Florida Republican primary, 2012
Candidate Votes Percentage Delegates
Mitt Romney 775,023 46.42% 50
Newt Gingrich 533,097 31.93% 0
Rick Santorum 222,790 13.34% 0
Ron Paul 117,100 7.01% 0
Rick Perry 6,768 0.41% 0
Jon Huntsman 6,199 0.37% 0
Michele Bachmann 3,962 0.24% 0
Herman Cain 3,494 0.21% 0
Gary Johnson 1,196 0.07% 0
Totals 1,669,629 100.00% 50

Mitt Romney easily took the Florida primary Tuesday night followed by Newt Gingrich in second, Rick Santorum in third and Ron Paul rounding out the remaining four.

Report from the Washington Post:

TAMPA — Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney claimed a decisive victory in the Florida primary Tuesday, as a conservative electorate chose Romney over former House Speaker Newt Gingrich as the best positioned to take on President Obama in November.

Just 10 days after Gingrich handed Romney a drubbing in the South Carolina primary that had threatened to derail Romney’s campaign, Romney returned the favor in Florida, capturing the biggest prize yet in the Republican nominating contest.

Early results showed Romney holding dominating leads across much of the state. He appeared to swamp Gingrich, despite that exit poll data showed the electorate was dominated by conservative voters who support the Tea Party. Gingrich had pressed the same argument in Florida that had won him South Carolina: That Romney was not a true conservative.

But the key to Romney’s victory may be found in exit poll surveys that showed voters’ top priority was finding a candidate that could beat President Obama. Buoyed by millions in largely negative television advertising, Romney appears to have persuaded Florida voters he was more reliable bet to challenge Obama in November.

Clearly Gingrich’s push in Florida struck the wrong chord with voters since polls a few weeks ago showed him edging a lead. In the remaining 7 days that lead seemed to slip. The results from Tuesday night indicate that Gingrich apparently wasn’t able to seal the deal leaving enough voters switching back to Romney. Rick Santorum and Ron Paul finished as expected since both campaigns essentially pulled out of Florida setting their sights on upcoming caucus states.


    • Great result for Ron Paul today.

      Newt needed a big loss, so eventually he’ll be forced out. The sooner this happens, the better for America. Than the media will have no longer the excuse to concentrate only of the Mitt-Newt circus, but will be forced to give more air-time to Ron Paul. And this is what is needed for his message to be finally heard, instead of the current black out!

      • Be careful what you wish for. If Newt backs out the media will declare the race over and stop following it. There won’t be any more debates. They’ll just announce that Mitt is the nominee.

        Paul needs Newt to stay in to keep the race going. Then he needs voters to feel like they have a choice besides Mitt and Newt. Basically he needs the perception there will be a split convention. If that happens, he might just win Virginia.

        • Ryan — scary observation. So Ron Paul is muted if Newt stays (the Mitt-Newt circus continues and grabs all attention) and muted if Newt goes (no coverage since the circus left town….).

      • its not a big loss for him he won south carolina and came second in florida ron paul may have great ideas but foreign policy will never get him elected i like his idea on not going to war without declaring war but outside of that his foreign policy scares me and others

        • It’s even more frightening when we go to war ‘without’ declaring war – since that’s what our Constitution requires. How many American sons and daughters have died in ‘undeclared wars’? How many of them died in countries where the U.S. was meddling, trying to force our opinions on other countries? Was Vietnam worth the bloodshed? What were we protecting there? What about Iraq? Thousands died in the Twin Towers. So the U.S. sent thousands more to die – for what? So one man could be eliminated a decade later? To make a statement? What about Afghanistan? How have we, as Americans, benefited from any of these? Are we more secure? Not according to our government. Have our Constitutional rights been protected by the blood of our children? Not according to our government that wants to intrude even more into our rights and lives. We have a government intent on taking away our rights, one by one. Why do you think that is? Gun control? The constitution says we have a right to bear arms – so that when our government becomes oppressive we have the right to revolt. The Constitution says we have freedom of speech and freedom of religion. But do we? Then explain why, even here, in a public forum, our government wants to monitor what we say? Our government wants to arrest and hold U.S. citizens for however long they wish for whatever reason they wish. Are we all terrorists who want our government to abide by our Constitution? The fact is that the ‘poor’ are dis-empowered by our government. The more ‘poor’ we have, the more secure the government. The more who look the other way and deny the reality, the more secure the government. This year, we still have our right to vote. Choose your vote carefully. I personally like the idea that my sons, daughters, and grandchildren will not be sent to die ‘undeclared’ for U.S. acts of aggression against other countries.

    • Mitt and Gingrich are getting all the publicity from all the major networks and treat Sanctorum not as a serious candidate and Ron Paul a good one-liner. That is what the reflection of this poll shows. The candidates do not win but the press that supports them and behind the press who is it? I would bet the Republican party and their big interest buddies. Go Ron Paul!

    • too extreme, which could be good if we were choosing a monarch… but he lacks the ability to lead other politicians

      • He supports our Founding Documents which are under attack constantly. O sic’d Holder on the 2nd Amendment. Do you call that too extreme? Paul does as does Issa and Grassley, and all who see what the commies are doing. The monarch is sitting in the Oval Office right now, is that too extreme? Paul has voted correctly according to our Constitution and rights in his office as congressman and bravely annoyed the commies in the House by doing so. You can lead a jackass to water but you can’t make it drink even if it is dehydrated. Answers your accusation. He leads by example which is all he can do as a congressman and he does that well.

        Do you consider any of the Czars in O’s “administration” as too extreme? That’s a title that Ron Paul would immediately “dissolve” like the wicked witch when he confronts them with the Constitution. He knows what weapons are and how to use them.

      • Hey OK, just curious…what do you find ‘extreme’ about insisting politicians govern in accordance with our Constitution?

      • The most important job of the president is to VETO BAD LAWS, not to draft legislation. Who better to stop crap like SOPA and the PATRIOT act than “Dr. No”?

  1. It looks like the Republican “Establishment” got-their-wish and spent-their-way to nominate ANOTHER Liberal/Moderate Candidate, Mitt Romney, to face off against Obama in November. It’ll be John McCain 2008 all over again and Obama will win.

    The ONLY HOPE for America is for Ron Paul to run on a 3rd Party Ticket and announce it during the Summer or at the Convention. He needs to stay in the Race, so we need to continue to support him financially.

    Go Ron!

    • It will be interesting, for sure, when the Tea Party Movement and Occupy Wall Street Movement “Unite” this Spring/Summer. The Protests and Civil Unrest will be UNPRECEDENTED and something that CANNOT be Ignored. Obama and Romney will definitely face all the fall-out from these Protests. If Ron Paul stays in, he will surely benefit.

        • Sharon’s absolutely correct! Besides, who says Romney will be the nominee? This race ain’t over yet – there’s a lot more states that want their say!

        • Sharon

          That’s what the Media WANTS you to believe. Occupy Wall Street had MANY MANY Tea Party Activists there protesting right along side of each other. They SHARE the SAME ENEMY – The Wall Street Banksters and the Politicians who created the Environment for FRAUD to occur.

          The MEDIA wants to create this Right/Left Paradigm between the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street. The Truth is that ALL THESE PEOPLE are protesting because the PEOPLE have NO VOICE in Government. The Tea Party Politicians who were “swept” into Office in 2010 couldn’t get it done because of the “Establishment”. They didn’t arrest, prosecute and jail the Criminals on Wall Street that DECIMATED Our Economy. Thus, the Occupy Wall Street Movement was born. You better get your facts straight! They will Unite in the very near future.

          Besides, I didn’t see ONE SIGN that said “Obama for President 2012”. The Media LIES. Rush Limbaugh LIES. FOX News LIES. That is what is, my dear.

    • Darryl

      Once awakened to the message Ron Paul supporters never change their minds. Many, many millions of us of will be writing Ron Paul on the ballot if he doesn’t win the nomination. As you know there is no other second-choice candidate for those of us who see through the matrix of lies and deception. I believe he will not drop out and is going all the way to a brokered convention, his message is so vitally important for America’s survival and Ron Paul, a real hero, honorable Statesman, dedicated Patriot and follower of Christ is giving his all this last time to reach and awaken as many of us as possible.

      Ron Paul is dedicated to America and the people, not for himself but for our country!

      • YES to Ron Paul! The question is whether once awakened we will follow through all the way to our local votes and then for Congressional representatives – or do we just go back to sleep? I think ‘grass-roots’ means we have to pay attention to those we elect ‘locally’, too; that it all starts at home.

      • So if Ron Paul doesn’t run third party, and doesn’t win the nomination, then what are you going to do? Will you continue to bash your head against a brick wall and write him in? or Will you try to vote for the next best candidate?

        • So if Ron Paul doesn’t run third party, and doesn’t win the nomination, are you going to go against your own integrity and beliefs to vote for the ‘next best’? Why not vote for the ‘best’ and let the chips fall where they may and with your vote for Ron Paul send your mandate to our elected that you expect ‘the best’ performance from ‘them’?

  2. Why not Ron Paul? Nobody like freedom. They prefer welfare and imperialism. They prefer everything our founding fathers were against, Tyranny. Even Alexander Hamilton would be ashamed of America.

    • Crunk — money usually buys elections. For the unusual to happen, a 1-on-1 vs Mitt is needed. Then we’ll see if Romney Money can buy the election or if Paul’s genuine message of truth wins.

      The goal right now is for Newt to withdraw ASAP. As a strategist I would want rich Mitt to take out Newt quickly — not only will this reduce the count to three, but due to the negative way Mitt is going about it, it will also do some damage to him. And this can be used later.

      Santorum should be kept for a while — since in a three way race he’ll pounce on Mitt (instead of Ron Paul doing it in this early stage). Once Santorum runs out of funds, the inevitable 1-on-1 of flippy-flopping Mitt vs genuine Ron Paul will occur.

      Then the main media will have no choice but to accord near equal time to Ron Paul — not the existing total black out. Once Ron Paul’s message gets full exposure, Ron Paul may just make the revolution needed to save our country from the ever growing octopus that has spread its pernicious tentacles into every facet of our lives — our current Government!

      But first step first — Newt out ASAP. Bombarding Newt with e-mails and phone calls telling him to forgo his ego and to do what’s best for the people — to graciously withdraw NOW on his own…. — will go a long way in achieving this first step.

        • DonJ — step by step.

          First Newt out — then Santorum gone.

          Let Mitt pave his ugly way to the inevitable 1-on-1 vs gentleman Ron Paul.

          Once genuine Ron Paul faces phoney Mitt — the American People will see TRUE substance vs flip-flopping RHETORIC!

          And the same will happen to Obama — if Ron Paul is given the chance, he’ll neuter with substance the little narcissist now occupying the White House!

          Contact the Media — tell them to give equal time to Ron Paul’s message — STOP THE BLACK OUT IMPOSED!

  3. You said it, Betty. How do Florida voters not see that Ron Paul has the best principles, policies, character, and chance to beat Obama? It is so clear to me, I don’t understand why it’s not clear to other people.

    • Monica — Floridians never really got the chance to hear Ron Paul.

      The state was bombarded with the Newt-Mitt circus, and the media spent over 98% in the last two days covering the GOP race talking about it. Santorum was mentioned in a few 10 second clips — during hours upon hours upon hours of saying what Mitt did to Newt and what Newt did to Mitt, and what Newt said about Mitt, and what Mitt said about Newt, and what Mitt’s advisers said about Newt and what Newt’s advisers said about Mitt, and IN A 5 SECOND CLIP: “RON PAUL DELIVERED HIS USUAL MESSAGE”, and what the Mitt experts think what Mitt said of liar Newt, and the Newt experts think of what Newt said about liar Mitt, and what Newt’s daughter thinks of Mitt and Newt, and Mitt’s cousin-in-law thinks of Newt, and what Dan Rather thinks of Mitt and Newt, and what the pollsters predict for Mitt and Newt, and what the gurus said about Mitt, but not about Newt, and the other gurus said about Newt but not Mitt, and what the consensus is about what Mitt said about Newt and what Newt said about Mitt, and what message Mitt is saying, but not Newt, and the message Newt is saying, but not Mitt, and what people think of the message Mitt is sending to Newt, and what people think of the message of what Newt is sending to Mitt, and what Mitt and Newt……………..

      Do you get it now…?

      • If its Romney vs Obama, then its a choice of, essentially, the same person just supposed different political parties… I’d be more than happy to give Ron Paul my vote if he went third party, regardless if it will “guarantee Obama’s reelection”. Obama’s reelection isn’t my primary concern, its that the Oval Office is going to end up with another establishment person… whether it be Obama or Romney or Gingrich… I’d sure like to see an honest and pro-constitution politician, like Ron Paul, as President.

      • Astonished, I am so tired of hearing that! It’s not just about beating Obama. What good does that do if you replace him with someone who is just like him? A Romney or a Gingrich may be more dangerous than Obama because their liberal policies could go unchecked by the likes of you just because he is Republican. Yes, we want to defeat Obama. But we need to replace with him with someone who will start to restore freedom to America, otherwise we gain at best, nothing. Right now the only someone who fits that description is Ron Paul. Ron Paul for president!

  4. i dont understand how ron paul got last..i really dont…is everyone in america blind because im thinkin only a little over 70,000 ppl in florida can see

  5. Ron Paul will stay the course because he genuinely loves the USA and will not stop defending. He is becoming more and more a symbol of real American leadership that OWS is seeking, and certainly honored in Tea Party groups all over the USA. There is only one way to avoid the Protests and Civil Unrest that you mention will be unprecedented, and that is for citizens to figure out what this is all about and when they do, they will stand strong for Ron Paul. We will roll right on over the commies in the road and rebuild what they have damaged in our country. Oh it is going to be so good, we will be so happy to have our freedoms and country and respect back.

  6. Im afraid the sheeple have been led astray once again.
    I wouldn’t look for the Occupy crowd to back Paul either. They are far to the left, and see Obama as their advocate against the system.
    Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are both self proclaimed progressives.
    I was astonished how Paul’s name has been blackballed by the media.

  7. Don’t u guys think it’s interesting that 99% of the people on the internet wants Ron Paul to win. However on the polls they show the opposite?

    We’re all here thinking how Ron Paul isn’t winning yet nobody mentions that it’s because it’s rigged.

    Romney and gainrich admitted that they support big establishment and would continue to support the Ndaa.

    Wtf is wrong with people? We deserve what we get. People in America are stupid and deserve romney. Good luck.

    • I believe the polls ar rigged also, I know the reporting is, Obama said to give Paul zero coverage, just vote for Paul and stop calling the people stupid.

  8. I do not like Romney either, however, he would be better than “O”. If people vote for a third party person (if Ron Paul does run as a third party person), that will only assure “O” of winning because there would be no way a third party person will have enough votes to win. All a third party would do would take votes away from the Republican candidate and guarantee “O” another win. It will be too close a race as is without a third party taking votes away from the Republican candidate.

    • Abraham linocoln won with 36% percent of the votes, but that doesn’t matter. “First they ignore you…then they ridicule you…then they fight you…then you win,”~Ghandi.

      RON PAUL 2012

      • Crunk, Bill Clinton also won with 43 % of the vote with Ross Perot running as a third party candidate. Ross Perot split the conservative vote and that gave us Clinton. That was good for this country? Yikes. And I the same thin will happen if Ron Paul runs a s a third party candidate. We’ll get BO again. And If Ron Paul does this and causes this to happen, I don’t EVER want to hear any of you Ron Paul supporters ever tell me again who much Ron Paul loves America. Because his actions will have sealed America’s fate.

        • When Perot ran the MSM shut him down by not reporting his popularity. Now we have the internet and the TP knows the volume behind Ron Paul. He has the issus correct and that’s what the people will vote for.

        • even if ron paul doesn’t run as a third party he will split the votes. Cause either people will right him in or not vote. At least if he runs and get a large percent of votes it will send a message.

    • I think you sorely overestimate “O” and his handful of followers.. So many democrats are in love with Ron Paul, this can be seen in a lot of the comedic media.. So really Ron will only be pulling from each major party and all the independents. Ron Paul is so underestimated by people who rely on what their conservative friends say (which mainly consists of “he is so extreme especially with his foreign policy..” Oh please give me a break with that nonsense).

      Ron Paul 2012

  9. Unfortunately my boy, Jon Huntsman bowed out. I really like SOME of what Ron Paul has to say, but 1) his position on drugs, 2) his non-interventionist/isolationist foreign policy and 3) his frail “Presence” are just BAD for AMERICA. Though I abosolutely believe he should spearhead a subcomitee on slashing the deficit, I think Ron Paul lacks the strength and charisma required Presidency. Remember, this man will be our Commander In Chief.

    1) DRUGS – Fine, cut uneccessary spending. I’m all for decriminalizing and regulating Marijuana, but not harmful and deadly narcotics like Meth, Coccaine or Heroin. Decriminalizing these drugs at the Federal level will merely place the burden of enforcement upon the states, who would lack the jursidiction and manpower to pursue drug dealers across state lines. What the taxpayer saves at the Federal level will likely cost significantly more at the state level. Rather than ONE agency running the show, now 50 agencies will be running the show and shouldering the added financial burden.

    2) ISOLATIONISM – A non-interventionist foreign policy would result in run away nuclear proliferation that would absolutely result in a WMD being used against us or one of our allies in years ahead. Though it may be argued that Iran has the “Right” to develop Nuclear Technology for peaceful purposes, I contend that ANY country whose government engages in unlawful conduct (i.e. The taking of Hostages) or enages in beligerant rhetoric should be prohibited from acquiring the technology for developing nuclear weapons by the international community. Furthermore, a nuclear Iran would result in runaway proliferation throughout the Middle East, then continuing across the globe.

    3) STRENGTH AND CHARISMA – Although not necessarily a prerequisite for the Presidency, a strong charismatic demeanor has a psychological benefit to our people, our friends and our enemies. (i.e. The Iranians took American Hostages during the Carter Administration. They held those hostages until the very day Ronald Regan took office. If that scenarion were replayed today, and Ron Paul were assuming the Presidency, I doubt those hostages would be released.)

    With Huntsman out of the race, I’m still uncertain who will get my support. But it will defineitely NOT be Ron Paul. Economic advisor: YES! President: NO!

    • Do you realize that the military has chosen Ron Paul to be their Commander In Chief? Do you realize that Ron Paul is more like Reagan than any of the other candidates? Ron Paul is the most intelligent candidate who knows his history. His facts are accurate and he has not changed his mind like all the others. Former CIA officers and a Col. who spent his career in intelligence say that the other candidates show their ignorance when they speak about foreign affairs. The intelligence officers would sleep better at night with a Ron Paul President.

      “Ron Paul is one of the outstanding leaders fighting for a stronger national defense. As a former Air Force officer, he knows well the needs of our armed forces, and he always puts them first. We need to keep him fighting for our country.” – Ronald Reagan

      As an Air Force veteran, Ron Paul believes national defense is the single most important responsibility the Constitution entrusts to the federal government.

      In Congress, Ron Paul voted to authorize military force to hunt down Osama bin Laden and authored legislation to specifically target terrorist leaders and bring them to justice.

      Today, however, hundreds of thousands of our fighting men and women have been stretched thin all across the globe in over 135 countries – often without a clear mission, any sense of what defines victory, or the knowledge of when they’ll be permanently reunited with their families.

      Acting as the world’s policeman and nation-building weakens our country, puts our troops in harm’s way, and sends precious resources to other nations in the midst of an historic economic crisis.

      Taxpayers are forced to spend billions of dollars each year to protect the borders of other countries, while Washington refuses to deal with our own border security needs.

      Congress has been rendered virtually irrelevant in foreign policy decisions and regularly cedes authority to an executive branch that refuses to be held accountable for its actions.

      Far from defeating the enemy, our current policies provide incentive for more to take up arms against us.

      That’s why, as Commander-in-Chief, Dr. Paul will lead the fight to:

      * Make securing our borders the top national security priority.

      * Avoid long and expensive land wars that bankrupt our country by using constitutional means to capture or kill terrorist leaders who helped attack the U.S. and continue to plot further attacks.

      * Guarantee our intelligence community’s efforts are directed toward legitimate threats and not spying on innocent Americans through unconstitutional power grabs like the Patriot Act.

      * End the nation-building that is draining troop morale, increasing our debt, and sacrificing lives with no end in sight.

      * Follow the Constitution by asking Congress to declare war before one is waged.

      * Only send our military into conflict with a clear mission and all the tools they need to complete the job – and then bring them home.

      * Ensure our veterans receive the care, benefits, and honors they have earned when they return.

      * Revitalize the military for the 21st century by eliminating waste in a trillion-dollar military budget.

      * Prevent the TSA from forcing Americans to either be groped or ogled just to travel on an airplane and ultimately abolish the unconstitutional agency.

      * Stop taking money from the middle class and the poor to give to rich dictators through foreign aid.

      As President, Ron Paul’s national defense policy will ensure that the greatest nation in human history is strong, secure, and respected.

      • Kristana, I so admire you! Thank you so much for stating this so clearly. Charlie, we don’t get to pick and choose when it comes to our Constitution. If there’s no Constitutional authority for the Federal government to criminalize marijuana, there’s no Constitutional authority for the Federal government to criminalize the use of other drugs. When Ron Paul was asked about this specifically, he asked if the moderator thought that just because these drugs were legalized we would all run out and start using them. Would you? No, of course not. Think about it. If these drugs were legal, regulated as they are by the FDA, taxed, and with the States setting the penalties for harming others when using them, as the States already do, that would go a long way toward putting drug dealers out of business. You don’t see drug dealers selling cigarettes – because cigarettes are still legal. You don’t see bootleggers out selling moonshine – because booze is legal, and so it would be with these drugs. Re: nuclear proliferation…but it’s okay for the U.S. to threaten other countries with nuclear warfare? Maybe we are the ones who need to change positions on this subject. Re: Strength and Charisma: There’s tremendous strength in truth and personal integrity. Some of us find it quite refreshing, quite charming. I guess it boils down to this question for each of us – do I as an individual want to be represented by a President known for truth and integrity, or do I want to be represented by a President known for anything less? What about you? Our President is a reflection of ‘us’ because ‘we’ elect him. People in other countries don’t see ‘us’. They form their opinions of us by what they see of our President. What is it we want them to see? That we are a country of liars, not to be trusted? Or that we are a people of truth and integrity? To me, anything less than my vote for Ron Paul is putting a stamp of approval on more of what we already have…politicians known for a lack of personal integrity and blatant deception.

    • Very well said. We need a president that can gain international respect, not justthe respect of some of us Americans. Plus the whole drug situation is plainly rediculous, I’m with you on that one.

    • 1) Ron Paul wants to eliminate the 14th amendment, this would effectively end the federal income tax. If just half the money that people pay in federal taxes was redirected to the states, they would have plenty of money to fight any drug war hey want. Also, who says the states are gonna keep those drugs illegal? The people of the state may decide that state money could be put to better uses than arresting and clothing and feeding heroin addicts.

      2)Although the U.S. would no longer be the “Moderator of the World” that doesn’t mean the UN will stop investigating and deterring nuclear activity. If the UN wants to get together and police everyone, then let them.

      3) As for charisma, if you have ever seen Ron Paul giving a speech on an issue he is passionate about, you’ll find he can be quite charismatic. He actually gives the impression that he cares about the people’s well-being, unlike other politicians.

  10. We tend to be surrounded by those who share our ideas, so it’s hard to imagine that anyone else could see things differently. When Reagan one more than 45 states, a reporter was heard to say, aghast, “but I don’t know ANYONE who voted for him!” It’s hard to imagine, but we’re all in our own little pockets – virtual or physical.

    Still hard for me to believe anyone in their right mind would vote for Gingrich, but I’m just in my own world here in CA, I guess 🙂

  11. Ron Paul never really campaigned in Florida, so this result was expected. I’m not even American and I follow the votes very closely. Can’t wait for November! RON PAUL 2012

  12. Newt is the best choice. He balanced the budget all four years he was speaker of the House. He was cleared of all those trumped up ethics violation charges by Nancy Pelosi and her crew. He is a true conservative and will follow the pattern of Ronald Reagan. He is tough and gritty enough to do what needs done for our country. He is also a historian and knows what has worked in the past when dealing with our enemies in other countries.

    • Debbie,

      If you actually research it… the balanced budget only happened two years during that four year time. It was a “we” effort, not an “I” effort and he is barely mentioned for it. I have a hard time giving credit to one person when they were collectively of the whole. The fact that he is taking credit for four years instead of the two he was actually involved is a problem for me on the credibility issue.

    • Please, Debbie. Do your research. Newt is a progressive, like Obama. He’s a Washington insider. You’ll get more of the same old B.S. with Newt.

    • Newt was not with Ronald Reagan. He was a Rockefeller Republican. He bashed Reagan in the news during those years. He is NOT CONSERVATIVE. He is against what the tea party stands for. He says he is for one thing but if you look at his record, you see that it is not true. He is a fraud.

  13. Ron Paul isn’t gaining support because he’s the wrong messenger. he just does not articulate his message well. Furthermore, he’s more non-interventionist than most people feel comfortable with. His insistence that Iran’s not a threat just isn’t believable. It’s just too naive. We went down that pacifist road once, and it really weakened our national defense and people are afraid that will happen again. Perception is reality. instead of articulating why his non-interventionist policy would actually make us stronger, he just waves his arms and starts talking about all these wars and trillions of dollars — it appears that he does not have a real policy of what to do, just what not to do. it isn’t enough to just say no — you have to have an alternative plan, and he never articulates an alternative plan. i think he would serve his cause better if he stood aside and passed the torch to his son or another person who strongly believes the same way and who is younger and better able to articulate the message.

    • I see what you are saying in some parts of this… but I think you may be mistaken in others. What other time have we “went down that pacifist road”? And I believe that Dr. Paul DOES indeed have a plan. I hear him speak more about a plan than any of the other candidates. His policy is simple, and I think it could work as well, we can just say “no”. He puts things in perspective. Why spend billions and billions of borrowed money overseas when we have so many problems at home. Just cut the spending, just stop it NOW. That’s his general philosophy. What good is cutting a trillion dollars over the next 10 years (like some of the other candidates have proposed) when the national debt is going up over a trillion in just 1 year? I do believe, that it is indeed as simple as just waving your arms to stop and say “no”. I do believe however that if Ron Paul isn’t the one, there will be another in his footsteps, possibly even his son like you have suggested.

    • Marlene

      Ron Paul’s stance on Foreign Policy is Constitutional, and yet so simple. According to our Constitution, the Congress (the People) MUST “Declare War”, if War is necessary to protect our National Security. In other words, We-the-People have a “say” in our Foreign Policy. After all, it is WE the “People” who will go and fight these wars, with a CLEAR OBJECTIVE from our President – The Commander In Chief.

      What is so difficult to understand about this?

      Maybe it’s because we’ve been going to war for all-the-wrong-reasons ever since WW2 (The Last Declared War) that we don’t KNOW the Constitutional Guidelines for going to war in the first place. Ron Paul wants to bring-us-back to those Constitutional Guidelines where the People have a “say” through their Elected Representatives.

    • Here is his plan:

      “Ron Paul is one of the outstanding leaders fighting for a stronger national defense. As a former Air Force officer, he knows well the needs of our armed forces, and he always puts them first. We need to keep him fighting for our country.” – Ronald Reagan


      As an Air Force veteran, Ron Paul believes national defense is the single most important responsibility the Constitution entrusts to the federal government.

      In Congress, Ron Paul voted to authorize military force to hunt down Osama bin Laden and authored legislation to specifically target terrorist leaders and bring them to justice.

      Today, however, hundreds of thousands of our fighting men and women have been stretched thin all across the globe in over 135 countries – often without a clear mission, any sense of what defines victory, or the knowledge of when they’ll be permanently reunited with their families.

      Acting as the world’s policeman and nation-building weakens our country, puts our troops in harm’s way, and sends precious resources to other nations in the midst of an historic economic crisis.

      Taxpayers are forced to spend billions of dollars each year to protect the borders of other countries, while Washington refuses to deal with our own border security needs.

      Congress has been rendered virtually irrelevant in foreign policy decisions and regularly cedes authority to an executive branch that refuses to be held accountable for its actions.

      Far from defeating the enemy, our current policies provide incentive for more to take up arms against us.

      That’s why, as Commander-in-Chief, Dr. Paul will lead the fight to:

      * Make securing our borders the top national security priority.

      * Avoid long and expensive land wars that bankrupt our country by using constitutional means to capture or kill terrorist leaders who helped attack the U.S. and continue to plot further attacks.

      * Guarantee our intelligence community’s efforts are directed toward legitimate threats and not spying on innocent Americans through unconstitutional power grabs like the Patriot Act.

      * End the nation-building that is draining troop morale, increasing our debt, and sacrificing lives with no end in sight.

      * Follow the Constitution by asking Congress to declare war before one is waged.

      * Only send our military into conflict with a clear mission and all the tools they need to complete the job – and then bring them home.

      * Ensure our veterans receive the care, benefits, and honors they have earned when they return.

      * Revitalize the military for the 21st century by eliminating waste in a trillion-dollar military budget.

      * Prevent the TSA from forcing Americans to either be groped or ogled just to travel on an airplane and ultimately abolish the unconstitutional agency.

      * Stop taking money from the middle class and the poor to give to rich dictators through foreign aid.

      As President, Ron Paul’s national defense policy will ensure that the greatest nation in human history is strong, secure, and respected.

    • Ahh, Marlene. We meet again. Knowing what ‘not’ to do is an effective policy. It only leaves ‘what to do’ as an option. But I do have a serious question…how is Iran a threat to us?

  14. These elections seem to be rigged or something!! Everyone I speak to wants Ron Paul to be our next president. I’m not just talking about my friends (I’m 22), but my parents, my sister, my girlfriends parents, and not to mention it seems like the majority of people commenting on the internet want Dr. Paul for president. I was walking through my neighborhood last week and I saw 2 Ron Paul bumper stickers on the back of cars. I have literally not seen ONE Romney sticker. Somethings up here!! I understand Romney has the backing of large corporations (including the major media networks, which sucks =/), and they have similar interests, but this just seems blatantly ridiculous. Even if this election is tipped in the favor of Romney, and Dr. Paul doesn’t win, the United States as well as the rest of the world are starting to move in the favor and the ideas of people like Ron Paul. Things will change, for the better, I am sure of this. Throughout history, they always have. Things have a way of working themselves out properly. I just hope that any future damage that will be caused by either Obama or Romney and their administrations won’t have any catastrophic effects on the American People, or even the rest of the world. What goes around comes around everyone!! I don’t understand how people can’t see through the typical “I love America, let me kiss some babies and hand you money” politician by now!?!? Things aren’t working in this country people, let’s try something new, a DIFFERENT approach. And hey guess what? If we elected Dr. Paul and he ended up sucking…we could just vote him out in 4 years!!! Wouldn’t be much different than any other president this country ever has.

  15. Debbie, I so disagree with you about Newt. First of all, he’s not the only one who has balanced a budget. Second, do you hear how he talks on foreign policy? his willingness to use covert means (politically correct way of saying, assassination) to remove heads of other states that he doesn’t like. World wars have been started by such actions. Third, what he’s been supporting and saying the last 20 years does not reflect conservative values. Fourth, he left a legacy of hypocrisy in the House, most notably his public condemnation of Bill Clinton, calling for him to resign and saying he was unfit to be President, when Newt was having his own affair, and had been for some time. He publicly condemned others, too, for sins he himself was committing — not in the distant past, but at the same time he was making the condemnations. he has no moral character. I personally don’t think we have to settle for someone who is so unstable morally. Mitt is a good person, and so in Santorum and Paul, and they don’t have all that baggage and risk. We don’t have to have a perfect candidate, but I don’t think we should pull one out of the sewer when there are 3 other much better choices.

  16. Ramsis, if he doesn’t campaign in enough states, he can’t possibly get enough delegates to win the nomination.

    • Well Newt didn’t even manage to get on the ballot in virginia. Maybe you had missed the news that florida is winner takes all. Paul and Santorum had no chance there. They want to be 1 on 1 with romney to get the anti-romney vote behind them.

  17. Marlene, Newt does have baggage but he was speaker the only time in our life time that the budget was balanced. NO he hasn’t been a role model in his personal life, but claims he has changed all that. Who knows for sure except him and God. If we don’t get someone in to change our foreign policy we’re headed for WWIII. A strong leader that rogue nations respect will prevent war much better than apeasement and apologies.

    • Newt isn’t going to change our imperialistic foreign policy. He also balanced the budget by using social security funds, which isn’t really balancing the budget. Ron Paul is going to change foreign policy to save us from ending up like rome, and he is proposing a zero debt by his third year, and 1 trillion budget cuts his first. He is the only candidate with real plans, he just never goes into details for tv sake. If you did some research, all of your questions would be answered. You may also want to look up Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Samuel Adams, Milton Freidman, and Mark Twain.

      • Crunk, You mean look up the same Thomas Jefferson whom Ron Paulers quote to defend the “non-interventionist policy” who said to stay out of foreign entanglements, but WHO ALSO Directed a the First Barbary War against the Barbary pirates WITHOUT Congress Declaring War, but WITH a Congressional authorization for military action. Hmnnn sounds an awful lot like Iraq or Afganistan with military action taken with congressional authorization. You do know this history, don’t you?


      • We don’t have an imperialistic foreign policy. Newt would go back to Reagan type foreign policy which caused the callaspe of the Soviet Union (which did have an imperialistic foreign policy- just like the radical islamist countries plan).

        • What was it Newt said about our enemies? Two words: “Kill them.” That’s his foreign policy – send our military, for thousands more of our own to die, to ‘Kill them.”

  18. If we dont vote for Ron, consider our United States gone. If we dont vote for Paul certainly our United States will fall. If we dont understand what I just typed, well then we must be practically dead.

  19. there are almost 19 million people in florida.
    less than 1.5 million voted today.
    I think Paul has a strong support amongst independents, as I am one, and was not allowed to vote today.
    I Don’t count him out of the race by any means.
    I also think that he will not win the republican nomination and will have to run 3rd party.

    Presently Obama, Newt , Mitt are all a loss for America if elected.
    Paul for President

    • So you assume all these people that didn’t vote are Ron Paul supporters? Fact is if he can’t get enough support now he isn’t going to win as a third party. Ron Paul supporters need to prepare themselves to get behind whoever wins the nomination because it isn’t going to be Paul. Running as a third party would only serve to guarantee Obama’s re-election.

      • Brendan

        Sorry to disappoint you, Brendan, but that isn’t going to happen. Romney will lose no matter if there is a 3rd Party or not.

        True Conservatives won’t vote for him. Evangelical Christians won’t vote for him. Independents won’t vote for him. He’s just ANOTHER John McCain “Moderate” and we all know what happened in 2008.

        Ron Paul is the ONLY Candidate that Ron Paul Supporters will vote for. PERIOD! Romney and the others are the SAME as Obama, because they will “Govern” like Obama. In other words, they will “GROW” the Government and “Increase” the National Debt. It will happen just like it did under Bush and Obama – with endless Debt Ceiling Debate after endless Debt Ceiling Debate.

        They have to RAISE the Debt Ceiling (over and over), because there are NO ACTUAL CUTS in Spending. (just “proposed” cuts in the rate of growth)

        Sorry – NO CAN DO by supporting anyone else but Ron Paul. I’ll write him in if he’s not on the Ballot. At least my conscience will be CLEAR because I didn’t Vote for the “LESSER” of 2 Evils. For even the “LESSER” of 2 Evils, is still Evil.

          • Brendan — Ron Paul will not drop out (he stated this many times).

            So your question is hypothetical — as such it merits no answer.

            But tell me, when to eventual 1-on-1 of Mitt vs Paul happens (and I’ll bet a beer this will be the case) — who will you support?

          • I’ll support Romney and I think he may have too much of a lead delegates wise to allow a Paul come back by then. Maybe Paul won’t drop out until it’s over, but even then my question is valid. If he doesn’t get nominated but speaks in support of the nominee, will Paul follows continue to follow his example? Or will they be sore losers and throw away their vote. I don’t think he will run as a 3rd party but I suppose you can hope if you want to.

            • Brenden

              As a Ron Paul supporter I would like to respond to your question.

              Ron Paul will not endorse any of the current GOP candidates because of the vast disparity of conviction and commitment to the goals and principles for liberty and sound money that exists between himself, Gingrich, the other candidates. All the other GOP candidates represent the polar opposite of what RP is campaigning for. Reread Darryl’s comment (WHO will the Candidates truly REPRESENT?), Darryl has done an outstanding job outlining their differences in this post above.

              Ron Paul will not compromise the goals and principles he is campaigning for by lending support to any one of these status-quo candidates, it would defeat the entire purpose of his message and the reason for his campaign.

              As for me if Ron Paul is not nominated as the GOP candidate I will write his name on the ballot just as I did in 2008. As to a third-party run, the fact is, RP knows that historically third-party candidates do not succeed, nor does he need to run third-party because millions of his supporters will write him in.

              RON PAUL 2012!

          • Brendan — now your question is a bit more concise: “If he (Ron Paul) doesn’t get nominated but speaks in support of the nominee….”

            Absolutely on my part — I’ll vote for Romney (better to have someone destroying our nation at a slower pace, than the current occupier of the White house destroying it at a galloping rate).

            Let me make a few observations (comment on them, please):

            1) About half of the citizen able to vote, do not choose to do so. Some call it apathy — I call it disenchantment of the Silent Majority (talking to some of my friends, that choose not to vote, their main gripe is that the politicians are all the same, so nothing changes — therefore, why encourage these dunces by acknowledging their existence….voting). When asking them what they think of Ron Paul — they respond: Who is Ron Paul? (never heard of him when watching the 10 o’clock local news….).

            2) Part of this Silent Majority will awaken once Ron Paul’s message of truth is finally broadcast throughout the nation — but for this to transpire, Newt needs to withdraw now, and Santorum shortly afterwards. Or your surmise that Mitt may acquire too may delegates (if Newt does not withdraw now — and he is even “banned” from VA) to allow a Ron Paul come back may be correct.

            3) Given all this variables: If (since you like the hypothetical) Ron Paul has a chance vs Mitt — for whom would you vote?

          • I would vote Mitt over Ron if it comes down to that, but in the end I am more anti-Obama than pro anything, so I would support the winner regardless of who it was. There were a few candidates I could not stand but lucky for me they are out of the race (Bachman and Perry). I don’t hate Paul but I don’t think he is as qualified as Romney to lead the country. I don’t agree with his foreign policy but I agree with his followers in that he truly wants whats best for this country. I disagree with his followers in that I don’t think he is the only one.

            People speak of this eventual gathering around Ron Paul as if it were some prophecy.

            • Brendan

              Although I STRONGLY DISAGREE with your assertion that Romney is somehow “more qualified” than Ron Paul to be elected to the Presidency, I do understand the premise from which you’re coming from.

              I believe that people, who make up the Voting Electorate, and who DO NOT possess the Fundamental Understanding of “Economics”, shouldn’t be “qualified” to be Voters!

              American Idol “style” voting should have NO PLACE in the American Political Arena. People’s LIVES, their Life-Savings and their FUTURES all hang-in-the-Balance.

              If you understand Economics, then you understand “WHY” Ron Paul is the ONLY Candidate “qualified” to be President!

          • Brendan, When are you going to realize that you are in the minority? Ron would beat Mitt because Ron is for the Constitution, you are not. You are as bad as Obama and that’s real bad.

          • Considering he is getting a majority of the vote… how does that make me a minority? Ron Paul is in dead last… aren’t you the minority?

            • “Plutocrat” Mitt Romney said that it’s NOT NECESSARY to “spend time” Auditing the Federal Reserve! Really?

              The “Money Junkies” at the Wall Street Banks and the Federal Reserve Corporation DEFINITELY DON’T WANT Ron Paul to win the Election. Voter Fraud is running rampant, especially in Precincts with the Electronic Voting Machines. Bev Harris, of Black Box Voting, compiled a Documentary called “Hacking Democracy”. She shows HOW the “Establishments” STEAL Elections. She has made even MORE Videos covering the “Voter Fraud” in the 2012 GOP Primaries on Youtube.


              The “Money Junkies” will STOP at NOTHING to keep their WICKED “Debt-Based” Money System in place. They will MURDER anyone who gets in their way. In 1936, Congressman Louis McFadden was ASSASSINATED because he brought to the Floor of the House of Representatives in 1934, IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS against the Governors of Federal Reserve Bank. McFadden wanted to put them on Trial for TREASON! The “McFadden Speech” is a long read, but you’ll come across many interesting similarities to what Ron Paul has been saying about the EVIL, WICKED and GODLESS Federal Reserve System and the People behind it.


              The ASSASSINATION of Congressman Louis McFadden was also discussed in the Zeitgeist Video – “The Federal Reserve” (5 parts). This particular Video “Woke Up” A LOT of People as to the EVILS of the Federal Reserve System and WHY it NEEDS to be ABOLISHED.

              http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dmPchuXIXQ (5 parts)

  20. I’m amazed….just amazed at how the public looks at these candidates.

    Newt: He’s got talent at debating… better than all the rest. He has a HUGE amount of baggage. I don’t care that the man had an affair or has been divorced two times. Heck, most all in the US have been divorced and carries that kind of baggage. What I care about is the fact that he slings mud, allogations, starts riots in order to make himself look better. Going back to that debate ability factor…. With Newt, the thing for me is he is absolutely NOT a team player, and we’ve seen, especially in the last two years how that works.

    Romney: Doesn’t have that Washington spin. Has a tremedous amount of negotiation and success experience. At least he’s not out to tell the lower and middle classes that his policies will “take care of them”. I’ll take care of myself, thank you. Is not the greatest debator, but is getting much better at standing his ground. His biggest downfall…he keeps apologizing for his success and wealth. I actually think that’s his biggest asset…but he needs to stand up and be proud of it. I think he is a team player and will put the public before himself. I don’t think Newt will do that. After all, Romney has so much money already, he really doesn’t need to base his climb on future wealth and the fact that he wants to actually serve his country for $174,000 per year? That’s change for him. Put it in perspective.

    Santorum: Wow! What a guy. I really like how this man runs his life, his values and morals. I would vote for him in a heartbeat if he was the final candidate, but I think he still has a few storms to go through before the American public would support him

    Ron: He definately stirs things up and I think that’s his purpose, because he know’s he isn’t winning this thing. I really respect the man and his ideals to a certain point, but he leaves too many things on the table, which is why he get’s the younger “rebel” vote. I just really hope he doesn’t run independant, because he only undermines another candidate that is the closest to what he says his ideals are.

    Overall, I have reservations about both Romney’s and Gingrich’s health care outlooks. In economy, I believe that Romney absolutely carries the day. In morals, I think Santorum is the forerunner and Romney is second in line. For being a bulldog…Gingrich holds the cake.

    • Aralee, what do you mean ‘younger rebel’ vote? Ron Paul has a lot of us ‘old rebels’ voting for him, too. You know, the baby-boomers? We rocked in the 60s and we rock now. Don’t underestimate our support for Ron Paul.

  21. Can’t you people see ron paul is a racist, gingrich is a delusional racist, santorum is the result of gay sex and romney is so rich he thinks 300,000 Bucks is nothing….

    OBAMA 2012!!!

  22. WHO will the Candidates truly REPRESENT?

    DON’T EVER entrust your Political Belief System into any one Political Party’s Ideology. If you do, like many others on this Blog, you’ll become “duped” into thinking that one Political Ideology is somehow “different” than the other. Become a “Political Atheist”! The Democrats and the Republicans are essentially the SAME! They “Represent” the SAME Masters. They DON’T “Represent” you or I. They “Represent” those “Special Interests” who give them the MOST MONEY for their Campaigns! If you want to know WHO they “Represent”, just “Google” their Campaign Contributors. They’re all the SAME and I bet you or I aren’t on that List!

    For years and years, we’ve had nothing but “different versions” of the SAME Policies; from Administration to Administration. And those SAME “Policies” and the Legislation which was written into Law to “enforce” these Policies, have been “dictated” by the GREEDY “Special Interests” Groups. They use their Influence (Campaign Contributions) to “confiscate” the WEALTH from the “hard-working” American Taxpayer for their own self-interests. They are in “Collusion” with the Politicians and they even admit it.

    If you really want to know just WHO these Politicians (Puppets) truly “Represent”, just look up their Campaign Contributors.

    Mitt Romney will “Represent” Israel and the Wall Street “Banksters”. These are the SAME GREEDY BASTARDS who DECIMATED Our Economy by creating “Money Products or Schemes” that essentially “ROBBED” the American People of their Wealth and who are now Foreclosing on their Homes. Mitt Romney is a BIG GOVERNMENT Politician.

    Newt Gingrich will Represent Israel, the Energy Sector, Real Estate Mortgage Companies and, of course, “other” Washington Lobbyists. These are the SAME GREEDY BASTARDS who “Pay For” or “Bribe” Government Officials for “favorable” Legislation to promote their self-interested Agendas. Newt Gingrich is a BIG GOVERNMENT Politician.

    Rick Santorum will Represent Israel, the Real Estate Sector and Insurance Companies. These are the SAME GREEDY BASTARDS who worked in “cahoots” with the “Banksters” on Wall Street and the Washington Lobbyists to pass “favorable” legislation to have unrestricted access to EASY Loans from Mortgage Firms and the Banks. They both have their “hands out” for what Rick is famous for – Government Subsidies provided by the Taxpayer. Rick Santorum is a BIG GOVERNMENT Politician.

    Barack Obama is supported by pretty much of all-of-the-above and MUCH MUCH More, including Public Employee Labor Unions.

    Ron Paul will Represent the PEOPLE of the United States of America. His Campaign Organization is funded Primarily by “Grassroots” Citizens and Average Americans who believe that the Constitution still “means something”. He is supported by more Active Duty Military than ALL the other Candidates COMBINED. He is also supported by the Private Sector which ACTUALLY Produces something. Ron Paul is a limited-Government Politician.

    And just so you know, there is NO Economic Recovery – just a BIG Government “Cover Up”. The Economy will NEVER RECOVER till the Government “Gets-Out-Of-The-Way” and learns to live within it’s means. The Budget must be Balanced, but in order for that to happen – ACTUAL Government Spending must be CUT and Government Borrowing must CEASE and they can’t keep “sticking-their-noses” into the Private Sector. PREVENTING THIS FROM HAPPENING is the $16 TRILLION National Debt that is the “Millstone” hanging around the Government’s Neck! This “Tremendous” DEBT must be either liquidated or Paid Down, but NEITHER Party or the Candidates (with the exception of Ron Paul) has the “Political Will” (The Balls) to do something about it; let alone TALK about it!

    Vote Ron Paul 2012!

      • DonJ — that’s why the main media is forcing a black-out on Ron Paul (an incorruptible candidate is dangerous to The Establishment that controls them — what will happen if all the people hear the truth he is saying… — scary stuff)!

  23. Can you imagine having to look at Romney’s Sad Sack face for four long years? Ugh! If only he could keep that expression off his face, because I don’t want the world to see us like that. We’ve had a drubbing, but we’re not Sad Sacks.

  24. I am so refreshed to see Americans speaking passionately about their candidates. I have not been witness to something like this since Ross P. was running for Office. I am glad that people are finally speaking clearly and concisely about What they Want and Whom they Want as President.

    WTG America!

  25. I did not like what I heard from anyone about NASA. It would be nice if they would say that they aren’t really informed about how the aerospace industries work. To say that NASA isn’t doing anything ambitious isn’t true, (we are informed about the new martian mission Curiosity right?); also the DELTA V couldn’t be “easily” turned into a manned spacecraft. (We have the Space Shuttle for that.) It’s not really appropriate to say you’d fire someone proposing to build a space shuttle of course either. There are plenty of companies that do work on the Space Shuttles and other unmanned crafts. The importance of such industries goes far beyond national defense too.
    Is there a way to take the attributes about one person and mesh it with another? I like both Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. I feel that I can trust Mitt Romney’s plan to improve the economy, and I like Ron Paul’s foreign policy. They both seem like very moral men as well. To be honest, it’s going to be a hard battle against Barrack Obama especially for me to decide because I’m not passionately against Obama, I still may stand on the same side on some issues with him.
    I need to hear more about education from them. It’s just as or more important than our current economic issues. If I don’t hear a good plan from anyone running for president about reforming primary education, I don’t think I will be satisfied with voting for any one of them. If no one in the republican party gives education as one of their top priorities for this next coming election, Obama or some independent probably will have my vote.
    p.s. Does the way Newt talks bother anyone other than me? The things he says just bothers me. Sometimes I just want him to stop talking. Poor Rick, I just can’t vote for him either he just seems to like to argue too much for me. (Or maybe it’s the way he talks too.)

  26. Ron Paul has stated that if we treat Iran like friends their threat will go away. That is what Obama thought as well. I appreciate Ron Paul’s position on many things, but he is naive in the area of foreign policy, and that is the main and perhaps only reason that he cannot win. Libertarians cannot demonstrate how we will keep this country safe. Otherwise I’d be right there.

    • Deborah

      What is REALLY NAIVE is to believe that Iran is some “backwards” 3rd World Country that has absolutely NO capability to inflict MASSIVE CASUALTIES upon an Aggressor(s), if Invaded. Aggressors = United States and Israel.

      What is also REALLY NAIVE is to believe that Russia and China will just “stand idly by” and let the “Bully” Neo-Cons in the United States and in Israel just “waltz in” and destroy their ally, Iran.

      What is also REALLY NAIVE is to believe that the US SANCTIONS against Iran will somehow be interpreted as an “Act of Diplomacy”, instead of an “Act of War” by the Iranians and the rest of the World.

      What is also REALLY NAIVE is to believe that if Iran decides to CLOSE and “Install Mine Fields” in the Straits of Hormuz that somehow this is NOT LINKED to the SANCTIONS imposed upon the Iranian People by the United States and Israel.

      What is also REALLY NAIVE is to believe that the “Dictates” of the United States which DOES NOT PERMIT or ALLOW other Nations from around the World to PURCHASE Iranian Oil, will somehow NOT EFFECT the Price of Gas at the Pump, here in the United States.

      What is also REALLY NAIVE is to believe that the United States’ Policy of Freezing Iranian Assets, CRIPPLING their Economy and DESTROYING their Central Bank wouldn’t PISS OFF the Iranians and ultimately UNITE the Iranian People (and other Muslims) behind their current Iranian Leadership and their Mullahs.

      What is also REALLY NAIVE is to believe that Israel and the United States HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with recent “covert actions” which ASSASSINATED Iran’s Nuclear Scientists on Iranian Soil.

      What is also REALLY NAIVE is to believe that the Predator Drone which the United States deployed into Iranian Air Space (and was shot down by “3rd World” Iran) was sent there to simply monitor the Weather and NOT to “spy” on the Iranian Government.

      What is also REALLY NAIVE is to believe that War with Iran will NOT escalate into a Nuclear Conflict and that the “other” Countries in the Region will “surely appreciate” all the Nuclear “Fall-Out” raining down upon their People.

      What is also REALLY NAIVE is to believe that if the United States and Israel INVADE Iran, that the rest of the World will just “LOVE US SO MUCH” that they’ll send us Dozens of Roses and Boxes of Chocolates.

      What is also REALLY NAIVE is to believe that an IRANIAN INVASION by the United States and Israel is for “Humanitarian Reasons” to promote “Democracy” to the Iranian People and to establish PEACE throughout the Region. It’s DEFINITELY NOT solely for the BENEFIT of the “Special Interests”, like Weapons Manufacturers, Banks or Oil Companies.

      What is also REALLY NAIVE is to believe that Israel isn’t MANIPULATING our Government and USING our Military (our Young Men and Women) to Fight (and Die) for Israel’s Imperialistic Interests in the Middle East.

      What is also REALLY NAIVE is to believe that a STRATEGIC STRIKE on Iranian Nuclear Power Plants WON’T SLAUGHTER, KILL or MAIM any “Innocent” Iranian Citizens (Men, Women and Children) like what happened to the 1.5 MILLION Citizens in Iraq. ONLY the “Bad Guys” will be Killed.

      What is also REALLY NAIVE is to believe that Mitt Romney’s, Newt Gingrich’s and Rick Santorum’s Foreign Policies are somehow “crafted” to REPRESENT an “America FIRST and Israel SECOND” Policy that the American People will surely buy into.

      What is also REALLY NAIVE is to believe that Ron Paul’s “Golden Rule” Approach to Foreign Policy with the Iranian Government would just simply AGGRAVATE the Iranian Government into “Bombing” Israel and the United States in order to “wipe them off the map”. Jesus must have not taught us the Truth.

      Yup. All this makes so much sense.

  27. The simple fact is, that if America does not take REAL ACTION to get it’s financial house in order, than a financial meltdown is inevitable. America will no longer be a super power, Then how do you think China and Iran will behave?
    Foreign Policy will be dictated by the foreigners, not the president.
    Crime and Violence will multiply
    The middle class will cease to exist.

    Ron Paul is the only candidate who is willing to make the needed changes in policy.

    • roller24

      You’re absolutely RIGHT! The most CLEAR and PRESENT DANGER to our National Security and to our Economy is our Nation’s Financial Balance Sheet. (containing $16 TRILLION in DEBT)

      Ron Paul is the ONLY Candidate talking about it and has the COURAGE to do something about it. People, who are voting like it’s an American Idol Contest, just don’t understand Economics.

  28. It’s time for Newt to back-out. This isn’t about him. We need to all gather around Mitt and give him time to work his strategies against Obama.

    • Right Karen, if Newt continues for more than two weeks, everyone will know he is doing this to satisfy his ego. It’s looking like Romney 2012.

  29. Newt is still ahead of Romney in the most recent national polls just like he was in Florida about a week ago. Romney has ran the most negative ads in history in Florida to get himself on top. It all boils down to who has the most money I guess.

  30. So many of you are complaining about how Ron Paul gets no acknowledgement from the media yet no one mentions Rick Santorum, with the exception of someone who is saying he is going to run out of funds. He is actually beating Ron Paul. He doesn’t want to get a third party and cheat his way around getting elected by skipping the democratic process.

  31. @ Liberty:
    AGREED! How are conservatives making such a huge oversight by ignoring Santorum? It may very well be the lack of media attention, relatively speaking.

  32. Look at Google Trends for Ron Paul and Obama or anyone else running. Paul is who people want to know about. Paul is the only one that will protect us with the Constitution. If you want our country to protect our rights Ron Paul is the only choice. Enough people already know that to make this a landslide victory for him. Just keep going Paul, you’re doing fine.

  33. The White House has declared that it will use a “Sole Executive Agreement,” and simply enforce this internet takeover treaty, without sending it to the Senate for consideration. Get your state to remove him from the 2012 ballot.

    • Just another unconstitutional invasion into our lives and our freedom of speech. We should be getting used to it. Be careful what you say…Big Brother may decide you’re a terrorist and lock you up in an undisclosed location for an indefinite period of time with no legal representation?

    • DON — What is your source for that statement? I’d like a news source…NOT A BLOG. Blogs are seldom unbiased, and in most cases they ain’t work a *Bucket of warm spit”.

    • He neglects to mention the fact that many of the ‘middle class’ he claims as his focus are now in the ‘poor’ category. Many have lost their homes in foreclosure after losing their jobs, watched their investments dwindle (if they even had any) and are now seeking assistance from food pantries and applying for food stamps. Even those who have not been taken down by the economy are watching their parents, children, and grandchildren struggle just to survive. As one of those ‘baby-boomers’, I feel it is time once again for us to change the face of our society. Vote for Ron Paul if you want your children and grandchildren to enjoy the freedoms we enjoyed.

  34. I’m so disspointed.

    It’s soooooo amazing that 99% of people on this blog and around the country support and believe Ron Paul, yet he lost like Romney is the next great hope.

    Have the people in this country really become so asleep?!

    It’s so damn clear that this is rigged. It’s so obvious. Only a child would believe this is a fair election.

    America please wake up.

    Please watch zeitgeist addendum for free online.

    Jp Morgan, Rotchild, walburg, and Rockefeller had ruined the world and we are all their slaves.

    Goldman sacks has taken over the government.

    We are all owned by the few elite people in this world who have brainwashed everyone.

    I still believe in my country. Please vote for Ron Paul. Vote for freedoms the constitution and stop supporting the same corrupt candidates who are going to give you the same government.

    Please. Pleasassssssssseee wake the f up people!!!!! Think about your childerens future. Think about ur future. Think about America’s future.

    This is ur last chance…

  35. In My Opinion, Mitt Romney is the only one who can beat Obama in the general election. Although I like much of what Newt says, I also like much of what Romney says also, but I just cain’t get over the fact that if Newt wins the nomination, it will be a shoo-in election for Obama to gain a second term, and that would be a nightmare of biblical purportions for the country and all Americans. Vote for Romney, he’s our only chance, I think, to finally send that Chicago thug back where he came from, and out of Washington, where he don’t belong.

  36. Just for fun (since getting too serious here). Movies that best describe the actions of each:

    Ron Paul — Mr. Smith goes to Washington

    Newt — The Creature from the Black Lagoon

    Mitt — The Incredible Mr. Limpet

    Obama — A Night to Remember

    Post your picks for fun.

  37. Are people serious when they talk like the person below me on Ron Paul!? If people had a serious interest and desire for Ron Paul to be president he’d have some better figures, so far he’s never done better than 3rd in a four horse race!?. So whats the reason behind that? Clear, the people who champion Ron Paul are liberals who know Obama’s days in office are numbered and would rather see someone like Ron Paul in office than the rest, hence the reason they can’t vote because they aren’t republicans!. the mass “Ron Paul 2012” on every internet site reminds me of “obama 2008”.

    • haha, I like ron paul also. I am just curious why you would compare him to a democrat president? Shouldn’t the president be someone that the “people” want to be president. Not some ‘elite’ group (Republican/Democrats) Those are just dumb titles that we as people put on things so that its more interesting.. we like rooting for a team. So in summary to what you are saying, the people want ron paul, the elite republicans (which I side with more if I was to pick a side) don’t want ron paul.

      haha, but yea quit being so closed minded and picking a team “those damn liberals” “those damn conservatives” we should have a side called “common sense” and it all just comes down to educating ourselves. “work is good, get a job, try to better yourself, if you loose your job we will HELP you, but we will not SUPPORT you” but a lot of people don’t see it this way.. “that person is rich, he should give more money for working harder” everyone should have a fair advantage…. We need to stop this liberal/conservative and just have common sense through education. Stop holding our hands, we are all capable of taking care of ourselves, but give us a good/safe sandbox to play in.

  38. What do you mean we are “liberals” and “can’t vote”? I’ll be voting – for Ron Paul, and I will be voting for him because I feel it’s my vote for our Constitution and the future of my children and grandchildren. I don’t see that as liberal. I see that as American and defending the structure upon which our great, but declining, country was built.

    • Oooo… Did I ruffle your feathers, Jim? I’ve already ‘earned’ it, Jim, and I want to keep it. I agree, though, that food stamps, healthcare, welfare, etc. are socialist (liberal) programs. However, you have an entire generation of Americans who were ‘forced by our government’ to pay into Social Security and Medicare – just as the current workforce is forced by our government to pay into these programs. Mitt Romney, aka Obama Light, is not going to change that, but Ron Paul says there is no provision in our Constitution for these programs. Not exactly a ‘liberal’ position, and certainly not a popular position, do you think? I asked a few people who lived through the Great Depression how they survived. Generations of families, grandparents, parents, children lived together. Those who worked contributed their earnings to ‘the family’. God forbid that in our time, we or our children should be burdened with caring for our parents and grandparents…

  39. @ everybody who wants Paul to be president because he will “protect the constitution.” In reality, the president has less power then you think. He can’t make laws,he can only pass already passed bills from congress. The supreme court is in charge of deciding if laws are constitutional, so I don’t understand how Paul will protect the constitution. Besides, Romney (from a liberal’s point of view) is the only candidate who can compete with Obama for the presidency. Not Newt, not Paul, and not Sanatorium.

    • Yeah. It is up to ‘us’ to protect our Constitution. How can we do that by voting for anyone but Ron Paul? Not by voting for Mitt or Newt. That’s for sure.

      • Mae — seems they cannot distinguish between today’s Liberals (the tyranny of the majority telling an individual what he/she cannot do for the “good” of “their mob society”) and Libertarian (respecting the individual’s rights (whose actions do not harm others)) — over himself, over his/her own body and mind, the individual is sovereign.

        J.S. Mill’s 1859 treatise: “On Liberty” — obviously this great work (on which many of our original laws were based) is unknown to these creatures.

        Keep posting your SPOT ON observations — I’ll do a 180 (and will play devil’s advocate)!

        • For those who think Ron Paul can’t put Obama out of the White House, here’s a little ‘Wiki’ for you: “The 2012 New Hampshire Democratic primary was a presidential primary contest, held on January 10, 2012. New Hampshire historically is the first state in the United States to hold presidential primaries, and was forced to move its date up because Iowa, another early state, had moved its caucus to January 3, 2012. As predicted, President Barack Obama, who did not face any major challengers, won the primary, with 82 percent of the vote.

          In 2012, 14 ‘Democratic’ candidates qualified for the Democratic primary in New Hampshire, including Obama.

          A total of 60,966 votes were cast in the primary. Obama won with 48,970 votes. The total votes cast were ‘more than 30 percent fewer than in 1996, the last time that a Democratic president ran for re-election without significant opposition’.

          There were 5,908 write-in votes, most of which was for three Republicans. 2,273 write-in votes (4% of the total votes) went to Ron Paul, giving him second place. (Paul also finished second in the Republican primary in New Hampshire, where he got 23% of the vote.) Mitt Romney got 1,808 write-in votes and Jon Huntsman got 1,228.“

  40. Ron Paul has the best chance to beat Obama. Other then the fact that most polls say this, he is the only presidential candidate that would compete with Obama for non-republican votes. People who want Obama out will vote for whoever wins the primary, people who like Obama may still vote for Ron Paul but would not vote for Romney. The ONLY chance of getting Obama out of office is by putting him against Ron Paul. Romney = 4 more years of Obama.

  41. It’s obvious from these results that most of the voters in these republican primaries are not listening with a critical ear, and are being the gullible fools who are crushing our last hope to save this dying country by once again voting for people with no integrity or sincerity. This country is going to hell in a handbasket, and these voters are just paving the way. I give up.

    • The word “Gullible” has been removed from the dictionary.

      Remember, folks — if we don’t vote, we get what we deserve! Voting for the usurper in chief is a vote for America’s destruction. A non-vote is a vote for the Usurper in chief. PICK SOMEONE. Point out that candidate’s strengths! Don’t tear down the other guy, unless it is on a PROVEN record. Provide links to NEWS SOURCES (not blogs!) . If you’re not doing that, you’re not part of the solution. You’re part of the PROBLEM.

      • Stuffed Turkey

        Gullible? For someone to believe that a “News Source” is somehow “Credible”, that person would have to be Incredibly Gullible. News Sources are totally biased. They wish to be “The Kingmaker”. Alternative Media is where to turn to for REAL NEWS!

        • “Alternative Media” — you mean the “NATIONAL ENQUIRER,” which reported in 3 Mile Island a hoax, the same as sabotage in the same edition? Give me a NEWS SOURCE. I’ll make the judgments! Ron Paul is just another anti-Israel S.O.B. But if you believe “Alternative Media” they still have Obama meeting with the Green Alien from Uranus to discuss the endorsement of the mole-people from Planet X. These same Alternative Media make claims that cannot be backed by any credible source. And when you try to find the sources they used, those sources are found to be non-existent…Kind of like about a third of the electorate when BHO was elected…or “Crowned”. They contact these “Sources” with Ouija boards and crystal balls. I* want something I can verify.

          • Stuffed Turkey

            You can stop being an Ignorant Ranter. Most Intellectual People know that Alternative Media has taken the place of the Main Stream Media because of their Bias.

            However, I’ll try to help you get caught up.

            On Youtube, there’s Russia Today, the corbett report, media monarchy, Trim Tabs with Charles Biderman, Peter Schiff’s report, Gerald Celente, Wide Awake News, Vision Victory, Warren Pollock, Fabian4Liberty, Greenewave TV – to name a few. There are many others that are more CREDIBLE than CNN, FOX, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC. They are just “Propaganda Tools”. Google the ones listed above. You might find out things that the MSM is “deliberately” keeping from you.

            Oh and BTW. Ron Paul is NOT an anti-Israel SOB. If you were to do ANY RESEARCH regarding Ron Paul and Israel, instead of jumping to “whacky” conclusions, you’d find that Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy of NO FOREIGN AID TO ANY NATION is actually BENEFICIAL to Israel. Apparently, you didn’t know that Israel’s Arab neighbors receive 7 TIMES as much as Israel in Foreign Aid. Foreign Aid should stop anyway because we’re BROKE! It just goes to show how “misinformed” you are from getting the news ONLY from the MSM. Turn that CRAP OFF and start “Thinking for Yourself”!

            Ron Paul 2012

            • You know, when I first saw your posts, I thought you might just be a misinformed unfortunate.

              Ron Paul’s own information says he’s all for pulling foreign aid to Israel. But doing that is leaving them wide open to an attack from less friendly forces, such as Iran. OH, you didn’t think of that, huh?

              “Youtube” stuff can be easily faked. I can do it, and I’m no techie. Just like anyone with half a brain and a computer can fake the “Fake Birth Certificate” videos. Our “So-called” MSM are biased, yes. I don’t deny that. That’s why I want sources, do you see? I balance what I read with what I see and what I have noted in the candidates own actions.

              You noted how they took Romney’s comment on the poor out of context, right? Then there are those who claim the DFL took away the deductions for Social Security. There are those who claim that Clinton signed a bill that taxed SS. (only partially true!).

              Romney helps someone out who’s behind in a mortgage… He’s accused of buying votes, being a hypocrite. But Obama is doing the same thing with taxpayer money. Where are his accusers? They are silent, and why? Because THEY get a share of the loot!

              Do you see? I take ALL information, balance it out. I’ve done that this year, as I have done every presidential election since I began voting. I know the issues, I know how I would deal with them, and I hope someone out there has the brains to deal with them. But having the brains isn’t enough. While Paul is definitely consistent, I find him out of touch with reality.

              Now, before you accuse me of being stupid, a democrat or troll, or worse (a plant) let me set a few things straight. I’m a Republican, have been since I can remember. I HAVE voted 3rd party when I believed it was the right thing. I’m not rich. And if you call me ignorant, I think you have a problem with definitions. I’m certainly not a mental midget. I’m a few scant points from genius level. Yes, I can be rather silly at times. It keeps me young. I read, I keep informed of the political situations. Not being able to hear makes it difficult to run around to all events.

              True, I’m not an eloquent debater. But when you resort to name calling to try to make me look stupid, you’re making yourself appear foolish. That is a DFL tactic. It’s an Alinsky tactic. It’s a Communist/Social tool. And it is a massive waste on me.

              Too bad, though. I think we actually have more in common than a dislike of Obama’s policies. I do kind of wish we had a chance to determine what they are.

            • Stuffed Turkey

              OK. Since you disclosed your party and your economic status, I’ll start off by reciprocating in kind. I’m also a Republican. I’m a Fiscal and Social Conservative with leanings toward Libertarianism. I’m 53 years young and I’m the father of 4 adult children. I’m also not rich.

              Let’s put things into proper perspective regarding Israel and Iran. Also, let’s look at what is being “propagated” to the American People via the News and the Government. TRUTH and LIES are what is being disseminated.

              First, there is ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF that Iran is creating a Nuclear Weapon. The IAEA has said it. I watched it being said again this morning on MSNBC. Ron Paul has said it during the Debates.


              Israel – Israel has stockpiled 300+ Nuclear Warheads. Israeli military forces possess land, air, and sea based methods for deploying their nuclear weapons, thus forming nuclear triad that is mainly medium to long ranged, the backbone of which is submarine launched cruise missiles and medium and intercontinental ballistic missiles. Israel is believed to have second-strike abilities in the form of its submarines fleet and its nuclear-capable ballistic missiles, which are buried so far underground they would survive a nuclear strike. Israel allegedly possesses several 1 megaton bombs, which give it a very large EMP attack abilities. Israel developed the ability to miniaturize warheads small enough to fit in a suitcase by 1973.

              Iran – Iran is not known to currently possess weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and has signed treaties repudiating the possession of weapons of mass destruction including the Biological Weapons Convention, the Chemical Weapons Convention, and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). On ideological grounds, a public and categorical religious “decree” (fatwa) against the development, production, stockpiling and use of nuclear weapons has been issued by the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic Ali Khamenei along with other clerics, while it is supported by others in the religious establishment. Iran has stated its uranium enrichment program is exclusively for peaceful purposes.

              Israel has REFUSED to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Iran HAS signed it. Israel REFUSES to allow inspections from the IAEA. Iran is complying with Inspections. What more do you need, Stuffed Turkey? What we’re being told by the MSM about Iran is all “War Propaganda”! If a war commences against Iran, MILLIONS of “Innocent” People will DIE! 1.5 MILLION People died in Iraq, most of which were civilian men, women and children – Civilians! Not to mention, Russia and China will be INCREDIBLY PISSED if Iran is attacked. Who knows where this will lead. It’s a very dangerous stance to carry on this “Empire” by the United States.

              You “claim” you want sources. If you’d watch and listen to the Alternative Media, they list their sources. You don’t see the MSM doing that. Do you? NO WAY!

              I see you don’t like Obama. I don’t like him either. But I also don’t like Romney, Gingrich or Santorum. To me, they are all the SAME! Just “Google” their Campaign Donors. They’re all the SAME money-grubbing Elitists who have “ruined” Our Economy in 07-08. Ron Paul’s Largest Campaign Contributors are the US Active Duty Military. Why is that?

              I used to be a “staunch” follower of FOX News because of my Conservatism. That is, until they started their “Propaganda Campaign” against Ron Paul. In 2008, I was NOT a Ron Paul supporter. I “held-my-nose” and voted for McCain. However, after the “Crash of 08”, I began to “Think for Myself” and begin to research WHY our Economy Crashed and WHY it can NEVER Recover in it’s current form.

              The MSM wants to “Divide” the American People into a Right/Left Paradigm. ie The Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street. So, I started watching different perspectives other than what I was fed from FOX. Then I discovered the Alternative Media, and boy, were my eyes opened! It’s NOT all what it seems. The MSM is “in-on-it”. That’s why they HATE Ron Paul. They’re “Scared-to-Death about this man! NOW, I can see WHY! He’s “Waking Up” the American People…

            • Thanks for toning down some of the name-calling, and thanks for not pointing out some typos I could have pointed out myself.

              Yes, it CAN be difficult to make choices on nothing but MSM “news.” It can be tough to determine what’s lie, half-truth, candy-coated truth, flip-flop vs. genuine change of heart, and what is full truth and fact. That’s why I try to get info from sources that make sense (Not blogs, pundits, and the like). I try to get all the info. I look at the Congressional record. I compare what has been said (in news) vs. what is reported (congressional record), vs. what is claimed (on campaign websites.)

              To borrow a phrase, to be “Fair and balanced” you’re going to wind up being biased. And they’ll claim you’re what you’re not.

              I ran a program which compared my views with those of various candidates. Imagine my surprise to find myself a “Bachmann” supporter. I’m from MN, originally. I found her too loony for my tastes. Then it said Paul. I just don’t agree with him on some major issues. And, sorry, I think he’s just too far past his prime to be able to do a good job. But then, to be fair, I thought the same of Reagan.

              In Presidential Politics, I’ve voted 3rd party two times. Once, for Anderson (1980) when I was far more liberal than I am now, and once for Perot.

              I think we must agree that to remove our current elected head must be our goal. But with whom we replace him, that is open. But we must unite behind our choice, or face the consequences. Agreed?

              BTW: While I choose the name “Stuffed Turkey” — you can call me Chuck. Yes, it is my name. 🙂

            • Chuck

              Thanks for your honesty and your forthrightness. I can see you love your Country, and most of all, you KNOW that something is terribly WRONG. It’s scarey. We both went through the 1970’s with double digit Interest Rates and High Inflation. Those were scarey times, but those times will pale in comparison to what is coming.

              When I began my research, I began to study Macroeconomics. I didn’t want to, but that’s where things lead me. I’m a Service Technician by Trade, so I was a little intimidated by all the terms and numbers. But what I’ve learned is that there is NO WAY our Economy can EVER Recover. It’s a Mathematical Impossibility! So, when I hear the MSM and the Government saying that we’re in a “Recovery” or that things are “getting better”, I know they’re LYING!

              Ron Paul is the only one “Telling the Truth” to the American People about the Economy, Government Spending and Borrowing, the National Debt and Budget Deficits. What Ron Paul says may not be what the American People want to hear, but it is, what it is. We are in BIG Trouble! He’s been inferring that We All Need To Prepare! Buy food, supplies, and Gold and Silver as a “store” of Wealth. It’s going to get REAL UGLY. Probably much worse than the Great Depression. I don’t mean to be an “Alarmist”, but all we have to do is look at Europe. It’s Coming. When? Not too long from now.

            • Believe it or not, I also studied economics during my college years. I can see what’s happening. But I’m powerless to prepare. If you saw my bank figures, and all that, you’d see what I mean. I can’t afford gold or silver. I can BARELY afford food! I know the economy can recover, but it’s going to be painful, at best!

              We need a lot.
              1) Cuts in spending
              2) Increases in productivity.
              3) Increases in trade, decreasing the trade deficit.
              4) Increases in energy, ALL TYPES. Don’t exclude solar, geothermal, wind, water… But don’t let endangered species dictate what can and cannot be done!
              5) I could save about 30% if I just had 2 working solar panels. For me, that’s about 100 a month.
              6) Exploration — off world!

              JUST CUTTING GOVT Salaries by 10% (Congress/President/cabinet) could save Over a million a year. Granted, not much. But every little bit helps.

              We need to protect the environment, but not at the price of self-extermination. Where do we draw the line?

              No, I think we CAN recover…but until the left-wing loons and Environmentalist whackos are in control, it ain’t gonna happen.

          • Chuck B

            I cannot believe “Recovery” will actually happen. The $16 TRILLION and Growing National Debt can NEVER be paid back. And it wasn’t just the Liberal Democrats who contributed to this MASSIVE DEBT. The Republicans are just as culpable. President Bush “supported” Affordable Housing in 2002 and 2003 which lead to the Housing Bubble that went “Bust”. The “repeal” of The Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 by The Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act of 1999 was Sponsored by 3 Republican Senators.

            For ANY semblance of Economic Recovery to begin to take place, Deficit Government “Spending” MUST STOP and Government “Borrowing” MUST CEASE. This “Process” can only be started through “Actual” Spending CUTS, which Ron Paul’s Plan accentuates.

            In order for confidence to be restored in America’s Free Market Economy once again, a Balanced Budget needs to be adopted by a Constitutional Amendment. However, the MASSIVE Government Debt of $16 TRILLION (and Growing) is what throws the Government Balance Sheet COMPLETELY out of “whack”. This will PREVENT any kind of Balanced Budget from becoming a Reality. The National Debt MUST be either Liquidated or Paid Down FIRST. Unfortunately, there is NO “Political Will” to do this by either Party. Inevitably, all this “Spending” will lead to the “collapse” of the Dollar, run-away inflation and rising prices which will cause severe poverty and the continued loss of jobs.

            People will then “take-to-the-streets” as they are in Europe. Austerity will become the NEW American Way-of-Life. The $60-$70 TRILLION of the “Unfunded” Government Mandates (yet to come), will surely “sink” the ship. Maybe, that’s their Plan. Perhaps a GIANT RESET with a NEW Global Currency, coupled with a Communist-Style “Banker-Owned” Military, Infrastructures and Natural Resources, is on the horizon.

        • Chuck

          A very good Economic Series to look at is called “The Crash Course” by Chris Martenson. He doesn’t “promote” Ron Paul, but he does explain things like the Exponential Function, Compound Growth, Money and Debt for us “lay people” to understand. It’s an excellent educational experience. All you have to do is watch and listen.


          If you really want to “go-to-college” (haha), you should view the series called “The Most IMPORTANT Video You’ll Ever See” by Albert Bartlett. Chris Martenson mentions him in “The Crash Course”. It’s an 8 part series, but a REAL eyeopener as to the Mathematics of the Exponential Function.


  42. Ron Paul may have the best chance of beating Obama, but the problem is he doesn’t have enough republican support. Look at the primaries and caucuses! He hasn’t won a single one. Mitt Romney is going to win the nomination, and I don’t believe he can beat Obama.

    • Messenger

      Romney will lose the General Election because his Policies are NO different than Obama’s Policies. Romney will face the same Negative Ad Campaign that he dished out against Gingrich.

      As soon as Romney is “crowned” as the Republican nominee by the Media, Obama and Romney will begin to unleash upon each other the most ugly and destructive NEGATIVE Ad Campaigns that the Country has ever seen! But Romney won’t have enough money to match Obama’s BILLION Dollar War-Chest. Just like Gingrich “Lived and Died” by the Debate Strategy, Romney will “Live, then Die” by the Negative Ad Campaign Strategy.

      Voters will become “sick and tired” of these Negative Ad Campaigns. They will simply Tune-Them-Out. If Ron Paul doesn’t run 3rd Party, all Campaign Integrity will be lost in the “muck and mire” of the Negative Ad Campaigns. The Media is “In-the-Tank” for Obama and will “position” Obama’s Negative Ads where they will be most effective. Obama will then win in a landslide.

  43. Don’t play “their” game. Don’t allow the media into your head. Vote for who YOU believe is best suited for the job, who best represents the future of a just and free America for ALL. I want big government out of my personal life!!

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