Maine Republicans are caucusing Saturday to determine their preference for the 2012 GOP nominee. It appears that only Mitt Romney and Ron Paul are actively campaigning in Maine while Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are spending time in the upcoming primary states of Arizona and Michigan.

Maine caucus results should be available by 8pm ET Saturday evening.

Report from the Washington Post:

SANFORD, Maine — Mitt Romney hoped to avoid a fourth straight election setback Saturday in the GOP presidential nomination race, but feisty Ron Paul could extend that losing streak with a victory in Maine’s caucuses.

Romney, the one-time front-runner, stepped up efforts to court Republicans in recent days, reflecting growing concern about the outcome of what has become a two-man race in Maine.

Neither Newt Gingrich nor Rick Santorum, who won in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado on Tuesday, is actively competing in Maine, where party officials planned to declare a winner Saturday evening.

Paul was optimistic as he greeted morning caucus-goers in Sanford, where a few hundred Republicans gathered in a nearly-filled high school gymnasium.

“I think we have a very good chance,” Paul said. Romney will “be better off if he wins it and I’m going to be a lot better off if I win. So this will give me momentum and it will just maintain his. It’s a pretty important state as far as I’m concerned.”

Romney wants Maine voters to help in his struggle to convince his party’s conservative wing that he should be the candidate they back. The former Massachusetts governor said in a Washington speech Friday that he was “a severely conservative Republican governor.”

Maine is in Mitt Romney’s backyard and will be a tough competition for any candidate. Ron Paul might take 2nd place but I don’t see him knocking off Romney in this particular contest.


  1. If the GOP vote counters are honest, Ron Paul has a very good chance of winning in this state. As a “Mainer” since age 3, I find that Maine people, by nature, are sturdy, independent and free-thinking. The GOP does not have a good track record so far of honest vote-counting. Check out all the messes so far that are being reported in Iowa, and there are probably many more UNrecorded places where the votes were “rigged”. At the last minute, people in Iowa were allowed to vote WITHOUT a proper ID. Lights went out mysteriously during the vote-counting. Computers had “glitches”. NOW is the time for the American people to quit putting up with dis-honesty. The web sites dedicated to assuring the votes are correctly tallied are just a beginning. Everyone needs to do their own research, and not py attention to the media’s reports of who is “winning”.

    • Voter Fraud — claimed many after the results (inconceivable that Ron Paul got so few; will actual ballots be counted, or depend on electronic machines, that may be rigged to give a casino-like split….?)!

      Here is a solution to prevent Voter Fraud:

      1) Have Donald Trump create the voting machines like an One-Arm-Bandit slot machine — when you pull the lever, you’ll see two lemons followed by a picture of the candidate you voted. Then hear the sound of a Slot Coin (bearing the supposed picture of that Candidate) drop in an enclosed box…this should make you feel secure that your actual vote counts.

      2) Have all these boxes carted to the Federal Reserve Board in DC, to be taken to a dark room in their basement, and have each slot coin (to simplify, let’s call it: Shekel) be counted by them.

      Once the Feds announce the results of these Shekels counted in secret, there could not be a question as to the election’s validity….

  2. Mitt The Glove has been fit with id’s as Herman Munster, Eddie Haskell, and in reality as a Mormon whose family left the USA because of Christians’ opposition to Polygamy, and moved to Mexico where he still maintains one of his many homes. They filtered back to USA and dropped polygamy and picked up Stepford Family mode. He belongs in a class all to himself. Nothing American Spirit about the guy. Five grown sons, none of family served our country in military. What do those boys do besides wait for their Elder to get into the White House and give them high paying do-nothing jobs? Mitt is tearing down one of his great mansions for the purpose of building a bigger one… said because the family has grown. Wow, those kids never leave the StepfordVille compound it seems even when they have their own domiciles. Now huddled around every pix they can get in with their Elder and remembering smile smile smile. We sure don’t want another Dynasty in our government, and we sure don’t want a member of a group that denies Jesus Christ is the Son of God and is the Saviour. Any Christian who votes for him better think twice about praying and asking God for anything after they vote for an unbeliever and set God’s son to the side. Better think about it… if this unbeliever get in, you can bet there is a line waiting from the jewish community. Is that what you want? Is that what you want? Better vote for Ron Paul, a Christian, responsible Congressman loved by his constituents, loyal husband and good father, grandfather, relative, friend, and an OBGYN who brought 4000 little Americans into this land, an AIR FORCE veteran. Now tell me about yours comparing to each of these facts.

    • How’s the rice hording going “constitution”
      I hear Jesus loved rice, so did the North Vietnamese..
      Yours in God

    • It would help if you got your facts straight about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints(mormans) before you make unsubstantiated, incoherent and un-christ-like comments. I am a member of the Mormon church and believe without a doubt in God the Father, in His son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost. I am not taking away your right to worship how you want to why are you dragging down mine? On top of that, I am sure that ALL of your relatives have been born and raised ONLY in the good USA, right? From my research, yes his great-grandfather had 4 wives and went to Mexico to get out of the US laws – ok – has no one in your family ever believed in something so ardently that they changed their lives, moved, etc.? What does it matter becauses he is a US citizen, he has a birth certificate, his religion (proven) is Christian. He has done many good things in his life and he doesn’t ask for the pat on his back that Mr. Paul does every time he brings up how many children he brought into this world. Just because a person wants to be surrounded by their family and can provide a house to do that and is not ashamed to be able to provide such for their family is no reason for hostility from other people. He is a self made millionaire from being in business and that is what this country needs. He can look at the numbers and see where the country is bleeding from and close those holes and not make more by using the position as his personal playground. He has not served any time in DC and therefore isn’t going to be trying to put all his family and friends into high positions. His sons have their own jobs and lives, but want to maintain a close relationship with their parents – I pray that my children want to do this. If you look at you will see that we are a particularly happy people and like to smile.

      • It does not matter, what you believe or what you don´t believe, it is really not interesting. It is not election of bishop or pope of Mormon Church. It is election of US president and you must elect the best candidate among all candidates, who are rather poor.The best candidate is Ron Paul.
        Romney is very bad candidate, it is really bad issue for USA ( and for every religion, sectarian and not sectarian )and for the world. It is a man, who has no programm, no proposals, he is against poor, he is against immigrants, he is pro-war and anti-life and he is backed by all possible speculators and it is just the main rproblem. It will be disaster for your country, if this guy will win.
        The only optimal solution is Ron Paul, hones, American, has programm, has optimla proposals of foreign politics and domestic politics and there are no but or or. It is the last time and the first time to vote for normal candidate for president. It gets about future of your country and future of the world.

    • Your ignorance of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is astounding. To claim it’s members don’t believe in Jesus Christ is like claiming the sun doesn’t come up in the morning. Should they take “Onward Christian Soldiers” and “Jesus the Very Thought of Thee” out of their hymnbooks because you don’t think a church named after Jesus Christ doesn’t believe in Him. Faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believe Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God, the only Redeemer of the World, and only in His name can we hope to be saved. Incidentally, Mitt Romney spent two years preaching about Jesus Christ full-time in France.

      • Mormons believe that Jesus was a man who attained God-hood of this planet. So, yes, they do believe in A Jesus. Jesus was God who became man -not the Mormon Jesus who was a man that became God.

      • it is sh.. equal what they believe and what they don´t believe. It is a sect, like tousends in USA and nobody is interested what they believe. But it is not a problem. The problem lies in this candidate: Romney. He very bad solution for USA and very bad solution for the rest of the world. This guy is richman, isolated, backed by all military lobbysts, who need wars, backed by speculators, who need your money for their global robbery and he is against poor people- it means that he will make social cuts ( I don´t think that republican voters are very rich ), he is antilife and it is very bad, he has no programm, he can have some kind of dementia, he moves already very slowly. He has no programm, he is really not good candidate. You will ruin your country.
        Republicans save your party and vote for normal republican Ron Paul, he is really optimal and such candidate as USA and the world needs.

    • 2000 years ago the Jews said Jesus was of the devil. Today the evangelicals say the Church of Jesus Christ is of the devil!

      There is no group that more strongly and truthfully testifies to the divinity of Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Savior of mankind, than the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the Mormons)!

      “Constitution” please, do not tell falsehoods for political gain. Ron Paul has some good ideas. He doesn’t need you telling lies to “help” him.

    • Excuse me sir, but you do not have your facts correct. “Mormons” are members of “The Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-Day Saints”. They believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God, and that he is the savior of the world. So if that does not sound Christian to you, then I would not call you a Christian. He also does not practice polygamy, just in case you were wondering.

      It is interesting when people write about things, as if they know, when they truly know nothing about it. It is like me telling people what the apostle Paul likes to eat for lunch. I never knew him, so naturally any ASSumptions I make just make me sound more and more like a fool.

    • You obviously are unaware that the “Mormons” are actually called the church of JESUS CHRIST of latter-day saints… how is that a religion that denies Christ. The Church of Jesus Christ believe 100% in Jesus Christ. Just because they dont follow the “main Stream” christianity. I think you need to do a little more research- He is very much a god fearing man. Facts aside,this is about the next potential president of America not the next religious leader. lets get the constitution back. A land of freedom and oppotunity. If his relgion is all people can critize about him then he must be doing well. Lets face it, Romney is honnest and has a strong working backround which shows he has what it takes to get the USA out of this ecconomic disaster. Its time for change and time for someone who can make a difference.

      • oh man, this candidate Romney will make real troubles for USA and it is better to vote for normal candidate R. Paul and have normal president.

    • Hey Packeryman

      You must not have done your research about Mitt Romney and his religion. Look it up sometime before you speak up again. LDS. org His church’s name is “the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. YOu have know idea what this congregation does, if you did you wouldn’t speak as you do.

    • I have no love for Romney, but your charge that The LDS church Denies Christ as the son of God is 100% untrue. based on the fact that all I’ve been taught centers around the fact that Jesus is the Christ, the son of the living God. and our savior. So yes, don’t vote for Romney, but please take your hate speech somewhere else.

    • you ALLLLL seem to forget that religion has nothing, NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING !!!!!!!!! to do with ANYTHING in this election/country/whatever. Try acting like Americans, start reviewing your constitution, and stop involving the church.

    • You are an ignorant hate-filled biggot!!! Mitt Romney’s Grandfather left the United States not because he wanted to practice Polygamy. Mormons fled the United States in the mid 1800’s because it was official goverment policy to hunt down Mormons and murder them which is exactly what happened to Joseph Smith because he ran for President in 1844 on the platform of abolishing slavery. This is why Mormons and Baptists don’t get along still today because Baptist biggots raided an entire settlement of Mormons and slaughtered everyone of them including women and children, THIS IS AN UNDENIABLE HISTORIC FACT!!!!

      • You can’t catch flies with vinegar…and we will never be a free people until we learn how to talk repectfully to all people, regardless of race, creed, etc etc…There is a reason for the word “Namaste”, which means “I salute the Christ within you.” There has been horrific events throughout history. Fighting is not the answer. We must become the change we want to see. Ron Paul is a perfect example of that.

    • I suggest you do a little reading before tossing rocks. The Mormon church is the church of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the head of the Mormon Church. Mormon is just a nicname for the church. The real name is the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Latter Day Saints means in the last days. To dislike any canidate is fine, just do not run down any religion with out learning a little about it first.

  3. Are you self righteous religious fanatics for real? Out of seven major religions of the world, only two contend “only one way, our way” Christianity, Islam. The other five say there are many paths. Christianity has so many sects, each with his own way, where do you get off discounting some other individuals belief because it’s not yours? Romney is the only candidate that can carry Independents in the general election and have an chance of winning. The only way anyone is going to get to vote for Ron Paul is if he pulls out of the GOP and goes third party.Then a lot of Independents would vote for him, libertarians, Dem’s who don’t like Obama, or course Ron Paul supporters, and some Republicans that are politically savvy enough to know that a vote for a Republican was wasted therefore they would vote third party so their vote would count against Obama. Remember this, Ron Paul will never get the Republican nomination because the hierarchy of the GOP will never let it happen(they are owned by the military-industrial complex)and although I personally agree with his foreign policy the party doesn’t. So if you Ron Paul supporters ever plan to see your candidate running against Obama it has to be third party. Wake up and make something happen if you want to be in the presidential race, just hanging out in the Republican party is pi—ng in the wind.

    • This was GOP’s last chance and they lost. Obviously the fix was in for Maine. We just aren’t smart enough or brave enough to demand open clear free voting, and still trying to trust the GOP. “They” are braver and smarter. Maine works for Snow who works for the Liebermans. Will try to save the USA with a 3rd Party. If it stops Romney it will be worth it. Romney is worse than O. It’s now 3rd Party win or O wins. There will be no other way. It’s time for a 3rd party anyway and this, thanks to the GOP, will be the time. They have proven themselves to be common thugs in an excited flurry to destroy the USA. Since that is their goal, might as well let a true Communist do it and that is Obama. Just remember, he wins, he turns on the GOP thugs real hard. Run Rabbits Run. 3rd Party will laugh at you.

      • The only way to prevent real voter fraud is to get a receipt.

        When I invest into a product — buying a steak at the supermarket per say — they give me a receipt for my investment (shows the item code# and the date and time of my investment (purchasing in good faith, upon accountability by vendor, that I received the right product))!

        Elections MUST be held to at least the same standard (as selling steaks) — when people invest into their Right To Vote, give them a VALID receipt for their investment!

        If States can issue millions of Lottery Tickets weekly, that cannot be forged — why not be FORCED to do the same during the rare elections?!

        Only way to prevent the “foul play, voter fraud” cry.

        • Why? Because of dumbed down Americans… and the elites know it. It will take a bunch of serious vigilant Americans to fill their Senator’s offices and give them the blueprint for the voting procedures for their own State. Let other States either follow their lead, or cower in their corners. Anybody willing? Raise your fists and your voices.

    • Christ established the Christ-ian religion. He said I am the Way the Truth and the Light. No one comes unto the Father but by me. -There are various interpretations of the Bible which caused various Christian churches. There is only one way anyone can claim to be a Christian, and that is by believing that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and Saviour. Thus, Mr. Mitt is NOT a Christian because his belief is directed by Mr. Smith, and they have a lower opinion of Jesus, denying what He said is true. Who established your religion? You are right about the Military Industrial Complex. General and President Eisenhower warned us. Are you packed and ready to roll over to Iran? That’s the military’s next destination… maybe why O is pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan, to use the equipment, funds, and those troops who aren’t busy kissing camels or each other (as he has approved) to follow Israel’s directions to Iran. Only Ron Paul could have and would have stopped this next slaughter of American troops and Iranian women and children and men. Maybe those MilitaryIndustrialists had their fingers on the Maine voting machine triggers. Maybe they will find out how Americans feel about that.

      • Mitt Romney is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints A.K.A Mormon Church. He belongs to the church that Christ himself restored through Joseph Smith. If indeed it was Joseph Smith’s church, wouldn’t you think the church would be named after him? Instead, the church is named after Christ, and he is at the head of the church. The Prophet of the church, just like Moses and all other Prophets in the Bible, turn to Christ for guidance and direction. So, if you want to say Mitt isn’t a Christian, you need to educate yourself about the church to which Mitt belongs, instead of making uneducated accusations. Stop lying and trying to get others to believe false accusations. I don’t care who you vote for, that is up to you and one of the greatest things about America, but don’t attack someone with lies.

      • First off, your statements about Mormonism are incorrect. Mormons believe that Christ is the son of God and the Savior of mankind. The official name of the Mormon Church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Mormons end each prayer with the following words, “I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ amen.” The primary difference between Mormon teachings and the teachings of Catholicism and the various protestant religions relates to the specific nature of the godhead. In Mormonism, the godhead consists of three separate beings and in Catholicism it consists of three persons and one substance. The idea of three persons and one substance is called the trinity. Mormons and Jehovah witnesses are non trinitarian religions.

        Do we want a non-believer running the country? Sure, but I’ll take a religious guy like Mitt Romney too, so long as he isn’t some kind of fanatic who tries to push his beliefs on everyone else. That’s what they have in places like Iran. Ron Paul as it turns out would be the last person in the world to push his religion on other people. He’s a libertarian. He believes that each person has a right to believe as he wishes. He would be appalled at the idea of government being involved in religion in any way. As a matter of fact, he takes great pains not to discuss his own religion. Clearly he doesn’t feel it’s a major consideration for a presidential candidate.

        You would be wise to study more about other religions before commenting on them and finding out more about what Ron Paul actually believes before supporting him.

      • Oh, man another guy that thinks he knows it all. If the “Mormons regerd Joseph Smith too highly it’s because many of them are like the children of israel after Egyptian captivity. The LDS church teaches that Jesus Christ is the only way to return to our Father in Heaven. Now, the Israelites forgot who delivered them and focused on Moses, and forgot Christ. Perhaps some Mormons are behaving the same way. But that does not mean that the doctrine endorses us to forget about Jesus.

  4. How can people even THINK of voting for someone who is getting that much support from the SAME BANKS THAT ROBBED THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!! Ron Paul isn’t going to “shut down” the whole gov’t, cancel your SSDI,food stamps or whatever service many Americans have been FORCED to rely on. For those that think he WILL allow some foreign dictators free reign to do whatever they want, WAKE UP, THAT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED! They are called INTERNATIONAL BANKSTERS and they OWN our gov’t. It’s time to give em their walking papers. The Liberty movement is here to set things right in America, why can’t some of you see that?

  5. I hope Romney wins Maine just like he did in 2008. Romney is the only candidate who understands what America needs and desires.

    • I am quite sorry Leon, Romney does not understand what this country needs. he is being funded by the same corporate fat cats, that have been reponsible for so much of our current problems. IF he truly understood then he wouldn’t be so ready to go to war with Iran, like Gingrich and Santorum. I am a Mormon, and I don’t support Romney. He will do whatever it takes “to get gain.” We have been led into to many wars in the past few decades, based on lies. could he have the clarity of mind to see through the lies, or has he already accepted the mark of the beast?

  6. First ya say Romney is the only candidate who can carry the Independent vote. Then ya say Ron Paul will get a lot of Independents voting for him if he runs third party. It’s all bologna, PEOPLE who know the TRUTH, regardless of their affiliation, will vote Ron Paul and those who still live in Candy Land will vote for GARBAGE.

    • Romney can carry some of the Independent vote if he is the nominee of the Republican party. Americans, be they Republicans, Democrats, or Independents will never get to vote for Ron Paul as long as he stays with the GOP.If he were to go third party he would get some Independents and Romney would get some, if he were the GOP nominee.Santorum or Gingrich would not get very many Independents and if Ron was the third party candidate he then would get a lot of Independents. I don’t know what the Ron Paul supporters are thinking when their man continues to stay in the GOP.That is a losing situation, the Republicans will never let him become the nominee, and most people in the party know this and cannot vote for him as long as he hangs with the Republicans, that is why the tea party movement is losing support because they did not get out of the GOP and got infiltrated by Republican operatives, for one reason to stop the movement from leaving the GOP and control how much power they got(very little).

  7. Although many of Mr. bigoted misnomer “Constitution”‘s above views bother me, I’m glad he joins me in supporting Ron Paul, who although like all of us a flawed human being is the most effective proponent of the best American values I’ve seen in my lifetime.

    In a truly free country, there is room for the views of all people of good will.

  8. Um…well hinduism can’t be right, cause it says all religions are right..which doesn’t work with Christ.

    If Paul doesn’t get the GOP nomination, we want him to go 3rd Party, I will not vote for anyone other than a constitutionalist, and Paul is the only single one, I will not vote for the lesser of evils, EVER, I will write Paul in if I must.

    Romney I call white Obama…whats the difference I dont see it, both big establishment money, both big government guys….both like statewide nationwide healthcare.

    The good thing about Romney is he has agreed with alll of us 100%….at one time or another.

    Romney has no chance, I dont know a single conservative that will vote for him, its like pulling off a bandaid, you do it fast and hard, if Paul can’t win, hell lets just have Obama wipe the nation out in 4 more yrs and be done and over with it.

    The republicrat party will never get a vote from me, I will not support a single politician who has not supported Paul, hes the only sane person running, the rest of them dont care about our rights, they care about control, WE ARE AMERICA WE ARE FREE, have fun trying to take away the American spirit.

  9. For ‘Constitution’ – please get your facts straight.


    Who We Are

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the official name of the religion commonly called the Mormon Church. We believe first and foremost that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and the Son of God.

  10. OK – Ron Paul has some intriguing views. And a vote for RP my send a instant message to the GOP, BUT that message will resonate for about 10 seconds. WAKE UP! BE REALISTIC! Like it or not – Ron Paul is NEVER going to get traction and/or catch up and be viable for the 2012 POTUS Election. Ugh, Many won’t look at Maine seriously if they squander their voice now.

    • and, you know the only reason for that is because the establishment will do whatever it takes to cheat him out of it.

  11. Mitt Romney is a financial genius! He will help this country get back on its feet. I also am appalled by the amount of personal bashing going on here. “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone”. I do not think that you all are living by that principle, although many of you come off self righteous. I will say that many of the candidates are good people, who have good honest intentions. Let us not forget that Obama is the one we are apposing, note GOP candidates. Out of all of them (and I think they are all good people) I just believe that Mitt Romney has what it takes to help us all.

    • Timmer — here is some food for thought:

      With whom will you place your trust?

      1) Ron Paul — whose Principles over 30 years have never changed (respect the POSITIVE Constitutional Laws, which GIVE the Citizens FREEDOM, and progress from this base ONLY). Ron Paul will make Bama look silly on Constitutional Law (the basis of our Nation’s Creation!) when confronting this Occupier of the White House on his many transgressions against Our Constitution!

      2) Mitt — who has no principles (by record)! Mitt flip-flopped on all valid issues to accommodate his perception (as electable opposite of Bama). But they both stand as a pair of Socialist-Comrades-in-Crime, separated only by Mitt’s accomplishment in accumulating wealth privately, while Bama was incompetent to even to that. Bama will rip Mitt apart with the usual Bama rhetoric on “Bain…and the consequences thereafter”!
      Aside from this obvious weak point — that Bama will exploit till the cows come home — Mitt is nearly step-in step with Bama:

      a) anti gun ownership — memorize this dictum: “A Government that does not trust its Citizens to own guns, is a Government not to be trusted!”

      b) The State MANDATES your Health Care Coverage (you must accept it or be penalized for refusal)!

      c) Wars without Constitutional approval are OK — as long as they distract the people and thus keep me in Power.

      d) the list goes on — Mitt’s trampling of the Citizens rights on all fronts (all for the benefit of wannabe President — what is different between him and Bama now?)!

    • And I think that you are rather very naive like 5 years old child.I am presently almost without sins.At least I don´t murder and I don´t rob people if it gets about it.And what about Romney – money don´t belong to him, money belong to global speculators and military lobbysts ( it means there are money from your taxes and from taxes of Europeans, who should be spent for needs of your nation and not for needs of speculators or global military lobbysts-criminals )and it is really not fair. Romney will not strengthen your economy, he will strengthen pockets of global speculators, he will unleash new wars and he will lead your country to fall. And it is just such way, in which normal, wise people should think after bad experience with romney-type candidate-bushie. No more worse candidates as bushie and Romney is rather much worse.
      The only solution, normal candidate is Ron Paul.

    • The “world” has always been a dangerous place. Thanks to the communists and money prostitutes in our government, departments, agencies, and chasers$ for the Presidency, it is more dangerous to be in the USA than anywhere… for them.

      • FOX aired this show: “Illegal Everything” — well worth watching!

        Shows how Americans are “breaking” the law daily, without knowing it, because of the hundreds of millions of rules and regulations. And how cops are using this as an excuse to arrest anybody for just about anything!

        View it at the link below:

    • there are not money of romney. There are money from global speculators robbed from your taxes and from taxes of another countries. And it is pathetic that people in USA support robbers and prowar mongers just like this Romney is. What a problem is there? You have good candidate Paul- he would be good, moral, strong, wise president, he wouldbring positive changes, he would work for good and in the interest of USA and US nation just like he has used to do during his work in congress. R. Paul is really the only proper choice. And president chooses government and certainly, he would choose normal, honest government. And he would really change and restore USA. Where is the problem?

      • ILLEGAL EVERYTHING — Must-Watch special aired on FOX! See it below:

        It is estimated that nearly 500,000,000 as of 2010 (and each year EVEN MORE are passed) — about 1/2 billion — NEGATIVE Laws/rules/regulations are on the books, meaning: “You, the US Citizen, cannot do 1/2 billion things, because we, the Government, have deemed such actions ILLEGAL.”

        More Negative Laws than the total count of US Citizens (including babies, children, and adults in our Nation)!

        The Arrogance of Office is best displayed by this pernicious Sophism: “Ignorance of the Law is no excuse”.

        No sane person can expect an individual to memorize all the names of the 312 million US Citizens — but same individual is expected to know the EXACTITUDE of ALL 1/2 billion LAWS (or be penalized for the IGNORANCE)?!

        The Great Roman Statesman Cicero stated: ‘The MORE Laws in a Nation, the LESS Justice for the Citizens’ — nearly 2000 years later, Cicero’s warning rings true: *More Laws = Less Liberty*!

        I’ve been saying it for decades, with no avail — now FOX comes to the rescue (hope you can disseminate it through “tweeter”, “facebook” and other internet means you young people are aware)!
        Thank you.

  12. Mitt is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ (also nicknamed Mormon for the belief in another testament of Jesus Christ called the Book of Mormon). So am I. Jesus Christ is my personal savior and I believe him to be the only person that has power to save. Mormon’s are Christians but we don’t buy into every creed that has been passed down (we have a different take on the trinity, for example: We believe God the Father and Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are separate persons—like the bible says). But we certainly believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins (and yours) in Jerusalem. Obviously, there are a few readers who have beams in their eyes when it comes to religious bigotry. Bringing up polygamy is interesting since Mitt has only one wife of 44 years (while another prominent candidate has three although not at the same time). Thank goodness the bigotry is limited to only a handful of idiots.

  13. I just read the post from “Constitution”. It’s truly sad to see such vileness and shallow comments. But then it’s because of the Constitution and Bill of Rights that Americans have the right to demonstrate their lack of knowledge and understanding. Where were you when American history was taught? But then, you obviously have spent alot of time watching the trash on TV. Your knowledge of religion and the scriptures is likewise limited.

    I’m a conservative and tired of reading the vitriol. Each of the candidates have good qualities and all 4 are Christian men. And if the outstanding qualities of each one could be packaged into one individual to represent the GOP in November 2012, that would be great. But, it’s not possible and we are left to sort those individual qualities to find the best candidate to defeat Obama.

    The person writing behind “Constitution” would just as surely strip from each of us the right to worship and religious freedom as Obama. I’m always amazed at those who take upon themselves the mantle of righteous judgement…last time I checked that belonged to God.

    I’m more interested in what the candidates have to say about the economy, national security, energy independence, health care, constitutional rights protections, education reform.

  14. I don’t belive Mitt won. It is another rigging…what would be wrong with waiting for all the results? And where are the county by county results? And we had a SNOWSTORM in Maine of all places, and didn;t understand the ramifications???Come ON, GOP. My new term for you is Mafiasa.

    • Pamela Jackson — LOL, what difference of the actual count, when the media has determined that Mitt won…with 95% of the vote in?!

      He, Mitt, needed the boost after his three losses, and GOT IT broadcast on each and every TV station TODAY!

      (If the actual count shows to be different in a week-or-two, it will be forgotten by then).

      The GOP has shown it’s hand in a definitive manner today — Romney (with a sack of money) to go against BHO (with an even bigger sack of advertizing money) — hoping to elect the Bad against the Worse (not the Best…Ron Paul)!

  15. Wow, I find it very odd that people can deny Christ for Mitt Romney. All this time I was thinking that only God was onmiscient and could read our hearts, but now I see that there are many in Maine who are behaving in the same way as Satan: I can be as God.
    You guys need to read the Faith Speech that Romney gave in 08. I listened to it multiple times. As an evangelical conservative, I have no need to doubt Gov. Romney’s word that Jesus is his savior. Church doctrine notwithstanding, I find many doctrines in the Catholic church I disagree with, I find the Episcopal church to be full of a lot of man made ritual, some Presbyterians don’t believe in being born again, and even the Baptist church, which I attended for a long time, tells me that drinking wine is wrong, so I disagree with them. No one has ever been able to explain to me why if wine was a sin, Jesus’ first miracle was changing water to wine at the wedding at Canna. Some try to convince me that the wine back then was just fruit juice, but then we have to deal with the verse that says “Choose deacons who are not given to too much wine” Why would anyone care how much wine the deacons drank in the early church?
    Folks, our country is going to hell in a handcart and our focus should be on removing the current inhabitant in the white house. Do you REALLY think arguing about religion is going to get that done? Do you think maybe you can just do your job and let God do His job in sorting us out when we get there? Disparaging an American for their religious beliefs is antithetical to the basis of our founding. Mitt Romney is as much eligible to first amendment freedom of religion as any citizen, and to pretend he is inferior to you because YOUR faith is superior is a pretty unnecessary, unethical, anti-American, and dare I say, demonic manifestation.

  16. correction of 7:50 post. Why would anyone care how much fruit juice the deacons drank in the early church?

  17. Governor Romney,

    Thank you for backing up the military. It seems that everyone has forgotten about us. The DOD incurred an ADDITIONAL 500 billion dollar cut from collatoral damage.

  18. The original source of people that followed Jesus (Hebrew: Yeshua) were the Messionics Jews. All other Christian religions (Roman Catholics, LDS, Babtist, Lutheran, and Prespiterans) have evolved though the past 2000 years. They all have one thing in common, Jesus (Yeshua) did for our sins, through him you may have eternal life. God bless America!

  19. To inject Religion into Politics, is to introduce a match to a barrel of gun powder. That’s just plain silly!

    Our Nation’s crises is the ever eroding lack of individuals’ Liberties, and ever decreasing productivity (citizens getting poorer each day)!

    Only Ron Paul has mapped a course that makes perfect sense — in order to save ourselves from those that are in Power, and will never let go of it, until forced to do so!

    The rest are just a bunch of marionettes dancing to the strings of Status Quo!

  20. @ Surfisher, agreed. Bottom Line: it’s not important if the next commander in chief is Catholic, Messionic, LDS, ETC… What’s important is CAN HE LEAD THIS COUNTRY!

  21. Bama’s worst nightmare would be debating Ron Paul (without a tele-prompter Bama can hardly put two coherent statements together, let alone an unscripted hour+ debate)!

    Ron Paul’s Constitutional knowledge, accurate historical data, superior by ten fold intellect, and good nature as a genuine caring person — even though not an orator (RP) — will by SUBSTANCE destroy the small-minded narcissistic Bama’s empty Rhetoric and the Bankrupt Socialist Dogma he spews in ANGER when “displeased”!

    Bama had some worries in debating Newt (the two can out-lie each other, on any given occasion). But now that Newt is nearly done — Bama is happy.

    Bama is on top of the world NOW — since his reelection is about to be GUARANTEED by the GOP’s choice to do whatever it takes (legal or illegal) for tepid Mitt to challenge him (Romney-Money is what the out-of-touch GOP hopes may counter Bama’s billion dollars campaign)!

    This will be the best outcome for Bama — to face flip-flopping Romney (since Bama can make Mitt turn any way he wants…after all Mitt stands for everything (and nothing)…depending on the audience)! Bama’s writers have already scripted what Bama needs to remember, so he can rip Mitt apart on Bain Capital and Cayman Islands accounts!

    Prediction: Bama wins by virtue of GOP’s idiocy!

  22. It is estimated that nearly 500,000,000 as of 2010 — about 1/2 billion — NEGATIVE Laws are on the books, meaning: “You, the US Citizen, cannot do 1/2 billion things, because we, the Government, have deemed such actions to be contrary to your well-being.”

    In other words: “If you don’t do what we think is for YOUR OWN GOOD, we have approved 1/2 billion ways to punish you!”

    More Laws (about 500,000,000) telling individuals what NOT to DO, than the total count of all the US Citizens alive (about 312,000,000)!

    The Arrogance of Office is best displayed by this pernicious Sophism: “Ignorance of the Law is no excuse”.

    No sane person can expect an individual to memorize all the names of the 312 million US Citizens — but same individual is expected to know the EXACTITUDE of ALL 1/2 billion LAWS (or be penalized for the IGNORANCE)?!

    Only Ron Paul has questioned this EVER increasing “Law” passing — the rest are mute (seems they lack the education to comprehend the truth the Great Roman Statesman Cicero stated: ‘The MORE Laws in a Nation, the LESS Justice for the Citizens’ — nearly 2000 years later, Cicero’s warning rings true: *More Laws = Less Liberty*)!

    No wonder the main media is doing their best to black-out Ron Paul — Truth is Bane for Big Brother wannabees.

  23. How to Chop Down the Tree of Liberty and Succeed: A Politician’s Handbook (One branch at a time, for as long as it takes).

    At the beginning, the Citizens had the Freedom to walk all paths. Then Government decided that some paths are not good for the people, so closed off a few paths. Now, the People had the Freedom
    to walk a few less paths. Encouraged by this, the Government passed even more laws telling the People what other things they cannot do (because it is for their own good). Pleased with the outcome — the Citizens’ obedience — the Government went into the full-time business of Manufacturing Laws (rules, regulations).

    Since Politicians produce nothing of intrinsic value — they found their calling in writing stuff on paper, telling people what not to do (“for their own good” of-course).

    As of 2010, it is estimated that there are about 1/2 Billion Negative Laws/rules/regulations on the Books telling the People what they CANNOT DO upon threat of punishment (that’s more Laws than there are US Citizens)!

    Headlines at end of 2011 read: 40,000 New Laws in effect for 2012. Translation — 40,000 more paths each Citizen has lost the Liberty to walk. See how nicely this is working out for them:


    Are the Citizens this blind, not to see the end result — the eventual straight-and-narrow path Government wants to dictate its Subjects to walk….

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