Clearly hoping to tap into pro-life evangelical voters in the upcoming Iowa caucus, Ron Paul has put out a new ad today featuring some of his former patients discussing his character and commitment to life.

Report from the LA Times:

Texas Rep. Ron Paul’s presidential campaign is out with a new ad today featuring former patients of Paul, who as an OB-GYN has delivered more than 4,000 babies.

The 60-second Web video features Laura Mays and three other former patients of Paul’s medical practice in Brazoria County, Texas. They attest to Paul’s character as a doctor and as a politician.

“Some people need to have a good word said about them,” Mays says. “Ron is the sort of person that, his life is his good word.”

Kara Gore, another former patient, says Paul “not only protects unborn life, but he also walks through journeys with women.”

The ad is an attempt to highlight Paul’s opposition to abortion, a position that is often overshadowed by his libertarian-style views on monetary and foreign policy.

Paul spokesman Jesse Benton said in a statement that the ad “is a clear case of credible subject matter serving as its own convincing message.”

This issue can only help Paul in Iowa where he is the only candidate with a medical background to draw from when discussing abortion. He has lived the pro-life movement for decades as an OB-GYN delivering newborns and this is endearing to a lot of voters who may not share some of Paul’s other views.


  1. Ron Paul is not only the only candidate with a medical background to draw from when discussing abortion, he’s the only candidate with the proper credentials and qualifications “Proving” himself to be the ONLY consistent, Non-Flip-Flopping Statesman who will seriously take the Oath-of-Office of the Presidency in order to “Preserve, Protect and Defend” the Constitution of these United States on the People’s behalf.

  2. Goal: USA, Inc.

    CEO’s to spend your money:

    Ask Ron Paul to read it all before commenting:

    Idea: Break each spending department into four sections:

    1. The Cheerleading squad. Picked by the President to convey his goals. Responsible to the Congress.
    2. The Specialist squad. Responsible to CEO squad, designed by the Cheerleaders.
    3. The CEO squad, extreme paid personal, 5-10 times the president. Responsible for the money spent. Also, responsible for the normal corporate staff, not the Specialist squad.
    4. The Audit squad, to trace every dollar and the return on the dollar. It oversees the CEO squad and is responsible to the Congress and the People. Responsible for facts not fiction.

    The biggest change – the building of the board:

    They select all the leaders of the CEO squads and the leaders of the Audit squads, not congress or the President. They also can choose if they are government employees or contracted out. How to build the board? Who knows?

    Would this be a better way to spend our money?

    paofpa – [email protected]

  3. I heard that the Governor of Iowa and the leader of the Republican Party in Iowa have already disavowed a Ron Paul win.

    My thoughts are that if Ron Paul wins Iowa, that means that the other GOP Candidates “didn’t think highly enough” of Iowa Voters to put together an organized campaign to win their votes. In other words (or in Chris Wallace’s words), the other GOP Candidates felt that Iowan Voters “JUST DON’T COUNT”!

  4. Darryl, Who even cares about the other GOP candidates, or Wallace, Michelle is the only other one worth anything and she won’t audit the Fed. Stick to the issues, opinions don’t count, votes do.

    • Don, You’re right. Unfortunately, most of the electorate don’t think that way; especially about the FED. They still believe it’s a Federal Entity and not a “private” Central Bank that is destroying our nation.

      I was just watching the report where Chris Wallace is saying that if Ron Paul wins Iowa, Iowa don’t count. I just found it odd that he wasn’t challenged on that statement. It would seem to me, if Ron Paul does win Iowa, that the FAULT should lie with the other GOP Candidates.

      When a person interviews for a job, he/she always wants to make a “good first impression” in order to obtain a 2nd interview. Iowa, because of it being the FIRST State in the nation to begin the nomination process, one would think that each GOP candidate would want to make a “good first impression” to the rest of the voters around the nation.

      My contention (opinion) is that if Ron Paul wins Iowa, then each of the other GOP candidates must have FAILED to make that “good first impression” and PASS the 1st Interview with the voters. Which then begs the question, “What would be the REASON for Chris Wallace to say what he said?”

      • Don, Besides…I was watching FOX and Friends this AM. They showed the standings where Dr. Paul was leading in Iowa by 3%. And wouldn’t you know? There was NOT one mention of Dr. Paul being in 1st place. The whole discussion was about Mitt Romney and New Gingrich.

        So, is it really all about “issues and facts” with corporate news outlets like FOX News, or even the Governor of Iowa and the Republican Chair for that matter? Or is it all about FOX News “deliberate distortion” of these “issues and facts” to the electorate?

        You or I can discuss “issues and facts” concerning Ron Paul or Michelle, however, when the Democratic Process is being “usurped” by the Media, the Governor and the Republican Chair in the State of Iowa, all possible angles should be pointed out. Endorsements are one thing, but to say that if a Candidate wins a State Caucus, it should be “discredited”??? My point is “discredited by whom”? The answer is the other GOP Candidates.

        • Derryl, I just watched the 12-16-11 Leno show and Ron Paul was great, the audience loved him!
          Ron Paul 2012 – Audit the Fed, we want tangible money – Balance the budget, – stop spending money we don’t have – Bring the troops home – Legalize it, pot doesn’t hurt anyone, hemp can replace oil – Protect our borders – Newt’s a RINO – Repeal? Obamacare – I say end nuclear power – Israel is an ally – Get out of the UN – Stop Foreign? Aid – I don’t like radical Islam – Paper trail voting

      • Darryl,

        You’re comment;”My contention (opinion) is that if Ron Paul wins Iowa, then each of the other GOP candidates must have FAILED to make that “good first impression” and PASS the 1st Interview with the voters. ”

        Making a ‘good first impression’ is a cliche. The fact is, Ron Paul’s platform is the only truly conservative and historically republican of all the candidates. The fault of the other G.O.P. candidates is that they all work for and are funded by the international banking cartel, the same cartel that funds Obama’s campaign.

        Romney’s biggest contributor is Goldman Sachs. and J.P.Morgan Chase. Newt props up the bankers too with his support of T.A.R.P. & the ‘Cap & Trade’ bill giving the fascist banking industry control, for profit, over the carbon credit sale and distribution. Cain was a Federal Reserve branch chairman, Bauchman an I.R.S. collection agent, etc.

        It’s not that they didn’t make a good fist impression, people are waking up to the fact the fascist banker tyranny needs to end.

        Ron Paul, clearly spells out the specifics of what he will do to restore the economy and our freedom, and fail safe our security.

        The other candidate offer only hyperbole and cliche with no specific plan. This is why they failed.

        Also, the mass media, and too, plays down Ron Paul suppresses the reality of his common sense Constitutionally centered agenda, because it threatens the bankers control of the status quo. The people are waking up to the lies and cover ups of mass media and groups like They know mass media has utterly discredited itself and don’t buy into their fascist propaganda anymore.

        ‘Failed to make a good first impression”. That’s meaningless! They’ve failed to demonstrate they really represent the concerns of ‘we the people’. That’s why they’ve failed.

        I challenge anyone, to read Ron Paul’s platform and agenda, and then specifically show with fact, how it isn’t the most purely conservative and historically Republican = and downright the BEST platform being offered the people.

        No one in their right mind should see it any other way. Unless you think Mitt’s hair, and Newt’s wit are more important than: auditing and phasing our the fascist Federal Reserve and I.R.S. and income tax; bringing the troops home immediately and protecting our borders and interior; preserving and protecting the Constitution and the liberties is guarantees; repealing the fascist ‘Patriot Act’ violating our Fourth Amendment, sending home the non violent imprisoned for possessing a few buds of marijuana which cost tax payers $40,000,000,000 a year; eviscerating ‘Obama Care’, ‘Cap & Trade’ from existence; ending useless and expensive Federal bureaucracies like the perpetually failing and useless; ‘Board of Education’, ‘H.U.D’, ‘Department of Energy’, ‘Dept. of Commerce’,etc.

        So, what does “Individual Mandate-‘Cap & Trade’-Pro Abortion-Fannie&Freddie Tarp Funding-Newt”, and “Goldman Sachs & Big Pharma Crony-Flip Flopping- Obama Care-Barbie Doll-Mitt” offer us exactly? Ask yourself; “What SPECIFICALLY will they do to back up all their flashy cliche rhetoric and demagoguery?”

        Let’s all wake up to reality, and don’t let our choice be governed by mass media and the hollow rhetoric of banker controlled politicians. Rather, think through thoroughly the specifics of the Ron Paul agenda, and never mind he’s not a good public speaker or demagogue. It’s his mind, principles and policy that matter, not his oratory skill or looks.

        May God grace us to see the light, think critically for ourselves, and protect us from demagogues and charlatan newscasters spinning the will of the international fascist banking cartels.

        Please God, help us restore our country! Please grant us honest, God fearing, humble men, like Ron Paul to occupy the offices of our Government again, and the wisdom to vote for them to represent us.


  5. His religious beliefs and pro-life stance are my only real disagreements with Dr. Paul. I think he should highlight other things. Those issues are a major turn off and only draw attention to his advanced age.

    • Here is what he has said in case your not up to speed.
      Audit the Fed, we want tangible money not fiat money.
      Balance the budget, stop spending money we don’t have
      Bring the troops home
      Legalize it, pot doesn’t hurt anyone, hemp can replace oil
      Protect our borders, opening them is inviting The NAU and NWO
      Repeal Obamacare
      Repeal the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) follow the Bill of Rights.
      I say end nuclear power, it’s not a responsible energy system and that goes for the new thorium reactors
      Israel is an ally
      Get out of the UN, they’re a part of New World Order who want our sovereignty.
      Stop Foreign Aid until we have a money surplus and nothing to our self declared enemies.
      I don’t like radical Islam, look at the Muslim Brotherhood and their wish to destroy us.
      I want Paper trail voting before the election or vote online with your’e phone and SS#
      Explain how the distant Building #7 came down just like the Towers

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