The four remaining GOP candidates battled for the last time before the Florida primary in a debate sponsored by CNN, the Republican Party of Florida and the Hispanic Leadership Network. This debate took place at the University of North Florida located in Jacksonville.

Here is the entire debate video via YouTube:

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Original Air Time: Thursday, January 26 at 8pm ET on CNN

Participants: Gingrich, Romney, Santorum, Paul

Report from CNN:

Front-runners Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich got the most attention and Romney appeared to get the better of his opponent on a couple of occasions during the final debate before Tuesday’s critical Florida primary.

While his attacks Thursday night on his rival weren’t sharp, Romney was forceful and had Gingrich on his heels when he brushed accusations aside and turned them back on Gingrich at the CNN/Republican Party of Florida debate in Jacksonville.

“Romney won two ways tonight,” said CNN contributor and Republican strategist Alex Castellanos. “One, by having a good debate and two by having [Rick] Santorum have his best debate yet.”

Romney appeals to the more moderate wing of the Republican Party while Santorum and Gingrich are competing for the conservative vote.

Romney seemed to be more prepared this time around for Gingrich’s attacks. Rick Santorum came out of his shell and gave a fairly strong performance as did Ron Paul. Newt Gingrich played defense most of the night and did not rise to the bar he set in previous debates.


  1. After all, doesn’t record triumph over rhetoric, and achievement over mere empty talk?

    All big thinkers and shakers are grandiose in their ideas, and many don’t mind telling you about their grandiose ideas. Ronald Reagan had a grandiose idea of calling the Soviet Union an “Evil Empire.” Now the Establishment Republicans and the Democrats didn’t like this idea, but Reagan didn’t want to live with this threat, instead, he wanted to ELIMINATE IT! And so he set out to convince as many people as possible of this grandiose idea, and was able to get elected and build up our military — even through the Democrats’ nasty campaign against this idea with their name calling and frightening people into thinking Reagan was a “war monger.” But Reagan prevailed because he could communicate to the Public his ideas well enough that they accepted them.

    Newt Gingrich had grandiose ideas back before the 1994 elections. He wanted to win the House of Representatives back from the Democrats, who had held it since 1952, forty years. He convinced a great deal of Republicans and voters that his ideas were better than the Democrat’s ideas. And what happened? A spectacular, historic victory! His strategy with the content of his 1994 Contract with America propelled the Republicans to a 54-seat gain in 1994 to win control of the House of Representatives, the Republicans only capturing it two out of the previous 62 years. Even the Reagan Revolution failed to achieve that!

    Then Newt led the House Republicans in 1996 to their first re-election as a majority since 1928 — an astounding almost 70 years!

    And once in power, Newt Gingrich actually delivered on his promises, and maintained a solid conservative record, working closely with Conservative Activist Groups on every one of these issues. He carried out the Contract with America in full, holding a vote on every item as promised, with most of the items passing. Newt maintained a RECORD of unswerving loyalty to pro-life, pro-gun and Second Amendment, and anti-tax issues.

    Under Newt’s leadership, the total federal spending relative to GDP declined from 1995 to 2000 by a whopping 12.5%. This equals about one-eighth of the size of the economy in just five short years!

    As a result, those nasty $200 billion annual federal deficits that had prevailed for over 15 years were instead transformed into record-breaking surpluses by 1998. They peaked at $236 billion in 2000.

    Mr. Gingrich also led enactment of a capital gains tax rate cut of almost 30% in 1997. It went from 28% down to 20%, the largest capital gains cut in U.S. history! And BECAUSE of that cut, capital gains revenues went up a whopping $84 billion higher for 1997 to 2000 than projected before Newt’s rate cut.

    RINO Romney ran to the Left of Ted Kennedy, governed like Ted Kennedy, voted like Ted Kennedy and then ran for the 2008 GOP presidential nomination as a Conservative WITHOUT a record of conservatism! Go Newt! — 777denny

    • So you honestly think its a good idea to put the ultimate Washington insider in the White House. A man who is taking credit for every good thing that happened in the 80s and 90s and blaming all the bad on somone else. And a man who has loads of baggage that the liberal are just waiting for Newt to be nominated so they can destroy the party. Also, supported a federal individual mandate to buy health insurance. Me, a staunch conservative (and not a Paul supporter), will have great doubt about voting for Newt. Obama is rooting for Newt.

      • The difference between Gingrich and Romney is that Gingrich actually has solutions and ideas. If you listen to Romney he gets applause by reiterating the problems, not offering solutions. That is because he has very few of them. He gains support through sympathizing with the people, but where are his solutions? There are very few.

        Gingrich isn’t perfect, but his experience will allow him to bring about solutions in the White House. Romney will be like Obama, Idealistically dreaming of a city on a hill, but not having no solutions or experience, he will rely on other people. The problem with that, like Obama is that without the experience, you will not know how to properly choose the right people.

        Do your really want a Republican Obama in the White House?

          • I wonder if the mostly generic solutions put up on Romney’s website are from him or someone else. Considering that he doesn’t even know where his own investors are putting his own money and the fact that he rarely presents specific solutions in any of the debates. If you vote for Romney, you really don’t know who you are voting for. At least with Gingrich, you know what you are getting and that his ideas are actually his own.

          • Though I would amend that to say that Romney probably does own some business solutions, but most of it is probably someone else’s rhetoric.

        • Are you kidding me Julie?? Newt… you mean the guy that has so much baggage in his personal and political career, gosh I guess that does not matter to you. It seems from the post below you think he talks nice at debates, well I guess you did not learn from the election of Obama who was a sweet talker to. Then you say Ron Paul has good polices but does not talk nice.. really?? No wonder America is messed up. Newt takes credit for things he did not do, he talks the talk, like in this debate where Ron tells him he did not balance the budget like he likes to talk about, and Newt just diverts the response and talks about how government should not take out of SS, which he did to balance the budget! What a hypocrite, what a loser I can not believe you would be fooled so easily, Newt is a sure win for Obama, I dislike Obama, but Newt what a little gremlin, I would never want him as POTUS!

          • Nat,

            In regard to Ron Paul, He is worthy of respect for having held to his convictions so long and for inspiring growth in the libertarian movement with his writings. However, we are not voting for a writer or even for a man of convictions, though both are admirable and respectable qualities, we are voting for an effective leader IN WASHINGTON who can beat Obama. Ron Paul is effective in raising awareness of liberty, but he is ineffective at actually working with Washington to bring about his ideas and would be hard pressed and I mean very hard pressed to actually beat Obama.

            Having Said That, that does not mean he hasn’t played a role in helping a few in washington to understand things, like say the federal reserve, but over all he has alienated congress and stood alone, by his own admission. That is great is you are looking for integrity only, but is bad if you are looking for someone who can actually navigate and work with other people to do not have the same ideas to bring about practical changes in Washington.

            I hope that Ron Paul’s Son will perhaps be able to do more in the years to come, but right now Ron Paul is not the man of the hour. I am not opposed to voting for a libertarian. I do not believe it to be a wasted vote, if you have the right candidate, but Ron Paul is not that candidate in my opinion.

            Having said that, as already stated I am opposed to Romney and in favor of Newt, and it looks like neither of our votes are in the majority. Never the less for the reasons we see, we vote accordingly. Liberty at work.

        • What do you mean, Gingrich imperfect solutions will fix things? Gingrich the worst of them all, makes Obama look good lol

          • There are several reasons that I am rooting for Newt. First of all, I do not listen to the ads, which are all garbage, I do my own research. The information currently put out there about newt is not accurate. Newt has a strong conservative history. He is not perfect, but then no candidate or person is, so I do not have that expectation of any person.

            In addition, I believe Newts experience is a tremendous asset. One of the issues we have had with Obama is his lack of experience, which has led to poor advisers, excess spending and poor bipartisanship. Romney and Santorum both are inexperienced just like Obama and will have to get advisers also. This means we will not know what we are getting until we see their people. In addition, Romney has shown that his solution for winning this race and is to throw his money at everything, irregardless of accuracy. The same mentality Obama has. And Santorum’s lack of experience is leading him to divide the vote in this race because he still cannot see the big picture and is a little full of himself. If he cannot see the big picture now, he certainly isn’t going to suddenly see it in office. Ron Paul is the only other candidate besides Newt with experience, but unfortunately, he has gotten little done in all his years as a congressmen. He tends to alienate the rest of congress. As a man and a libertarian, I respect and admire Ron Paul, but as a congressmen, I believe he is ineffective at leading.

            The other reason that I like Newt is because he has great ideas. I love that he defines the exact actions he will take the minute he becomes president, like dealing with dodd frank and other specific actions. The specific actions he details will tremendously put our economy back on track and open the door for small businesses to work. I like his flat tax rate plan, I like his ideas on Social security, which encourages investment with zero risk and gives people options, I love his education ideas of vouchers and letting kids work in school to make money. And these are just a few.

            Most of all I believe that unlike Ron Paul, Newt has a clear way of providing information to people to help bring understanding. Ron Paul has good ideas, but his ideas are best shared on paper, not in person. Newt’s experience, knowledge, Ideas and speaking ability give him the true greatest potential of both beating Obama in a debate, by providing knowledgeable information that can sway middle voters, but also doing great things in office once he gets there.

            • OK so this rant of yours has to do with experience. Let’s see what I can come up with in a few seconds.

              You say :

              “…I believe Newts experience is a tremendous asset. One of the issues we have had with Obama is his lack of experience…”
              “…Romney and Santorum both are inexperienced…”
              “…Santorum’s lack of experience is leading him to divide the vote…”

              I ask you if you knew that Newt was in Congress and was the Speaker. That’s it. What kind of experience can you have if he didn’t have to balance a budget (we know that was one of his lies).

              Santorum was a Representative, like Newt, and then moved up to Senator, not like Newt, so he’s been in Congress for almost 2 decades.

              HOWEVER Romney was a governor. He had to deal with budgets and had to lead people and run the state government. That’s called EXECUTIVE EXPERIENCE, you know, the kind that is needed to be a PRESIDENT.

              Newt doesn’t have executive experience but are you saying that just because he was in Congress for a long time that will make him a good President? If so I should be a great flight attendant because I’ve been riding in airplanes every week for the last 10 years.

              “…The other reason that I like Newt is because he has great ideas….I like his flat tax rate plan…”

          • By the way, Baggage isn’t a dis qualifier. You cannot have experience with out some mistakes and baggage. Are we to never vote for an experienced president, because we know their mistakes? No wonder we are in the mess we are in.

          • I never said “imperfect solutions” I said Newt is not perfect, NONE of the candidates are, but he HAS solutions. Big difference.

            • Oh my God here is another one of Newt’s pandering SOLUTIONS. Check out around 24:15 minutes into this interview.

              When asked about a close relationship with Latin America he says that he wants to develop Miami to create jobs in Latin America and Florida then says “encourage our businesses to go overseas in an aggressive way”. He wants to give businesses who go overseas a tax credit. WTF???? I want jobs HERE in the USA not Latin America. Then he realizes what he has just said and he changes the subject really quick to talk about life in Haiti.

              Check out the video :

            • Oh and remember those VALUES you said he wasn’t running on? Check out 26:10 where he says the Latino community’s values are far closer with his than they are with Obama. WTF again???? He is insulting the Latino community comparing our values with his LACK of values. This is someone who cheated twice on his wives and also twice abandoned his sick wives. As a Hispanic I find that extremely insulting.

          • Wow Julie you ramble on about how no one running for office is perfect, everyone has a past. Are you kidding me, Ron Paul does not have a past he does not have baggage. I am glad that you are so diluted to think that a POTUS needs to have a shady past, wow stop responding, I don’t understand your logic at all, are you payed to be so… ummm… delusional. For I would like to believe that no one in their right mind can think like you.

          • Brendan, I just used that as one example, Romney says that about everything that he is accused of. In fact when he said it in today’s debate regarding his advertisement, wolf called him on it. I do not respect that he plays the dumb game and the blame game, so that he doesn’t have to take responsibility for his actions. This includes “Blind Assets,” which is just a “legal” way for politicians to make money without taking responsibility for for how they do it. Sometimes being legal, doesn’t make the actions honest.

            IN addition, I have watched every debate and if you really listen to him speak, he doesn’t offer many solutions, he only reiterates the problems. If his ideas are really his own and they have any value to him, then he should be able to remember and reiterate them in a debate.

            • I’ve been on the sidelines just reading all of this but I see you just keep making the same type of comments. You say :

              “This includes “Blind Assets,” which is just a “legal” way for politicians to make money without taking responsibility for for how they do it. Sometimes being legal, doesn’t make the actions honest.”

              I can see that you don’t have a clue about investing. BLIND ASSETS have nothing to do with politicians and Romney has reported these assets and paid taxes on their earnings. How do you think everybody knows about his assets/ Because he disclosed them! That means he’s not hiding anything.

              Then at the end you say “being legal doesn’t make the actions honest”. Since when do you care about honesty? If you did then how can you support Newt who :

              – was caught in a lie about balancing the budget. Ron Paul called him out and he had no choice but to admit it.
              – cheated on his 2 wives for many years. How honest can a person be if he cheats and lies to his own wives?

              I could go on with the list but I know none of that is important because Newt did it but if anyone else does it suddenly honesty is very important to you…

            • oops, push the wrong button. As I was saying…

              Julie you also said “…The other reason that I like Newt is because he has great ideas….I like his flat tax rate plan…”

              You can’t complain about Romney making so much money and supposedly hiding it (although in reality he has disclosed all of it and paid taxes on it) and then go say Newt’s tax plan is great because under Newt’s tax plan Romney would pay NOTHING, ZERO, NADA, ZILCH. So you have to decide what’s worse Romney making money or Newt saying he’s going to let him keep all of it with 0 taxes on it.

          • Julie you are saying you are using it as just one example but the one example you used was false and ridiculous. If you want to use the ad as an example that’s fair and I agree, the Romney Campaign should have made sure he was aware of any ad they put out in his name. But if you are going to argue that against Romney argue THAT. Not some BS about his investments when he gave a perfect explanation in the debate that you claim to have watched.

          • I commented below to Seriously and Ok. There are no reply buttons next to your comments to directly reply to your comments.

            Ok, that is a fair statement. My example was not the best. Its just I have heard him say that so often. Please read my more detailed comment. Thanks.

          • First Seriously, I want to tell you I am sorry regarding our conversations yesterday. I should not have been condescending and I should have listened to you better. IN regard to the morality issue, my comments though sounding like I was cascading over the issue, were actually meaningful to me and have been revelational in my perspective on morality. The perspective I now hold is why I will not debate the affairs issue with you. All I will say is Newt says he went to God and asked for forgiveness and I accept that in regard to his character as a voter.

            Regarding Santorum, you are correct about the experience. I was wrong on that.

            In regard to Romney his experience is about the same level as Obama’s Experience, that was my point and I believe it still stands.

            In regard flat tax, I was not upset about how much taxes Romney paid, I don’t care what amount of taxes a person pays, considering taxes are not even constitutional. If it was at all realistic, I would go with Ron Paul on zero taxes, but since its not, I go with Newt on a flat tax because its simplest and the current tax codes are ridiculously complicated.

            My comments about Romney were primarily focused on his statements about ads, funds and other accusations, in which he defends himself by acting as though he knows nothing about it (playing dumb) or blame someone else and acting like he has no say or influence in the matter. I do not respect the fact that he will not take responsibility for things, but I understand why he does this and if this were my only issue with him, I would probably just let it go, just as i have little things with Newt. (I think we have to over look things with any candidate and prioritize the issues that are most important to us b/c our options are limited and our candidates are imperfect.) My primary issue with Romney is health care and the fact that he is a temple Mormon. My experience with Mormons is that they are nice people who imitate other religions to draw people into their own. It is a tactic they use and their temple secrets and actions are very similar to the tribal witchcraft I witnessed and dealt with in the islands, only on a larger more Americanized scale. I will not add or draw further on statement because it is my personal opinion based on experience that few people have had or will understand.

            By the way I do not agree with Newt on everything either, but out of the limited options, I think the good things he offers are the right things for this time.

            As with any candidate, we make the best choice we can and then we have to let it go.

            For me, I have already cast my Florida primary vote for Newt. Now I have to let this go and accept what the majority decides.

        • My take on the 5 left:

          1) Ron Paul — a genuine Patriot

          2) Mitt — a handsome flip-flopper

          3) Newt — orating Sophist with an animal-like cunning

          4) Santorum — a rabid mutt (akin to a mad terrier)

          5) Obama — little narcissist that blames all for his shortcomings

        • Julie, Julie, Julie — what am I going to do with you…:)?

          If you are paid to promulgate Newt’s demagoguery, you are not earning your keep. If you are posting all of these endorsements for Newt on your own — you need to learn Logic, or you’ll be damaging Newt even more.

          You have been unable to set a true premise — therefore, cannot make a logical conclusion.

          All of your posts display muddled and/or wishful thinking — opinions (NOT syllogisms) you make based on ifs-and-buts: “maybe; most likely; perhaps he was speaking the truth; but even with all the baggage; possibly; I cannot verify if this is true or not…” pepper your posts throwout.

          • Look, I don’t claim to know everything, that would be a ridiculous claim by anyone. But, I believe there are two aspects to a person judgement process, physical logic and intuition. Most of society would discredit intuition because it is less tangible and thus a little more difficult to explain. But, my vote for newt is based upon a little bit of logic and a little bit of intuition. Discredit it anyway you like, but if people only use one side of their judgement capabilities, then they will never make a fully balanced decision. I have sound reasons for supporting Newt, which I have stated here and primarily in my comments following the first Florida Debate, which I don’t want to repeat, and I also have some positive intuition about Newt too. Could he disappoint, sure. There is always that risk with any person. There is no sure thing and the very fact people try to create that in any person or things, is one reason why we are inundated with too much legality and regulation. But, I am willing to risk my vote on Newt and apparently, I am not the only one, since he has a good measure of support. Disagree or discredit, but it doesn’t change my vote!

      • Perhaps the other question to ask that isn’t being asked is

        Why are the establishment, the democrats and the elite Media supporting Romney?

        I notice that CNN gives this debate to Romney again. I guess the person who talks the most wins, irregardless of what they actually say.

        • Did you see the debate? If it were based on the amount of words Speaker Gingrich would have sealed the deal by now. I’m not saying the others don’t talk a lot but he uses 10 sentences to say what others say in 3.

          • I have watched every debate from start to finish. Newt is the most concise speaker up there. I will admit that these last two debates in Florida have not been his best, but the words he speaks have substance a majority of the time, unlike Romney who rambles on about the problems in the US without offering any real solutions. Santorum and Romney are the most long winded candidates up there, but a least Santorum has a little substance. Ron Paul has substance, but terrible speaking skills. Though this debate was probably the best one he has had so far. Based on your reply, I am not sure you have been following the debates, perhaps this is the first one you have watched?

        • Hi Again Seriously!

          For some reason there is never a reply next to your responses, so I am not sure how to reply to you directly. Thus, I am replying to my own comment in hopes you will find it.

          First Seriously, I want to tell you I am sorry regarding our conversations yesterday. I should not have been condescending and I should have listened to you better. IN regard to the morality issue, my comments though sounding like I was cascading over the issue, were actually meaningful to me and have been revelational in my perspective on morality. The perspective I now hold is why I will not debate the affairs issue with you. All I will say is Newt says he went to God and asked for forgiveness and I accept that in regard to his character as a voter.

          Regarding Santorum, you are correct about the experience. I was wrong on that.

          In regard to Romney his experience is about the same level as Obama’s Experience, that was my point and I believe it still stands.

          In regard flat tax, I was not upset about how much taxes Romney paid, I don’t care what amount of taxes a person pays, considering taxes are not even constitutional. If it was at all realistic, I would go with Ron Paul on zero taxes, but since its not, I go with Newt on a flat tax because its simplest and the current tax codes are ridiculously complicated.

          My comments about Romney were primarily focused on his statements about ads, funds and other accusations, in which he defends himself by acting as though he knows nothing about it (playing dumb) or blame someone else and acting like he has no say or influence in the matter. I do not respect the fact that he will not take responsibility for things, but I understand why he does this and if this were my only issue with him, I would probably just let it go, just as i have little things with Newt. (I think we have to over look things with any candidate and prioritize the issues that are most important to us b/c our options are limited and our candidates are imperfect.) My primary issue with Romney is health care and the fact that he is a temple Mormon. My experience with Mormons is that they are nice people who imitate other religions to draw people into their own. It is a tactic they use and their temple secrets and actions are very similar to the tribal witchcraft I witnessed and dealt with in the islands, only on a larger more Americanized scale. I will not add or draw further on statement because it is my personal opinion based on experience that few people have had or will understand.

          By the way I do not agree with Newt on everything either, but out of the limited options, I think the good things he offers are the right things for this time.

          As with any candidate, we make the best choice we can and then we have to let it go.

          For me, I have already cast my Florida primary vote for Newt. Now I have to let this go and accept what the majority decides.

          • “In regard to Romney his experience is about the same level as Obama’s Experience”.

            I think you meant Newt has the same experience as Obama for a job like President of the USA.

            Obama was a senator not a governor. A senator, or a Representative like Newt was, doesn’t have a clue about having to run a government. A governor has Executive experience and has to deal with budgets and employees and unions, and running an actual government. Romney was a governor who balanced budgets and ran a state government.

            “My primary issue with Romney is health care and the fact that he is a temple Mormon”

            Now we’re getting to the reality of your choice. Romney’s healthcare isn’t a real issue because he has clearly said since back in 2008 that his plan in his state was good for his state but not for the entire USA at a federal level. He said he would let the states decide what they need and want. He’s always said that.

            The real reason you don’t like Romney is for religious reasons. Enough said. That’s something I will never debate because prejudices are something usually so ingrained they can’t be overcome.

    • EU envoys agree to impose Iran oil embargo: diplomat

      Council on Foreign Relations Daily News Brief
      January 27, 2012

      Top of the Agenda: Iran Considers Preempting EU Oil Embargo

      Iran said its parliament would consider preemptively halting shipments of oil to Europe (WSJ) in response to a European Union embargo on Iranian oil set to come into effect in July. The EU decision to ban Iranian oil, decided earlier this week, is part of a larger international effort to sanction Iran over its nuclear program, which the West contends is for the manufacturing of nuclear weapons.

      Iran’s announcement, which already sent oil prices higher on Thursday, could cause significant damage to Europe’s already beleaguered economies if Iran’s parliament sanctions the plan on Sunday (Reuters). Iran has also called on the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries to prevent Saudi Arabia from filling the potential oil gap.
      BRUSSELS (Reuters) – European Union ambassadors agreed on Monday to impose an embargo on Iranian oil imports, but decided to delay the full implementation of the ban until July 1, an EU diplomat said.

      If anyone thinks the near future is bright with promise and hope, it’s time to wake up, invest in beans, lead and tune-up your bicycle. We are rapidly approaching the bleakest of times our country has ever known. We have a popular, power-hungry president and three candidates who promote and seek to further world-aggression from a weakened position. Everything our government undertakes to do in the world-arena is on borrowed fiat-dollars. We are not strong, rich, secure or energy independent, heck, we are not even free anymore!

      Ron Paul is the only candidate proposing an alternative, the only candidate advocating a sensible way, the only candidate who will change the course of events that we are rapidly facing. He is trying to pry open your ears… understand the only important issues in this election…..if we are to survive, have a future to thrive in and save our republic, the only issues that matter are a sound economy and the only way to get there today is through unrelenting, determined diplomacy in order to co-exist with our energy-rich neighbors. Why? Because this is the only course of action that will allow our country the time to strengthen and rebuild our resources.

      It is far wiser to face the facts…..we are vulnerable…..the answer is to stop the drain and invest in our country, we must have a strong, secure foundation or our country and our way of life will cease to exist.

    • I am so sick of the debates where it’s about each candidate and nothing about ideas to help the normal American citizen. When the main focus is to engage in a conflict with another candidate then we need to as Americans stand up and say just focus on what your willing to do for the country.
      I am so sick of these self serving candidate discussing what is not important to me or my family. American citizens deserve to have debates that are about what make a difference not about what they don’t like about the other candidate.

      Grow up or we will have four more years of disaster when nothing changes.

    • OK WE GET IT! Newt is catholic, and a large amount of republican voters are catholic. Most likely you as well. Next time; nominate the Pope instead of Newt. At least the pope is an honest godly man that wouldn’t skip between wives and simply say anything to appease the public. Leaving your wife who you have had children with and made vows to when she develops cancer are you kidding me!!!! That’s simply inexcusable! Ill vote for anyone besides Newt.

  2. I truly don’t know how anyone can say with a straight face that Gingrich is competing for the conservative vote in the Republican party. Call Romney a moderate if you want, but don’t then call Gingrich a conservative. It just defies reason to claim that Gingrich is to the right of Romney — Gingrich talks a good talk about being conservative, but his own words over the past decades prove he has become more and more liberal. Romney may not have been conservative enough when he began in politics, but the reality is, Romney has become more conservative over the years. Please folks, if you want Gingrich as the nominee, at least be intellectually honest enough to NOT say he’s a conservative. Just my 2-cents.

    • I agree, Romney is much better than Gingrich and certainly better than Santorum too. Rick kept bringing up the hot button issue of the health insurance issue in Massachucetts. But that was explained over and over again by Romney that something had to be done there and he did do something about it. It may not be the best but at least he tried instead of simply talking about it. For the most part people are okay with the new system in MA and it has been explain over and over again that it is different than the obamacare model which seeks huge changes so people end up not having a choice at all. Romney has said numerous times that if Obama had had the smarts to ask him about it that Romney would have advised him against doing what Obama passed, implementing an 1100 page document that Obama shoved through for passage before it was read through. Rick is as bad as Gingrich for lying and has no shame for a Christian man even as he plays it as a super duper family man and clean cut guy. Gingrich we know lies, tonight it is clear Santorum also digs blocking the truth and repeats lies over and over in an act of desperation. I lost any respect for robot Santorum when he was walking into a rally and a crazy person through glitter at his face and then proceede to walk away! Rick simply kept walking by, smiling like a lunatic instead of grabbing the guy and having him arrested. That glitter easily may have gotten in the eyes of others standing by. Rick the robot is as bombastic as Gingrich. Ron Paul is cute. But, ROMNEY’s the man.

      • I find it very funny that someone named “Midwest Gal” would chime in about the people of Massachusetts being okay with Mitt Romney’s health care. Mitt Romney has danced around the question of Romneycare for a very long time. The people of Massachusetts are NOT “okay with the new system in MA,” and Rick Santorum is correct that in a presidential debate between Obama and Romney, Romney would be in big trouble on this issue. As far as losing respect for Santorum because he ignores a lowlife throwing glitter at him – that is almost as ridiculous as claiming the glitter is dangerous for “others standing by.” Obama, and the mainstream media, would certainly jump on Santorum for overreacting had he “grabbed the guy,” and as you claimed he should have. I can hear them now, saying how someone losing their cool over a stunt like that, would not be able to handle the pressures of being the president. Massachusetts, and very particularly where I live, is EXTREMELY liberal. I don’t know a single person who approves of Mitt Romney after his run in Massachusetts. Relying on Romney to secure the presidency is silly, as he WILL NOT get the moderate vote, and he simply should not win the conservative vote over the other candidates.

        • Western, I agree. Health care has been the one issue that riled up this country against Obama. How easily people forget the issues. Suddenly people don’t care anymore because they think Romney is electable. Romney is electable, but he is the worst possible choice and given the support and funds that Obama has, Santorum and Newt are correct, a clear line between Romney and Obama cannot be drawn on the health care issue.

          In addition, Romney has yet to provide much substance to the debates and he will be going up against a president that has the most detailed information available at his disposal. I also find it interesting that the media, many democrats, and the establishment all support Romney. That should tell people something right there.

          • From your post it seems like Ron Paul is the only guy who will win, Newt has to much skeletons in his closet, Romney the health care issue, the robot and rich guy issue, Santorum no one takes seriously he is very Dem like. Then Ron Paul, polling best with independents, has no garbage in the past, clean record, Democrats are even siding with him. I don’t know why anyone can’t see this, it WILL be Obama another 4 years if Ron Paul does not win GOP, the others are to weak and have to much negatives, they have nothing that will bring independents and democrats over.

      • The very fact they you call Ron Paul Cute shows why you are voting for Romney. Clearly image is the most important thing to you. Are you even truly aware of the issues and the history of each candidate?

        • It is funny that you say that Julie it seems like you like Newt… he has the wort past of them all, and you are preaching about looking up the history of the candidate, did you just look them up on there websites lol

          • Hi Nat,

            There are several reasons that I am rooting for Newt. First of all, I do not listen to the ads, which are all garbage, I do my own research. The information currently put out there about newt is not accurate. Newt has a strong conservative history. He is not perfect, but then no candidate or person is, so I do not have that expectation of any person.

            In addition, I believe Newts experience is a tremendous asset. One of the issues we have had with Obama is his lack of experience, which has led to poor advisers, excess spending and poor bipartisanship. Romney and Santorum both are inexperienced just like Obama and will have to get advisers also. This means we will not know what we are getting until we see their people. In addition, Romney has shown that his solution for winning this race and is to throw his money at everything, irregardless of accuracy. The same mentality Obama has. And Santorum’s lack of experience is leading him to divide the vote in this race because he still cannot see the big picture and is a little full of himself. If he cannot see the big picture now, he certainly isn’t going to suddenly see it in office. Ron Paul is the only other candidate besides Newt with experience, but unfortunately, he has gotten little done in all his years as a congressmen. He tends to alienate the rest of congress. As a man and a libertarian, I respect and admire Ron Paul, but as a congressmen, I believe he is ineffective at leading.

            The other reason that I like Newt is because he has great ideas. I love that he defines the exact actions he will take the minute he becomes president, like dealing with dodd frank and other specific actions. The specific actions he details will tremendously put our economy back on track and open the door for small businesses to work. I like his flat tax rate plan, I like his ideas on Social security, which encourages investment with zero risk and gives people options, I love his education ideas of vouchers and letting kids work in school to make money. And these are just a few.

            Most of all I believe that unlike Ron Paul, Newt has a clear way of providing information to people to help bring understanding. Ron Paul has good ideas, but his ideas are best shared on paper, not in person. Newt’s experience, knowledge, Ideas and speaking ability give him the true greatest potential of both beating Obama in a debate, by providing knowledgeable information that can sway middle voters, but also doing great things in office once he gets there.

          • lol Julie did you just copy and paste that post again. You are definitely a Newt bot, you make no sence! By great things in the office to you mean sleep with all the secretaries lol, or get kicked out due to ethics violations.

      • Rick the robot… Romney is more robotic than robots are. Rick Santorum gets glitter thrown at him by a crazy person, and you think he’s the wierdo? …and that he should try to have the person arrested? As was already pointed out, why would a ‘midwest gal’ know how people from MA feel ‘for the most part’ about their healthcare. Rick Santorum probably has some evidence or atleast heresay from people in the know, and you have what reason to believe Romney, or to call Santorum a liar? You sure sound like a Romney supporter, you have an obvious distaste for people who are morally conservative, or who talk about being conservative (Gingrich). You must know that you are trying to convince people and maybe even yourself of a lie, if you are trying to equate Santorum with Gingrich in terms of morality or ethics. You sound threatened by Santorum for some reason. Maybe because he seems to have a strong sense of values and such, where Mitt Romney could change his mind about everything before I finish typing this. Ron Paul 2012 – Live free or die.

      • If you think that Ron Paul is cute, then I’ll have to introduce you to some ADORABLE Racnors! He is dead serious and Romney himself said so, so PAY ATTENTION!

      • Midwest Gal I need to apologize to you. There is no call for me to be rude towards you for expressing your opinion. Everyone has that liberty. I am sorry.

    • I truly don’t know how you can write Ron Paul off as cute. The diversity between states, and state competition is why America became great. We’ve made thousands of mistakes along the way, however the freedoms that allowed those mistakes to occur also allowed a plethra of scientific advances. Ron Paul fights to defend that environment, and defend our freedoms. Why aren’t any other candidates attacking Ron Paul? Because he is totally clean! Nobody is going to think this country is weak if we bring our troops home. Do you know what the score is on the body count chart? USA:7,500(including 9/11) Middle East:1,000,000+ Do you know that more U.S. Troops have committed suicide since 9/11 than have died in the war? You want to continue sending our boys to commit atrocities they can’t live with? Have a heart. Vote Ron Paul.

      • Why do you think the media is trying their best to silence Ron Paul?

        Truth is the bane for an intrenched Big Brother Government.

        Recall “Animal Farm” or “1984” by George Orwell — what he predicted has come to pass.

  3. There are numerous online sources to seek out and gain pertinent information from. This is the information age. Yeah, rings a bell.. Doesn’t it? In an informational age, where knowledge is spread, gained, sorted, verified and then published for others to scrutinize; it only becomes a matter of time before those who are versatile with the technology used in gaining access to this information become liberated in the sense where people start making decisions and morals for themselves and thus continue to stray away from the spooky father figure(s) who promises to put you in a place where you will suffer for ever and ever if you do something against “religious law;” BUT…. He unconditionally loves you at the same time. Sounds like god is a bit bi-polar; or at least doesn’t give a shit about what is stated on his behalf.
    People need to understand, even if there is a god(or gods), they aren’t doing their job of helping those in dire need. Free will you say?! Well, that is obviously another load of bullshit propagandized by those in charge of religious fallacies to help those who believe seek comfort in the unknown. Maybe there is a god, maybe there isn’t; and at the very best… If there is, he/she/it clearly doesn’t give a shit about injustice or crimes against the very miracles he created and exposed to mortality.
    So where are we? ALONE and seeking future love/unity.. So until someone, something, or otherwise helps, destroys, pampers, or knowledge upon the one race of this planet that can do something about the way we are going, “THE HUMAN RACE.” WE ARE IN CHARGE, WE ARE THE HOPE, WE ARE THE WAY. WE, the human we, WE of the different races, creed, and morals, WE share this planet, it’s resources, and the people WE elect; ONLY WE CAN MAKE THIS BETTER. So look within yourself, ask yourself if you have acquired enough knowledge to make an educated decision on how WE are going to try and change the world….. And WE will change things for the better or face the obvious consequences of repeating histories mistakes and continue finding self worth in a corporations logo. Are you ready to make others suffer for your own benefit? I’m not and I’m done doing so. Until we have an overhaul of the entire system, the only choice clearly becomes obvious. RON PAUL 2012
    Thank you for educating yourselves, loving others as yourself and trying to make this world a better place for years to come. RON PAUL 2012
    Thank you,

    • It is appalling how you slander God, and the people who believe in such a God, in the same statement in which you support Ron Paul. Ron Paul already has enough trouble getting the time to speak in the debates, and he does not need undecided voters reading comments such as yours, and being turned from favor towards him. It is also incredibly shortsighted, that while you state that we can’t be SURE that there is a God, you also claim that you are SURE that if there is, they are failing to do their duty. How can someone claim to understand and recognize what God “gives a shit about,” when they are human? We live on Earth, and we live in the 3-dimensional world, and we cannot fathom the nature of the Universe. The God, that you claim may or may not exist, is not bound by the same limitations that we are. You are in no position to judge Him. Please, anyone who reads Justin Franks’ comment, do NOT connect Ron Paul to such a ridiculous post.

      • Western Mass, thanks for saying everything I was getting ready to write back about this post. I would guess that this person is angry with people who claim to follow God or angry at God himself. It seems that our friend here may be guilty of the same ignorance he is complaining about in others…? If someone were to misrepresent Ron Paul, as is often done, it doesn’t really change who he is or what he stands for. The same is true w/ who you call God. If “Christians” do bad things in the name of “God”… get it? Ron Paul is but a man, but my observation is that he’s about as consistent and prudent a person I’ve seen running for President in my lifetime. If we end up with Gingrich/Obama or Romney/Obama AGAIN, I may lose my interest in politics forever. Republicans make promises to rich people, Democrats make promises to poor people, they both fight over everything in the middle and Ron Paul is quietly describing the nature of the fire on the boat and how we can put it out. Have ears to hear, people.

        Quit letting the media tell you how to think. Isn’t it funny how the vote has swung from Bachman to Perry to Cain to Gingrich to Santorum and back to Gingrich. You have to understand the role the media has played in each rise and fall. Let me help, are you really so uncertain of who you want to be President that your opinion has changed 5 times in 5 months? That can’t end well. The news media is selling you stuff you don’t want. Predictive Programming, look it up. Take your TV and throw it in the trash. Soon the internet will be controlled by the same Orwellian elites who tell you what to eat and how it tastes. Don’t let me tell you how to think either, I just hope to suggest how you can take back control of your mind or give it to someone you trust.

        Let God be true, and every man a liar.

    • Money has become the God that humans worship. It was diverted from being a mean for a living to a God to worship. Ask the Chosen People!
      The Fed, Rothschild, GS, Chase, Sterns, Dreyfus and many in the banking systems will not help the poor. Actually; they’re in many ways the root cause of more poor people now.
      It is like when a cash register makes in a mistake in my favor. I would let her/him know about it. I would give them the money that does not belong to me back to them. The bankers are the ones whom will “distract” the cashier so that a mistake in their favor is commited. Of which; they reap unethical rewards.
      The same goes for politics. 2 generations ago everyone was against the Chosen People. They were criminally collected all over Europe and handed to the Nazis. We fought the Nazis to liberate them. Now they’re all over the globe overthrowing governments by overt operations; whenever possible. When that does not work; then by open war.
      From Hillary to Madelene to Henry Kissinger to John Bolten. Endless wars that we in the USA can ill afford anymore.
      All of the goodwill that we worked so hard to achieve for over century was washed away with 3 ill advised wars from 1991 to 2003. Then came 2011 where we have become the war mongers of the world with our president whom was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize! We selectively decide which countries to bomb under the claims that we are liberating the masses. Then other nations (especially Africa & Central Asia) we let the dictators rule.
      No more wars (especially the ones in the name of God)
      Ron Paul 2012

        • Agree and I love Ron Pauls response to this, God makes him a better man, but he will not shove his religion onto the people or governmental processes.

          • Here, here. How should they know us? By our fruit. I think the immature or phony believers may be exposing themselves to TALK and create a strong IMAGE or APPEARANCE of ‘Christian’ leadership. In my walk w/ God, I’ve come to understand that the parable of the seeds tells us that we can, or should scatter seed, but you cannot make a thing grow. I do want for people to come to know God, but to force it on someone? Who would want to force someone to know God. Someone who doesn’t understand their role.

  4. I just wanted to say you guys are great. Every debate I search around for video and they make it hard to find. They hate on demand information I guess. Every time I end up here so I finally just made a bookmark and will come back and check out the rest of your site because it dawns on me you rock.

  5. as a european, first of all I would be happy to having such primaries here. too many politicians in our non-union chosen in secret party circles.
    and we’ve got nothing that compares to the declaration of independence or the us constitution. so it is always fascinating to follow through an us election-year.
    when realizing how far the current us-president and his followers (or examples?) have gone in putting the lives of the next generations at risk by printing money and so piling up endless debts, each of the four republican candidates winning the nomination and trying to win in november would be a ray of hope.
    we simply cannot sustain the politics going on for the last few years!

    • rob — an erudite European, very refreshing.

      Question for the Media — USA has a huge debt — give us the Names and Addresses of the ones that finance our Nation (so we can contact them in person with payment)!

      1) Europe will be the first to collapse. The Euro is nearing its death — an invented monetary unit, that lacks intrinsic value, will end the European Union (causing total disintegration and chaos in Europe, bringing the nations lulled into its acceptance to total ruin and utter poverty).

      2) USA will follow next — Obama will be reelected by the push of the main media over the desires of the few patriots left. The fake Dollars printed by a private organization (The Feds) will spell or eventual doom, too.

      Then the International Money Lenders that are ABLE to loan money to ALL governments will dictate our future as subjects of the State, not free citizens.

      Can anyone explain how it is possible for SUCH to be able to have legally earned the monies needed to finance ALL GOVERNMENTS on earth (and still keep them all in Debt)? A simple calculation will show that if all the humans in the last 50,000 years (since cave-men till now) worked for a living wage, no such amount could have been EARNED, that can finance every nation on this planet!

      The conclusion must be — that these Few, World Money Lenders that finance Nations, have made this much profit by PURE THEFT.

      Once again — GIVE US THE NAMES AND ADDRESSES OF THESE MONEY LENDERS, so all American People know who owns the mortgage of our Nation!

  6. @23:25 Ron Paul notes rather than dictating with military force that free trade, friendship and leading by example is the best answer to resolve a lot of conflicts around the world including Cuba. Then @25:00 Santorum disagrees with Paul, “uh, no I’m not with congressman Paul”, then goes on to talk about Honduras, and Columbia. Does he need a translator?

    Ron Paul was very clear and responds to his misconceptions and then Santorum totally ignores what Paul said and spins it as such once again.

  7. Romney is not my first choice just as vanilla ice cream is usually not my first choice in ice cream. When I have to wrangle a decision with others though…. well vanilla is usually what everyone settles for. Gingrich cannot win with the baggage that the Obama team salivates to release should Newt get the nomination. Santorum is considered too far right-wing to catch the middle-of-the-road undecided voter. Dr. Paul is rightly considered a suicidal choice by anyone who understands the danger of islamism. Romney is vanilla and I’m willing to settle.


      Choosing candidates for their electability rather than for their platform is why this country is led by politicians instead of statesmen. Statesmen understand how to make governments work to serve citizens. Politicians understand how to get elected so they can use the government’s power to serve themselves and their friends. The most electable candidates too often make the poorest leaders.

      Since I achieved voting age, 14 years ago, neither the Democrats or the Republicans have nominated a presidential candidate to vote FOR. Every presidential election, for me, has come down to placing my vote AGAINST who I thought would make the worst president. I’ve voted along party lines in fear that if I didn’t vote against the worst candidate he would win. I’ve never voted for someone I wished to be president, whose views I’ve shared. I’m sorry for that. I’m through with voting against the worst candidate by voting for the lesser evil because by doing that I’d still be endorsing evil.

      The “lesser of two evils” Presidents stand aside as the military/industrial/banking complex loots our nation and destroys our citizens by sending us to die in foreign lands and strips us of civil rights at home. Electability is not an issue. I will not punish this country with another president who talks about change but continues involvement in foreign wars and stripping of American liberties. Replacing one militarist with another is not something I’ll endorse. If Congressman Dr. Ron Paul’s name is not printed on my ballot, I’ll be writing it in.

      • I’m not at all saying that Ron Paul is not electable. His electability is evidenced by his second place finish in the Democratic primary in New Hampshire. This guy appeals to democrats and republicans and libertarians and independents. I think he could win easily if nominated.

        • I agree, and I don’t get why people are missing this, if Ron Paul does not get GOP it is a sure win for Obama, the others just don’t have anything new/great in their arsenal, they are more of the same. And people do not want more of the same, and Obama will just sweet talk them again.

      • I agree, Paul, if Ron Paul’s name is not on the ballot, I will write his name in. I have several friends and family who feel the same way. Ron Paul 2012

    • Wow, wazz, you must have really thought this through to be thinking about it at 3:50 in the morning. Having thought that long, I just don’t understand how you came to that conclusion. Are there any Cybermen in your area?

    • Islamism? What the heck is that? I’d say vanilla = bankrupt america by your definition. Ron Paul is the only one who has the balls to balance our budget. I think our debt is much greater threat to our survival than a few idiots who strap bombs to themselves. I think securing our borders and having smarter security at home will stop terrorists. I don’t care if terrorists exist as long as they don’t come here. The US army has blown up way more innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan than where killed in the World Trade Center, which I don’t necessarily think is justified.

      Again, I think the biggest issue here is our debt and economy. If we don’t balance the budget we will have hyper-inflation. We will all go broke and starve and China and Iran will come over here and make us their slaves. I cannot stress enough how important it is that we pay off our debt ASAP! Go to
      You can clearly see that the debt per tax payer is around $135,000. I think that most people agree that if you had $135,000 of credit card debt or owed in taxes you would strongly consider cutting your spending or else you’d be bankrupt or worse. Over spending isn’t healthy for a personal budget and there’s no way its healthy for an entire nation. Something has to give or we are all screwed! Ron Paul is the only one with sense! Ron Paul is the only one using logic! Vote for Ron Paul or we are ALL screwed!!!!!!!!!

  8. Justin, I think you could have expressed your support for Ron Paul without your rant against God and Christians. Isn’t Ron Paul a believer in God? I do believe he is. Do you despise him as much as you despise other believers?

    • to feel any candidate other than paul will get this country on a positive path is misguided. all candidates will certainly maintain the status quo to a level that will continue the decline of our monetary system…promote more armed ocnflict…and reduce our liberties even further. it constantly floors me to read peoples views supporting romney, santorumm or gingrich nothing the supporters say respond to any of the issues we should be focused on.

  9. CNN what a crappy framed debate.. Very few questions about the economy and how these candidates can help the people. your questions were all petty questions pertaining to personal character traits..

  10. eather santorum or paul would be better than (gingrich or romney )GINGRICH AND ROMNEY both flip flop and tell you what you want too hear i belive that we should let there track record speak for it self Paul has stood up for our rights and knows how to handel money and santorum is i see to be an outsider and that is what this great nation needs two men who tell the truth and do what they say they will do if u cut 1000000000000 dollars in a year and u spend it here to fix the U S in 5 years every other nation will owe us again like they did when i was a kid no more big government

  11. it makes me sick that the main stream medea push romney and gingrich and hardly say a word about Paul or Sentorum when gingrich AND romney both profited from the housing crash putting people out of there homes and for romney to say i had a blind invester is a cop out common get real i fell off the truck but it was not yesterday
    And gingrich is a total filp floper to be creditable you have to keep your story strait and thats easy when you always tell the truth

  12. The scariest guy up there is Sanctorum. He’s bright but he’s nuts, dangerously nuts. Newt’s just a pathological liar who is also a sociopath. Romney gives 25% of his income to charity (-15% + 40%* = 25%). Would that be a church perhaps? Lots of foreign interest as there are colonies all over the world with trained bilingual recruiters. They’ll need defending. Ron Paul is Ron Paul. Sometimes he’s scary but much of the time he’s saying what I have discovered for myself. When I heard him attack the fed, I was hooked. The center of all that is evil in our last century and now as well. The media have rarely been so obvious as in their complete avoidance, almost a blackout, of Ron Paul. The media owners don’t like him. He is incorruptible because he knows what he wants and he has it and he is fueled by self-respect and a difficult job he has taken upon himself to help his country. He’d rather be on his bike watching how his eyes can work independently of each other in the Texas heat. I hope that’s flat country. I wish they would ask about the Fed in one of these but I doubt it. Ron Paul is taking his life in his own hands by running in this primary. If he is successful, he will be a target for several groups whose reputations for ‘correcting errors’ in their ability to control the herd are well known. Even physicists become targets. They have many ways. ‘Suicide’ is popular. Electrical failures in your aeroplane on take off or approach is a way. “Crazed lone assassin” seemingly in a daze. A rifle shot to the spine although, as a method, full of control and coincidence issues that have to be implausibly explained away. Paul’s on a bicycle on a highway perhaps. It would be too easy. We need to pick his VP carefully. Stephen! Stephen! Stephen!

    *Romney said that between taxes (15%) and charitable contributions (deductible?) the total was 40%.

  13. to cnn heres a qustion for the candadateas what will if elected they do to bring back (freedom of the press) in the main stream medea in the local and national news K.Mc. from Mo.

  14. I can’t listen to these drones, I start to watch each time hoping this will be the debate they finally give Ron Paul some time to speak. He is the only one who doesn’t spew rhetoric. He is the only one I want to hear, but I hardly get to hear him at all. I’m about to stop watching debates and start volunteering for his campaign because I really hope he gets the nomination.

    • Ron Paul has always said the same things and the time for listening is passed. If you want him to have the best chance you why not get up and act on it?

      • Do you think that it is better if candidates just like Romney or Gingrich say different things dependent from place where they are? These guys Romney and Gingrich make just such things. They say nothing, what concrete is and you must first of all look at their records during their job as US lawmakers or their other activity. Such people are called demagogues and hypocrites. Such candidate was Bush for instance, who has ruined many countries and own country and is father founder of your debts, father founder of all possible debts ( global speculators ) and all pro-wars mongrels ( global military lobbysts ). And such guys will lead your country and many other countries to ruin.And look at records of these people- Romney has ruined a few companies to take private profits and he is supported by all posssible global speculators from mega-corporations and military lobbysts, Gingrich too and additionally he ha take profits from speculations during mortgage crisis. Both these men are racists and homophobes and are not Christians, first guy is mormon, the second is mason. Do you want to have such presidents? They will ruin your country.
        And Ron Paul is honest, not corrupt, one of a few republicans, who is really honest and who as values, who is Christian, who is American and who cared about USA and interests of USA during his work in congress, additionally this man, who would be apparently strong president and additionally wise president. Only this politician, who wants to restore, to protect USA is real solution for USA. It gets about good of USA and good of US nation. And this politician is not flip flop candidate, he is really good and honest candidate and he is really the best solution.

        • I agree with all of you, and believe me, I have seen politicians of all races, colors, shapes, and sizes! Maybe you all should come with me on the TARDIS sometime!

  15. here in Beijing, youtube is blocked, so we cannot view the debate. In the previous debates, you have always provided an alternate website, but not now, so Americans abroad cannot see this.

    • I don’t have cable and didn’t watch it on youtube but saw it live last night. I watched it on one of the at least 4 different websites streaming it live. I travel all over the world for my job and I watch USA programming from outside of the USA all the time you just have to search a little.

  16. With each debate, the words, “I agree with what Ron Paul just said,” are being stated more and more. It is unbelievable to me, that Ron Paul is so overlooked, and deemed unelectable, in comparison to the rest of the bunch. Santorum, Gingrich, and Romney all use flowery wording, and fancy rhetoric to cover up the question, and very rarely tell us anything relating to the issues at hand. At the close of this debate, Santorum blatantly ignored that Ron Paul was even on the stage, when he spoke about “the other two candidates.” He, like so many others, fail to realize that Ron Paul is significantly more electable when you think very clearly about it. Santorum, Gingrich, and Romney will NOT take a single liberal vote from Obama. Santorum, and Gingrich will NOT get the moderate vote, and Romney will get a small amount that pales in comparison to the number that Obama would get. Ron Paul has the ability to take liberal votes from Obama, as liberty, and his message about alternatives to preemptive war, etc., are very appealing to such voters. On the same merit, Ron Paul has the ability to take the moderate vote. And of course, all four candidates would take the conservative vote. The biggest thing to be aware of, however, is something that Ron Paul and Barack Obama have in common – the support of the youth. None of the other candidates have as large of a youth following as Ron Paul, and only he would be able to take those votes from Obama. It is very clear to me, as well as many liberal voters in my area, that Ron Paul is THE CANDIDATE for 2012. Everyone needs to wake up, and realize that Ron Paul SHOULD NOT be overlooked anymore. Ron Paul 2012.

    • I have always considered myself as a Dem. I am a blue collared worker and work hard for my money to take care of my family of 6. But I say “GO RON PAUL”. Stay in there Ron Paul, you’ve got my backing.

    • I agree! I don’t know why the GOP like to miss this fact so much, and yes folks it is a fact! Ron Paul is liked by the Dems, Independents, GOP and youth, the others just really got the GOP and even then they are not extremely liked.

  17. Gingrich is the most interesting, and able politician, and the most honest. If people don’t care about honesty, i do. Romney is a liar. He started the personal attacks on fellow Republican runners. The media give extra time to Romney, because he is one of them. But he is the most anti-immigration of the 4 runners – that’s true. Self-deportation – as if they were the first to try to solve the complex illegal immigration problem. You want legal immigration? You’ll pay at least minimum wage, so when you go to the super-market you’ll pay the difference.

    • You clearly did not look up Gingrich’s past, if you did you would not be saying this. Have you just lessened to what Fox and others have been saying. Sounds like it, for if you really looked Gingrich up you would be sickened. Honesty, what a laugh, remember he cheated on both is wives, and the wife he is with right now was the one he had an affair with on his second wife. Ya real honest. And don’t get me started on his political career, look it up!!

  18. I like how every time Gingrich was called out on something, especially his goals for NASA, he would get angry, showing he cannot handle representing the Republican party against Obama. Obama is not just gonna go down quietly while Gingrich spreads rumors, he will fight back and people are not gonna unite behind someone who can spread rumors, but sits and pouts at his stadium when they come flying back. It also annoys me how he will change his “vision of our government” depending on the reaction for others. How is it not obvious that he will just say what people want to hear to get the votes. Ron Paul had a successful debate last night, finally nice to see him get a somewhat fair chance to campaign. I’m also not sure how Santorum is still in the race, but with his main goal apparently being to call Romney and Gingrich out I guess he is at least helping Ron Paul out. Overall it was a typical debate, Ron Paul got a couple small chances to speak of his economy plans, while Gingrich and Romney bickered and fought over who has sinned and hurt the American citizens the most. Please wake up people, I don’t care if Romney seems like a better candidate than Gingrich, he is still pure evil. A couple years of hardship while the economy and government is being revamped is a lot better than a few more years of a declining economy and exponential growth of the national debt with huge consequences later. We are Americans, lets show the world that together under Paul we can work together to get through the tough events this economy needs to bring us back towards the top!

  19. To those who believe we ate happy with MA healthcare. Many of us are not. While pay is stagnant at best our insurances rates climb significantly each year and are coming close to another mortgage payment. $1800 our new bill for family in 2012. That’s one months insurance. Then we pay taxes to pay for the lazy and skeezy who will suck off the system forever. Those get 100.% coverage while the rest of us pay taxes mortgage size premiums and copays to boot. In this state we watch the lazy get everything while we work to keep ourselves afloat.

  20. It is really sad that even this article avoids Ron Paul. The media must think we are not so bright. I know Ron Paul threatens the elite. And the Elite own the media!

    • But people should know and understand that Ron Paul is the most honest candidate and he is real hope for good changes and he does not supports elites and elites does not support him. Interests of majority of people are against interests of elites and Ron Paul is representative of nation. people should vote not for representative of elites, they should vote for representative of nation just like Ron Paul is.

  21. Ron Paul not even mentioned above in the description. The establishment still up to its dirty tricks. Newt is a Communist; a wolf in sheep’s clothing, worse than the Obama wolf. Since when is he conservative? Look at the YouTube video “Newt Gingrich: A Crime Against Conservatism” and see & hear for yourself, in Newt’s own words…

    1) Newt needs to support proabortion Republicans (00:00 to 02:30).

    2) Newt supports illegal immigration & says every American child must be bilingual (02:30 to 10:00).

    3) Newt lobbied for Freddie Mac, receiving $1.6 million, before the mortgage company collapsed and was bailed out. Newt talks about jailing other politicians who have profited from the housing bubble collapse (10:00 to 12:10).

    4) Newt teams with John Kerry & says our industry and people must be taxed for Global Warming, to reduce carbon dioxide, and he’s for federal subsidies of solar & wind energy (12:10 to 15:40).

    5) Newt, Clinton & Gore team up on passing NAFTA, so-called “free trade” agreements, a NWO farce-trade agreement superseding state laws, invading national sovereignty, creating 50 new trade/environmental/labor bureaucracies, and fining America $20 million per offence (15:40 to 20:30).

    6) Newt supports Clinton dictatorship & “reinventing our constitutional government” on bailing out Mexico without congressional approval (20:30 to 23:55).

    7) Newt teams with Hillary to fight for government control of healthcare. “Our goal was to be for 100% of the country to be in the insurance system” (23:55 to 25:10).

    8) Newt calls himself an internationalist, a global citizen who follows the United Nations commands, that the UN is very helpful to the USA, that a strong UN is necessary, that the Clinton foreign policy to bomb Christian Serbia into submission was good, that US sovereignty is an unnecessary “shield”, that he’s for globalization, he’s for USA funding of a global central bank system / International Monetary Fund, that we should be engaged in nation-building, and calls himself a “Realpolitik Wilsonian” (25:10 to 28:25).

    9) Newt calls himself a Progressive, a Rockefeller Republican, that needs to increase the State Dept by 50%, that Republicans need to learn from the right things Democrats do, that the greatest leaders were Democrats, that non-government solutions are “magical”, that he “came out of the Theodore Roosevelt-LaFollette progressive tradition of reform”, that “if you don’t have a decade that is as reformist as the progressive era, we’re going to fail”, that we need national industrial corporations brought to the federal government (also known as fascism) (28:25 to 32:20).

    10) Newt said “FDR was the greatest practitioner of self-government last century” and that he was “very progressive”, that FDR was “the greatest politician of the 20th Century”, “the greatest liberal Democratic president of the 20th Century, and in my judgement the greatest president”, “the most effective president”, “the greatest political leader”, Newt’s “favorite modern-day politician”, that FDR was a “dominating figure because he actually got things done”, praised Rep. John Dingell’s (D-MI) father as “one of the great stalwarts of the New Deal, a man who, as an FDR Democrat, created modern America. And I think that John and his father represent a tradition that we all have to recognize and respect and recognize that the America we are now going to try to lead grew from that tradition and is part of that great heritage”, that “what we’re talking about is a transition at least as big as, if not bigger than, the New Deal” (32:20 to 33:55).

    11) Newt said Woodrow “Wilson’s speeches still work. I’m frankly a realpolitik Wilsonian” followed by some good commentary by Glenn Beck with a damnation to tea party people who are ignorant on progressivism, Bill Clinton says Newt was “very supportive on foreign policy”, Newt commended Clinton on Bosnian & Iraqi foreign policy, that he’s a “big fan of FDR and of Wilson”, that Clinton is “charming & effective, and very smart” (33:55 to 37:50).

    12) Newt found in violation of Ethics Violations by both Republicans & Democrats (37:50 to 38:45).

    13) Newt endorsed proabortion, socialist, Margaret Sanger Award winner, & card-check & ACORN supporter Dede Scozzafava while ignoring conservative GOP candidate Doug Hoffman in NY district 23 in 2009, with good commentary by Glenn Beck, that many Republicans are insane, that it would be better to vote 3rd party (38:45 to 43:20).

    14) Newt went on tour with Al Sharpton & Obama’s Secretary of Education, saying that Obama has shown “real leadership” & “courage” in 2009-2010 (43:20 to 44:50).

    15) Newt repudiated Paul Ryan’s 2011 budget and called the GOP plan “radical” for not including Obamacare (44:50 to 46:30).

    16) Newt admires and promotes Alvin Toffler, a futurist who believes the American Constitution is outdated, throughout his career, even putting Toffler’s book, The Third Wave, on a booklist he recommended for members of the House. Toffler says that Newt is the only Republican who supports him, that he’s proabortion, against prayer in schools, that our constitutional government must “die and be replaced”, that “family” should be redefined due to evolving sexual relationships, and that a new-America is emerging. Newt kindly wrote a foreward to Toffler’s book “Creating a New Civilization, The Politics of the Third Wave” to promote trans-national government, a one-world form of government, as mentioned by Michelle Bachmann (46:30 to 50:30).

    • believe, he is not good for USA, Romney is not good for USA too. USA has the only candidate, who is worthy to be president there, it is Ron Paul.

    • Gingrich is an attention grabber, he is so stuck on himself, it’s so obvious, he makes me sick when he goes into his “history lessons” like that’s proof of him being a good candidate..he’s a snake in the grass, so glad Romney called him out on promising every state something wonderful that the state would need, and Ron Paul was right on when he said some politicians should be sent to the moon, but spending money on that kind of project unless it was for defense in the financial shape the country is in right now is ridiculous….I really hope Americans are really listening to Ron Paul, he doesn’t get as much air time, but when he does get time to say something, it’s significant. Newt is the one who is “dangerous”.

  22. I don’t like all the pandering to Florida’s NASA industry. Space program is expensive and has not had clear goals since beating the Russians.

  23. This episode of “The Mitt and Newt Show” was just as poor as the last. I think it’s the biggest pile of horse crap that Ron Paul and Rick Santorum get lost in the pathetic, petty drama of Romney and Gingrich. I’d like to see more opinions on real issues that affect or could affect all of our lives not things like who called who this in a television ad that no one will remember in six months. CNN, like Fox News and MSNBC, are incapable of airing a real, honest debate without bias and nonsense topics.

  24. It is the only good and proper candidate for president in USA- Ron Paul.
    He is not hypocrite, he is honest, he has solutions and situation in USA and even globally will improve after his win. He is not corrupt, he is honest, he is intelligent, weel educated man and he says the truth. He is really the only solution for USA. US- nation you can save your country and your future just thanks to voting for Ron Paul. He wants really to restore and to save USA and to make positive changes. The rest of these candidates are not worthy to give vote for them. And all issues of Ron Paul, majority of them are really very reasonable and it will be the best solution for USA.

  25. With Obama you get Obama Care, with Romney you get Romney Care and I’m sure with Newt you’ll get Eye of Newt Care. The only one that speaks what should be said is Santorum. Right now, the Sheeple are letting CNN and the other media pick who we vote for. Newt can ever keep a family together, why would he be able to keep a country together any better. He lies and cheats and I can’t see him doing anything but that if elected. Romney…., something just feels wrong there. I don’t know what it is, but its wrong. It feels like we would be simply electing a white version of Obama. Paul is too much like watching Ross Perot all over again. Santorum for president and Romney as Vice President would be a great combination I think. I just wouldn’t do it the other way around. Santorum was the only one that would tell that woman from Puerto Rico that he wouldn’t take one stance or the other on making them a new state. HE is the only one with the guts to call those guys out on pandering to each state, saying what they want to hear in each one and then not being able to back it up if they were elected. I would really like to see Santorum up against Obama, with Romney as his Vice President. That would be a good ticket and I would vote for that.
    My wife says if Newt is the one picked, she will vote for Obama and she HATES Obama. She just feels the same about him as I do. You can’t trust him. His ex-wives couldn’t, so why should we. I won’t go as far as to say I will vote for Obama, I’ll just say I won’t vote or I’ll write my own name in.

    • I will explain it. It is the biggest problem of US nation, and not only your nation. I don´t know how to describe it. US nation has problems with voting for the best and most proper candidate.
      You must firstly think by these your voting. Not hear what media says, because media does not belong to your country, they support all these candidates, which are supported by their owners ( it means by all possible speculators and lobbysts )And that´s why your country is involved in a few wars and led to next wars and you have 14 trillions of debts and it is time to make stop to such politics, because it will be very hard to survive with debts for isnatnce 20 or 3o trillions, you will be over as country and it will be big poverty, not mention possibility of global world war.
      There are two candidates, who are dishonest and corrupt – Gingrich and Romney, they are supported by speculators and they are very bad solution for USA. Romney is hypocrite, it will be no Romney care, it will be social cuts, it will be maybe new war or a few wars or a global war, it will be big bail outs for speculators ( that´s why dozens of global speculators support him just like for instance goldmann sachs and many, many others ). Gingrich is dishonest and corrupt too, he has made good money on mortgage frauds- many Americans have lost their homes and many are homeless till now.
      It is Ron Paul – the only candidate, who is honest, not corrupt, who says very wisely, who is intelligent and who is real hope for positive changes and who cared about interests of USA during his job in Congres, was good governor, was good congresman and he should be republican nominee.

  26. The candidate with integrity and who stands for American exceptionalism is Ron Paul. Liberty, responsibility. None of this fake christian BS either. Just understanding that liberty matters more than anything. America does not need an empire. It needs to show by an example that other countries will want to emulate.

    Gingrich is slime, and has no personal principals.
    Romney says whatever will get him there.
    Santorum has some good principles but is a religious idiot.
    Only Ron Paul understands what makes the USA great and an example to the world.

  27. Well, I counted the turns the candidates got to speak again and it’s a bit more even than NBC: Paul: 14, Santorum: 15, Romney: 19, and Gingrich: 20. I have to say that when Santorum gets upset in a debate, he gets inacurate. While he was rambling on about all of the things that are in RomneyCare, Romney was saying “what the heck are you talking about, that’s not in my plan!” Another fun fact: Santorum is 58! He HAS to have had some serious work done on that hair of his because he looks like he’s 35! I would really like to see Paul carry out that challenge for the 25 mile bike race against the other candidates, because I think that Gingrich would be pretty behind in that race! He was on the defense most of that night, but he held his ground pretty well, I must say. The two candidates really did switch places: Romney is now attacking with considerable force, and now Gingrich is cooly defending. I think that there will be more switcheroos in the future (just hopefully with the other candidates). However, I am very glad that Ron Paul got more chances to speak (although he did speak the least), and he got a good bit of applause! 😀 Well, I’ve got to go, I have to meet with the last version of myself, Christopher Eccleston.

    Signing off,
    The Doctor

    P.S. those counts are not entirely accurate, I was distracted a couple of times by a few Daleks.

    • Will the good Doctor use one of his chronometers to tally exactly how much speaking time each candidate had?

      It’d be in value to show the American People who was allowed to speak for how long by CNN.

      • Right-O, I’ll make sure to do that next time (I just better not be pestered by Dalek Kan and his croonies again)!

  28. I have read a lot of replies today, and it looks as if about 85% of the replies are for Ron Paul.

    • A few observations of the 2nd Florida debate:

      1) Ron Paul, aside from delivering his message of irrefutable TRUTH, endeared himself even more by delivering the best punch lines! The only candidate that did not engage in negativity, but actually mitigated with some wry remarks the three-dog-fight that had ensued.

      2) The dog-and-pony show btw Newt and Mitt was won by Mitt — he threw in the best punches and Newt looked lost at times in this verbal pugilism.

      3) The inconsequential mutt Santorum — with nothing to lose — joined the verbal fray and took some bites from Newt’s political skin but mostly chewed up on Mitt.

      Wolf Blizter promised equal time for all candidates — he lied. Should be called on this (he allowed the Newt-Mitt dog-eats-dog show to continue for the first 10-15 minutes without allowing Santorum or Ron Paul to put in a word).

      Wish someone with four chronometers would replay the debate and actually give an exact tally of how much time each candidate spoke. My guess is that Mitt and Newt received about 30% each, Santorum about 25% and Ron Paul again was nearly ignored — with 15% !!!

      Talk about equality in the main media….

      • Hey, hey, hey, I’m doing my best here! Have you ever tried to operate Gallifrainian chronometers while defending the earth from Dalek Kan and his piggy monsters? I would like to see you try that!

        • It’s true. Also, one thing I find interesting about these forums is how personal and insulting people can be. How everything is dangerous, how the favored candidate is suddenly elevated to savior status. This applies to every candidate’s supporters. We are not choosing a life partner or a religion here we are choosing a GOP nominee and IF that nominee beats Obama he MAY get to act out SOME of his policies before his 4 years are up. In the presidencies that I have witnessed the changes have not been much compared to the promises and the hopes raised during the election process. All of this to say, I find it refreshing to be able to vote for someone with a consistent honest record and some pretty radical ideas that make a lot of sense. Someone who has a good chance of beating Obama. Someone who is well versed in what many consider America’s most pressing crisis.

  29. All of this double talk, cliches, and jargon is easily avoidable when you pick a candidate whose positions are not flimsy and never have been. We have the first candidate here who’s platform provides the means for real change in over fifty years. I have maintained that I would more likely become a citizen of another country before ever voting in this one, until now. Research, do do due diligence, and please come to a reasonable conclusion. The maniacal over-love and support of a lying guy with a law degree who has double crossed the people must be compensated for. If not, go ahead and vote for another one. Peace and Love.

  30. wazz…

    You sound brainwashed by false religious politics and media thought programming. Why is RP dangerous? Don’t say isolationist either… thats just another term the media incorrectly uses… along with en-electable.. says the establishment media. Who are they to make such claims…
    Why does anyone buy their crap is beyond me. There are too many easily manipulated, very simple-minded people. This election will be the most important yet. There’s only one man who is incorruptable… RP… and that’s why media tries to black him out…. paid for by the controlling groups.

    • My take on the 5 left:

      1) Ron Paul — a genuine Patriot

      2) Mitt — a handsome flip-flopper

      3) Newt — orating Sophist with an animal-like intuition

      4) Santorum — a rabid mutt (akin to a mad terrier)

      5) Obama — little narcissist that blames all for his shortcomings

  31. I know that any 1 of they’s guys can beat Oboma cuz he realy is stupid. Any 1 could beat him right now.but there is alot of stupid ppl that might vote for him like gay ppl but there are a lot more ppl with there head on strate in the us and thats y he will not beat any of they’s guy’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  32. Ron Paul is the most logical.I love him.But obama is the best.He always smiles.He cares about the little guy

    • suzan, obama has proven that he does not “care about the little guy” if by that you mean the average hardworking American….I can give you many reasons why, but have to leave for work, do the research, (detainment camps, raised the debt another 1.2 trillion dollars, says ‘no” on the Keystone pipeline)…..look it all up, the truth is out there if a person does a little research and pays attention instead of taking the candidates at face value and listening to the press..who is manipulative, bias, and not trustworthy. You were correct however, in your first statement, go with your first instincts….

  33. I honestly felt a lot of joy scrolling through these comments. The American public is NOT asleep. We know what’s going on and we refuse to be lied to anymore. You can clip and edit all the TV interviews you want, you can twist and tear at a story to make it fit the mold you want it to.. but you can’t do ANYTHING about a live broadcast debate where Ron Paul actually has a chance to speak.

    When people give him a chance, and actually listen to him. Listen to the words coming out of his mouth. Ignoring the rhetoric from the media, and the brainwashing “unelectable” label, you realize.. This man is VERY ELECTABLE. He appeals to the entire spectrum of the political sphere. He is intelligent, he actually stops to think about the REACTION to an action, he’s willing to brutally cut spending where it must be cut. He wants to stop the baseless, pointless wars and concentrate on rebuilding America to be the great nation it’s SUPPOSED to be! No more stolen liberties for the sake of “security.” No more mind-numbing debt on our shoulders. It’s not going to be easy. But I want to do it now, while I’m young and can bounce back, NOT when I’m older and have kids to worry about. The change has to come sometime. For the sake of our children and future children.. let’s get it freaking over with..

  34. Can’t believe people use Ronald Reagan to bolster their “Republican” argument. You so conveniently forget (like Ron himself did) the Iran Contra fiasco.

  35. Julie, I hope you do not get discouraged by all the Ron Paul supporters. They seem to clog the debate forums. I hope you realize that most of his supporters are young, inexperienced and have a pie in the sky mind set. They just can’t accept that people loving their enemies will not protect them. Will a cow that loves the farmer keep him from becoming dinner? Ron Paul’s followers think so. Ron Paul does not get much opposition in the debate. There is no need. His off kilter thinking speaks for itself. The other candidates need not say a word about it, as they are gentlemen an do not want to embarrass him. Julie, you are correct in your thinking. Newt has the most leadership experience and can rely on his knowledge of history for guidance. How many time have we heard history repeats itself. Yes, being leader of the House is executive experience. He has worked with Ronald Regan, Clinton, and many others of many political leanings. That is a plus. Mit and the media, bringing up Newt’s baggage as a negative is just a smoke screen. A person learns from mistakes. Ron Paul has accomplished very little, compared to all the others and has baggage as well. It is funny that Newt detractors try to say the budget was not balanced at the time Newt claims. They just don’t know history. Social Security was not counted as part of the budget at that time. Newt was shaking his head in discuss, as he realized how unlearned his detractors are. Newt does get flustered some times. He gets that way when he wonders how he can bring his explanation down to a level that people can understand. His detractors say he is mad. How could they know? Our choices are this; A businessamn who has been governor a few years, with no national leadership experience, A young congressman with a lot to learn, an old congressman who has few accomplishments, or a person who has years of political experience and lead congress for four years. I have already voted for Newt, and glad to have done so. Julie, Keep up the good work.!

    • wrong on many points there, B Anderson, there are more of us Ron Paul supporters that are older, (fifties) professionals, who have been through many elections and are tired of the corruption in our government. The other candidates don’t seem to be acting like gentlemen when embarrassing themselves or the other candidates, the truth is there are no lies to call Ron Paul out on, because he is a man of integrity and experience. Newt doesn’t have the most “leadership” experience and only has a major in history which doesn’t make for a great leader. I suggest you do your homework when making comments and building a candidate up like that. Julie shouldn’t be discouraged by Ron Paul supporters at all, we can all do our own homework on all of the candidates and with a little scratching find the truth. Ron Paul stays focused and will not be corrupted in the White House, that is a true leader. You don’t have to yell at the press or bicker with each other to prove you have experience. Not one of the other candidates can seem to stop the bickering and bashing of each other. newt is the most guilty of it, says he won’t do it and comes out fighting like a jr highschool bully, and then backpeddals when they call him out. That is not leadership quality there. All one has to do is sit back and watch the newt/romney show and decide who shouldn’t be there.

    • If Ron Paul is not electable why does he do just as well as Mitt Romney in the polls against Obama? If he has a lot of young supporters that is a GOOD sign that the GOP should be jumping on seeing as how young people are some of the most difficult to get to vote and when they do they often vote Democrat. On top of that he has overwhelming support of people in the military. I am not a ‘first time voter’. I am not a college student or a conspiracy theorist. I am a mother of 3 and a pretty level headed conservative. I support Ron Paul because the guy makes sense. If anyone else is watching the debates and reading the forums and prefers Paul’s arguments and his consistent voting record and convictions, don’t listen to someone tell you he is “un-electable”. Make your vote count for something. At the risk of sounding like one of “those people” I must also point out that it is ironic how often I hear someone complaining about ALL THOSE PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT RON PAUL at the same time as they say he could never win. Isn’t that really all one needs to win an election, supporters?

    • Sixty and a Ron Paul supporter here!

      Ron Paul is the only candidate proposing an alternative, the only candidate advocating a sensible direction and the only candidate who will change the course of events that we are rapidly facing. He is trying to pry open your ears… understand that the only important issue today is our insecurity…..if we are to survive and have a future to thrive in, if we are to save our republic, the only issues that matter are a sound economy and the only way to get there is through unrelenting, determined diplomacy in order to co-exist with our energy-rich neighbors. Why?

      This is the only course of action that will purchase our country the time needed to strengthen and rebuild our resources. World conflicts have drained our economy, corporations have shipped American manufacturing and job’s overseas, we have become subservient to China, inflation is on the rise and the devaluing of the dollar is eminent. As sanctions are being imposed on Iran gas prices are rising in Europe and because of our involvement, the U.S. China and Russia have economic interests to protect and will not take this lightly. Our elected leaders have embroiled us in murderous conflict’s over the control for mid-east energy and for the benefit of corporate profiteers rather than developing our own resources. Obama, Newt, Mitt and Santorum say that they will continue these policies not change it. At no other time in world history has there been an impending world economic collapse. Obama is actively stripping our civil right’s and Newt, Mitt and Santorum support and uphold the Patriot Act and NDAA section 1021. Obama will soon sign a bill that permits the stripping of an American’s citizenship. My guess is Obama is preparing for war.

      It is far far wiser to face the facts and act in our behalf while we can, it is in our best interest to have a strong secure country…..we are the vulnerable ones…..the only answer is to stop the drain and invest our dollars in our country now, we must have a strong, secure foundation or our country and our way of life will soon cease to exist.

      My vote is for Ron Paul, he alone represents the people, his policies are sound, his proposals are wise and will be a benefit to the American people, he will act immediately to reinstate our civil rights and he will always govern by and protect our constitutional principles.

    • B Anderson — that’s just plain silly, kid.

      The only gentleman on the podium is Ron Paul. The rest (especially Newt and Mitt act like savages going for each others throats — while Rick acts like a 58 year-old teenager snapping at them).

      If you and Julie are getting paid to promulgate bombastic Newt’s agenda — then you are not earning your keep (way too many errors on both your parts).

  36. I watched every GOP debate to date. I watched the Jacksonville debate live and have re-watched it twice more prior to posting my thoughts here. Fundamentally, I see the top two contenders as Romney and Gingrich ; with only Mitt Romney as the right choice; and here is why.

    I have complete respect for Ron Paul. However, he comes across as a “Rambler”; he doesn’t stay on point. The Obama Campaign would decimate Ron Paul as old, senile and “over the hill”. I would hate to see that happen to Ron Paul. He is a fine Congressman, and has given much over the decades to this country. Additionally, the real issue with Ron Paul is he is two “Black and White”; this is not a racial issue. It is a monetary issue. Yes, America has huge problems that need to be addressed beginning with a 16+ Trillion Dollar National Debt. Ron Paul hasn’t learned to pick his battles. He would cut everything at once nationally and internationally to correct the issues. This would send shockwaves through the nation and our international allies depending on America’s strength. Ron Paul’s thoughts on changing Washington and protecting the Constitution are wonderful. My worry is he would try to change too much too fast; and do more harm than good. No… Realistically, Ron Paul would make a wonderful Presidential Advisor; or even a strong Vice President to be used as an alternative/economic decision making force. But, Ron Paul is not the person to have the final Presidential decision making power.

    Rick Santorum, where to begin… Rick Santorum is a candidate of integrity… I get that. Rick Santorum believes passionately in his platform. I get that. However, Rick Santorum is too “green” in the Political Arena still. Why? He can’t control his emotions. Obama would eat him for lunch in a debate, when Rick Santorum allowed his anger and frustration to get the best of him. He showed that in South Carolina, he showed that in Iowa, he showed that in New Hampshire and now, in Jacksonville, Florida. Rick Santorum came across angry and frustrated in the Jacksonville debate. This fact underscored his message. Rick Santorum doesn’t have the political and financial campaign to take Barack Obama on and that would lead to an easy win by Barack Obama. I believe Rick Santorum needs a little more mentoring in the political arena and he will be a GOP force to be reckoned with in the future. But, this is not his time or his election. I believe prior primaries and the polls are showing that; he needs to stand back and bow out. This is not his fight anymore.

    Newt Gingrich… I find him an oxymoron. I don’t know which Newt to believe today. The other candidates were correct regarding Newt’s platform. He does go to each state and tell the constituents there exactly what they want to hear to win votes. I’ve seen it in the media, in newspapers, in interviews, etc. This begs the question: What length and what promises would Newt Gingrich go to for the GOP Nomination and Presidency, and once secured would he make good on promises, of would be have another “empty promise Obama” on our hands? What I find most disturbing about Newt Gringrich is two things:

    a) He made such a fuss regarding Romney releasing his tax returns, which effectively showed about 40% in taxes and charity donations. I can live with that. However, Newt Gringrich only released one year of his personal income tax return. He didn’t release the two returns for his holdings companies, in which he is the main stockholder, owner. CNN has reported Newt Gingrich’s combined wealth makes him much wealthier than Romney. Plus, Gingrich’s campaign is bankrolled by Sheldon Adelson, the 8th Richest Man in the US, a Las Vegas Casino Magnate. How can Gingrich say is for the GOP working poor when his actions show he is the Gaming Industry’s puppet?

    b) Newt Gingrich talked about faith in God during the Jacksonville, Florida Debate. Doesn’t faith in God also go to a man’s integrity? Newt Gingrich has run a hideous under the table smear campaign on Mitt Romney’s faith. Yes, I have family who live in South Carolina, Newt Gingrich talked Highway repair to the media and spread “faith poison” at his outdoor events. I find this double standard disquieting. Newt Gingrich was hitting South Carolina “bible Thumper” fears to secure the win. This brings us back to Newt Gringrich’s integrity… This man has been married, what 3 times? Okay, a man makes mistakes; I don’t hold that against him. What I find disconcerting is the fact, he had an affair for years with his then mistress Calista, told his ex-wife to deal with it or he would divorce her. No, Newt Gingrich didn’t have an open marriage with his former wife, to have an open marriage both need to be having an affair. That is something only Newt Gingrich was doing with Calista. Newt Gingrich divorced his former wife, and married Calista. I am happy he has found a companion he can finally be content with. However, this whole scenario raises an integrity issue in my mind. If a man can’t be trusted to respect the vows of marriage he took; how can Newt Gingrich be expected to hold the Oath of the Presidency with any degree of trust?

    Overall, there is more to Newt Gingrich than meets the eye and it doesn’t all appear to be good news. One must remember Newt was a politician, Washington Advisor/Lobbyist/what ever and Speaker of the House for what 30 years. Newt Gingrich is part of the Washington problem that the country faces today. He didn’t always remain loyal to the GOP party and he was censored as Speaker of the House. It doesn’t matter if he challenged that and overcame it; the fact his party had to do that in the first place speaks volumes… In recent years, Newt Gingrich has sided with Nancy Pelosi on Obama policies. It has been reported since the Iowa debates, that Nancy Pelosi has information on Newt Gingrich’s years as speaker, which will be used as an “October Surprise” in the Obama Campaign if Newt wins the GOP nomination. However, what is most troubling is the Obama Campaign and Obama Supported PAC Campaign has been running Pro-Gingrich/Anti-Romney ads in Florida to assist Gingrich’s campaign. I find these troubling two ways: the Democrats are attempting to manipulate the outcome of the GOP nomination in their favor; and, the Obama Campaign sees Romney as the larger threat to re-election plans… No, when everything is weighed and balanced. I couldn’t sleep well at night with Newt Gingrich as the GOP Nominated Candidate or potential President.

    This brings me to the final GOP Candidate… Mitt Romney… I’ve gone back and forth several times over this. However, I come back to one undeniable fact… Romney has integrity… Something we are seriously lacking in Barack Obama. I have sat back and watched this man endure double standards that the other candidates haven’t endured. I have watched this man attacked because of his faith, his hard work and earning a living, his integrity, etc. the list goes on. Mitt Romney has stood tall, with resolve and refused to “cow to pressure”. I find that remarkable. On the issue of faith, Mitt Romney has shown more integrity than Barack Obama. Why? You want to know the difference between Obama and Romney. Romney has never hid from his beliefs, nor changed his beliefs to win elections. Romney has openly stated to the world “This is who I am, and what I believe”; now let’s get back to work.”

    Obama on the other hand claims to be a “Christian”; however, his actions and foreign loans to Muslim nations speak quite differently. Obama openly announced to Egyptian Foreign Minister Gheiet in June 2010, that he was a practicing Muslim. This interview announcement was carried by many Middle East and European news media; it was just American News Media that downplayed and didn’t report these statements by Obama. Personally, a Muslim President holds no terror for me. What I find reprehensible, is the lying to the nation and Obama’s own Democratic Party members. Why? Being a Muslim wouldn’t have won Obama the White House. Not after 9/11 and not after Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden. Anyone who thinks differently is kidding themselves or living in denial. What does this say about Obama’s character?

    Romney has been married to the same woman for what, 30-40 years. This proves Romney can finish what he starts. Washington is a mess and throwing a lifetime politician as Gingrich, back into the mix, won’t change a thing. Sure, Mitt Romney made a few political mistakes along the way, which is the learning process. The difference between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich… Mitt admits his mistakes, learned from them and moved on positively. We need a Leader that is strong; firm; ethical; faith based; understands how the economy works to get America back on the right track; fair minded and will honor our Constitution, the way the Constitution deserves to be honored; and isn’t a lifelong Washington Bureaucracy Politician. Surprisingly, at the beginning of these debates, I thought Gingrich or Perry would be my choice. However, I now understand why the Obama Campaign and Democratic Party don’t want a Presidential Debate “Showdown” with Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney is the one candidate that can call Obama out; and show Obama to be the “Smoke and Mirror” President that he is. Gringrich has too much baggage, Santorum is still too green, and Paul is just too all over the place. No, for Real Change in the GOP Party and the Presidency… It’s time to get behind Mitt Romney, folks!

    • Well I will give you a thought out response. I will say you are unfair to Ron Paul. Ok you list Romney’s good points, but it is strange that his good points are also what Ron Paul excels at more then any other GOP runner. First Mitt was married to his wife about 32 years, that is good, good for him, Ron Paul… well that would be about 54 years I think. Ok so Ron wins that one. So you go on and on and on about the Constitution at the end, Ron Paul is the only one who knows it line for line, who talks about it all the time, I think in a resent debate Romney was answering a question and he said that if the moderator wanted to know about how the question lived up to the Constitution ask Ron Paul lol, Romney even knows Ron Paul will school him on the Constitution and knows so much more about it then him. So, I mean I think you say a few interesting things, but you should really give Ron Paul more credit and it seems by the things you said Ron Paul would be more of a fit to your interests. Also, you saying Ron Paul is old, is age discrimination and you should know better, if Obama attacked Ron based on his age he would be slammed fast. Ya America has huge problems, so what is wrong with fixing huge problems with huge solutions, you can not tipsy-toe around it. Ron Paul does not ramble, he might talk fast, he has a lot to say, and he says things that need to be saying, I wish you would really be more thoughtful about who you chose and really research what is best for America.

    • There isn’t anyone of the stage that I completely agree with on every issue. Even Ron Paul has some ideas that I do not agree with. First, I think it is not a good idea to go back onto the gold standard right now. There are other more pressing matters, and even though it is in the constitution to have a gold standard, I think the constitution has been trampled on for so long that we cannot go back the gold standard. I also don’t like everything about his tax policy. 0% taxes and making money from a highway tolls or from a tax on using beaches is not the right answer. The government needs a little bit of income tax. But, when I look at all the other candidates and I look at Obama, I just can’t trust any of them. Everyone of them will say whatever they have to to get elected, and when they are elected, they will continue with the status quo. The status quo is not what this country needs right now. In fact, if we continue with the status quo this country will collapse from the inside as all countries eventually do when they spend outside their means. I wouldn’t worry too much about Ron Paul cutting to much to fast. Although I would like him to be able to cut as much as he wants, there is a Congress that won’t let him. Fortunately the Executive branch has become so large by using loop holes in the constitution, that the President has far to much power right now, so Ron Paul will be able to phase out many of the unconstitutional parts of the government that are under his direct control. I wouldn’t worry so much about Ron Paul phasing things out to quickly. He has a better understanding of economics than me, you, or anyone else on that stage, and probably in that whole building, and he has stated repeatedly that he will not cut everything instantly as he knows that would be to much of a shock to the country. It’s time we got an intellectual in power who is willing to voluntarily give up that power and give it back to the American people. He is a better man than I could ever be.

    • “I have complete respect for Ron Paul. However, he comes across as a “Rambler”; he doesn’t stay on point.”

      I see it funny that you say this, and yet you don’t notice that Romney is the KING of rambling.

      “Romney and you’r question is ‘blahh blahh blahh, what is your answer?”

      Then he goes off and talks about something else that is not related to what is being talked about. Or if he gets put on the spot, which I’ve seen Santorum put him on the spot a couple times, he dances around the questions more than any other candidate up there.

      You say Ron Paul rambles, but what he is saying is true.. We don’t need to make it as complex as we are.. A LOT! of problems can be solved if we simplify what we have instead of making it more complex. So that is why he keeps referring back to what you call rambling.

      And don’t be foolish thinking that “OH NO! RON PAUL wants to cut things instead of adding things to fix what we have now. This could only lead to chaos if he was president, because how on the world can theses problems we have be fixed by cutting out all the crap that got us here in the first place.” Ron Paul has been doing this way longer than me or you have ever, so I believe he knows whats realistic and whats not. Us as human beings are dumb, and just have to over complicate things when they don’t need to be. If Ron Paul became president he isn’t going to guide us into an iceberg.

      Also you said that Rick Santorum is the most green…. I believe Romney is the most green up there. Yes santorum is passionate, about what he believes in. You can’t blame him for that, but I agree out president will have to be able to keep it together when things don’t go his way. But all Romney has is “I have own and grown a business, I started from the ground up and work hard to get where I am at.” Just because you had a successful business career doesn’t make you suitable to be given the keys to the ENTIRE country. The only thing with Romney that I don’t like is that I can see through his smoke and mirrors and he just like everyone else that we already have in the white house. We need something new and fresh, that is willing to take us out of our comfort zone to fix what we have now.

  37. “a military so strong, no one dares attack us” more or less Mitt Romney
    I cant vote for mitt romney. Although i disagree that they would be more of the same. He will not raise taxes or cut spending. (and no… cutting Obamacare DOES NOT count as cutting spending at the moment) On top of that, its more than likely he will pull us into another war. We’re past the point where China was supposed to bust our kneecaps for how much we owe.
    All romney will do is undo all the good/bad things Obama did without solving our problems. He and Gingrich tells the audience what they want. For his record of flip flopping, i just can’t trust him to keep his promises to the country.
    As for the debate: 1)Israel can take care of its own problems, don’t give unwanted help 2)Half of the debate was Gingrich and Romney barking over pointless trash 3) We should get NASA their proper equipment ONLY after we get the cash to do so

    Gingrich does not have too much baggage. He could have relations with half the east coast for all i care, if he balances the budget. Like romney he did things that make it look like they don’t care about the little guys, who cares….

    Santorum isn’t too green. He and Paul believe in their convictions and act on them without hypocrisy. He also gives back to his constituents in the form of legal service not pork (spouse wanted to end her comatose wife’s suffering etc.)

    Paul really isn’t rambling. Saying the same thing over and over is called consistency. His answer to the debt, budget, wars, and israel; GTFO out of those countries and declare war before going to war ffs. His answer to everything else; if its not in the constitution leave it to the states.

    I would be leaning towards Santorum or Gingrich if they would just have a proper debate… They haven’t talked seriously about Santorum’s economic plans or Gingrich’s “Patient Power” healthcare. Heck if they don’t talk about their policies and Obama ends up not keeping his promises; I’ll vote for Ron Paul on the sole fact that i know what he will do.

    • Few notes:

      Newt needs to lose FL (so he can soon be coaxed to withdraw — this egotist won’t drop out until he is facing a dead end), and Santorum should drop out once out of funds.

      Then the inevitable one-on-one of Ron Paul vs Mitt will finally allow Ron Paul to have equal time.

      Americans need to hear his message of truth — and only then will there be an impact of what Ron Paul states.

      So far the media is gorging themselves in glee with the Newt-Mitt Circus and Side-Show Rick — while doing their best to ignore Ron Paul.

      As the great American Paul R. galloped to warn us — hear another patriot R. Paul decrying: ” The Feds are coming, the Feds are coming….” 🙂

      • Yes Ron Paul is a great candidate. He is more or less fiscally sound. People don’t seem to realize that you need to cut programs or raise taxes to fix the rut we’re in. Although i cant find anything debate or otherwise that Paul is gonna raise taxes, hes the only one that will cut enough programs to balance the budget. (Again…. cutting Obamacare doesn’t count.)

        Trouble is people can’t seem to get over his stance on Iran. Its just a POSSIBLE nuke people. Last time i checked if one nuke flies, the rest will get launched as well. Its basic Nuclear Apocalypse. Free Trade + Embargos =/= Free Trade. No one seems to remember that we tried to set up a Shah and the people are still a tad bit angry about that.

        Can anyone tell me what they’ll do to the EPA?

        • Bryan — Iran doesn’t even have a single nuke (and if they do get one in a few years…. it will be so weak I’ll smoke it instead of a Cohiba)!

          • Ah sorry i misspoke. I was just trying to hint that although Iran’s Nuclear program has a chance to make a nuke, its not a certainty.

            How can you smoke a nuke O.o

        • Bryan — LOL!

          As a cigar aficionado (my humidor consisting of Cohibas, Motecristos, Partagas, etc.) I’ll surmise that if Iran ever develops a nuke it’ll be weaker that any of my cigars….

  38. I am curious about the language part of the debate… I am partial about making English official, but it is important to remember that when people emigrated to America up to 20yrs ago, learning English was a requirement! Parents of young children would force them to speak English at home. There was no need for a law. Instead of making English official, take advantage of the great diversity we have and teach them to our youth! Part of the issue is that English is not being taught correctly today, regardless of age. If it were to be taught correctly at a young age, then another language can be introduced at a young age, such as 5th grade. Then a 3rd language can be introduced in high school. Someone can be speaking 4 languages by the time they finish college!

    • the language thing is important in Florida because to get a job down there, most employers require you to speak spanish, and it’s getting out of control, in some towns and cities, they want the street signs to be in spanish as well as english,etc.

  39. As a democratic leaning conservative who has never found a single republican who I have wanted to vote for before, I must say that republicans would be crazy not to make Ron Paul their candidate. Ron Paul is the only honest one of the bunch (minus Santorum, who is just far to right leaning), and the only one who has any shot at gaining the votes of independents and left-leaning people like me who are looking for a legitimate alternative to voting for Obama. Ron Paul recognizes that increasing government involvement in things like the economy, and increased spending on foreign wars are not helping the financial struggles of our country. Paul is also extremely consistent in his views, and you know what you are getting when you vote for him, unlike Romney whom you have no idea what he might stand for in a couple of years. It has also become the norm in politics that if you are a republican you must hold strictly conservative viewpoints, and democrats must be entirely liberal. Ron Paul has a more “a la carte” style in that he chooses both liberal and conservative stances on various issues, in accordance with what he believes is right. Basically what I am getting at is that if you want any chance of getting Obama out of office, you need to shake things up and vote for someone who has a chance at both catching non-republican votes, and also having a chance of actually making a difference in our country.

  40. it’s all about Newt and Mitt- Ron Paul gets ignored – as other people have posted.
    The US is a great country, because of its constitution! Who else than a libertarian like Ron Paul can make it great again! Everything he says makes perfect sense! The only problem he has is that he doesn’t talk to the audience and viewers as if they were five years old. Mitt is addressing people as if they are some dumb asses! And I guess from his point of view they (or WE) all are. Billionaire Mitt talking to the stupid voters… at least that’s how he comes across.
    Ron Paul addresses important issues and doesn’t sugar coat them- if we as the people get our $h!t together and educate ourselves about politics and economics there is only one choice- Dr. Ron Paul.

  41. Valid observation — someone said the more you listen to Newt, the less you like him.

    And since he’s been talking endlessly, he should lose big in FL today. Without Newt in the running, Ron Paul’s message will have to be accorded greater exposure (instead of the Newt-Mitt dog-and-pony show that preempts air-time).

    Floridians — it’s up to you to make a difference today!

    • 2/3 of all Floridians have already early voted and Romney is leading by a landslide. The news shows, or the devil mainstream media as Newt calls it, has been showing the numbers all day today.

      • S. — don’t know how the total count distribution will be at end of day. But of one thing I’m certain — Julie will lose her paycheck….

  42. Mitt misuses the term “coyotes”. I live in Arizona, and have lived here for 35 years. Coyotes are people who cross the dangerous deserts in order to get into America. While driving the interstates of southern Arizona, one will often see “coyotes” running across the highway with bags of oranges and jugs of water. Mitt describes “coyotes” as human traffic-ers. As in, the people who smuggle others across. These people are smugglers, not coyotes. He needs to educate himself before using vernacular he doesn’t understand. And, the fact is, this term is derogatory. The fact that he uses it at all is as offensive as calling black people who come to America illegally, n*ggers.

    Ron Paul, 2012! He’s the only choice.

    • Matteo, actually you are incorrect and Romney is correct on that point. I used to work for Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the “coyote” is the smuggler not the illegal coming across the border. That’s how it is taught in FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center) in Glinco, Georgia where almost all federal law enforcement agencies get their training.

      Then you have the dictionary definition:


      1. coyote – small wolf native to western North Americacoyote – small wolf native to western North America
      brush wolf, Canis latrans, prairie wolf
      wolf – any of various predatory carnivorous canine mammals of North America and Eurasia that usually hunt in packs
      coydog – offspring of a coyote and a dog

      2. coyote – someone who smuggles illegal immigrants into the United States (usually across the Mexican border)
      contrabandist, moon curser, moon-curser, runner, smuggler – someone who imports or exports without paying duties

      Do a simple google search of “coyote illegal immigrants” and you’ll find hundreds of thousands of articles like these:

      “…we can look at illegal immigrants’ tendency to hire smugglers, also known as “coyotes,” and the evolution of coyote prices over time. Migrants are more likely to hire coyotes when they perceive a higher chance of apprehension were they to attempt a crossing on their own. If coyotes are more in demand or if risks increase, as is the case when criminal penalties on smuggling are increased, then we expect coyote use and prices to rise.”

      “…But Fernando, a “coyote” who asked that his last name not be used for fear of tipping off Mexican officials, has arranged for hundreds of illegal migrants to cross into Mexico’s northern neighbor over the past dozen years…”

      U.S. businesses help “coyotes” smuggle illegal immigrants
      PHOENIX — Smugglers who bring illegal immigrants into the U.S. are getting crucial help from seemingly legitimate businesses that supply them with cars, plane tickets and other services, knowing full well what’s going on.

  43. Regardless of who we elect, our country is in a lot of financial trouble and its going to take a lot more than just one president to fix the mess. We need a senate and congress on board as well.

  44. Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan cost US (arguably) 2 – 4 trillion over 7 years. Iraq was the unprecedented first war in US history that was waged entirely on credit. On October 31’st, 2011, US debt exceeded 100% of the American GDP at around 15 trillion. 35% of Democrats support a war against Iran and twice as many Republicans agree. Its not “IF”, its “WHEN” they go to war, and since Iran is larger in population than all three above mentioned countries, it will be very expensive. Not to mention your national debt is roughly equal to the Social Security liabilities you owe.

    You guys are in deep trouble. Its no wonder all the Republican candidates are “Pro Life”. The only thing you all agree with to address the debt issue is your firm commitment to growing the population out of such a high per capita debt load. I’m surprised you all don’t have a wide open immigration policy to help that along.

    The Republican Primary debate is my favorite reality show up here, and CNN is like Entertainment Tonight to pump that up. I love watching it, because its so damn frustrating.

    I was a Ron Paul fan, but honestly, I really don’t think he wants to be president. He’s a bit of a narrow minded martyr. I can see past his fumbling and unpleasant manner, but I refuse to ignore his choice to go so easy on the other candidates. So many times a more motivated and hungry candidate could have delivered death blows to the other candidates, but all we get from Ronny is this humble subtle ‘suggestion’ of an attack. I swear he’s a Canadian at heart. So frustrating.

    So go out and vote for what ever lessor of three evils and feel good about being involved, but you have no man up there that will challenge Obama. Because once this Republican debates are over and your not surrounded by Republican bias, Obama is going to win on charisma alone. Lets not pretend the vast majority of swing states aren’t going be terrified by the republican alternative.

    Mitt’s a mark because he’s too rich. Newt scares the moderates, and Santorum is just too young and unfunded to compete. Republican’s don’t have a chance until 2016.

    As for Obama, as I’ve said before on one of these pages, he took over a room full of heroin addicts that were being enabled by an autonomous Fed methadone clinic. Of course he’s going to be blamed and made to look bad being ‘the guy in charge’ during your counties struggles. He’s going to remind everyone that the Bush years created this, the Bush government’s last move was initiating the stimulous package, and 95% of all that is bad in your country is something that is the equivalent of a ‘pre existing condition’ so of course Obama will draw clear blame lines in his defense. Fact checkers will verify him and your party has really nowhere to go but down once the playing field is open to a Democratic involvement in the debates.

    Moving on. Up here, were all watching in awe of the blind partisan orgy that is this Republican Debate. And we’re saving up all our yard work for you once it starts to really unravel down there. Don’t worry, we got your back.

    • You will get slammed here by the hard core republicans but you are correct in so many issues it’s not even funny. As an independent voter I see what you see also but not completely exact.

      I finally picked Romney over Gingrich but I’m still trying to decide between Romney and Obama and I’m sure that if Obama had been working with a Congress that wanted to work to make this economy better, we would have seen major changes in the economy. Still with all the obstructionism look what he’s accomplishing.

      I’ll keep an open mind until the real debates start between Obama and Romney but if anyone other than Romney gets picked then I’ll have no choice but to vote for Obama. Also whoever I pick I’ll also vote for Congress for all in that same party so whoever the incoming President is he can have a working Congress and not a stalemate like this President has had.


    • that’s exactly what’s happening…..EVERY vote for Ron Paul counts. Some Ron Paul supporters get discouraged when they only see the news and the poll results, but all in all he’s doing really well, as compared to 2008 when he ran and also consider that MANY people don’t vote in the primaries…he’s smart enough to know that it’s only over when it’s over in November, supporters may come out in droves at that time……..hopefully in the meantime, more and more people will see exactly what you are seeing. I was listening to Sarah Palin this morning actually saying that “all” of the candidates are spending a lot of money on smear ads against each other and in the debates they are wasting time bickering with each other instead of stating solutions….it made me so mad because Ron Paul is the exception to that rule, he is the ONLY one who states what he will do on EVERY issue whether it’s foreign policy, economy, social issues, border control, etc..I hope Americans start listening and stop hearing the press say that he is “unelectable” because he is the only electable candidate that is strong enough to go against Obama and the status quo. He’s the only one who can make real change in the White House.

  46. Look into how much corruption has been going on with the voting in nevada, south carolina, maine, and iowa..there is an aweful lot of evidence of real vote tampering…like at least 300 dead people voting in SC. And The live airing on cnn counting out load in clark county nevada then what transpires after a media blackout..Type voter fraud ron paul in your search engines some research..Im not crazy people..this stuff is real and we should all be outraged..

  47. What is better?
    1. A moon colony


    2. Cutting the deficit by one trillion.. and that’s just the first year.

    Ron Paul 2012

  48. It baffles me why anyone would ask a question about NASA when there are so many problems we have here on Earth in the United States. Newt Gingrich completely lost my interest when he said he wanted to build a colony on the moon. Yes, technological advances are something we should herald in capitalist societies and they should be encouraged. Government should do their duty to aid those but not when we have tremendous problems on our home front. Gingrich is so disconnected and he is clearly pandering to everyone to get that extra vote. Ron Paul impressed me he didn’t dance around the issue and just said straight out what we should be doing. Focusing on our home front. I sat there listening to Santorum, Romney and Gingrich going on and sugar coating NASA blah blah but in the end America cannot afford that right now. Thank you Ron Paul for the breath of fresh air and being honest.

    Another thing that really bothered me during this debate was how Gingrich and Santorum really enjoy trying to sound patriotic when they say “I don’t think China should be the first to colonize on the moon” and all these things that are so divisive. Once again, a complete disconnect with society. America is made up of all these countries that Gingrich pits as Us and Them. I understand being patriotic and wanting to be the first but to say things like English should be the language learned by everyone, completely undermining other cultures and languages. Constantly, saying indirectly that America is the best and we have to go around and force our Democracy on other countries that may not want it is precisely why we seem to garner such animosity from the world. Bushes administration trying to go out and force our values on the middle east was a CLEAR indication that it wasn’t working the way we planned. Ron Paul is such a breath of fresh air in the Republican party, where I will be the first to admit that I generalized as homophobic, uptight, rich political snakes, its too bad that nearly 60% of the debate was focused on Romney and Gingrich fighting about who is richer.

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