All four remaining GOP candidates have been confirmed for tonight’s debate sponsored by NBC News, the Tampa Bay Times, The National Journal and the Florida Council of 100. The debate will take place at the University of South Florida in Tampa. This will be the first of 2 debates this week focusing on the Florida GOP primary on Tuesday, January 31st. Note the air times on the east and west coast.

Television Air Time: Monday, January 23rd at 9pm ET, 8pm CT and 9pm PT on NBC

Full Debate Video: Watch the full NBC News/National Journal Florida GOP debate

Participants: Gingrich, Romney, Santorum, Paul

Statement from NBC News:

NBC News Senior Vice President of Specials Mark Lukasiewicz released a statement following statement regarding the status of Monday’s presidential primary debate:

“All four qualifying Republican presidential candidates have confirmed their attendance for Monday’s NBC News, National Journal, Tampa Bay Times debate. Florida has often been the stage for history in politics — we look forward to hosting a substantive and stimulating forum for the candidates to make their case to the voters in this crucial state and the whole country.”

The NBC News, National Journal, Tampa Bay Times Republican Candidates Debate, in association with the Florida Council of 100, will take place on Monday, January 23 at 9:00pm ET at the University of South Florida. The debate will be moderated by NBC’s Brian Williams and will include a panel with National Journal’s Beth Reinhard and the Tampa Bay Times’ Adam Smith.

This will be the first weekday primetime airing of a primary debate on a broadcast network in the 2012 election cycle.

The event will air live on the NBC television network at 9pm ET / 8pm CT and on the west coast at 9pm PT, and will also stream live on,, and Telemundo will broadcast the debate in its entirety with simultaneous Spanish-language translation.

Clearly coming from South Carolina where the front runner changed yet again, this debate will have some serious implications heading into Florida. Mitt Romney has to come out stronger than he has and possibly come out to the right of Gingrich in his defense of capitalism and free markets. Ron Paul and Rick Santorum would need to basically win Florida to build any momentum moving forward and avoid this becoming a two-man race between Romney and Gingrich.


It seems that many cable and satellite channel guides (I’ve confirmed DirecTV and Dish among other cable operators) don’t have the debate listed for NBC this evening. It is happening tonight, it has not been canceled. I think the fault lies with NBC in not updating their schedule with this event. If you have any question on what time it will air in your local market, please check out the NBC schedule which does in fact list the debate happening tonight (1/23/12).


    • Joyce – Ron Paul’s position is explained in detail for anyone to see. Go to He is the only candidate who has taken a consistent position on this issue. The others? Who knows? It changes with the day.

    • The Controlled Media is making a mockery of these debates — doing their best to ignore or minimize Ron Paul by directing idiotic questions for him alone!

      Tonight’s debate is a great example of this perfidy! The dog-and-pony show of Mitt & Newt, and the little mutt snapping at their Achilles’s heels — inconsequential Santorum — all these three little mice got to respond on a VERY CRUCIAL QUESTION that has been eroding our Nation for decades: Illegal Immigration! But not Ron Paul — he was asked an idiotic question instead: If he’d agree to some kind of Swamp Protection Law in FL Everglades!?!?!?

      What arrogance the main media has, that they can SLAP the American People on the face by saying this was an equitable debate! Do they think us this stupid — not to see their agenda and thus resent them!?

      A TRUE debate is when a questions is asked, and ALL candidates are given equal time to respond to said question — THIS WAS NOT THE CASE in Florida tonight!

      Shame on the “mediators” — they’ve exposed themselves for what they are (marionettes who’s strings are pulled by those controlling the main media)!

  1. I agree with Ron Paul’s sentiments as expressed in his remarks after the SC primary — it’s waaaayyyyyy to early to be telling candidates they have to win FL in order to stay viable. Waaaayyyyy to early. And with Santorum’s that he won IA and beat Gingrich in NH so he’s still in a better position than Gingrich. And with Romney’s that competition makes strong candidates stronger. Let this be a real primary, where the candidates get to go before a broader element of the US population — the notion that if a candidate doesn’t have the nomination sewn up by the end of FL is really doing a of harm to the process. And you might try to disguise your support of Gingrich a bit better. Great site, though, and I appreciate the email alerts.

    • Get with it … he IS the only Candidate from either side that will actually try and accomplish anything to correct America. I consider all the remarks and attacks toward Ron Paul as victimization … the ones making the comments are victims of the ‘social engineers’ that wish us to remain onm the path we are of perpetual war, perpetual debt and police state controls. He CAN save America. Not even going to get into the voting fraud. THINK for yourself.

      • I agree that if we were starting a new country right now, Ron Paul’s ideas and policies might be a fine way to go. But unfortunately, we are a country that was built on African slave labor and the the subsequent discrimination of an entire race of people for multiple centuries. We are still , especially in the south, a racially divided country and if we reverted back to states rights on many issues extreme racism would rise again.
        This is not a knock on Mr. Paul’s ideas, but a knock on where we are as a country based on where we began.

    • You need your head examined, you ageist, discriminatory dunderhead.

      Ron Paul may be old, but his message is young.

      • Great reply, Dr H! Ron Paul gets 50% of the younger peoples’ vote, so his detractors like Phillip are just showing their bigotry and ignorance.

    • Wish we could get biological age rather than chronological for the candidates. I would wager that Ron Paul is not the oldest on the stage based on fitness.

    • Phillip pick up your crayons and go home. I guess you really do not care about your Constitutional rights. So I for one don’t believe you deserve them therefore any more posts by you I will simply not read. Cause you do not really want Freedom of speech or assembly. You have a choice America we can continue to march towards a police state and all out Tyranny all under the guise of oh you’ll be so safe or we can stand up for our God given rights and tell the powers that be NO WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT NO MORE! No more fleecing our money no more unconstitutional wars no more trampling on our rights for a false sense of security and no more inside trading in the Congress and Senate and NO More gutting of our Constitution! Ron Paul 2012 a vote for No More big Government BS!

  2. Phillip*…Ron Paul can out run any of them!!.. Wasting time???.. It should be a standard that any Of these guys trying to get elected shouldn’t have there hands in corporations or defense contract or be tied to’s the same song and dance from all of these guys but “Ron Paul”.

    • Ron Paul? Sorry, but Ron Paul is all but done for this election. Ron Paul keeps “going off” and says stupid things like “I don’t think that Iran is trying to develop a nuclear missile system”, and that’s just one of many things he has said that if over the top. Paul is also too old. By the time his first term was in, he would be oer 80 years old. We have too many old people making decisions for our nation now, and we should be concerned about people like Pelosi, Ried and others that have making too many bad decisions for years.

      • Well, if you were to take the time to investigate, our very own Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, admitted that Iran is pursuing Nuclear energy NOT weaponry on a Sunday morning talk show. It slipped out so he claimed he ‘mispoke’ and retracted his statement. Just as Libya was invaded to save the people from Qaddafi, the evil dictator that had a country with NO debt, 0% loans, FREE electricity, subsidized cars, school and housing and before you throw out the ‘Socialist’ comment realize that yes, that IS a socialist model … with one difference, Libyans did NOT get their hard earned wealth STOLEN by the Gov’t to hand out to a pack of leaches content on being a societal burden … they pay NO taxes that was the countries wealth. Qaddafi was to receive a humanitarian rights award from the UN … in March 2012. I find it odd that weeks after he refused oil payments in near useless dollars (a dollar has 4 cents purchasing power due to the Federal Reserve) and demanded payment in Dinars (gold) suddenly now, he was an evil dictator. Plus he has rejected ALL attempts at the BIS and IMF from financial dealings with his country. Don’t bother tossing out the Lockerbie bombing either, turns out the 2 “star” witnesses that implicated Libya were PAID MILLIONS each by… the UNITED STATES Government. After both witnesses recanted and exposed this fact after they saw the effect of economic/trade sanctions had on Libya … they both suffered untimely demises. Be careful which horse you back … one day you will realize the man behing the curtain is riding a ‘Pale Horse’.

        • Amazing how Ron Paul supporters bring information to the table like this, and all the haters have no other useful information but say he’s too old or he can’t beat Obama. show us facts why Ron Paul can’t or shouldn’t be president and how Romney or Gingritch even Santorum would be better and us AKA Paulbots will shut up

      • Ah, Leo, you narrow-minded bigot. You think your college buddies would make better decisions?? Hah! And since when, you dope, is age a factor to be president!? What matters is principles, philosophy, and the Constitution! And Ron Paul has them, and more.

  3. @Phillip

    I’ll respect your time when you respect the fruits of my labor and stop supporting statists who want to confiscate it.

    Ron Paul 2012

      • I don’t see anything merciless with regard to Ron Paul’s immigration policies!!!



        A nation without borders is no nation at all.

        It just doesn’t make sense to fight terrorists abroad while leaving our front door unlocked.

        Unfortunately, for far too long, neither major political party has had the courage to do what is necessary to tackle the problem.

        Instead, we’re presented with so-called “solutions” that involve amnesty proposals or further restricting Americans’ civil liberties through programs like REAL ID.

        Ron Paul opposes both of these schemes and believes they will only make illegal immigration and the problems associated with it worse. He has been proud to see states exercising their Tenth Amendment rights and protecting their citizens by refusing to comply with the unconstitutional REAL ID law.

        While the federal government neglects its constitutional responsibility to protect our borders, it continues to push mandates on the states to provide free education and medical care to illegal immigrants at a time when the states are drowning in debt. This must not be tolerated any longer.

        Like most Americans, Ron Paul also understands just how valuable legal immigration is to our country.

        Immigrants who want to work hard, obey our laws, and live the American Dream have always been great assets.

        If elected President, Ron Paul will work to implement the following common sense reforms:

        * Enforce Border Security – America should be guarding her own borders and enforcing her own laws instead of policing the world and implementing UN mandates.

        * No Amnesty – The Obama Administration’s endorsement of so-called “Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, will only encourage more law-breaking.

        * Abolish the Welfare State – Taxpayers cannot continue to pay the high costs to sustain this powerful incentive for illegal immigration. As Milton Friedman famously said, you can’t have open borders and a welfare state.

        * End Birthright Citizenship – As long as illegal immigrants know their children born here will be granted U.S. citizenship, we’ll never be able to control our immigration problem.

        * Protect Lawful Immigrants – As President, Ron Paul will encourage legal immigration by streamlining the entry process without rewarding lawbreakers.

        As long as our borders remain wide open, the security and safety of the American people are at stake.

        As President, Ron Paul will address immigration by fighting for effective solutions that protect our nation, uphold the rule of law, and respect every American citizen’s civil liberties.

        Now here’s what Mike supports:

  4. Please ask the candidates if they would support a constitutional amendment that prevented legislators from exempting themselves from following the laws and regulations their governing body creates.

    • I agree with Sheryl about an amendment, our legislators should All be made to follow any of the laws and regulations they create. It is totally unjust to expect the rest of the country to do as they say but not as they do.

  5. I truly hope people get behind Ron Paul – he is the only candidate who has NEVER flip-flopped, is true to his word, and cares about our freedom! The life-long political people are scared because Ron Paul will make serious changes – changes our country has needed for a long time. He’s not afraid of Washington or Wall Street. He’s an economical genius.

    • You are mistaken Sharon, Ron Paul published racist and anti-semetic newsletters for a decade and banked over $1,000,000 off them. Then when he decided to go main stream to try and brainwash a specific vulnerable portion of society by offering legal drugs he disavowed the newsletters. That my dear, is a flip flop.

      There arent enough unemployed, drug addicted losers living in their parents basement to make a difference. All the free dope in the world aint going to change that. Go vote for Obama, Paul voters are closer to his views than those of real conservative views.

      • Mike you do not have a clue as to what the term conservative means! And of course, what part of the newsletter were racist? Some quotes please.

        • Here’s a few big mouth, mom will be calling you for dinner soon.
          •”Given the inefficiencies of what DC laughingly calls the criminal justice system, I think we can safely assume that 95 percent of the black males in that city are semi-criminal or entirely criminal.”
          •”We are constantly told that it is evil to be afraid of black men, it is hardly irrational.”
          •After the Los Angeles riots, one article in a newsletter claimed, “Order was only restored in L.A. when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks.”
          •One referred to Martin Luther King Jr. as “the world-class philanderer who beat up his paramours” and who “seduced underage girls and boys.”
          •Another referred to Barbara Jordan, a civil rights activist and congresswoman as “Barbara Morondon,” the “archetypical half-educated victimologist.”

      • I believe you are misinformed Mike or have an alternative agenda that is not the agenda Ron Paul supports. If the latter is true, please instead of trying to damage our agenda, instead go support the agenda you want. You are stating things that are not fact.

  6. NBC debate= nothing but questions on Guns, God and Gays. Hopefully they will get around to asking Ru Paul about his racist, anti-semetic news letters. At least then the PaulBots cant complain he isn’t getting enough air time.

    • They already covered that and anyone that takes 10 minutes away from their FaceBook or American Idol will find he did not write those words nor approve of them. Look things up instead of following, try and lead. A 10 year old can see the attack waged on Ron Paul. If he is soo insignificant why are “they” doing all they can to beat HIM? EVERY candidate up there is FORCED to inject HIS long standing ideals to neutralize his message and adopt it as their own. THAT should raise interest, yet does not. I’m almost ashamed of my fellow countrymen but I was once like you people. Until I started to actually look and think for myself.

      • Dusty like Michelle Obama is a ashamed of his country becaue the we think rather than follow. I guess when you are 28 years old, living in your mom’s basement wearing boxer shorts all day with 8 days of growth on your face you start beleiving the ramblings of an incoherant racist. So while the rest of us are at work all day subsidizing you, we want you to keep calling radio shows and trying to skewing the online polls you drone. Maybe you should call for all PaulBots to put on sunglasses and staggerout of thier basements and march with you. Maybe you can supply the dope.

        • Mike and Leo

          The typical ABUSED “voter”, as exemplified here by posters “Mike and Leo”, would much rather live in a FAILED economy as long as they get a leader who “appears” strong and “says” what they “need-to-hear.

          These ABUSED voters are the typical “scared little kids” who NEED a strong “father figure” in the house – even if he’s a drunk ABUSER.

          These ABUSED voters, then, cannot stand living in a healthy household with a “traditional, older, more stable” father figure (Ron Paul) because they have NO Idea what “healthy” means.

          These ABUSED voters has been so ABUSED by the LYING Politicians that they are now so acclimated to the ABUSE, that they “cannot understand or perceive” a society or an economy that is “healthy”. Thus, the ABUSED voter “joins-in” with the ABUSER “mindset” and they begin to (out of their Ignorance) to ABUSE Ron Paul publicly.

          Ron Paul is WAY TOO “Independent” for the ABUSED voter’s psyches to handle. The ABUSED voter would rather a Romney/Newt/Obama who exemplify the strong “father” leader who makes “everything (appear) okay” by “saying” what they “need-to-hear”, even though the ABUSER is NOT telling the TRUTH.

          It’s all perception as usual.

          The INDEPENDENT intellects perceive Ron Paul to be a good leader.
          The DEPENDENT “scared” little children perceive Romney/Newt/Obama to be a good leader.

          • @ Darryl. You are too cruel. You’re right, but way too cruel. You’re not making any friends nor changing anyone’s mind although you are right on the money. Many people associate a leader or president with a strong father figure, a king, or a dictator. So much that some countries elect fascists and others elect communism.

        • @Mike, you are insulting Dusty for 6 lines only rambling incoherences without making any point. When you point at anyone with a finger remember 3 fingers are pointing at you..

        • Nah Daryl, I’ve got this … first off Michael, Michelle Obama is a woman, yes masculine perhaps, but still a woman. I am a couple decades past 28 years old, never lived in a basement of any sort and moved out of the families house as a teenager because I liked the ‘FREEDOM’. I AM NOT ashamed of my country at all. I LOVE my country but am ALMOST ashamed of my countrymen. It appears that you may be used to taking things out of context. I fully understand that, it is how you, I and every other American have been conditioned to be. I’m not now nor have I ever been a ‘boxer’ type, commando if you must know, and rarely get 8 days of growth. I do not shave daily as my position does not require it. I work very hard at all I do, I am a stone mason that actually devoted an entire year of my life to building a wall in a local memorial park for our veterans in recognition of their supreme sacrifice as a community effort with donations of funds and materials from many. I, yes, did this ‘gratus’ (look it up) for 2,850 hours and thousands of tons of stone … by myself. A donation, in kind, of over $150,000 value. I wished no recognition, turned away the press wishing to cover the story. I looked at it as a humble act not worthy of fan fare. I did it for those that fought on behalf of myself and you as well. Dr Paul, I like to think, is equally humble. He is doing what he is doing because he sees a need as we all should. He can be held no more responsible for those news letters than you or I could if there were racist rants on this page. Besides as a demonstration of his character, the ‘dirt diggers’ have to go back decades to find the only inflammatory items they can. The other candidates are constantly supplying ‘dirt’ on themselves on a near daily basis, yet many are willing to excuse these ‘errors’ quite readily. It gives me pleasure to see attacks such as this. Name calling and assumptions of peoples character are the rantings of someone without ammunition or ability to counter a differing view, hence the Mom’s basement claim. Actually, I was raised in a manufacturing family. I am familiar with the dangers associated with relocating our industries overseas, that is actually one of the many things I disagree with Dr. Paul on. A product that cost $1,000 made here but costs $200 made overseas is not $800 saved. It saves the consumer $800 but there is still $200 sent out of our country, I know the ramifications of outsourcing and feel the country has little hope of regaining it’s lost prominence without a solid manufacturing base. Also, anticipating your retort, No, even though my family is extremely wealthy, I have not ever nor will I ‘live off’ or ‘sponge off’ of them. As far as being ‘anti-semitic’ that is a term misused. First of all, I believe most are unwittingly anti-semitic because disliking Arabs OR Israelis IS anti-semitic. They are genetically the same. Why should we send Israel $$$ while we also give it to their “enemies” as well (except Palestine -we give them nothing and if you were to do research you would find that those poor bastards got the shit end of the stick over there since 1946). The PM of Israel told Congress that Israel does NOT need our ‘support’, does that make him an Anti-semite? He supports Ron Paul (look it up). Besides, there should be alarm when ANYONE arms BOTH sides of a conflict … to the reasonable man. I have not received any such subsidies like food stamps, unemployment insurance, hand outs of any kind. Not knowing you I can not accuse you of any yourself. Remember, if your family helped with the down payment on your home, gave you a car as a teenager or if you ever collected unemployment, you have been more of a burden on society than I ever have been and only you will know the truths there. I actually ‘came over’ to the Paul camp in part, due to the ignoring, bad talking and wise cracks. That is why I looked into his history. Ron Paul is as good a man as any we have. He loves his country and hopes to leave this earth with a clear conscience that he at least tried to ‘save her’. In actuality, the country IS bleeding out. The societal engineers have brain washed the masses so effectively that we would NOT have the chance to avert financial disaster as Iceland did by exposing that the banks were dumping their toxic debt on the people while extracting the ‘good assets’. We won’t do that. Regardless of your feelings on Dr. Paul, inform yourself, for your families sake as you have absolutely no idea what suffering they are in for WHEN the US Dollar is no longer the reserve currency of the world. We will ALL be millionaires WHEN that occurs. Remember ignorance is nothing to be ashamed of but willful ignorance is just stupidity.

      • Amen Dusty. I am glad to see someone else noticed that same phenomenon. The other candidates are slowly using more of Ron Paul’s words as their own in a very sly manner.

  7. Mr Gingrich claims to have created 11 million jobs and at other times 16 million jobs. He also wants to take credit for any improvement the stock market made while he was in office. Perhaps he could explain how he personally created even 1 job. Does he really think government can have that much of a positive impact?

    • Newt created his own job – as a lobbyist! And made millions – of dollars! He is a slick talker, and a liar. And he managed to fool a lot of “conservative” South Carolinians. Like the old saying: If you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bulls**t.

    • Newt can’t say a sentence without quoting
      President Reagan. He makes it sound like he sat right next to President Reagan in the oval office and were hitched at the hip!!!! Since he didn’t do anything himself (other then get fined thousands of dollars and kicked out of office and as Speaker of the House[the only Speaker that did in History]), he has to run on everyone elses record since he didn’t do an honest day in his life. HAS NEWT PAID OFF HIS MILLION DOLLARS+ THAT HE OWES TIFFINY’S FOR HIS WIFE’S DIAMOND [SHE IS HIS DAUGHTERS AGE..HIS FIRST WIFE GIRLS]????

    • Newt Gingrich is the jobs fairy. He has a magical hat of jobs and prances about the country dolling out work wherever necessary. Politicians cannot “create jobs” that is such a misnomer. Politicians can create an environment that is business friendly. The MOST business friendly environment is a true Free Market. Trivia question : “Which candidate supports the policy of a true free market?” A) Ron Paul B) Rick Santorum C) Newt Gingrich D) Mitt Romney – The answer is A.

  8. When Ron Paul reverses his position on fault of 9/11, drugs & a whole array of various other insidious topics I would be willing to “learn” more. Until then he’s imo simply crackers. Calling people a flip floppier is like saying which way does the wind blow today. I know I don’t care to be down wind of these people. I’m a product of the 60’s so I remember Gingrich during his time with Reagan & as speaker. Much to what really happened back then from my memories is mostly built from people he convinced to agree with him. Meaning he understood how politics worked & for that they went after him. I will say I like Rick but I also like Newt. I’ve watched Mitt & he strikes me like the wind, never know from one day to another which way he’s going to blow…

    I took this of another site, don’t know the author but kudo’s to him or her.

    Newt is the only speaker of the house in our lifetimes to have passed FOUR BALANCED BUDGETS in a row.

    Newt led. He is a leader because he thinks through problems, forms strong ideas on how to solve them, and boldly goes about trying to get the job done.

    I’d take a flawed person who is authentic in what he says and what he means over:
    — a wishy-washy flip-flopper who stands for nothing (Romney)
    — someone to the left of Kucinich on foreign policy and who has no results to show for his 22 year congressional career (Paul)
    — someone who can’t and won’t win the general election (Santorum)
    — someone whose 2nd term would be disastrous for the country (Obama)

    When Newt says “I want to fundamentally overhaul the entire federal government at every level to produce a modern, lean, effective federal government” as he did in his SC victory speech,…

    BTW…what has the “GOP” led House done since Gingrich was “ousted”?

    How about …….spend…spend…spend…spend……and oh….spend some more.

    Has anyone ever thought that just “maybe” the reason why Gingrich was “ousted’ was because he didnt want to ….spend …spend..spend? Nah…of course not. Cuz that would be too easy.

    The republican House and Senate has been a disaster. So please spare me the whole “Gingrich” was the problem bullshit.

    yup I’m thinking that about sums it up 🙂

    • AGREE with you 100%. Go to to see all details. Tweet you friends. Grassroots are very important. Twitter gave victory to Massachusetts Sen. Brown. He forgot it quickly, because he and Romney from the same state.

  9. ron paul is a nut! waves arms like a puppet,makes no sense,friends with iran.HEY! and don’t forget to legalize mary much chance as snowball in hell.would die of old age before taking oath as pres.should get out of race and give others a far as being an economical genius….define genius,maybe on sesame street,or queen for a day!

    • @ Walt: you are the Nut!! 3 lines to spill you venom and say nothing. Ron Paul is in the race to educate people like you on what our Constitution says. Alcohol, tobacco and firearms kill many more people than all illegal drugs combined. Only a Nut can believe that it makes any sense to incarcerate someone for doing drugs. As far as economic genius.. How much of genius do you need to be to know that you should live within your means and not spend what you do not have,

    • What people seem to have forgotten is that our government cannot make things legal. They can only make things illegal or stop making them illegal.

  10. Dr Paul will NOT flipflop all the way to our doom with his “non”-foreign policy. The US will be considered weak and vulnerable under this man.

    Make him Secretary of the Treasury and turn him loose to fix the financial system, but it would be a mistake to make him Commander in Chief of our military

    • @Richard – you cannot de-couple foreign policy and economic/domestic policy. You cannot have all the war and interventionism and hegemony without the FED printing money without end. Everyone wants to condemn this man for seeking peaceful solutions, and label him as running, ‘left of Obama’ (like dunderhead Baier on FNC). Uh, GWB ran on a humble foreign policy and an anti-nation building plank, and got elected…he ran left of Clinton, in that regard. Obama ran left of GWB, promising to bring troops home and close Gitmo. C’mon folks – it’s not running right or left, it’s governing right vs wrong. Lastly – there’s got to be a reason why the military support him with more donations than all other candidates combined, including their current Commander-in-Chief. Why do we disrespect the opinions of these men and women in service by labeling the person they support as unworthy of their leadership?

  11. Ron Paul gets more support from the Military than ALL candidates combined … Support our troops … support Ron Paul. Sadly the rampant voter fraud will more than likely eliminate any chance of receiving the nomination. You people think any other candidate get any votes from “the Left”? Ron Paul came in 2nd in NH … to Obama. That means thousands of Democrats went out to the polls to WRITE IN a Republican name? Why are you all so blind? Oh, that’s right, the brainwashing. We ARE crashing, right now. Our nation is ‘bleeding out’ in the gutter of history.

  12. America, needs a Republican Nominee and leader, that will support this logical solution to fix our economy:The “One – Year Mortgage Holiday” 9 Point Economic Recovery & Jobs Plan, as fully detailed at is the only legitimate economic stimulus plan designed to actually solve the current housing, credit, banking, financial crises, that will jump start our economy, create millions of new jobs, stimulate growth and generate long term economic prosperity.

    The #1 key element of the plan, the “silver bullet”, is an ingenious “One – Year Mortgage Holiday” for every home owner & business in America, so that for 12 months, you do not have to make a monthly mortgage payment. All Renters of apartments, retail & office space will also get a 38% rebate on their rent. Consequently Main Street, that has already spent & wasted Trillions bailing out Wall Street and received nothing in return, since credit markets are still frozen, foreclosures, unemployment and bankruptcies are still rising, would then be able to have a well deserved one year “Time Out”, from having to make a mortgage payment. So a 25 year mortgage simply becomes a 26 year mortgage. All mortgage bank lenders, would still be paid a monthly average interest rate of 6% on all mortgage debt in the country. This would allow consumers, all home owners, renters and businesses to decide for themselves how best to spend, save & invest their own money each month, that would inject approximately $80 billion monthly back into the economy.

  13. I find it interesting to note that very few writers show no interest at all in obeying the Constitution, and wonder if it is because they were educated in government schools and do not even know what the document says. If they did–if they recognized it it the greatest document for freedom in the history of the world they would see there is only one presidential candidate to vote for–congressman, Dr. Ron Paul.

    I say this because in my world at least, and, I believe in the country in general, most people do not even care about the Constitution. For instance–there has long been a movement to get rid of the Electoral College. If that happens then America will genuinely be a democracy but it is not now.

    The Constitution understood, unlike modern reporters, politicians, and the population as a whole, that democracy is about majority rule. That is the reason for the Electoral College. Majority rule is immoral. But the public does not know this or understand it, generally. That is why in the end, the statists, i.e. the Republican and Democrat parties will win and continue to provide people with “benefits” paid for by the people. Only one candidate should be voted for for president. In this election that is Ron Paul.

  14. Ron Paul is a born loser, and he just needs to go away. The man must have not gotten any attention as a child, because he’s sure acting like one now! Every time he opens his stupid mouth with those stupid opinions, he is letting the world know just what kind of an idiot he really is!

    • Maybe you should go back to school and learn something you ignorant prick. People like you are proof why America statistically has some of the least educated people in the world. Your education system is failing, and you sir are a product of that failure.

  15. Let’s face facts, ron paul is nuts! So it becomes Interesting when people begin talking truth about a certain candidate the “bots” come out in droves… You see the idea is to overwhelm a site with propaganda to control issues. The issue here is your dr. paul is nuts!

  16. Please try to understand. Ron Paul stands on the principles in our Constitution. Maybe often a extremist view of those principles. But the concept of total freedom as crazy as it may sound and as impractical in some instances may be still should be our first instinct. Republicans believe the government should impose or control social values, and Democrats that the Government should control and direct the economy. They both agree on shoving something down our throats. I think Ron Paul believes that the government should not tell us at all what you can and can not do. We know what is right and wrong and should live with the consequences of our decisions.
    As far as foreign policy goes, being the leaders of the world is a consequence of having all our affairs in order and following the principles of our Constitution it should not be our main goal. We do not like when foreign interest seek benefits by supporting certain politicians through lobbies, so we should stay out of the rest of the worlds affairs and concentrate in improving our own. If we keep picking fights here and there we will eventually be overcome by too many enemies, Specially when we can’t keep buying friends.
    The federal government so far does not do a good job at anything. None of the responsibilities they have assumed, are done well. So lets stop giving them more, and go back to basics. Those of us who support or like Ron Paul is not because he can win, but because he is right more often than not. It’s because what he stands for, although sometimes inconvenient and difficult, is the idea of real freedom as intended in our Constitution.

  17. Are you getting Prepared? Ron Paul said in the last debate that Americans should begin to PREPARE. “Prepare” for What?

    Find out what he said at 12:00 in the Video below. Do you understand what this means? It’s the single most important issue facing America, yet, as Ron Paul said at the END of the video, we’re NOT talking about the MOUNTAIN of DEBT during these debates.

  18. I don’t know how Romney can change his personality over night? Romney just doesn’t have the charisma, ideas and sense of conviction that Newt has. I think you can look for Romney to get “Newtered” again by Gingrich in tonights debate!

    The Republican Party, meaning self proclaimed Republican “Joe The Plumbers”, are blindly beginning to shoot themselves in not one but, both feet. Providing unnecessary fodder for the deaf, dumb and blind schemes of Axelrod, Carney and the Puppet, Obama. South Carolina a burp as in truth, the Civil War in many respects remains waged in the defeated South as many generational natives quietly detest so called “Yankees”. Ignorance is bliss. Perhaps tough words but overwhelmingly a fact and must be confronted as a real theme in the SC results. In the “North”…only time the word “Yankee” is uttered is in reflection of the Bronx or “Rebel” in Nevada.

    Mr. Romney HAS successful Executive experience in BOTH the Private and Governmental CEO capacities of effective stewardship. He and his administration balanced budgets and enacted necessary, sometimes tough, changes for Excellence. He has not been an “Historian” (aka Lobbyist), impeached Official or like the other 3, simply, Bill Negotiators who then rely on Leaders like Governors and others to implement, regardless of impact.
    Wake Up Americans with Pride (not the lifelong panderers), you work harder and longer for less to support and continue the ever-ballooning and infinite entitlement programs for the drones of our society, all made possible by those stringed to Washington DC.
    Florida, I suspect, is shrewder than SC and will begin the march to a much necessary Romney presidency and polished, effective administration.

    • @ Scott. We the people send to Washington our representatives. They represent us, not order us. We can change them, they can not change us. Personally I like Romney, Santorum, or Newt about the same. There is something in each to like personally. And although I kinda dislike Paul’s delivery and the way he comes across, his message makes more sense only if you try hard to understand what he means. If he could express himself as clear as Newt the primary would be over and Obama would not have a chance. He stands on principles and what he believes is not convenient nor easy for all but it is right as a starting point. How you later implement, elaborate or go about from that staring point is a different issue.
      If you expect any one candidate or president to fix us, you will be very disappointed. They can’t. Only we can fix the country by sending the right IDEAS and principles to Washington.

      • Steve L.:
        Steve, you and I, believe it or not, share very similar American horizons. I have no doubt you are a deep intellect who clearly is in touch with the damage abounding us. I appreciate your remarks.
        Kindly, I do NOT “expect one candidate or president to fix us”…I agree with you wholeheartedly. However, WE DO NEED an experienced “CEO/GOVERNOR of the USA”….one who executed with both some successes and perhaps failures.
        I believe Mr. Romney has what it takes….and then some…..Enjoy the Debate Stevo….let’s move forward together in November.

        • I do believe we have more in common than not. I do Like Mitt at many levels. However I do not believe a successful CEO of a investment firm is a qualification for President. As a governor the record is mixed at best. I have similar reservations about Newt and Santorum. My problem with the Republican party is that they represent some of the illiterate jerks you see in some of these post. The nasty ones that can’t put a reasonable thoughtful argument and insist on attacking another bloger with nothing more than insults or childish behavior. Those who think it’s a sport match and want there team to win no matter what or at what cost. No wonder elected officials in either party many times behave the same. They are given a vote without any knowledge of what it stands for. No wonder if you add the votes of both parties, it is a minority of citizens over 18yo. Like I said before our biggest problem is our society.

          • Steve L:
            Point well made and taken. For the knuckleheads you speak of here AND for all others perusing, LET US PONDER THE FOLLOWING:


            For those a little slow, derelict Pelosi has already hinted at releasing Confidential Congressional Ethics Info on Newt… can bet Axelrod has already been shared with. Obama is greatly concerned over a match up w/ Romney and nervously wishing for anyone else…especially Newt’s freight cars…..nice points Stevo!!

    • Newt is still one of the “OLD FAT CATS OF
      WASHINGTON D.C.) that America is trying to rid Washington of!!!! He is just another OBAMA in a different sheep’s clothing. Every time he lies, they should zap him with a stun gun!!!!!

  20. Mitt Romney should be asked why he has so savagely attacked Newt Gingrich following the most recent debate after saying in the debate that the one thing he would change would be to attack his opponents less and attack Obama more. In my view he has joined the ranks of two faced men like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama who will pat you on the back with one hand and pee down your leg with the other.

    Newt handed Romney a crushing defeat in SC just two days ago and yet the elite news media continues to extol the virtues of Romney and distort and misrepresent problems experienced by Newt many, many years ago. It is anger over just this kind of double standard that swept Newt to such a huge victory in SC.

  21. Newt Gingrich is a brilliant debator and will win tonight’s debate as well. Newt knows how to run a national and build up our morale! It’s not big government. We’ll finally be a free United States of America, not a fascist king-controlled european country. Illegals will be deported! Newt agrees that if you are in America, speak English. We are not going to change our language for illegals. If I go to France, I expect to have a french english-to-french dictionary on me to help me talk with locals. I don’t expect them to bow down to me and have everything in english for me. Illegals need to go back to their home country and come into America the RIGHT way. That way you can leave in peace and not have to look over your shoulder all the time. Or move to Arizona. Sheriff Joe Arpaio will seek you out and deport you faster than you can say “but Obama said”. Go NEWT!!!

  22. Our governor rejected 2.3 billion in high speed rail stimulus. It was to be used to connect Tampa and Orlando. It would have stimulated 24 thousand jobs and many private businesses. Instead, the bulk of the money went to Illinois and other states. This ( I believe) is the Republican philosophy of the far radical right where a misguided purely political decision damages all the people in the state. The governor is the least popular in the US because he simply does not care.

  23. “Ron Paul and Rick Santorum would need to basically win Florida to build any momentum moving forward and avoid this becoming a two-man race between Romney and Gingrich.”

    What? Gingrich has no organization. Paul is still likely to win several of the caucus states.

  24. I feel confident that the Ron Paul’s message will prevail in the long run. Many of our citizens; especially the young have become fiercely independent and distrustful of our government. They see a government that is inefficient and irresponsible. They see a government that is expanding its power, encroaching upon our liberties and policing the world. They see a government that cannot be relied on to solve our problems. The answer simply is to shrink government to its basic function and abide by the constitution.

    • I have no doubt Paul’s message resonates with most Independents, many Republicans, and some Democrats alike. Unfortunately Dems and Independents do not vote in the Republican Primary and he may not stand a chance as a Republican. However his ideas, principles, and values in a different messenger (like Rand Paul, his son) and as a 3rd party, has a very good chance of being President. Because of his age he might not get to see it, but I know I will. In the end the message is in our Constitution and you ARE RIGHT,it will prevail

  25. Question for tonight:

    An american plant is closed in, say, Miami, and the 600 employees are terminated with little or no severance. Costs are 20% of U.S. costs at the new production facility in China. The venture owners are delighted at the new profitability and will keep earnings offshore to avoid taxation. Is this an example of how capitalism works and should the government have any role in this loss of jobs? (Should we shorten their unemployment even more so they find a job?)

  26. maybe we should start speaking iranian if paul gets in,oh i mean “dr” paul. mikey…can you say prick in iranian or chinese ? better learn if dr.paul gets in:/

    • @ Walt The only reason to worry is because for the past 60 years we have been picking wars all over the globe. We have been involved in every war since. That’s why so many hate us. War mongers and the military industrial complex keep creating enemies. If we don’t start making some real non-payed friends eventually we will fall.

  27. Blah Blah Blah you paulbots are funny – Anyone that wants to legalize drugs – shish…

    Here’s truth.
    From Dave:
    When Ron Paul reverses his position on fault of 9/11, drugs & a whole array of various other insidious topics I would be willing to “learn” more. Until then he’s imo simply crackers. Calling people a flip floppier is like saying which way does the wind blow today. I know I don’t care to be down wind of these people. I’m a product of the 60’s so I remember Gingrich during his time with Reagan & as speaker. Much to what really happened back then from my memories is mostly built from people he convinced to agree with him. Meaning he understood how politics worked & for that they went after him. I will say I like Rick but I also like Newt. I’ve watched Mitt & he strikes me like the wind, never know from one day to another which way he’s going to blow…

  28. I don’t understand why there has been very little said about Rick Santorum. Well yes I do. Know one can find anything bad to say about him so they don’t say anything at all. Knowing Rick personally, I can truly say that he probably has the highest moral apptitude and uncompromised convictions of anyone who has ever ran for president. He is the only believeable candidate we have to choose from. He is also the most opposite of Obama than any other candidate. Above all, he is not a candidate that uses neutral rederick. He has the knowledge and can articulate how he will accomplish getting our country back to where it needs to be.

  29. Brian Williams, please do not the the tail wag the dog tonight in regards to real questions and answers we need from Newt. He needs to asked about his ethic violations & his character issues and if he doesn’t want to answer and “Bullies” you, we’ll just accept it as an unanswered question with no explanation!!!! Also how can he say he is a conservative with that record. He is the playground BULLY.

  30. A question for tonight! If they wish to be our President and they start using the spin lines used throughout these debates. Stop immediately and say exactly what they are going to do about any subject that comes up STEP BY STEP and if they think they would have the authority by the Constitution to do what they are promising!

  31. I read, in the paper, that Mitt will release ONLY 2010 and ESTIMATED 2911 taxes. Would you ask him what he has to hide from the many past years when he was actually earned wages that should have been taxed at much higher rates. For that matter, I would like to see those tax filings for the last 10 years for all candidates, including Obama.

    Also, have you found any substance to the release of academic records from an earlier college Obama attended at which he obtained and used a scholarship as a foreign exchange student?

    • Newt G., Rick S. and Ron P. yelled and screamed and kicked for Mitt to release his Taxes…WHEN THEY NEVER HAD RELEASED THEIRS. Newt released his 2010 and pushed the send button as they all walked on stage for that debate, so no one could bring them up (WHO DOES THAT SOUND LIKE??), Rick S. said his computer was at home and couldn’t release his until he goes home (LIKE HE DOESN’T HAVE A COMPUTER WITH HIM??) and Ron P. has no intention in releasing his??? Newt, Rick and Ron are playing the game “(DON’T DO AS I DO, DO AS I SAY!!!)”!!! Sounds to me just like the OBAMA games!!!!! Watch tonight and see Newt DANCE around what he really did and money he made with FANNY AND FREDDIE AND why what he really did to to be kicked out of Congress and SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE (the only Speaker of the House that has been kicked out of office!!!) He already said he WON’T ANSWER any of those questions or release any of the papers showing what he really did!!! It’s time that NEWT, RICK AND RON to play “TO TELL THE TRUTH”!!!!!!

  32. Ever notice how those who don’t like Ron Paul, can never summon up an intelligent response to those who do, and CAN express eloquently why? Says a lot to me. Research is your friend. Try it. RON PAUL 2012

    • Your kidding right. Paul has beeen in congress for ever and what has he accomplished? 1 bill for all his years. 544 failed to pass… Paul is a quack been running around for years claiming the sky is falling the sky is falling. So what if he has some support on the FED now. Look at all the other crap he has claimed…. Paul and Bachman were both jokes. Neither has accomplished anything and both had the nerve to run for PRES..

        • And it came to pass in the Age of Insanity that the people of the land
          Called America , having lost their morals, their initiative, and their
          Will to defend their liberties, chose as their Supreme Leader that
          Person known as ‘The One.’
          He emerged from the vapors with a message that had no meaning; but He
          Hypnotized the people telling them, “I am sent to save you. My lack
          Of experience, my questionable ethics, my monstrous ego, and my
          Association with evil doers are of no consequence. I shall save you
          With Hope and Change. Go, therefore, and proclaim throughout the
          Land that he who proceeded me is evil, that he has defiled the nation,
          And that all he has built must be destroyed.” And the people rejoiced,
          For even though they knew not what ‘The One’ would do, he had promised
          That it was good; and they believed. And ‘The One’ said, ” We live in
          The greatest country in the world. Help me change everything about it!”
          And the people said, “Hallelujah! Change is good!”
          Then He said, “We are going to tax the rich fat-cats.” And the
          People said “Sock it to them!” “And redistribute their wealth.” And
          The people said, “Show us the money!” And then he said,
          “redistribution of wealth is good for everybody.”
          And Joe the plumber asked, “Are you kidding me? You’re going to
          Steal my money and give it to the deadbeats??” And ‘The One’
          Ridiculed and taunted him, and Joe’s personal records were hacked and publicized.
          One lone reporter asked, “Isn’t that Marxist policy?” And she was
          Banished from the kingdom!
          Then a citizen asked, “With no foreign relations experience and
          Having zero military experience or knowledge, how will he deal with
          Radical terrorists?” And ‘The One’ said, “Simple. I shall sit with
          Them and talk with them and show them how nice we really are; and they
          Will forget that they ever wanted to kill us all!” And the people
          Said, “Hallelujah!! We are safe at last, and we can beat our weapons
          Into free cars for the people!”

          Then ‘The One’ said, “I shall give 95% of you lower taxes.” And one,
          Lone voice said, “But 40% of us don’t pay ANY taxes. So ‘The One’
          Said, “Then I shall give you some of the taxes the fat-cats pay!”
          And the people said, “Hallelujah! Show us the money!”
          Then ‘The One’ said, “I shall tax your Capital Gains when you sell
          Your homes!” And the people yawned and the slumping housing market
          Collapsed. And He said, “I shall mandate employer-funded health care
          For every worker and raise the minimum wage. And I shall give every
          Person unlimited healthcare and medicine and transportation to the
          Clinics.” And the people said, “Give me some of that!”
          Then he said, “I shall penalize employers who ship jobs overseas.”
          And the people said, “Where’s my rebate check?”

          Then ‘The One’ said, “I shall bankrupt the coal industry and
          Electricity rates will skyrocket!” And the people said, “Coal is
          Dirty, coal is evil, no more coal! But we don’t care for that part
          About higher electric rates.” So ‘The One’ said, “Not to worry. If
          Your rebate isn’t enough to cover your expenses, we shall bail you out
          Just sign up with the ACORN and your troubles are over!”

          Then He said, “Illegal immigrants feel scorned and slighted. Let’s
          Grant them amnesty, Social Security, free education, free lunches,
          Free medical care, bi-lingual signs and guaranteed housing…” And
          The people said, “Hallelujah!” and they made him king!

          And so it came to pass that employers, facing spiraling costs and
          Ever-higher taxes, raised their prices and laid off workers. Others
          Simply gave up and went out of business and the economy sank like unto
          A rock dropped from a cliff.
          The banking industry was destroyed. Manufacturing slowed to a
          Crawl. And more of the people were without a means of support.

          Then ‘The One’ said, “I am ‘the One’- The Messiah – and I’m here
          To save you! We shall just print more money so everyone will have
          Enough!” But our foreign trading partners said unto Him. “Wait a
          Minute. Your dollar is not worth a pile of camel dung! You will have
          to pay more…” And ‘The One’ said, “Wait a minute. That isn’t
          fair!!” And the world said, “Neither are these other idiotic
          programs you have embraced. Low, you have become a Socialist state and
          a second-rate power. Now you shall play by our rules!”

          And the people cried out, “Alas, alas!! What have we done?” But yea
          verily, it was too late. The people set upon ‘The One’ and spat upon
          him and stoned him, and his name was dung. And the once mighty nation
          was no more; and the once proud people were without sustenance or
          shelter or hope. And the Change ‘The One’ had given them was as like
          unto a poison that had destroyed them and like a whirlwind that
          consumed all that they had built.

          And the people beat their chests in despair and cried out in anguish,
          “give us back our nation and our pride and our hope!!” But it was too
          late, and their homeland was no more.

          You may think this a fairy tale, but it’s not.
          It’s happening RIGHT NOW

          • Mr. Ghotrod,

            My wife and I read your post and we almost wet our pants. It was hilarious. However, in all seriousness you are 100% correct. I hope America stops drinking the Koolaid before it is too late.

          • Isn’t this the same woman that a federal court judge ruled that she was not mentally fit to stand trial???


            Judge Mukasey had earlier said that Ms. Lindauer was “seriously disturbed” and that even antipsychotic medication might not make her fit to stand trial.

            He cited findings that she had paranoia and delusions of grandeur

            The judge cited the testimony of a government psychiatrist who said that Ms. Lindauer claimed to have special powers and that she had indicated she once met with Osama bin Laden, who disclosed to her the location of a bomb. The judge said that demonstrated “a lack of connection with reality.”

            Judge Preska also cited Ms. Lindauer’s behavior in court last year, when, after being admonished not to speak without first consulting with her lawyer, she stuffed tissues in her mouth. That was “not the response of someone rationally connected to the proceedings,” Judge Preska said.


            But if you wish to use crazy people to support your position….

        • Read the whole article, SU-ZY:

          On the economy, the facts are these. When Obama took office, the United States was losing around 750,000 jobs a month. The last quarter of 2008 saw an annualized drop in growth approaching 9 percent. This was the most serious downturn since the 1930s, there was a real chance of a systemic collapse of the entire global financial system, and unemployment and debt—lagging indicators—were about to soar even further. No fair person can blame Obama for the wreckage of the next 12 months, as the financial crisis cut a swath through employment. Economies take time to shift course.

          But Obama did several things at once: he continued the bank bailout begun by George W. Bush, he initiated a bailout of the auto industry, and he worked to pass a huge stimulus package of $787 billion.

          All these decisions deserve scrutiny. And in retrospect, they were far more successful than anyone has yet fully given Obama the credit for. The job collapse bottomed out at the beginning of 2010, as the stimulus took effect. Since then, the U.S. has added 2.4 million jobs. That’s not enough, but it’s far better than what Romney would have you believe, and more than the net jobs created under the entire Bush administration. In 2011 alone, 1.9 million private-sector jobs were created, while a net 280,000 government jobs were lost. Overall government employment has declined 2.6 percent over the past 3 years. (That compares with a drop of 2.2 percent during the early years of the Reagan administration.) To listen to current Republican rhetoric about Obama’s big-government socialist ways, you would imagine that the reverse was true. It isn’t.

      • Tom what is wrong with the U.S. Constitution and freedom. Why are you for Big government, more taxes and less freedom. I don’t understand why people keep following the Democrats and Republicans. Notice how the big government politicians, Obama, Romney, Bush, Gingrich. They all tell you what you want to hear to get elected. But once in office it’s business as usual. They’re not working for you. They work for Wall Street and the big banks. Have you seen the video, “Fall of the Republic” or “America Freedom To Fascism”. You can find both of them on YouTube, check them out. I suggest Fall of the Republic, it is more inline to what is going on in D.C.. Don’t be a Useful Idiot for these big government politicians anymore, please!!!

      • What does Ron Paul stand for? Civil liberties, sound money, and freedom…things like ending the Patriot Act, SOPA, transparency in our Central Banking System, and the current one, cutting the indefinite detention clause from the NDAA. He is championing these clauses why? Who benefits from these laws? Corporations and government, not the people…so of course when he tries to be a champion of “We the People” he is going against the establishment that is working for corporations and government (Ron Paul does not even talk to lobbyists). So, you are going to blast Ron Paul for being a lone voice in YOUR defense and being unable to hold back a tidal wave of anti-Constitutional legislation and thought. No wonder our world is become dystopian…thank you for that.

      • “Paul has beeen in congress for ever and what has he accomplished? 1 bill for all his years. 544 failed to pass”

        Tom, just an FYI. Dr. Paul has gotten a partial audit of the federal reserve and revealed that The Federal Reserve AKA “private bank that prints our money” Printed and dispersed 16 trillion u.s. dollars and doled it out to private entities in Europe

        To place $16 trillion into perspective, remember that GDP of the United States is only $14.12 trillion. The entire national debt of the United States government spanning its 200+ year history is “only” $14.5 trillion

      • It’s funny that you think in order for a Congressman to ‘accomplish’ something he must have a bill passed. Do you really think in order for something to get passed it is only in the hands of one person, uh HELLO it has to be VOTED upon, so obviously RON Paul tried to pass 544 but none of them got passed, which is obviously not up to his decision because if it was up to him don’t you think they’d all be passed? With that being said, your conclusion to this situation is that Ron hasn’t done anything instead of a normal educated conclusion like Ron has tried to do something but hasn’t been voted upon, at least he is trying. I’m assuming you have no higher education based on your ignorance.

      • Actually Ron Paul has accomplished exactly what he’s supposed to accomplish…nothing. The role of the federal government is to stay out of the way. The reason we are in such a mess is because people like you believe the federal government is supposed to be constantly doing things.

      • Hey Tom, are you really that stupid? Think about it, the reason his bills don’t pass is because he wants to change the way the thieves in Washington operate, and they like things the way they are. If he had his way, he would turn off the ATM machine and then all those idiots would have to do some real work. I’ll bet you’re just another empty headed Obammy fan

      • Sherry, Tom proves the point right here. He’s regurgitating the most recent gobbledygook from the media and other GOP’ers. They are always clutching at straws. They never have anything to add of their own, from research they’ve done themselves. Ron Paul people are researchers.

        Tom, are you kidding? So because he has been fighting for what’s right, and has received nothing but roadblocks from corrupt politicians, that somehow is suppose to represent his accomplishments? How about being RIGHT about EVERYTHING? From DEBT, to “Blowback” as stated by the former CIA director, to the housing market bubble and collapse, are you blind sir? Haven’t you figured it out yet, that all the bills that they pass in congress are window dressing? They are just mediocre bills that slowly keep the money machine working. Ron Paul would stop the gravy train, and that is the ONLY reason they vote against his bills. His bills take away the governments power, and gives it BACK to the people, hello? Anybody out there? Come on Tom. You never wondered WHY they would vote against them? They actually all admire him. He has been complemented by Rick Perry and Mitt Romney during the debates, and almost never do they take him on. Santorum tries too. Just because they voted down his bills, simply means good bills got shot down by corrupt politicians. All you have to do is look at the bills yourself, and decide for yourself if they were in the best interest of the American people. Then consider why the corrupt may want to vote his bills down. The reason the GOP and the Media absolutely FEAR Ron Paul is not because he is wrong, it is that they were all wrong. Politics and the Media is a very ego driven career. Could you imagine how foolish they will all look if he wins? They have a dog in this fight and it’s their ego. How many people are left over from the 2008 election? Candidates like Rudy Giuliani? Who ridiculed Ron Paul. They are gone, do you know why? Because Ron Paul made minced meat out of them after the election, and they withered in his intellect. Youtube proves what Sherry is saying Tom, all you have to do is watch the videos, read the comments. Ron Paul people are freaky smart. He has accurately predicted most of what is happening RIGHT NOW!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!

      • The reason he hasn’t passed as many bills as others is because he votes anything down that had earmarks or pork-barrel spending. His logic, unfortunately, is lacking in a majority of congress. He seems out of touch because he won’t do this, but if you think about it, it’s the only noble thing to do. That national ProLife organization gives him a low rating. Why!? Not because he is ProChoice which this rating inaccurately reflects. But because he has voted in the past many bills that were meant to be ProLife but he had to vote against them because he felt the earmarks on these bills made it unworthy of his vote. Do your research or you will be programmed like everyone else into voting for some of those other “Republican” robots that are in the back pocket of Big Coroporation.

      • Yeah Tom, because all the bills and legislation so far has adheared to the constitution. You have no idea what the federal government’s roll is. It’s way too powerful and wasteful That’s why he dosen’t propose stealing from you, to give to others.

    • Seriously?

      Ron Paul die hards generally have just as little intelligent to say as rabid fans of any of the other chuckleheads.

      Ron Paul is a medical doctor who fancies himself an economist. However the economics textbooks that Ron Paul so often loves to say he reads…. must have been written in the nineteenth century. He clearly knows nothing about how the Fed reserve works, but he is among the loudest voices calling for it to be cut.

      Ron Paul is actually my least objectionable option among the challengers… but he is still batcrap crazy.

      So I will say it back to you. Research is your friend. Unfortunately you will need math up to multivariate calculus in order to have enough Economics to understand how the Fed works. Once you have that you will see that Paul’s populist economics does not stand up to the facts.

      • I’m wondering what would your last name be!!
        Rockefeller . LOL, just kidding
        The banking cartels did indeed create the FED legislation. The FED is the Cancer and eliminating it is the cure. It is the FED that allows the moral hazard that allow giant Wall St companies to malinvest and make high risk moves. Why? Because if they lose their losses will be spread through us the taxpayers.
        Read what Dr. Paul said in his book “End the Fed”
        “Members of Congress, when they knowingly endorse this system of fraud because of the benefits they receive, commit an immoral act. Financing spending in an irresponsible manner, through Fed action or future debt burdens, provides immediate political benefits to politicians.”
        I hope you enjoy it.

      • One needs no calculus, in one variable or many, to understand the Fed. Keynesian economics tells every greedy, venal politician what he wants to hear: that real wealth comes from creating money out of nothing. Ludwig von Mises told us that creating money out of nothing only redistributes wealth away from productive uses toward the politically connected. Ron Paul calls it “crony capitalism.” Mises also told us why socialism will never work: no one person or group can possibly know what prices should be. Only the free market can process all the available information. Mises explained that in 1926; talk about prescient…BTW, Mises was no stranger to math; his brother Richard was the greatest Austrian mathematician of his generation. How’s your resume stack up against his?

      • Michael, I hope one day I can be as educated as you and do “multivariate calculus” to learn how 1+1=3 or other neat stuff..

        No, unfortunately Thomas Jefferson, you know President #3 said the following

        “The central bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the Principles and form of our Constitution. I am an Enemy to all banks discounting bills or notes for anything but Coin. If the American People allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the People of all their Property until their Children will wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.”

        Maybe if he was “Educated” like you he would come around…..Here’s hoping!

        Have a day- Ron Paul Die Hard

      • Michael, if you think you know what you are talking about. I would like to hear, how is the FED run? I don’t think Ron Paul claims to know how it’s run, does he? I believe he states that he would like to “audit” the FED. I am sure you know what auditing is too right? You do not have to know the inner workings of the FED to be an economic genius. He watches the negative effects that derive from the FED, and their decisions. You are aware he predicted the last 10 years right? Does that not do it for you? Are you aware that most Economist agree with Ron Paul? Or do you just block it out? All the videos of them agreeing with Dr. Paul are on youtube. All it takes is a wee bit of research.

      • Michael, I hope you are smart enough to at least take the time to evaluate the evidence when it is presented to you. I am not entirely a Paul supporter, I just share some of his views, not all. I share some views with each candidate but i do not ever think for a moment they do not want the best for our country as most of us. I usually do not ever post links or videos, but this exception is at face value a single reason of why Ron Paul has been elected 12 times to Congress and some of the stuff he knows. Please take the 5 minutes it takes to watch a speech in Congress from April 2002 and then tell me if he has not accomplished much more than most of us.

    • Huh? That’s just insane. As Newt put it in one of the debates, everything you like about Ron Paul he will never be able to do and everything you hate about him he will do on day one.

      There is a lot that Ron Paul says where he is 100% right, but his isolationism is scary. Iran obtaining a nuclear bomb is the biggest threat to human civilization of all time. Under a President Paul, we will simply shrug our shoulders and ignore it.

      Dr. Paul gets an A+ for being right on principles, but an F- for practicality.

      • Sounds like the only thing you do is believe in what the media tells you, I woulds suggest you do some of your own research, becasue if you did you would not be talking like that. First and for most the “isolationism” thing is something the media cooked up. For Ron Paul never, ever said that or implied that. He is calling his belief, non-interventionism, OK so go look that up, go now do some of your own critical thinking, it is a good thing. So, now that we got that out of the way and you looked it up, you know that does not mean he wants the USA closed off from the world, he just wants the USA to mind its own damn business. So, I am glad you looked it up and did some of your own research and don’t you feel better, like you are in control of your own free thinking, Good for you!! Oh and this “threat” is it by chance any different from the “threat” of Iraq.. looks like it is the same deal… and.. it was found that there was no nukes in Iraq, oh I guess the media and government can be wrong. Oh but they where wrong at the expense of thousands of lives, but that is no big deal right?? Lets just go bomb Iran, for they might have a nuke, lets do it, Hurahhhh!! Give me a break. Don’t forget that if Iran had a nuke, what that single nuke is going to destroy the world, while every other country has hundreds, nice try.

      • David

        Apparently in today’s political world, being an isolationist means opposing the U.S. government’s policing the rest of the world through invasion, occupation, and war—that is, militarism. Ron Paul prefers peaceful trade with foreign countries rather than invasion, occupation, and demolition of their countries, another A+ principle!

    • Ron Paul is a kook, and should be shackled by TSA, just like his kook senator Rand sonny boy today in nastyville.

      • I know you resort to name calling becasue you can not have a sound intellectual conversation. But please to tell me why is he a “kook” (I am assuming you meant crook, but I am unsure with spelling like that, or as wikipedia tells me “Kook is a Yiddish surname meaning “look””, you tell me). Do tell what he does that is so “kook”ish.

  33. My husband is a Brick Mason. He was unemployed for a year and a half. He received unemployment but to not lose our home we had to use our 401K. We paid the taxes on it but are now faced with a penalty for using it. With such bad economic times can’t congress pass something to eliminate the penalty in such distressed circumstances? They provide other reasons for allowing you to use your 401K. Would the government rather I had lost my home? I now have a tax lien and have to figure out how to come up with all that money plus get back on our feet after being unemployed for so long.

    • I’m a brick mason from Jamestown Ny! I feel both you and your husbands pain! It is very depressing and yet I fear hope is a long way away!

    • Hey I had to do the same thing. After being unemplyed for 2 years ended up Cashing out my 401k to save my home . It was either that or end up in foreclosure. I paid huge penalty amounting up to something like 50% on it’s value in taxes alone.

  34. @Trisha. Here’s a few FACTS on Newt Gingrich. He is a man who voted for GATT, NAFTA, the WTO, helped create the Department of Education, the man who was for the individual mandate before he wasn’t, the man who was for TARP before he wasn’t, the man who was for the debt ceiling raise and actually voted to raise it at least two times while in Congress, the man who co-sponsored the anti-1st ammendment Fair Doctrine in 1987, the man sanctioned and fined 300K by Congress in 1997 for ethics violations, the man who pushed global warming, the man that was pro-amnesty before he wasn’t, serial adulterer, paid in excess of 1.3 million by Freddie Mac for advise they didn’t take (ya right), etc… etc… but HEY don’t worry about his record. We won’t worry that he is big govt. and not for the Constitution and liberty? Forget about it. Best of all he’s a dictator…a ruler who will institute over 100 executive orders on his first day in office. And then there is Romney and Santorum….much of the same. A vote for any of the three is a vote for BIG GOVT. Review their records and quit relying on debates and the media to make your decision.

  35. Real conservative views? Lol and what is that, mike? Do you really believe that the status quo Republican will actually change things? He’s there to serve the special interest, continue the wars, continue to pass laws like the patriot act and ndaa. Look where Romney gets his donations, he’s going to have a lot of favors to give.

  36. Ron Paul is not trying to legalize drugs for people who can’t comprehend what they are reading or hearing from other parties…. He wants to leave it up to the states!!!… To cut military spending not military!!!…why do we need to give our money to other countries?.. It’s so bad now we are printing our fake money and giving that away! If it’s not paul then we should keep #Obama> womp womp

  37. Here’s a “reality pill” for all the Nut / Sanitarium supporters. The only two candidates, going into the convention, with enough delegates will be Romney and Paul. Nut / Sanitarium will not factor. Do the math. The election process is NOT a “spectator sport.” You MUST get delegates.

    Having said the aforementioned, you have the choice between Goldman Sachs Candidate A vs. Goldman Sachs Candidate B vs. The “We The People Candidate.” The candidate that simply echos that which (concerns/sentiments) expressed in our 1st, 34th, 35th POTUS. For those very concerned which foreign policy (and candidate) this nation MUST follow, please peruse the following:

    Col. Douglas Macgregor (USA ret.)
    Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer (USA ret.)
    Michael Scheuer (former CIA)

    Faithfully submitted,

    Cpl. USMC (1980-1986)

  38. Mike and Steve L. We know that you guys rode the short bus to school, and you have my sympathies on you all being mentally challenged as you are. Please seek the help that you so desperately need!

    • beside discussing bus rides and illnesses. Do you have any intelligent thought that could enlighten us, or serve any positive purpose?

  39. WOULD YOU ASK EACH CANDIDATE APPEARING AT THE DEBATE TONIGHT THE FOLLOWING QUESTION: It is my observation that while a VAT would lower the tax on corporations (of all stripes), that it does so by unfairly shifting that portion of corporate taxes to the individual consumer. I abhor the idea that any candidate for President of this country would endorse, enact or sign into law a VALUE ADDED TAX scheme, which is the very foundation of the European socialist system. Mitt Romney has indicated that he approves of and could support implementation of a Value Added Tax scheme. Would you state clearly whether you would support a Value Added Tax scheme as President?

    Charles Reynolds, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

  40. How many times do Americans have to get burned before they get it? Follow the money and see who is donating to who’s campaign. Why do the people not care the major donors always give to both parties except Ron Paul who stands alone? Why do you think the establishment and media shun him? He cannot be bought and controlled so they will do anything to stop him. When people give millions to your campaign, don’t you expect they expect to write the legislation favoring them and the candidates who they put in office to do their bidding for them. How much will they owe the special interests and lobbyists they take money from. I suggest someone make a list of the major donors and see who is taking the money. I am sure you will find it is all of them except Ron Paul but that also include Obama big time. Policies will never change, regardless of which party is in and the puppet masters are working behind the scenes to control their puppets using their TelePrompTers. The bankers, other donors and bundlers write the legislation that benefits the 1 percent to the detriment of the middle class. We are being played by the banksters and the media and sadly the masses just keep voting the way they are told to for the same slick bought and paid for politicians and expect a different result. ” Insanity” Short memories I guess or they have their hand out too.

    We only have one chance to get this right. Vote Ron Paul

  41. My vote is only for Ron Paul. I will not vote for more of the same because the media wants us to. Also wait until the other guys rip one another apart with their records. Then we will see who is left standing.

    • No, it is 9pm PT. That is according to NBC. It will not be aired live on the west coast. It will air on west coast stations at 9pm PT taped. Unless you can point to a page from NBC showing the 6pm time slot, be careful not to mislead people.

  42. Please post and ask this question tonight. I am a 41 year old, white male. I have three degrees. Music, Mortuary Science, and Licensed Barber. I have 3 part time jobs. I cannot find full time work. I am married and have 3 boys (15, 11, and 10). I am very able and willing to work. What are you going to do to help the millions of people like me, who are living day to day and worry about feeding their families and paying their bills (utilities)? How can you relate to my situation?

    • Decide what you want to persue.
      Do you want to be a Barber?
      An Undertaker

      What is your longest suit? What do you prefer doing?

      If you pee in every corner you will never make a puddle anywhere.
      Channel your efforts in the field you want to work in.


  43. A central issue to be decided by voters in the upcoming presidential election: the extent of federal government intervention in our economy.

    Will the type of reporting by the well-intentioned but left-leaning main stream media, particularly NBC and CBS, have enough influence on the voting public to cause further loss of American values and traditions?

  44. Antoher question to be asked tonight. Would you put prayer back in schools? And, would you bring corporal punishment back into schools?

  45. Fox news is so busy talking about Romney running negative ads, yet Hannity is spending his hour giving Newt a nightly free air time to knock who he wants. I say stop babysitting Newt and start. He has done nothing but give the public the impression that he is perfect. His record is bad. Read… The more I watch him I see that he acts like a child trying to cry at the drop of anything said to or about him. This is for effect not Issues here… We need to look at facts and records here. Not who is someone’s pet.
    Didn’t this happen in the last big election? People needed to study up on the person before making a decision. IS THE PERSON QUALIFIED??? Look at what that did for America…a big mess to fix! I think we need to be looking at what Romney has to say about his plans for The People of America. Mitt Romney has all the qualifications to be our Next President. Read and study find the facts.

    • You are correct! I have turned off FOX NEWs as they are so pro Newt and not giving us a rounded outlook on ALL canadiates. Pushing Newt!I will NEVER vote for Newt, not even against Oblama.

  46. There are only 3 (three) candidates that I can consider. I am “fired up.” I have never done anything like this before, but I can not sit idly by anymore. I wrote this as a response to Mr. Gingrich’s covert propaganda site linked through Fox Nation ( I do not want to state it as I do not want to validate it in this forum, and I honestly don’t remember the address anyway, it just looks like it is part of the Fox NC but it is only Pro Gingrich and anti all three other candidates), and I am sure I am going to get hit back hard for my view, if yo are willing to read it all. I do care, but I will not take the retorts personally, unless you want me to in which case, I will. I have to do this anyway. I just took a new poll, “Romney or Gingrich.” “They” (Fox Nation) claimed I had already taken this poll. I have not! I am sorry that you are not willing to add my voice to this poll result. I have participated in your polls back in November/Early December. This poll is different. I also received your Radio. (I thank you for that) I received the Book “Aftershock.” (again I thank you) I also began reading the barrage of emailed newsletters from you. I canceled my subscriptions to all of them because you are lying to me and the American Electorate. I was instantly amazed and saddened at the LIES and HALF-TRUTHS your organization uses as propaganda against all the Republican Candidates save one. Newt Gingrich. I actually have a very hard time saying his name and typing it is as painful. To my dismay, I discovered your COVERT attempt to support Mr. Gingrich all the while dissecting and dismissing each of the other candidates as though they were frogs in a science class. The dissection and display of their character was full of LIES, HALF-TRUTHS and INNUENDO. I remember… Mr. Gingrich a failed Speaker of the House, soiled by scandal and lying and cheating on his wife and the American People. While pushing for the impeachment of President Clinton for adulterous behavior, he was “doing” his own adultery, and had been for years. This was also the second time! He says he is an open book, he is honest about his past. Again a HALF-TRUTH. He is counting on the short memort=y and the younger voters who do not remember as they were not even born yet. There is No ONE worse than a HYPOCRITE. The Savior made that point loud and clear. It is one thing to “make a mistake,” It is an entirely different ball-game to accuse another of misdeeds fighting for their ouster, for justice, all the while lying to everyone else and secretly doing the same thing; not just once or twice or even a 100 times, but doing it for YEARS, 9 YEARS. It establishes an M.O. It is another thing to ask forgiveness, and “have” faith in the repentance process of which we all are beneficiaries as “His was a great vicarious gift, in behalf of all who would ever live upon the Earth.” ((excerpt from The Living Christ)) Repentance is a process, where we own up to having committed a sin. The we confess the sin. Then we ask the Lord for forgiveness. But… this is not the end… We must make restitution. (A very difficult thing when the sin is great) This is followed by genuine humility and you ask forgiveness from those you offended. This step is followed by forgiving yourself and ultimately NEVER committing the sin again. I am not Newt’s judge, but I do have the duty to make righteous judgments when it comes to my family and country. Mr. Gingrich laid low for 1o or so years. Now, he is a “changed man.” Where is the humility? Where is the restitution for having put us all through the pain one feels after having been let down and lied to? He not only offended his wife and family, he offended a Nation. Why is there a TRUST deficit? Why is Congress not functioning? Our Nation, the greatest that has ever been, blessed by God, is struggling. The reasons are many, the cause is singular! Satan, Mastar Mahan, the serpent who beguiles, the one would deceive us all, is at Newt’s helm. Our God bestowed upon is all perhaps the greatest gift of all, that of AGENCY. It is not free, and we can lose it if we continue to allow our common enemy to prey upon humanity. As AGENTS, we must act. Not with, righteous indignation or anger, turning the brunt of an honest question and accusing the asker of the misdeed. This is not humility, it is defiance! I am not suggesting that the American voters are ignorant nor are they not in tune. We are however being held hostage by the Destroyer! His is the path to destruction. He is in this to turn the tide. I truly believe that Newt Gingrich is acting as his agent. He has chosen to belittle his peers obviously through deception half-truths and flat out lies, when asked if he is… “really” calling his opponents liars or not being honest or fully disclosing their positions, he never owns it, he side steps it by blaming another media source or after muddying up the waters with is lies and disdain, he retorts, “Well, ask them.” We still live in a Nation where we are innocent until proven guilty. He has hurt his family by dragging them all through his personal hell of adultery and he uses his daughters and grandchildren to do his bidding, only lucifer would do such cowardly deeds for personal gain! Yes, I am saddened that he is putting us all through his vindictive game of revenge. Revenge on those least responsible for his personal choices, US, WE THE PEOPLE! The only thing I have not figured out is, why? It certainly is not for the good our Nation and by default humanity in general or he would have either a more humble and helpful dialogue with this Nation. So, is it for revenge? To get back at those he perceives as his enemies, those who had to punish him for his ethics violations? Or is it a power issue. Is he really willing to risk EVERYTHING even his own salvation, by continuing the many lies and pain he had already brought upon use his family, friends and fellow Americans? Both of these reasons can only be facilitated by Satan, who at this moment has all he needs, someone (Mr. Gingrich) who is willing and/or “hoping against hope” unwittingly, to do his bidding! Perhaps, it is another reason entirely. If so, why doesn’t he end the pain he is causing his peers who are all running honest campaigns working hard to rise above the fray, each recognizing the positive influx of ideas each rings to the table and trying their best to unite a heart-broken party. In stark contrast Newt belittles his peers and each of us listening with polarizingly divisive rhetoric. Why doen’t he reign in his hubris, his ego and become more meek and humble like the Savior advocates, “…He entreated all to follow His example… His way is the path that leads to happiness in this life and eternal life in the world to come.” (The Living Christ)
    We deserve a leader, a President that can at least follow His, even..” the Great Jehova of the Old Testament, the Messiah of the New…” the Creator of the World…” all things were made by Him and was not any THING made that was made…” example; and at best create a Nation Under God delivering peace, prosperity and allow Every American to pursue happiness. This will be the future for our Children and Grand-children as we work for these ideals and ultimately with the assistance of the Savior.
    Do Your Selfless Dreams For America, Curtis C.

    PS I hope you actually read this message Please at least be fair and not just blindly believe Mr. Gingrich. There are 3 candidates remaining which I know truly follow the example of the SaviorI They believe what they believe and they are each exemplars of the same. Gingrich is a hypocrite. The greatest enemies (most hurtful) to the Church and our Nation have always come from within. I personally support Mitt Romney but I will strongly support Rick Santorum and Ron Paul. I will vote for Obama before Gingrich. I at least know where Obama is , Gingrich is a loose cannon that will bring US down.

    • So, what happen in S.C. I so agree with you and it is surprising how many others do to. So, why is he ahead? Don’t the voters know all this?

    • If you support Romney, Obama, Gingrich, Santorum. Then you must not like Constitutional liberties. Look these guys I just mentioned are not working for you. They work for the Global elitist corporations that run things. They are going to tell you what you want to hear to get elected. But once in, it’s business as usual. If you support them then you are not Christian and do not support our Troops. Christ was not a warmonger-er and the troops support Ron Paul with cash donations, twice as much as the other candidates combined. Ron Paul is the only candidate that wants to end these unnecessary wars and bring our troops home. Christ was for peace and Ron Paul is for peace. Go ahead and throw your support behind those other candidates.

    • dear curtis i respect your passion on this subject and do not wish to insult or offend you. the fact is that clinton was not impeached for being an adulterer, but for lying under oath about the affair. adultery is not an impeachable offense. secondly it saddens my heart that you would preach about his sin and then say that you would vote for obama before before gingrich, because as we all know the first act of the obama presidency was to sign an executive order to allow abortions over seas to be paid for with tax payers money. you obviously know something about what the bible says, so than you should already know that one of the first things GOD told moses and his family after the flood was to not murder for we are created in his image.

  47. I think it is interesting that Romney is being critisized for being a successful business man. Would we want someone for president who didn’t know how to make money or was a failure in business? I would hope not.

  48. Question to be asked tonight: Dr Paul, what did you do with the $1,000,000 you earned from the racist and anti-semetic newsletters that were alledgedly written under your name without your concent? Will you agree right now to donate the money to the families of effected by 911 which according to you got what they desrved from the very government you spent you life workin for?

    How about we ask the doctor that one. The real doctor on the stage is going to Newter the incoherant doctor and McRomney tonight, get you popcorn ready.

    • You are very misinformed.

      Ron Paul published over 4000 newsletters, less than 10 contained “racist” content in them. His focus was on the economics. Whether he realized what was in them prior to them being published or not I do not really care about. He is still a much better candidate than the other 3 even if you believe the mainstream propaganda about the newsletters. How about you start a publishing company, in addition to your own job, publish thousands of newsletters, and try to read everything that is written in them. Do some research, there is a difference between a publisher and an editor. A publisher doesn’t typically read what is being published.

      Ron Paul never said the people killed in 9/11 deserved what they got. He has said that American foreign policy was partially responsible for the attacks. These are two VERY different statements. Innocent people lost their lives because of the actions of a few greedy, power hungry American politicians. That is what is unfortunate. There is no doubt in my mind that Al-Qaeda’s anger against America is justified; however, their actions were misdirected and unjustified.

      Also, don’t think that 9/11 was the endgame for Al-Qaeda. This was the very beginning of their plans. Their goal was to bait American military into their region so they could gain support and rally against a common, visible enemy. We fell for their trap.

      • ONE Question.Dr,Ron Paul. How many times did you add PORK to a bill and then vote against it knowing it would pass. To take the money and say you voted against it. “WOW” thats how it works.

    • Paul spent his life as a doctor. He gave his retirement to politics. You make it sound like he’s a career politician. And you’ve obviously never actually read the ‘offensive’ writings you cite. Tell me, if I am wrong, which item did you find most offensive, and why?

  49. A Question for all. If you signed a no tax pledge will you also pledge, if elected, to not ask for an increase in the National Debt, which is a cowardly tax?

  50. Mike, The funniest thing just crossed my mind. You know, it’s weird that Ron Paul was a racist but most blacks voting republican are black. Your key word is “allegedly” . Are you black? Because blacks don’t have a problem with Ron Paul, only whites trying to use that lie as a propaganda tool do. Now if you do want to talk about racists however, you may want to look at Newt Gingrich’s rhetoric about poor inner city kids with no work ethic expecting stuff to be handed to them. This is not ALLEGED, it’s FACT and at the very least, insensitive. Or maybe Rick Santorum, who said blacks expect stuff to be handed to them, and then said that he was tongue tied and didn’t say black after he said first that he didn’t say that at all. He also said he doesn’t say “blacks” he says “african american” which, again was a lie as well as a FACT that he has said this because he said blacks recently. Now, if you want to ask a question, ask the other three candidates why then never once talked about auditing the fed or abolishing the NDAA law! Even better, ask Newt about Bohemian Grove. Or how about considering why Bushes endorse Mitt Romney. You seem quite lost Mike, you think the media is giving you unbiased news?

  51. How does the author think Gingrich will do in this ‘two-man race’ in his home state of Virginia, where he failed to qualify for the ballot?

    I think Nate may be banking on the wrong two remaining in the race.

  52. geez….the Pualbots strike again.

    your almost Nazi like support of this guy baffles the rest of us when we see him fall apart and sputter like a drooling idiot when the topic turns to Foreign Policy.

    Paul DOES have good things to say about the Fed and general concepts of sound money.

    Other more serious and more dedicated libertarians have been saying these same things for years.

    But the very idea that we must all bow to the Paulbot cult and that we are stupid if we don’t worship at the feet of Paul works in DIRECT conflict with the concepts of liberty and libertarianism that Paul is suppose to support.

    • Wow.. just wow. I think being enthusiastic about a Presentational candidate would be a good thing. But I guess not to you. Anyhow I guess by how you are talking, a Paul supporter took you down, beat you, then torchered you into thinking what they want you to (since you are linking them to Nazis)?? Humm I don’t think that happened, sir look into the constitution it is called freedom of speech, so people are practicing it, if you don’t like it good for you, but that does not mean you have to discredit and marginalize those you do not agree with.


  54. Why don’t you ask Snoot, Romanuel, Sandtorium, why they are running as republicans, when they are basically democrats in disquise?

  55. Brian-
    Please ask Romney “Isn’t venture capital just a form of finance that manipulates money rather than real business like how Steve Jobs started Apple in a garage.”
    Thank you

  56. Newt is the only guy that can face a nuclear Iran which will probably happen next term. His solutions are tried and worked for those of us who remember the nightmare Carter years (almost as bad as Obamantion). Reagan wasnt liked either but turned out one of the best ever. Lots of people out there major on minors, personal business – ex wives etc. What ex wife is ever going to say something nice? NOT! If necessary they’ll make up something. If Romney would stop shooting his own we could get somewhere, his are gutter tactics.

      • uh- It doesn’t matter if Iran actually succeeds in building a nuke, because they will never use it. The simple logic being, that if they tried, all that would be left of Iran is a black hole in the ground. And it wouldn’t be coming directly from the U.S. It would come from our proxy, Israel. And it would be definitive.

  57. END THIS WAR (song and lyrics)





    I can be sure of this
    Memories are fading fast
    A fragile heart of glass
    That’s shattered once before
    The walls start to break and crack
    Nothing is built to last
    Patience are running thin
    But I know we can’t give up

    If we make the choice
    To walk out the door
    And let all we have
    Become nothing more
    Can we look at ourselves
    And resist this
    Moment in time together?

    It’s not impossible
    That we can End This War
    Just let your heart explode
    Not too late for a miracle
    It’s not impossible

    I know we can RESIST
    So many shots that missed
    My heart can take a hit
    Cause I know I can’t let go

    If we make the choice
    To walk out the door
    And let all we have
    Become nothing more
    Can we look at ourselves
    And resist this
    Moment in time together?

    It’s not impossible
    That we can End This War
    Just let your heart explode
    Not too late for a miracle

    NO more fighting
    NO more crying
    NO more hurting
    NO deserting
    NO more lying
    NO more sighing
    I’m still trying
    Arms wide open





    Its not impossible
    That we can End This War
    Just let your heart explode
    Not too late for a miracle
    It’s not impossible

    I’ve seen the levy break
    I’ve seen a lover take
    I’ve felt the war sun
    It’s there for everyone
    I’ve seen some troubled times
    But its not too late for a miracle
    Its not impossible

  58. Simple reason I cannot vote for Ron Paul:

    He was the *only* congressman to vote against H.Res.1326 – Calling on the Government of Japan to immediately address the growing problem of abduction to and retention of United States citizen minor children in Japan, to work closely with the Government of the United States to return these children to their custodial parent or to the original jurisdiction for a custody determination in the United States, to provide left-behind parents immediate access to their children, and to adopt without delay the 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.

    Dr. Paul talks about U.S. Sovereignty, but then refuses to send a message to a country that has been actively ignoring, and assisting its citizens to violate, US Sovereignty. And he did this at the expense of hundreds (if not thousands) of US Children.

    A man who is unwilling to support a statement on the protection of US Sovereignty and US children kidnapped by a foreign country… is not a person I want in the WH.

  59. Would someone please get Ron Paul a doctor? Somebody do a stethoscope test – hurry! Believe this well-meaning old-timer could use an Aricept prescription – NOW!! His horrible squeaking is so ‘playground.’ He likes to make everyone believe he has the only handle on the constitution; would love to see him interviewed by Mark Levin or some other constitutional expert. R-P is a lamb trying unsuccessfully to wear sheepdog clothing and is wasting conservative airspace to promulgate libertarian B.S. Don’t understand why he has any percentage of fooled followers – oh forgot about ‘legalization’ of everything. Seriously, can anyone imagine this discheveled whiner on the world stage? Talk about puppit? — Congress would treat R-P as a mere doormat – as they have been for many years.

  60. All of the Republican debates have been most interesting – the last the most, if you will. IF you are a Democrat you hate the Republicans and visa versa. Shame on all. It’s strictly which party and leader would be best for the country. Obama called for change – The change made it all worse. As a Canadian,an observer but, politically interested, the best Candidate for the Republican Leader is Newt Gingrich. Perhaps, because his mother was Irish and, the Irish genetics is such – they know how to speak, to fight and also to take care of their own. In this case, the American public. Thank you. .

  61. The debate format thus far has been little more than NBC’s childish questions and no questions of substance.

  62. Regarding Newt acting as a “regular citizen” and lobbying, regular citizens do not get paid $25,000 a month. A consultant or historian gets paid. Wow! Talk about twisting…… He’s doing the same thing he is accusing everyone else of doing. He gets a smirk on his face everytime someone gets close to the truth.

  63. This is the worst debate to date so far tonight 8:45 CST. The National Enquirer could lead a better debate. This nation is a total mess due to the Marxist policies of the “Chicago Thugs” as Bill Clinton referred to Obama. Questions should be about the present and future of the USA not the personal trash being asked. As a citizen we lived through Bill Clinton and the sperm on the dress. Nothing in the past of these Republican Candidates matters compared to Bill Clinton’s escapades.

  64. I thought a debate would include all four candidates. I quit watching because I got tried of watching Romney and Gingrich go at it. I would like to hear what the other candidates have to say. Brian Williams, this was not a debate. This was a thinly veiled attempt to fool the American people into voting for one of these crooks.

  65. I live in the Atlanta market and use charter. I find it sort of tongue in cheek that charter is showing fear factor as showing as being on, rather than the debate. Wonder how many people may have missed this debate?

    • I have Dish Network and had the same problem. There’s another debate on Thurs on CNN no matter what your TV Guide says.

    • Why is it that if Newt doesn’t go at Romney when Romney says something at debate New is presidential. In other debates when Romney doesn’t go at Newt, hes soft?

  66. We really do NOT need a thespian. Newt is a well rehearsed thespian. He is dramatic– but lacks integrity. We need a business
    oriented successful man who will bring this country back to the days of our forefathers. Mitt Romney is that man. Let’s support
    him and get rid of the present white house resident who is ruining our economy, our children’s and grandchildren’s future and our
    place as the leader of the free world. A vote for Mr. Romney is a vote for America’s future.

    • I would NEVER vote for Gingrich. You ever heard the saying, Cut Your Nose To Spite Your Face? Lots of people I know Feel the same way.

  67. Your Moderators are failing miserably. There was a question about sugar/ethanol. You let Romney drift off onto a discussion of Space etc. You allow him to do that all the time.

    There are four guys on stage. Give Santorum and Paul equal time.

    • Agree. They should be fair and give all candidates equal time. Even when Ron Paul came in 2nd in NH, they still put him at the end of both debates in SC and asked less questions! Disappointing!

  68. Great answer by Romney re: NASA. Did anyone else notice that newt agreed with Romney, but tried to word smith his way into making it appear his idea is better? That man talks out of both sides of his mouth! newt that is! I believe that newt believes that the American public is somewhat obtuse compared to him. Still can’t forgive him for saying that the american public does not understand how Washington works and that is why we need to elect him. According to him, he gets it and we don’t.

  69. I just watched about 45 minutes of the NBC debate and Ron Paul got about 5 minutes. If the MSM can dictate their questions, who gets to speak, and who gets to give rebuttals, then are they not going to tell us who to vote for? This should scare us all, they they are setting the tone. I just turned off the tv because it was a boring two man debate between Gingrich and Romney.

    • Agree! To be honest ,I think the whole thing could be a set up. Think back a few presidents all got 2 terms… even a recount on Reagan? Wouldn’t surprised me if Obama got another election. Oh keep playing golf Obama… we’re just in a house full of water.

    • I agree the debates need to give equal time to all four candidates. Personally I think Santorum and Paul have not been given their fair share of time to answer questions and talk about their policies. I believe any of the four would be and improvement at President. Our country is getting away from what our founding fathers envisioned. I do not have health insurance at present and I trust God will help us stay healthy or find a way to pay the bills if needed. I do not expect our government to pay my way without my working for some of the benefits.

    • except for those services that you are not smart enough to realize are brought to you by your government. When those are gone you will be the first to whine.

      • @DG — thats the thing….we only want the services that are authorized in the constitution. Read it and get back to me.

        • Until it affects your own, or those you Love, then t’s “where’s my 911?, where’s my Ambulance? How come they let them die? If you are ‘gunning’ for the originalist doctrine, THAT train left the station decades ago, and you are probably alive today,because of it. So, YOU can go read the constitution all you want.

          • @DG All the things you just listed are run by the local governments, not the federal government. Your point is therefor moot.

          • DG, your the kind who would sell your own soul for a morsel of free bread. Of course you don’t value the Constitution, or bill of rights. Cause you probably don’t have any values to begin with. If you do not comprehend the importance of the bill of rights- then it explains why you do not comprehend the importance of Ron Paul.
            When your son or daughter is dragged off to a FEMA camp for the slightest non compliance, or your family is slated for slave labor (Executive Order #11000), perhaps then you will understand- when it’s too late.

  70. Ha ha! No Ron Paul? Jesus! I am sick of hearing Gingrich and Romney open their mouths. Its sounds like the same old talking points. Let’s hear some new ideas America!

    “The business of the journalist is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, so what folly is this toasting an independent press? We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. They pull the strings and we dance.” – John Swinton, New York Times Chief of Staff

  71. “The central bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the principles and form of our Constitution. I am an enemy to all banks discounting bills or notes for anything but coin. If the American people allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” – Thomas Jefferson.

    Thomas Jefferson would agree more with Ron Paul than any candidate on stage. The Federal Reserve is NOT part of our government. IT IS RAN BY PRIVATE BANKERS. People that will and always has been the most dangerous facet to American Liberty: THE FEDERAL RESERVE

  72. Someone on here called Ron Paul a Nazi! Ha ha! If anyone is a Nazi, it is Obama. A Nazi is someone that believes in fascism, the merger of corporations with government. Fascism is a collective movement that centers around big government and a powerful media that filters out dissent. If anything, Ron Paul is the biggest AntiNAzi candidate because he wants to return our liberties back. Trust me folks
    Ron Paul is what our country needs. see the link

  73. Ron Paul all the way! Another Active Duty Donor. Its been far too long the older generations have been stuck in this paradigm or Republicrats, no matter how appealing another candidate would be. I’m voting for someone who best represents me, That would be Ron Paul, only way a good portion of Ron Paul Supporters I know, would vote otherwise is, if Ron Paul is given Fed Chair in that of anothers cabinet. Gingrich already hinted at Ron Paul as his fed chair. Our Current Fed chair is a bigger threat than Iran could fathom to be!

  74. There is only one candidate who has the guts to voice the deeply structural economic problems we face. This is what a Texan black guy has to say about this candidate’s views on race:

    This is what Corporal Jesse Thorsen, with two combat tours of Afghanista¬n and a 10 year military career, has to say about this candidate and national defense at (CNN curiously “loses” the connection when the Corporal begins to say the unacceptable things)

  75. This was the worst debate I have ever seen! Soft-balled questions that don’t matter in today’s environment are not helping any of these guys! I am a Ron Paul supporter, but man, even if he doesn’t get the nom, I would hope someone else could beat Obama. Not with crappy questions like these. What’s the point in having a moderator when he doesn’t moderate?! It’s like NBC decided a few hours ago, “Hey! Lets have a debate, we’ll think of questions as we go” way to be unprepared NBC. Way to only really let two people talk. Way to not discuss issues that really matter to the American public at this time. I also cannot STAND not giving everyone the same chance to answer the questions. LAME!

  76. One last thought, I will decide who to vote for based on a candidates record and qualifications. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have grown jaded to the talking heads predictions and bias towards the candidate they prefer. They seem to be whichever way the wind blows. Would love to see Romney pull a win in Florida, not only because I believe he is the best choice, but I would love to see these media cronies back pedal. They seem to side with whomever has the predicted lead in the polls. Funny thing is, right now they side with newt. Should Romney win Florida, I believe we would see an about face.

    • I haven’t seen them side with Romney nor Ron Paul. They seem to go towards Newt and next Santorum. It surprises me that people will vote for Newt just because he has a good comeback in a debate.Not good! Don’t people want to hear the real issues instead of the media asking questions of Newt and Romney so Newt can look good? Hope Flordia is a bit smarter. I do hope Romney can pull off Florida!

  77. Take Brian Williams to the wood shed. He prodded the Newt and Mitt cat/dog fight for the first thirty-five minutes of the debate. There was no substantive discusion of any kind until 45 to 50 minutes had passed. We want to hear the real issues discussed.

  78. I am amazed at the more than obvious bias of the questions and the commentators following the debate. Every comment was negative to Mitt Romney. I deplore the press and their total dismissal of fairness and objectivity. So long NBC as far as my support and viewership is concerned. M. Brown

  79. evening all. just got home from a busy day and subsequently missed the live debate and obvious stream. does anyone have a link as of yet, as to where i can view the video/debate in its entirety and play catch-up on this evenings showing.

    thx in advance all

  80. Mitt will win. The ONLY reason he lost in the South is because the Evangelical Christians would rather have an adulterer as their president than a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that tries to live a good life.

    • Exactly! Mitt is a person of of great moral fiber but somehow, that’s not cool. An adulterer who calls himself a conservative is a better fit….PLEAZSE! Newt is just better at deflecting what is really going on. He gets asked a question he doesn’t lkek, he blames someone else. And tell me, why does Mitt have to release his tax returns? No one is calling for Rick or Ron’s return. Why, because he is rich? It’s not fair. Also, he pays at 15% because he lives on interest. He already paid 35% when he made it. Now that it is invested, it is taxed at 15%. But it won’t play that way. They will just hammer home 15%like that is his tax rate. Let’s tell the truth here!!!!

      No last thing……………..The stupid republicans pander too much to the far side of the party. I think the majority of us are moderates and NEWT DOES NOT SPEAK FOR ME!! Mitt does. He’s moderate and that is what we need.

      Please people of Flordia……….NEWT does not speak for the
      majority of us!!!!

  81. NBC did not televise the Republican candidate debate
    in northern Colorado tonight.
    (not on DISH network anyway)

    I wonder if NBC will also black out the Obama speech tomorrow night?

  82. I kept count of how many times each candidate got to speak and here are the results: Paul and Santorum: 9, Gingrich: 19, Romney: 20. So much for giving everyone a fair say! I think that a lot of these debates if not most really can’t have winners because everyone is focusing on the frontrunners and not really looking at Paul and Santorum. I just wish that everyone would just take a look at Paul, some of his ideas are really nifty and a lot better than Romney and Gingrich’s. For example, Ron Paul wants to get back to the gold standard (which would make the value of the dollar skyrocket), his foriegn policy makes sense if you read his book, he wants to get troops out of Libia and Iraq, and he stands for a lot of other plain sensible things too. The reason that he only passed a few bills is because no one listens to his common sense! Congress has almost NO common sense these days! Paul is trying to get it through thier thick heads, but they’re paying about as much attention to him as the microphone they’re snoring into. Also, I don’t think that electability is really an issue, it’s who the people are actually listening to and voting for that counts. These TV stations are almost trying to get people not to listen to poor old Paul. I just wish that people could just understand that they don’t HAVE to vote for the frontrunners, they don’t HAVE to only pay attention to all of Romney & Gingrich’s junk, and they don’t HAVE to just let Paul’s sense go in one ear and out the other! Come on world, what happened to independent thinking!?

    • I must defend Romney on this. He has tried to keep to the issues. The media just keeps asking the questions to boost Newt and hes loving it! Yes, EVERY ONE of them should get equal time.But,the people in these states seem to go for it. Just look at what the standing applause are for.

      • I admit that he kept on topic fairly well, but that’s not the issue here. Sure, they go for it, but I think that they would go just as much for Paul if the just gave him an honest-to-goodness chance to speak! Just because the states go for it doesn’t mean that they have to do it! They can try something different for a change and let the other candidates speak!

  83. In this vetting process where each is trying to skin the other I believe very valuable time is being lost simply showing the contrast of each and not how that contrast differs from Obama‘s socialist maneuvers and his daily attempt to undermine and ignore Congress and shred our Constitution. Obama was never vetted by the liberal media when he ran, as a consequence we know very little about him except for his ties to Reverend Wright, Saul Alinsky, George Soros and Bill Ayers for example. Those alone should have been enough to disqualify him on top of the fact that his main claim to fame was a community organizer and a part-time senator. The Achilles’ heel, mentioned by another, is therefore ours to take the hit on, not the candidates.

    To be fair I do not believe any of the candidates should have revealed any of their tax returns until Obama finally reveals ALL of his records, real ones, that open him up for public scrutiny, he is the most UNKNOWN and devastatingly bad president in American history.

  84. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who cares about the Constitution- with a record to prove it. The other 3 are NWO puppets dying to carry forward the bankrupting endless war agenda, open borders, spiral debt, and printing more debt currency (billed to our children) to finance the growing police state in America which only “Protects and Serves” the mega wealthy as they destroy the Constitution.

    The Constitution, formed out of Biblical principle- IS OUR FREEDOM. Wake up, if your not angry about what is going on, you will probably take the mark 666.

    WEU own website. “Documents”. “Adopted texts 2000”. “Recommendation 666 item 12” created the now office of “high representative”, created by Lucifer Trust founder who prints ALL UN materials, formerly out of 666 NY plaza.

  85. I fell asleep twice! Why do they insist in using reporters, with a career to worry for, as moderators? I don’t even watch the news from the networks anymore because of how bland it has become. Not that many people could watch real life without complaining to the network about something. The news on TV in general to me,feels as watching sesame street. Reporters are neutered by the networks, if not they loose their job,(read: Imus, Glen Beck, Stern, Lou Dobbs, Rick Sanchez, Keith Olberman, Dan Rather and many others). If you want a real debate, bring in the controversial free reporters or editorial writers or commentators, the real thinkers who do not need to read the questions. Rush, Glen Beck, Hannity, Imus, Dobbs, O’Rielly, etc. It would sure be more realistic than what it is.

    • Obama — the next new host of Family Feud (can anyone give a total count of the women he kissed after his Misstate of the Union)?

      Afterwards — Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels neutered in a very diplomatic way all the demagoguery Little Hussein parroted!

      Not strong enough for me — but still kudos to Mitch!

  86. I like Jeb Bush….and what the heck…Romney only one displaying his Tax Returns ?
    Whats up with that ? So he’s success in business…now be success in bringing our
    country back to high successful standards

    • Demand of the media — Name the actual Persons that have earned enough money to finance our Nation’s huge debt!

      Can anyone explain how it is possible for ANY Entity to have Legally earned the monies needed to finance ALL GOVERNMENTS on earth (and still keep them all in Debt)? A simple calculation will show that if all the humans in the last 50,000 years (since cave-men till now) worked for a living wage, no such amount could have been EARNED, that can finance every nation on this planet!

      The conclusion must be — that these Few, World Money Lenders that finance Nations, have made this much profit by PURE THEFT.

      GIVE US THE NAMES AND ADDRESSES OF THESE MONEY LENDERS, so all American People know who owns the mortgage of our Nation!

  87. The perpetuation of our species is predicated on how well we learn to live and work in space.
    I worked at NASA during the last two Apollo missions. I still get goose bumps from that time.I’m a GED graduate and got there buy a lucky fluke.If you can imagine, like every boy of that time I wanted to be an astronaut. I watched Allen Shepard lift off on TV and then ran outside to see the launch vehicle rise over the roof of our family home. I ended up there through luck and found my self in the mist of the greatest achievement
    in the history of mankind It’s funny, the highlight in my life will probably go down to the time when I was 21
    years old.
    Newt through his speech yesterday rekindled an American standard that has been lost yet not forgotten. You gettem Newt!
    J Ellis
    Nashville Tn

    • The others aren’t against space projects, esp military ones, but not to use that to win votes at the time we cannot afford it.

    • I wish we had the money to put more people in space, after all it’s our children’s, children’s future. People are selfish if they don’t see results fast they think its a waste of money, I can’t expect we would even reach light speed for hundreds of years to come if not thousands but if we don’t try now.. nor will our future generations.

      Kind Regards
      Simon H

  88. Valid observation — someone said the more you listen to Newt, the less you like him.

    And since he’s been talking endlessly, he should lose big in FL today. Without Newt in the running, Ron Paul’s message will have to be accorded greater exposure (instead of the Newt-Mitt dog-and-pony show that preempts air-time).

    Floridians — it’s up to you to make a difference today!

  89. Since when does our country or a debate host have the right to enforce american citizens to call Mr.Obama, President Obama, if so lets use his real name: PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSAIN OBAMA Hope I spelled it right……

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