, a “Debate” would only further PREVENT Ron Paul’s Message from reaching the Electorate. Thus, the only way for Ron Paul to have a chance at the Presidency is for him to go Independent. Stay in the Race right up to the Convention, then “break away” and go Rogue. The GOP Candidates and Obama are essentially the SAME and during the Debates for the Presidency in the General Election is where Ron Paul will win the hearts and minds of the American People – decisively!

    • Whatever move RP makes, many of us will vote for him. It’s the message now, the party no longer matters. There is no Democrat party any more, it is the Communist party. The Republican party is making enormous mistakes, and regardless of the outcome of this election, the GOP leaders will be out. They are done and do not realize it just as much as they fail to realize how stupid they have been in trying to stop Ron Paul. It’s time for Republicans to take a stand and get rid of the jerks gumming up the works or just start a new Party.

    • Billy Malone — LOL….

      But unfortunately you forgot to take your Gingko-Biloba, so can’t remember where you left the Viagra… 🙂

  3. Ron Paul is the best candidate and he has chance against Obama, because he is better than Obama. These freaks Santorum, Romney, Gingrich have no chances.
    What is going on with USA? Ron P. the best republican candidate, he has won nothing till now. The hope for normal president and normal future of country are weaker and weaker.
    He and his equipe must make his best to win. He must believe that he is really the best candidate there, because he is the best candidate.

  4. Athens-Clarke County, GA Republican Delegate Fraud

    Every state so far…fraud.

    What every happened to accountability? It makes me laugh that the USA has the nerve to suggest vote fraud in Russian election when these things are going on right here in the USA and no one does anything to fix them.

    So much for ‘democracy’ in the USA.

    • JWalker —

      This video — — shows a blatant outrage of GOP delegate fraud!

      Yet, some close their eyes and wish it to go away….

      Rest assured, affidavits are being filed, and charges will be pressed against the perpetrators within a week!


      • Would be nice to have a drum roll and patriot-dressed men standing to witness the filing. Eyes Wide Open. The perps are traitors.

      • Wow, I just watched the youtube GOP delegate meeting in Georgia. So glad those people stood up and recorded not only the phony meeting but how the leaders rammed their will through the meeting ignoring legitimate calls from the audience for recognition and to interrupt the illegal vote counting. Everyone should watch this, and contact the Georgia group and support them in filing charges. This is absolutely horrible and the perps must be removed, and the votes corrected and this must be publicized. MSM won’t do it so hope that people will forward it and ask others to forward.

        • Fight! —
          Here is contact info for the ‘Athens-Clarke County, GA Republican Delegate Fraud’:

          Membership Chairman Bill Griffin
          frozen foods, work number:706-367-9851 | 1-800-277-9851

          Chairman: Matt Brewster
          [email protected]
          2372 S Milledge Ave, Athens, GA 30605

          Vice Chair: Karen Schwind
          [email protected]
          168 Grady Ave, Athens, GA 30601

          2nd Vice Chair: Tim Wright
          [email protected]
          135 Carlton Ter, Athens, GA 30606

          Athens-Clarke county GOP Contact Information
          (706) 546-4280

          Gail Schrader
          Supervisor of Elections & Voter Registration
          Phone: 706-613-3150
          Fax: 706-613-3840
          155 E. Washington St.
          Athens, GA 30601

          Give ’em Hell…!

  5. You see, Romney fears Newt and so does Santorum….I certainly hope that Newt starts kicking ass all over the place and cleans up. But if he doesn’t, now I hope he stays in to the convention. Screw Romney!

    • Dale

      Newt is a guy who’s MOUTH is a “loose cannon”. He needs to go home – TAKE A BATH – and get a REAL JOB which doesn’t rely on the Government for a Paycheck.

  6. Frankly, Scarlett, Ron Paul is a candidate for a perfect world. If there weren’t any bad guys, everybody worked for a living, FDR hadn’t signed Social Security, Johnson hadn’t signed Medicare and Bush II hadn’t signed Part D and TARP, if Carter hadn’t signed Community Redevelopment, if Fannie, Freddie, Sally and the FED didn’t exist then Paul would be the guy.
    Not in the real world. In the real world we need somebody with the cojones to defend us, the smarts not wo waste blood and treasure on those that hate us, the patriotic sense to defend borders, culture and language and the outright politically incorrect aversity to diversity that’s needed today.
    I think Gingrich could do it, but the Republican elite have chosen Romney. Even if it goes to a contested convention, Romney is this year’s McCain. We will have four more years of Obummer. 2013 will be the start of the USSA. Obamacare: the efficiency of the Post Office, the compassion of the IRS.
    Remember George Wallace in ’68 when they asked him why he wasn’t running as a Rep or a Dem? “There ain’t a dime’s-worth of difference”. Right then, right now.

    • John, this “Scarlett” says I swear I will never be hungry again because of the devils that have done their dirty work in my government and country. I will not support those who fail the standards of the greatest country and the greatest people ever on this planet. I will vote for an American who is a Christian and will defend this country, and that is Ron Paul. No tricks, no word or shell games will stop this force of Americans demanding the return of our precious country. You are right that Romney is McCain. Gingrich is smart and full of history, but he is temperamental. Would be a great Secretary of State. Rick and Willard would be too easy for Israel whereas Americans are demanding strong force for us, and are getting more and more interested in shoving Zionists off our shore, which could mean big trouble for politicians if anybody forgets who they are working for in next administration.

    • Ron Paul is candidate for normal world and for USA and he would make from USA normal country. He is smart enough to care about USA and not to waste blood and money.
      The rest of these candidates are scumbags. It is time to wake up.

    • @John
      In a perfect world, would we still be needing Ron Paul as badly as we do now? Unless of course, if your strategy is fighting fire with fire, corruption with corruption, and cunningness with cunningness… then I’ve nothing to say. I would tend to think that it’d make the situation worst.

  7. I was looking forward to hearing each one of them outline EXACTLY what steps they were going to take to shake things up for the betterment of our country. Only one who has presented a plan has been Newt. Guess the others aren’t ready to tell us and have bowed out of the debate. They want our vote but deprive us of the opportunity to hear each ones plan so we can decide who has the best plan to move things forward. Shame on Romney, Stantorum and Paul. Are you afraid Newt’s Plans are better than yours or is it you just don’t have a plan?

    • MW

      Newt doesn’t have a REAL Plan. Ron Paul is the only one with the Plan.

      In order to grow the Economy, the FED must STOP printing $100 BILLION a MONTH and “dumping” it into the Economy in order to pay for the “Out-of-Control” Government Spending and to “prop up” the Markets. To do this, “Actual” Government Spending CUTS must be the MAIN commitment of the next President and Congress. Newt has NO PLAN to do this. Thus, there can NEVER be a Balanced Budget until either the National Debt is “Paid Down” or Liquidated – and Government Borrowing must cease.

      If this doesn’t happen, the Economy won’t grow – Tax Revenues won’t Increase – Budget Deficits will continue year after year – Government Borrowing will continue to add to the National Debt – The Debt Ceiling will never have a “Ceiling” – and Inflation will decimate what’s left of our Economy.

    • I was disappointed that the debate was cancelled, as well. But think about it, at this point, all Santorum and Gingrich are going to do is try to make Romney look bad on stage. They admit they don’t have a strong chance of winning. They just don’t want Romney to win. Gingrich has a bit more class, but Santorum just looks angry, mean, and annoying. Now that he is high in the polls, he’s showing his true personality, and it ain’t attractive.

      I do enjoy Ron Paul, however. He’s been giggling trough that last several debates. He’s having a good time. He’s endearing. I hope Mitt Ronmey will ask him to be Secretary of the Treasury.

  8. Well John, it is obvious that you do not truly understand how the real world works because you are brainwashed like the rest of the freaking idiots out there. We would like to live in an almost perfect world, but with p.o.s. like Snewt, Sanitarium or Romanuel to choose from we are all going to hell in a handbasket because they are cut from the same cloth. And btw, Ron Paul is the only candidate that that has a military background. If you were intelligent enough to study world religions, western civilizations and maybe political science, then you might be able to pose a true argument worth more of my time, but since you haven’t I will school you a bit..Has it ever occured to you that what we are doing over there is just like what was done over here to the Native Americans of our so grand of a country, or what about our assistance with the killing of Japanese for the Emperor to so called unite his country, or what about out nation building skills in Afgahnistan that, in my opinion, resembles the slaughter of the many by anglo saxons for what????For what,,, hahaha the name of religion or for someone’s natural resources..Follow the money John and the truth will set you free…O and I am almost positive that you truly believe that the south started the war too…Have a good day sir,I hope you enjoyed todays lesson….

  9. Wow, This wbsite is just like yahoo..Always removing my posts…How bout this…True America was killed off after the Native Americans were almost brought to extinction..We helped Japan to unite their country by killing off tribes men for the Emperor..Anglo-saxons essentially killed in the name of religion. Lets see, o yea, But none of this does not at all resemble what is going on in Afghanistan..You know, killing off tribes men, taking lands for resources, unifying (nation building), enforcing our rule upon them…Hmmm, so what are you gonna do know erase this message too????So frankly John, this concludes today’s history lesson 101…Yea people are pissed and you would be too….

  10. Yay, I actually seen my other post…Thank you website for allowing me to utilize this platform as my personal and opinionated soapbox..Again thank you..O btw.. John you need to study world civilizations as well, I forgot to mention that one…

  11. Ron Paul should go for these debates. It’s the quickest way to get the word out. If not for these debates, I wouldn’t have known about Ron Paul (4 years ago). All the other candidates would just sway with the tides, they would say anything to get people on their side even though their track records showed otherwise. They need to be scrutinized in these debates (hopefully by a competent host).

  12. It is really amazing to me all the of the idiot Ron Paul supporters. You know that your candidate was one of the cowards that said no to the debates right? And that he is the only candidate who also declined to appear on the 3 Huckee “forum debates” right? Sounds to me he is hiding because a. he knows he has zero chance of winning and should have dropped out months ago b. that is has no real plan that will actually ever HAPPEN to solve the problems of the country, c. he doesn’t want to talk about his past and his racist comments, d. he doesn’t want to expose himself to his ignorant followers that in his 25+ years in congress he hasn’t gotten a single thing passed or accomplished, despite having written 600+ bills. He is all talk and no action or skill to back any of it up. A Ron Paul presidency would be the biggest do nothing presidency in history.

    Not to mention the fact that he himself says he can’t win. And his only strategy is to pander delegates well after their state ‘elections’ in order to try to bribe them into changing their minds and giving their vote to Paul, despite what they PEOPLE of the state voted or showed that they wanted in massive numbers (putting Paul consistently below 9% in the vote).

    Ron Paul supporters = the most delusional bunch of people in the country. (they even beat the nut job Romney supporters that forget he believes in a completely made up religion that believes we are all aliens, and that black people are cursed from falling from heaven with the devil, cursing them with black skin).

    • @Bull
      Ron Paul is a coward because he didn’t attend the 3rd Huckabee Forum? A coward is someone who takes the easy way out, a coward is someone who distorts the fact so that he don’t have to face the consequences of his actions. What do you know?

      What has he ever said/done that made you him a racist? What do you know?

      He is “all talk and no action”? Having written 600+ bills (according to you btw…) IS action. Whether they’re passed or not is not up to him. It up to those “team players” according to Santorum who would take one for the team. I scratch your back and you scratch mine. What do you know?

      His strategy is to “pander delegates well after their state ‘elections’ in order to try to bribe them into changing their minds”. Do you even know the meaning of “bride” and the “delegate process”? Why is it that sometimes straw polls differ greatly from the polling results? What do you know?

      Ron Paul supporters are opinionated people who agree with Ron Paul. They want Ron Paul as the president; they do not want just another figurehead Republican. They are in no delusion that they should vote for the front-runner just because he is the front-runner, or just because everyone else is doing that, or just because that is what a loyal Republican should do. Again, what do you know?

  13. One thing about the stupid, mindless, ignorant sheep in this country – they ALWAYS self-identify.

    Nobody wants to debate Newt, especially Obama.

    Paul has 5,000 people show up in illinois. And I’m sure that will also be his vote total, too.

    After the delegate debacle in Florida, Virginia, and New Hamshire, Newt will have more committed delegates than Santorum and then Romney will be forced to face Newt in Tampa.

    PLUS, MOST of the delegates that Romney won will not be deciding who to support until after April 1st.

    Romney says the recovery is improving. Santorum says that the economy is not the #1 issue anymore. Pornography is suddenly more important.

    These two idiots will not win the nomination. Neither will Paul.

    That leaves Newt. So much for all the genius pundits.

    • @Ron
      I very much disagree. In a recent town hall meeting, Newt actually said some very stupid things about the algae fuel technology. I don’t know whether he is genuinely ignorant when he said all that, or if he is just pandering to the audience. But either way I look at it, it didn’t sit well with me. On a TV interview later, he did correct his stand, but what’s said is said…

      He also proposed that drilling would bring the gas price down to $2… But he failed to acknowledge that Obama is already drilling much more than when he took office. His answer to the gas price is simply to drill even more, and extend the drilling to everywhere. He also failed to mention that US consumes 20% of the oil resources, but only has 2% of the world’s natural oil reserves. Given the current situation, do you think it’s possible to reduce the gas price to $2?

      Newt talks big, sounds confident… but there’s no substance in what he says.

      • Obama is NOT drilling more ! The increase in petroleum is on private lands and leases, which BO hasn’t been able to stifle yet. The 20 % may be close to fact, as we are quite industrial and energy-oriented, but the 2% is utter bullshit sprayed out for people (who have no interest in checking for themselves) to believe, and therefore to see inequity because BO is all about divisiveness, deception and diversion.

  14. I had hoped this would help me get some more clarity for my girlfriend on the canadaates running though I am a Ron Paul supporter I let her make up her own decisions on who is worth voting for its quit a loss to leave her blind of the great selection of people running. Any one would be better than Oboma who takes his orders from a forighn investment banker from France!

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