In a huge blow to the Gingrich, Perry, Bachmann, Santorum and Huntsman campaigns, all of them have failed to meet the required 10,000 registered voter signature petition requirement to appear on the Virginia primary ballot taking place March 6, 2011. Mitt Romney and Ron Paul have qualified for the primary.

Report from Politico:

WASHINGTON – Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has failed to qualify for Virginia’s March 6 Republican primary, a development that complicates his bid to win the GOP presidential nomination.

“After verification, RPV has determined that Newt Gingrich did not submit required 10k signatures and has not qualified for the VA primary,” the Republican Party of Virginia announced early Saturday on its Twitter website.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry also fell short of the 10,000 signatures of registered voters required for a candidate’s name to be on the primary ballot, but former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Texas Rep. Ron Paul will be on the ballot.

State GOP spokesman Garren Shipley said volunteers spent Friday validating petitions that the four candidates submitted by the Thursday 5 p.m. deadline to the State Board of Elections.

Failing to get on the ballot will be a major setback for Gingrich, who has tried to use his recent upsurge in popularity to make up for a late organizing start.

Reuters reports on the other campaigns:

Three other members of the Republican field trying to unseat Democratic President Barack Obama – former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum – did not meet the Thursday deadline for submitting petitions.

Gingrich has vowed a write-in campaign but it isn’t clear whether or not that is legal in the Virginia primary system. This is a huge win for Mitt Romney who will appear next to only Ron Paul on the ballot for Virginia primary voters. The Virginia delegates make up about 10% of the total Super Tuesday delegates so this could easily be a game changer.


  1. This is just another example from the likes of Gingrich, Perry, Bachmann, Santorum and Huntsman – and how THEY, the Media and the “Establishment” continue to DISAVOW and DISENFRANCHISE the Voters.

    As the Media and the GOP “Establishment” continue to “WAGE WAR” on frontrunner Ron Paul in Iowa, questions are now being asked about the “Virginia Debacle” on the part of the other GOP Candidates. The questions that “should” be asked of these GOP Candidates by the Media are:

    “If you are “seriously” making a run for the Presidency, then where is YOUR Organization?”


    “Is this what we can expect from YOU if you’re elected President?”

    It’s quite apparent that there are really ONLY 2 “serious” GOP Candidates running for the Presidency. BIG Government Candidate, Mitt Romney and LIMITED Government Candidate, Ron Paul.

    You gotta wonder how the Media is going to “spin” this “Virginia Debacle”!

    My vote STILL, is with Ron Paul!

  2. The only question the news media should be asking of Gingrich, et al, is not “what are you going to do now?”, but “how in the world did you mess this up?” .

  3. To emphasize Darryl’s comment:

    Romney = BIG GOVERNMENT.

    Romney = Digging the hole deeper.
    Paul = Climbing to get out.

    If the voters get it wrong again, the country is heading for a black hole.

    • OK Newt (I mean Rick)… Enough of the whining.

      You, Newt, are part of the “system”. (The WORST Part) You’ve been in it (and profited from it) for Decades. Now, because you failed at meeting a petition deadline, you say it’s all-of-a-sudden a “failed system”??? It wasn’t such a “failed system” when you were raking in the MILLIONS with Freddie Mac or YOUR Healthcare Alliance – ALL at the Taxpayers Expense – was it Newt? After all, you were just “acting” as a businessman in the “private sector” back then. Right?

      So, let’s not become all “non-consistent” and “indignant” on us now, Newt. It’s time once again to “man-up” and admit the mistake; just like you did with your adulterous relationships.

      A quote from a REAL President…

      GEORGE WASHINGTON (1732-1799)

      “Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder.”

  4. I am still leaning toward Paul or Bachman. I think tht Michele would make a very fine President. She a the strong moral character that is needed to handle such a tough job, as does Ron Paul. There are alot of problems in this country, I do believe that the only answer is conservative values that makes this country strong as our founding fathers originally invisioned.

    • I’m a Paul supporter and I was strongly considering Bachmann as my second choice. But when I started to closely examine her I realized she plays fast and loose with the truth. She’s told several outright lies (such as Ahmadinejad saying he would use nuclear weapons against Israel and the US) and many other things which distort the truth (such as how many children she has raised).

      I simply will not support a candidate who lies and/or distorts the truth.

      Right now, I’d say Santorum is my second choice. He’s similar to Bachmann, but I haven’t caught him in any lies.

      • Ryan, I’m not a Bachmann supporter, but I’d like to ask you to explain what you mean when you say that Mrs. Bachmann has distorted the truth regarding the children she has raised.

  5. There is a difference between Paul and Bachmann…

    Paul believes the Iraq war was a waste of 4,500 American lives and $4 trillion.

    Bachmann would like to have more wars like the Iraq war.

    • Bachman as well as Santorum seem to have strong moral principles and character BUT, neither can see past the log in their eye when it comes to war-mongering and the patriot act, and for me the vitriol I hear from both is frightening. Very un-Christian like aggression coming from such highly professing Christians and far too little regard for the Constitution and my civil liberties. I want change not more of the same or worse, a religious war.

      Ron Paul for national sovereignty, non-intervention, close adherence to the constitution, civil liberties, choice, sound money, small government and good common sense.

  6. Let me get this straight. When RP wins a straw poll by a land slide, it’s NO FAIR. IF RP wins Iowa, we should discredit it. But these guys fail to meet the requirements, so now the rules must be wrong and we need to change them? Oh stop the winning! No matter how far these guys and the media keep trying to move the goal post and change the “rules”, That old “nut” Ron Paul keeps beating them! Ron Paul 2012!

    • Derk

      Maybe, but we’ll all just have to wait and see if the GOP is ready and willing to put up another John McCain, as their Champion, to go to war against Barack Obama for the Presidency. The outcome of the Primaries and Caucuses will determine that. But as unlike 2008, this battle for the GOP Champion will be between the “Establishment” and the “Grassroots” Will of the People. (and those “roots” have grown a lot stronger in the past 4 years)

  7. I have been democrat since I could vote(25yrs ago) although, I liked what Perot campaigned on and now Ron Paul will get my vote. There is no candidate better in either party. Obama lied to the voters on no less than 6 points.
    Stopping unjust wars, open government, helping mainstreet not wallstreet, letting Citizens know about and read bills before they were decided on. Ending patriot act. Bringing troops home right away.(shifting troops is not the same thing). Paul is a Patriot and the media continues to berate insult demonize and discredit him, it shows that they are puppets for someone elses agenda. Paul 2012 and if anyone else sits in that office I think WWIII is on the horizon.

  8. Hello Mike,

    I live in Texas, and voted for Chuck Baldwin in 2008. I followed all the shenanigans of the Louisiana caucus (electing a slate of electors for Reagan instead of the actual candidates) and the Nevada caucus (improperly adjourning to thwart the new-blood majority of the caucus and then delaying and not re-convening). I would be really shocked if I missed this. However, I may have just remembered what you are talking about. Are you talking about the improperly filled out forms specifying the candidates? I do remember that (now that you’ve jogged my memory) and remember that I was not entirely surprised after what I witnessed at the state convention in Houston.

    • Okay, now I remember. Either the national Republican/Democratic convention committees were both brain-dead stupid, or else they were both so arrogant as to believe that any states that held their primary/caucus after the convention would just cave and fall in line… and they were right 🙁

  9. This is a blatant setup by the Virginia GOP to award Mitt Romney 100 percent of its delegates. No doubt Perry and Gingrich are culpable in this. With the two of them on the ballot, Mitt Romney would have been limited to his typical 30% support and a subsequent award of 30% of the delegates even if it was Romney had the highest total of all candidates.

    Now, it is mathematically impossible for one of the two remaining candidates to not receive more than 50% of the votes cast which, according to the Virginia GOP’s rules, awards that candidate with 100% of the delegates.

    Instead of Ron Paul being awarded just a small percentage of fewer candidates than Romney, Ron Paul will be awarded nothing and the election will be essentially handed to Romney by the establishment GOP.

    • SlammoFandango

      This is horrible if it’s true! What can we do, how can the people’s will ever stand a chance? I feel like there is just no hope left at all for my country.

          • Windisea

            Take Heart. A Revolution is on the Horizon. I believe the Occupy Wall Street Protesters and the Tea Party will UNITE in the Spring/Summer of 2012, even though some of their views don’t coincide with one another. But they do share the same ENEMIES. The Federal Reserve System, Wall Street and BIG Government.

            Conservative and Progressive Radio and TV are currently spewing their “Propaganda” Campaigns to make it a Right/Left Paradigm between them, but I don’t think the American People are all that Stupid. Some are, but they just “parrot” what the Talk Shows say. They really don’t think for themselves and neither do they understand that these News Outlets are “controlled” by corrupt corporate interests who are, in turn, “controlled” by the Government. It’s funny. When Conservatives (and I am one) say to me that OWS is an Obama Front, I ask them to show me the “Obama for President” signs. They never can, because they aren’t for Obama. Maybe the Unions are, but that’s about it.

            As Austerity continues to drive itself deeper and deeper into the Economy, more and more people will be in the streets next year. Meanwhile, the Government wants us to believe we’re all “doing better” as they propagate and “fudge” the numbers. I don’t believe the Government for an instant!

            Last week, Bank of America Stock fell below $5 a share and is now a Penny Stock. It’s headed to ZERO. The Euro will be collapsing in the beginning of 2012 and the PIIG Nations will become “war zones”. (Unless, of course, the FED Bails them Out saddling Americans with their Sovereign Debt) And China’s Housing Market is now being stressed to the Max. Japan has many many problems with what happened in March. Notice: We don’t hear much about Japan in the News. It’s a lot worse than they make it to be. This is going to be a “Global Collapse” (by Design).

            People should begin to prepare for the inevitable, if they haven’t done so already. The Government won’t be there to help. Electing Ron Paul to the Presidency is a good first step, but Americans have to come around to what he proposes. It’ll be a daunting task, for sure.

            Videos like this are now coming out. 2012 will be when the all the protesters UNITE. SOPA was passed to try and stop it.



          • Darryl,

            Now that you have revealed what type of person you are (crazy loonatic) and we know that you support Ron Paul, I know very well where not to put my vote. Anyone but Ron Paul 2012. Please don’t vote for Ron Paul, his support group are a bunch of raving loonatics.

            • Yea Phillip, like your view is working and Not crazy?? You must be one of the ones profiting from “Big Gov”” Well it’s not working for me and everyone I talk to. I must be one of those crazy ones like Daryl that like supporting someone that “believes in and votes” for smaller gov. and personal freedom, sponsors legislation to curb the TSA,EPA,FDA,IRS…and military “Peace Bombings”. Yea THAT’S real CRAZY!!!! Yes, I WILL vote Ron Paul 2012 no matter what you and other talking parrot heads are spewing and spinning.

            • Thanks Pepper. I appreciate what you said.

              I found it “funny” that Phillip said he won’t vote for Ron Paul because of something I wrote. I didn’t realize that I had such an effect on Phillip.

              I just chuckled for a moment and never responded. He didn’t have any substance on which to respond anyway.

            • “The Establishment” on both the Democratic and the Republican side are clearly in a panic. The American voters are awakening to the fact that our Government has been sold out to the big banks and corporations. With the passing of the NDAA, people now realize that our elected leader all (but a few)have declared war on us as citizens. We CAN NOT continue down this path. We all should be watching our local and state elections also and put them on notice that this will NOT continue.

  10. I did a quick Google search on what RNC Chairman Reince Priebus has to say on the Virginia “Debacle”. Nothing. Where does he fit in to this mess?

  11. SlammoFandango, if what you say is true, I too have to wonder about what is going on in the background. Now it seems that the Est. GOP is ramming Romney down our throats as opposed to the media. Sounds like Newt is fighting two battles. But all the endorsements in the world are not going to give Romney the nomination.

  12. Sure is strange that nobody ever mentions ACORN, A democratic organization well known for voter fraud. They count votes for over 500,00 dead people, 1 million or more inmates of prisons across the Country and lets not forget our cartoon characters like Micky Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and the rest of the gang. Obama should easily win with ACORN’s help. Wouldn’t you think?

    • Would you consider NEGATIVE VOTES (e.g. Candidate A: 2 votes, Candidate B: -3 votes) to be vote fraud? It did happen, but it did not ever become a major story. So much for the sanctity of the vote.

      N.B. I realize that this example does not involve cartoon characters or (as far as I know) ACORN.

    • Mike

      All you have to do is go to youtube and type in “ACORN Voter Fraud”. Lots and Lots of Testimonies as to the corruption of ACORN.

      • I didn’t say I would provide examples of ACORN being directly responsible for fraudulent votes (which would require something like impersonating a dead person and voting in their name). What I did was ask a question: “Would you consider NEGATIVE VOTES (e.g. Candidate A: 2 votes, Candidate B: -3 votes) to be vote fraud?”

        I realize it’s a departure from the specific topic of the thread, but I’m very interested in your answer.

  13. It seems that the cable and network media are scared of RP winning and therefore have to only put guest on their shows who will say” oh hes a good guy but I wont vote for him or he wont get the GOP nomination”.. Whats up with that? He is real and he is running and he has my vote.

  14. I take a different view. The American people should be allowed to vote for any candidates that they prefer. The parties can put in some rules, but when it comes right down to it, why should someone allowed to vote in the Republican Primary in Virginia be denied the right to vote to choose any candidate as the Republican nominee? Gingrich, Romney, Paul, Bachman, Huntsman, Perry, should ALL be on the Republican Primary Ballot in Virginia and in every other state, and then let those who are eligible to vote in those primaries be allowed to choose, not some Party rules.

  15. Shame on VA and those G.O.P. Presidential hopefuls who failed to qualify for the VA. Mar. 6, 2012 Presidential Primary Ballot. First, the VA. law is too restrictive. I checked all 50 states to see how VA. matches up with the rest. I found California to be the only one requiring more signatures with 26,500 required, but California grants the option of media recognition to qualify a candidate. Most states have far less stringent requirements- many states have options which include a reasonable fee to be listed on the ballot or a certain number of signatures (Like VA.,Indiana has a straight signature requirement of 4,500; Illinois 3,000-most states are not limited to signatures only)Some like Iowa are caucus states; some states leave it to the party to determine which candidates are listed; some have media recognition or a combination of the above options. The point is, VA appears to have the most stringent ballot requirement, which can in essence disenfranchise its voters from voting for a candidate of their choice, if for some reason a candidate fails to come up with 10,000 certified VA voter signatures with a minimum of 400 from each of its Congressional Districts.
    Granted no campaign worth its salt can be excused from knowing what the requirements are; however, is the requirement reasonable is another question? When compared against the requirements of the other 49 states VA rules do not appear reasonable and need to be modified.
    Legitimate candidates, such as those in the G.O.P. field, need to be on the VA primary ballot to give party members their right to select the candidate with who they feel best represents their views to be the party’s standard bearer in November. When 5 out of 7 G.O.P., otherwise qualified candidates, fail to comply with the VA. requirement there must be something terribly wrong with the requirement, especially with one that does not even allow for writing in a candidate.
    With a field of candidates so large, better bankrolled and longer established candidates will have a greater advantage to have field representation to gather signatures, as evidenced by the Romney and Paul campaigns. Those with less money to work with have fewer staffs available to them and those available to them have to focus on media,candidate/family transportation and accommodation, fundraising, debates and early primary states. They hardly have time to breathe; let alone gather 10,000 signatures to qualify for the VA. primary. The result is what we have- 2 out of 7 candidates on the VA primary ballot and thousands of disenfranchised Republican partisans who are locked out from voting for their choice.
    Sadly, regardless of who is to blame the result is a sham and rape of our voting rights. If I were one of the qualified G.O.P. candidates I would show courage to do the right thing on behalf of the VA G.O.P. voter by withdrawing my name from the ballot unless my fellow candidates were on the ballot with me. To do this may seem crazy at first glance, but to do so would demonstrate leadership, confidence in my candidacy and my commitment to doing the right and fair thing as an American.

    • I am astonished by some of your comments. I am sorry you feel that Virginia’s rules are unfair but they are not exactly new and all of the groups knew about them before hand. What suprises me is that you implied that the gathering of the signatures was secondary to travel arrangements and other campaign needs. If you can’t get on the ballot due to lack of verifiable signatures then is there a point to campaigning in the area?

  16. I stand by my comments. The point is, regardless of the reason, be it candidate circumstances or VA. having the most restrictive election rules in the country, VA. voters deserve better. Because only two of the six remaining candidates will be on the ballot, unless the court decides to place the voters of VA first and trump the rules, there will not be an honest representation of VA. G.O.P. voters.

    Regardless of the outcome, it seems to me that VA. G.O.P. voters should not be denied the right to cast their primary ballot for the candidate of their choice if they are other than Governor Romney or Congressman Paul due to these circumstances.

    In what could be a very tight primary election, due to unusually broad field of candidates, the victor could win by the slimmest of margins, as was the case in the IOWA caucuses. This reality may cause the winner to be selected by the other 49 states, which would be a miscarriage of Virginians’ voting rights. It is also very possible that no one candidate may garner enough committed primary votes to win on the first ballot at the G.O.P. convention and open it up for a floor fight. Worst yet, it would be an American tragedy if the incumbent President was re-elected by default because the G.O.P. couldn’t get its act together and party disunity resulted.

    As has been said, “This may be the most important election of our lifetime because the future direction of our nation is at stake.” This is why I feel so strongly that we cannot afford to disenfranchise anyone, especially Virginians.

  17. If you don’t like the Virginia rules for being on the ballot, then work to change it for the next election. These rules were in place for a long time before the required date. Any candidates that did not bother to meet them didn’t want Virginia’s delegates badly enough. This shows a lack of organization and planning. Too bad, and really embarrassing for Newt, a Virginia resident.

  18. From various press accounts the bad news is that the rules were changed in November 2011 with a day after Christmas deadline for submission of signatures. Some have suggested that preferred camps were given a heads-up of the rule change in advance so they would have enough time to make the adjustments and qualify. (How cute!)
    The point has been made that this was done to favor the G.O.P.preferred candidate in the field. I suggest that major pollsters, such as Rasmussen and Gallup survey VA GOP registered voters on March 6 to see how their poll outcome compares to the actual VA primary outcome.

    If this is truly what happened then I say shame on the Va. G.O.P. and would recommend that that fellow Virginian Republicans remember this come November and in future statewide elections. If this is true, it goes beyond disenfranchising and disillusionment-it is outright dishonest. Such dishonesty must be rewarded with a “NO” vote in November and support must be shifted to candidates with integrity, even if they are write-ins or third party. I pray the court decision will save us from such disaster- the ultimate being four more years of growing debt and European socialism. Should this happen, our founding fathers will quake in the graves.





  20. Another example of what is wrong with the VA rules can be shown by this hypothetical illustration. “Had both Gov. Romney and Congressman Paul withdrawn from the G.O.P. Primary race prior to March 6, VA Republican voters would have been unable to vote for anyone, even if Speaker Gingrich and Sen. Santorum remained.”

    How sad is that!!!! VA. is in serious need to modify its Primary Election Rules for the future. I would like to see VA. adopt a rule similar to many other states with options, such as min. signatures or media recognition or ballot fee (possibly $1,000) The point is, it is most important to allow VA partisans to select their standard bearer for the General Election from the entire field of legitimate candidates.

  21. Disenfranchised

    The three-judge panel of the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit UNANIMOUSLY ruled AGAINST Gingrich and Perry, saying “the candidates knew the rules WELL IN ADVANCE and that the requirements have been on the books FOR YEARS.”

    “If we were to grant the requested relief, we would encourage candidates for president who KNEW the requirements and “failed” to satisfy them to seek at a tardy and belated hour to change the rules of the game,” the appeals court said.

    “This would NOT BE FAIR to the states or to other candidates who did comply with the prescribed processes in a timely manner and it would throw the presidential nominating process into added turmoil.”

    We all know that Newt Gingrich is the “Champion” of Ethics Rules Violations and “back-room” dealings, but KNOWING the Rules “well in advance”, and thus FAILING to “qualify” to be on the Ballot in Virginia (his Home State) should be “Reason-Enough” NOT to Nominate someone who “says” he is the one who can LEAD on the “BIG PROJECTS” to Restore America, but is NOT “Organized” Enough” to get on a State Ballot.

    Maybe Newt will move to “Abolish” the 4th Circuit Court, too, along with the 9th Circuit Court. America needs to PRAY that this Jackass isn’t the GOP Nominee. He’s an Embarrassment to our Party.

  22. Virginia is my home state and I completely support these rules. Its up to the candidates to ensure they follow all rules and meet the requirements. They failed to do that so they need to suck it up and move on. Better luck next time. Whats next, whining that they didn’t win enough states to gain the GOP nomination? Should we just let all of them go up against Obama so nobody’s feelings get hurt? I just hope my fellow Virginians actually do their research on the remaining candidates before casting their votes in the primary.

  23. It seems to me that in the case of VA., being that supporters of Speaker Gingrich or Senator Santorum will not appear on the ballot that our choices as G.O.P. voters in VA are these- stay home on Primary Day or vote for Romney or Paul. Being that I fall into the former category, after much thought, I have decided to vote for Congressman Paul as a protest vote. Maybe it’s time to show the G.O.P. establishment that they can’t get away with shoving Romney down our throat in VA. Join me in the protest and let’s give Congressman Ron Paul a win in VA.

    • Disenfranchised – The danger is that once he wins one of these, people are liable to take him seriously. Fine for those who agree with him, but some of us think his foreign policy views could turn into the end of our country, so I’d hate to see your vote misinterpreted and start a trend.

      • You say that like our foreign Policies are working soooooo well(for those that profit). I guess killing and destroying other countries in the name of peace is “trendy”. Well everyone’s got to fear something. I fear our Country is already ended and been given to the criminals that run the banking system. People have their illusion that everything is just fine. Sorry to inform you, but I am part of the trend asking questions about “why” WE ARE ENGAGED IN SO MANY WARS. I see many corporations profiting off these wars and many military saying the same thing. The people wanting more wars seem to be the people that haven’t experienced it first hand. No fear, RoMoney and the other GOPers support the NDAA bill so that you can feel safe in battlefield America and you may very well get to experience war within your country soon.

      • Realistically, I don’t see VA. starting a voting trend in the nation should Congressman Paul win the primary here, especially since all the remaining candidates appear on the ballot in all the remaining primaries and caucuses. VA., because of its voting rules is the rarest of all exceptions. Therefore, even though I too respectfully disagree with many of Congressman Paul’s positions, I will have no problem voting for him as a protest in this instance.

  24. It is a sad state that we all are hearing what is happen…And it is hard for me to believe that there is a place in our nation for a person like Ron Paul…Who makes his case on someone skin color…This race is about fairness…Not someone color…Jobs for everyone….Fair taxes…The right to equality for all people…If you all would not think you are better than all other races. Maybe then you could stop playing the color card, and then meet the needs for a united nation…

    • I am tired to death of this “talking” point on RP’s newsletters. The house is burning down and people are worried about what may or may not been said. RP’s actions in congress speak louder than any words and his sponsored bills are to protect every one’s rights no matter what color, religion, sexual preference…But the lamestream liar media will spin that. Do you think if the nation continues on the path it is on, that anyone will be safe? He is so racist that he doesn’t want to go bomb other countries and thinks it’s unfair that the judicial system is biased against Blacks,Hispanics and poor. I’m sure he’ll be portrayed as a baby killer next while the interests of the very small wealth elite rob us until there is nothing left. For some good reading start with “Agenda 21” then move on to the NDAA bill that Paul voted against.

  25. All people, who care about their future and future of USA should vote Ron Paul. He is really the best candidate and he has good plans.

    • I agree! All you have to do is research stuff like the Gulf of Tomkin and look around at the wall street derivative scandal, banker bail outs and read up on “Black Water” to see that our foreign and monetary policies are all about MONEY for the very wealthy. It’s just a game to them. They care not whether you live or die.(They prefer you pay ether way) I’m all for free market capitalism but not for stealing and killing to extract the very essence and sole out of our country and world. People that think we need to go to war have been brain washed or haven’t asked the question why, who are profiting. Well with the passing of the NDAA and the staffing of FEMA Camps, those who wish for war may get their wish because your Congress now considers you the enemy. When you find yourself in begging for bread, the checks cut off, your bank card no longer works and no way to support yourself, you will wish you had made the right choice and voted for Ron Paul.

  26. We can agree to disagree. I’m not a fanatic on behalf of any of the other candidates, and I didn’t read any of his newsletters, so that’s got nothing to do with it. But because I care about my future and the future of the USA, cami’s point, I cannot vote Ron Paul. The survival of the human race and especially the western world will be too much at risk if we follow his views on foreign affairs. Of course, you’re free to disagree but I think you’re really wrong.

  27. I think Ron Paul is right-on regarding his domestic positions, especially regarding the Federal Reserve Bank and the debt. However, I have a major problem on many of his isolationist foreign policy stands and advocacy for legalizing drugs.

    I am also concerned, despite his longevity in Congress, that only one of his sponsored bills out of the hundreds he sponsored were ever enacted into law. Such a record does not demonstrate leadership. I respect his intelligence, as a doctor and his dedication as an American and I further agree with his posture on reducing government from over-reaching into our lives.

    However, I don’t think he has “a snowball’s chance in hell” to be nominated or elected as President. Nonetheless, he needs to stay in the race because he has some very important things to say that need to influence the party’s 2012 platform and the thinking of the eventual standard bearer for the G.O.P.

    Despite my disagreements with many of his positions, I urge all non-Romney supporters in VA to vote for Ron Paul on March 6. It is vital that those of us supporting non-ballot Republican candidates use the primary to wage our protest against the moderate Romney and the limited ballot. It is imperative that we send a message to the G.O.P.establishment and to Richmond to change their election rules so that VA voters can be assured to elect from the entire field of legitimate candidates, such as Speaker Gingrich and Senator Santorum.

    To be locked-out and disenfranchised is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated in America, especially in the great Commonwealth of Virginia- home to so many of our founding fathers, such as Washington and Jefferson!!!!

    • Disenfranchised

      Quite the Contrary. I believe Ron Paul exemplifies the type of Leadership that has been missing from the Presidency for quite some time. $16 TRILLION in Debt that the Government has accumulated should be the Tell-Tail sign for what kind of Leader is needed for this Country. But, we as Americans, seem to “gloss-over” this “Stark Reality” that the DEBT is the MOST DANGEROUS “Rot” that is decaying our National Security.

      All we have to do is look around us to see the RESULTS of Gross Mismanagement and FAILED Leadership in Government that Ron Paul has been “fighting against” for over 30 years now. When our Leaders “stray” from the Constitution, CORRUPTION multiplies to the point where we can’t even recognize a Government “For and BY” the People.

    • Disenfranchised

      This CNBC Interview with Ron Paul says it all. Ron Paul, again, points out what should be the MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE of the Day, but sadly, it’s being Ignored in favor of Political NONSENSE. If Ron Paul isn’t elected, America will continue to decline.!

      Think about it. If Ron Paul isn’t elected, it won’t matter who sits in the Oval Office (Democrat or Republican). Debt Ceilings will always continue because Government “Borrowing and Spending” has NO Ceiling. I wish people would see this. The United States is on the way down because of our DEBT!

    • Maybe you should think about “Why” congress has a 9% rating. Stop regurgitating talking heads in the media and think. You can just change the president, you have to change the corruption in DC. Congress: Those that have brought you The NDAA, SOPA, PIPA and have been bought by Big Corporate.

  28. Ron Paul Represents People who “Recognize the Folly”

    Saying Newt Gingrich is “anti-establishment” is like saying I’m anti-Ron Paul. The very notion is absurd to the “nth” degree.

    As The American Conservative’s Daniel Larison notes: “Gingrich is undeniably a Washington insider. He has been a Washington Insider for MOST his adult life. He started serving in Congress thirty-three years ago, and he stayed in the D.C. area in the twelve years since he left Congress. There could hardly be more of an “Insider” figure in this race than Gingrich.”

    Newt’s an “outsider”? Mitt’s a conservative? Sure they are!

    Unlike Gingrich and Romney, Ron Paul’s honest political approach is “refreshing” to countless Americans, as Paul continues to “connect” with voters who don’t believe most of what Newt and Mitt tell them. FOX News’ “The Five” recently discussed the appeal of Paul’s candor, as well as a FOX News focus group, of which the participants agreed that Ron Paul was the only honest man in the race!

    It’s Time for Americans to “Get Serious” and IGNORE the Political “Circus” of “He said, He said”. Romney, Gingrich, Santorum and Obama are all the SAME. They will “Govern” the SAME and “Represent” the SAME “Special Interests”. Ron Paul supporters “Recognize” this Folly and they want a Leader to “Reverse Course” of the Federal Government – Ron Paul.

    Video: Ron Paul – FOX News’ The Five and Focus Group.!

  29. Darryl – The constitution was written at a time that the US was safe because of its separation from the rest of the world by two oceans, and where other countries didn’t have missiles, nuclear weapons, where there weren’t theocracies such as Iran and radical Islamists who were willing to risk blowing up themselves and the world in order to get their 72 virgins in Heaven more quickly, where there weren’t delusional leaders in places such as North Korea, etc. Leadership these days requires more than George Washington’s belief in avoiding alliances and in isolationism. The most important issue of the day is stopping Iran and its friends and proxies (Chavez in Venezuela, Hizbollah, Hamas, Putin). I agree with you about the debt being a huge issue, but am not willing to risk our physical survival and true national security by gambling on Ron Paul’s foreign policy plans. Besides, he has slightly less of a chance than zero of beating Obama, since beyond you and his other core followers, few or none in major electoral college states will vote for him, be they republican, democrat, or independent, which is why he’s focused his nomination campaign on caucus states. So let him keep making his points, we may all learn a few things, but it’s time for all the Ron Paul supporters to move on to a candidate with broader appeal.

    • lar01

      I think you have missed the MAIN PURPOSE of the Constitution.

      First, the Constitution was written by our Founders as a “Governing Document” FOR and BY the People. It has been Amended throughout our existence, but the MAIN PURPOSE of the Constitution was to PREVENT a “Tyrannical Government” from ever “ruling over” the People. When the Constitution is Amended, the Amendment MUST be Ratified by the States, thus BY THE PEOPLE – through our Elected Representatives.

      Second, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Federalist Papers are documents which serve to remind us that we are a FREE and INDEPENDENT People. By being FREE and INDEPENDENT, means that we have the “Freedom and RIGHTS” to recognize and to petition our Government when our Leaders “deviate” from it. It is even written in the Constitution that a Government that “deviates” from the Constitution can be “abolished” by the People – and a new Representative Republic can take it’s place.

      Third, when a Government “deviates” from these Documents, CORRUPTION will ALWAYS run amuck. Lies then become the Propaganda of the Day. Special Interests then dictate our Policies. War or the “Threat” of war then becomes the “Medium” by which we deal with the rest of the World; all at the “expense” of our People. Aren’t you sick and tired of war yet? And look at how it’s expanding. Do you remember when our country was at PEACE with the world?

      We Americans, are not alone nor isolated on this planet. We MUST “pay attention”; not only to our Enemies and what they say, but we MUST also “pay attention” to how the rest of the World views the United States in promoting Freedom “by example”. Today, we promote “so-called” Freedom and Democracy through War. Since it’s existence, the United States has been the “Melting Pot” of the world. Why? Because the people throughout the World desired to immigrate here in search of the Freedom that we take for granted.

      To “Justify” what our Government has been doing through these years by Promoting the Propaganda of FEAR to it’s People, will inevitably lead to War. This “Flies-In-The-Face” of the Purpose for our Existence – to be a FREE and INDEPENDENT People. If anything, the “current” foreign policies of recent Administrations promotes the “isolationism” that you so falsely attached to Ron Paul. We “isolated” Japan in WW2 and we are now “isolating” Iran. Where do you think it’s going to lead? I’ll give you 3 guesses and the first 2 don’t count.

      $4 TRILLION in Debt because of war, 8500 American lives lost and MILLIONS of DEAD civilian people throughout the world seems hardly worth the “cause” to promote Freedom and Democracy around the world. If a country chooses to “emulate” us now, how are we “promoting” to them to get this done? By going to War? Or to Peacefully find solutions? There is a better way rather than “butchering” one another.

  30. So…these tards want to be President, yet cannot follow the rules of the game?

    No way. Not in my state. Consider this a ‘litmus test’ – you want us Virginians to vote for you; you better be on top of your game.

  31. Daryl

    We’ll have to agree to disagree. As for your central point, as allowed for in the Constitution, you and other Ron Paul supporters are always free to petition the courts to overrule something that you find unconstitutional, which is what the Supreme Court deals with (not always perfectly) for a living. No one could argue with your view that it’s better to solve things peacefully than through war. On the other hand, the Iranian government, similar to Hitler’s Nazi government of Germany, Al Quaida, Hamas, governments prior to Gorbachev’s in the USSR, and some other governments were very clear about their goals and needed to be stopped, not simply through talk. We were lucky that the US was in a position in each case to either stop this from happening or at least to assist other governments to do that. And that’s where you, Ron Paul, and I part company. But please, don’t reply again, since you won’t change my mind, and I won’t change yours, so let’s just agree to disagree and move on.

    • lar01

      I suppose it all depends on what you deem to what is being propagated, as being the Truth. Government’s are notorious for using Propaganda as a tool to sway public opinion into supporting what they are doing, thus masking their True Motivations. Remember the WMD’s that Saddam supposedly had? And let’s not forget Qaddafi’s Libya… Neither Iran or Libya are (or were) ruled by the Central Banks in London – always follow the Money!

      You stated: “On the other hand, the Iranian government, similar to Hitler’s Nazi government of Germany, Al Quaida, Hamas, governments prior to Gorbachev’s in the USSR, and some other governments were very clear about their goals and needed to be stopped, not simply through talk.”

      I would contend that the Historical Record to Hitler’s rise to power was NOT for the purpose of world domination and that the reasons are actually much much different than what is currently happening in Iran. Ahhh – But WW3 “IS DEFINITELY” just around the corner, just NOT for the reasons we are being told.

      The Moral of the Story – Be careful what you wish for; for a wish may not always be rooted in the Truth which may result in some very serious unintended consequences for many many people.

      It’s an UGLY world we live in where the word “PEACE” is NEVER mentioned or is an Objective to strive for. Only God knows the REAL Truth for what happened during the Course of Human Events in History and, also, what is happening now. Just be careful of those in Power who “invoke” God’s Blessing; for THEIR God may not be the REAL God.

      • Darryl – I’ve always thought that some of you Ron Paul people sounded like LaRouche’niks (Lyndon LaRouche) types, and your mention of the “Central Banks in London” makes me fear that I was right. I personally found his rantings crazy, paranoid, occasionally anti-semitic, and urge you to not drift that way. With that one comment, I’ll repeat what I said in my previous comment, let’s just agree to disagree and move on. I don’t have the interest nor time to keep up a personal back and forth with you.

        • lar01

          In order to understand what an author of an entire plot is trying to convey through a particular sequel, one must see the prior sequel in order to put together the whole narrative. Apparently, you’re “hell bent” on not looking at the entire picture and you base your judgments accordingly. However, I’m not offended that you judge me as being a “LaRouche’nik” or even a Conspiracy theorist for that matter. The Facts are that neither one of us absolutely KNOW what is in the authors mind because the entire narrative is not yet complete.

          Take the Nation of Greece for example. To watch and listen to the News Media “explain” the European Debt Crisis, one would think that Greece, being a Socialist Nation, just “spent” themselves into the “Oblivion of Debt” without any regard to the effect that this would have upon the Euro and the Nations of Europe. One would think: “It’s those Damn Socialists! – Just spending other people’s money that they would eventually run-out of someday”.

          However, there was a “prior sequel” to Greece’s involvement in the Euro and the SAME can be said to what is happening with EVERY OTHER CRISIS that is facing EVERY COUNTRY throughout the Entire Planet. Call it “Conspiracy” if you want. I really don’t care. I look at it as a puzzle, where the puzzle pieces are turned upside down. You have to put the puzzle together first, then turn it over to see the entire picture.

          Again, take the Nation of Greece for example… this is what we know so far as we turn their puzzle over. Now, start putting the puzzle together for the United States and the rest of the world.

  32. I SO agree with you Darryl. lar01, You would do well to pay attention and digest what you read, because many of “these conspiracy theories” are NOT theories. The real power brokers and control freaks publish what their agenda is, but count on most of us being too stupid or too busy to pay attention. It’s like some kind of sick joke to them, meanwhile they(the central bank, world bank, Federal Reserve and Mega Corporations continue to rob us and tell us it’s for our own good. So it’s a rigged game and the first step is to educate yourself with “REAL” history from different sources, and not listen to what you’re being spoon fed and distorted. Darryl didn’t make this stuff up. It’s IN the government documents, books and papers the “think tanks”, world leaders and mega corporate giants publish. One only needs to read history and look around to know that we as a nation are on the wrong path.

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