This evening from Spartanburg, South Carolina, eight GOP hopefuls will take the stage addressing foreign policy issues in a debate sponsored by CBS News, the National Journal and the South Carolina Republican Party. The debate is being held at Wofford College.

Air Time: Saturday, November 12 at 8pm ET / 5 pm PT on CBS

Note: East coast viewers will see the first 60 minutes on television, the last 30 minutes will continue airing right here at the live stream above. West coast viewers will get the full 90 minute debate on television according to CBS.

Participants: Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Huntsman, Paul, Perry, Romney, Santorum

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Wofford College and the South Carolina Republican Party are busy making preparations for their turn in the national spotlight on Saturday night.

Wofford will host the first network-broadcast GOP presidential debate starting at 8 p.m. on CBS.

“There’s probably not an office on this campus that hasn’t been touched in some way,” Wofford spokeswoman Laura Corbin said. “It’s a huge opportunity that you couldn’t pay for to get some recognition out there.”

S.C. GOP political director Alex Stroman said the state party is expecting all of the major Republican candidates to participate in the debate.

About 1,400 people will watch the event inside Benjamin Johnson Arena, and all tickets already have been assigned, save an allotment of about 100 tickets that are being given away via lottery to Wofford students and faculty.

About 200 members of the media, some representing outlets based in foreign countries, including Japan and Australia, are expected to receive credentials for the debate.

The college also will hold a debate-watching event in Leonard Auditorium in Main Building for those without tickets.

While the debate will be focused on national security and foreign policy issues, all types of questions are on the table, Stroman said.

Foreign policy has taken a back seat to the economy and jobs as would be expected given the current economic downturn we’re experiencing. Certainly some other questions will make their way into the conversation, however, the GOP candidates have yet to delve fully into foreign policy so this will be an interesting discussion.


  1. I am worried about the society that my c
    hildren will be raised in. How can you assure us that you will promote proper morals in America?

    • It’s not up to the government to preach morals. It’s up to the parents to guide their children in the world. You would NEVER want your children to learn their morals from a politician, because politics is a dirty business.

    • Norris Howellsworth

      I agree with sbk you are the teacher.

      However, if you are truly looking for a role model in government to show your children look to Ron Paul.
      The only thing that all agree with is Ron Paul is the standard bearer for integrity and honesty, he never compromises, he votes and he lives by the standards and principles he upholds!

      • Ron Paul!!? The man is a LUNATIC, he wants to legalize all drugs, prostitution, gambling, whatever you want to do as long as it does not hurt anyone else he would legalize! He does not have a clue how to govern.

        • Pete, think about it. No marijuana laws means no drug wars,means no money for DEA.Take the ILLEGAL profit away from ILLEGAL DRUGS by making drugs legal and Society will be better no killings or turf wars. The crooks will have to get real jobs. The FDA is the lobby for the drug companies to keep out competition. Needs serious reform.Don’t you feel that you can police yourself and your family?

          • Slow down there a bit Joe. Part of what you say is true and the other part isnt. The true part is no drug wars, at least not for the US government. Money will still go to the DEA, perhaps less, it all depends. Killings and turf wars did not happen because of the drugs only. The nature of gang violence is much more dynamic. Simply taking drugs away from gangs doesn’t make gangs disappear or any less violent. The fight of gangs will probably shift towards monopolizing the drug market which in that case violence and turf wars and killings is almost a guarantee. who can sell the most drugs and who gets the most $$$. You’re dealing with criminals. They’ll kill their opponents. And by the way, you think a druggie can get a job? You must be on something yourself.

        • Yes, Ron Paul is an absolute lunatic because he doesn’t want government involved in every aspect of your life. What we need in this country are leaders who really know how to keep the people controlled, like Joseph Stalin.

          • Why is it that the FEDERAL government must control everything and rule every aspect of our lives? How is it possible for us to accept government rule as a one size fits all only option? Why can’t we leave it to the states, just like Ron Paul is telling us? What is wrong with that? Are the states not going to make responsible laws?

        • We have been living in an over regulated society and look where it has gotten us. I wouldn’t mind trying Ron Paul’s approach to how government should work and let the people free. One thing I notice about Ron Paul is that he doesn’t just say things to say them, there is a philosophy behind it and it makes total sense. We need to let this guy take the lead or we will only get a different variation of the same old same old. I am willing to do a drastic change in our country, not the Obama kind of change which was none.

        • Taking the leverage from organized crime and restoring your individual liberty and freedoms guaranteed by the constitution (that has been assaulted repeatedly by unscrupulous traitors such as yourself) is not lunacy. This the USA, get used to it.

        • Pete
          Ron Paul 2012 for Liberty and National Sovereignty

          Yes, free to be free as long as it causes no harm to another. The current policy doesn’t prevent any of the behavior you mentioned.

        • Sorry “Pete” but you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. He would allow the STATES to implement legislation against drugs, not at the federal level. You either are brainwashed by the mainstream media, or deliberately trying to mislead people.
          By the way, were heroin legalized tomorrow would you be running out to do it? I didn’t think so, but your dishonesty is duly noted.

        • I agree!He makes me nervous just to here him talk.Always seems to stamour or gets mixed up.Yes he would do things too quick if elected.

          • Get a grip Jimmy. Ron Paul has been consistent for over 30 years. He has been saying the SAME EXACT THING for 30 years. Just YouTube him and do some research. Ron Paul is 76 years old, sharp as a tack, and has more motivation and energy than most 20 year olds. If only we can get people to stop drinking the mainstream media’s kool aid.

        • No he doesn’t. That is not what he said. His statement regarding those issues was that those decisions should be left up to the states. Dr. Paul believes that the Federal Government’s involvement is unwarranted in such issues. Please look to the videos of the first debate in Greenville, SC to see what was actually said.

          Stop spreading misinformation. Now is not the time in America for ignorance.

          Anyone still of the opinion that Dr. Paul is in favor of such notions, needs to watch the video at the link above. Become informed America.

        • You are incorrect, Pete. Ron Paul doesn’t want to “legalize” drugs. He wants to quit wasting money on a winless and endless war on drugs and allow the states to decide. Laws or not, if someone wants to do drugs they are going to do them. Look at our prisons. Does it look like people aren’t doing drugs because the Government Almighty told them they cannot?

        • dude, are you honestly voting solely on social issues? They hardly matter man; foreign policy, economics, and staying true to the constitution are issues you should vote on for the most part.

        • Spoken by an American who has no idea what freedom is or was. I’d say he was born after 1960. Am I right, Pete?

        • Just because Ron Paul says the federal government will not enforce something because it’s not covered by the constitution doesn’t mean the local authorities (states) can’t make their own laws against it. You have the mentality that the federal government is everything. If we get rid of some agencies and federal student loans because the federal government is going bankrupt doesn’t mean your state can’t start a program, if you want to cover it.

      • I am worried about a society where everything is acceptable. I’m not advocating for government legislation, just a little shame and modesty where it is needed in society.

    • Everyone:


      Have you submitted your questions here?
      Submit Questions: Submit Questions to CBS/National Journal GOP Debate

    • Giving that power to a government is the making of tyranny. It infringes upon the liberties of individuals and removes parents from the equation. If you are concerned by our future morality, then I suggest parents be held accountable for their children and their actions. More often than not, you hear parents blame others for their children actions vs. the appropriate punishment and guidance of that child to become a valued member of society. It’s never little Johnny’s fault but someone else’s. Personal responsibility is something many should try and stop looking to government to solve all of their problems. The governments role is not to hold our hand from cradle to grave but level the playing field for all to have an opportunity to thrive and protect us from those who wish to do us harm – foreign or domestic.

  2. National security and foreign policy are some of Obama’s stronger points. How can you assure voters that you are the candidate to beat Obama on these issues?

    • National security and foreign policy are some of Obama’s stronger points.

      — You want to back that statement up with any facts?

      Is your definition of National Security? Groping women and children at TSA lines, almost forcing them through cancer machines?

      Is your definition of Foreign Policy? Following the illegal bush doctrine of undeclared wars, costing Americans a trillion dollars per year? Strong point?! Wow! Where do you get your news?!

      Ron Paul beats Obama at every issue.

      • Way to criticize not having facts with a total subjective response. As if any candidate could ever “beat” any other on an issue.
        Not that you’d care, because your libertarian ideas make you such an enlightened individual that all of your opinions – I’m sorry, you’re “facts” – are perfectly correct.

    • The ideology of globalism and how it underlies certain government policies. Managed trade agreements, international military adventurism, and amnesty for illegal immigrants all emanate from this ideology.

      Yet globalism has a consequence that is, if we are to believe the rhetoric of its greatest proponents, entirely unintended. Globalists often label those of us who resist their schemes as “isolationist.” Yet it is, somewhat remarkably, the globalists themselves who promote policies that isolate our nation from the rest of the world.

      In terms of modern politics, isolationism is not so much an approach to American foreign policy as it is the result of the policies enacted by proponents of globalism. From offensive statements about “Old Europe” (as differentiated from “New Europe”), necessitated by the desire to justify a military presence in Iraq, to conflicts at the WTO, the flowery rhetoric of the neo-conservatives often takes vicious turns when unrealistic policies meet with reality.

      In their hopes to remake the world in their image, the globalist elite who run much of America’s policy-making apparatus simply further isolate our country from the rest of the world. By claiming a moral superiority that is so evidently absent when the effects of their policies are witnessed, neo-conservatives have made America seem hypocritical to many abroad. – Lew Rockwell

  3. TO ALL CANDIDATES: Do you agree that the building of Schools, Hospitals, Roads in foreign nations (that hate us) with US Taxpayer dollars, while our own infrastructure erodes should be stopped – completely?

  4. We have the technology to fight wars (without nukes) with the touch of a button – Why would you ever order “Boots on the Ground” troops to risk their lives for ungrateful people?

  5. With the US teetering on the edge of “bankruptcy” and so many of our nation unemployed, would you agree to “Put Americans First” before allowing our politicians to send our needed dollars to foreign lands?

    • Ron Paul said he would end the foreign aide, which we can’t afford anyway, and are borrowing from China to give to Israel, which is careless in many ways, IMHO.

    • Brian Parks

      Good Candidate questions, if only they would be asked!

      But if the first question asked is, are you a National Sovereignty proponent or an Internationalist ie. Globalist proponent, the answer will define and identify their true view and intentions.

      The reason Ron Paul stands apart and alone, is because he is the ONLY uncompromising National Sovereignty proponent and candidate, it’s the foundation of his policies, everything he proposes comes from this view including following the intent of the Constitution. The previous Presidents regardless if democrat and republican have all followed an Internationalist ie. Globalist agenda.

      This is why Ron Paul is a dangerous man to the status quo, and explains why so many tactics are used to stifle and denigrate his message.

      The fundamental question about any candidate begins and ends with National Sovereignty or Globalist?

      If the established beneficiaries of the current globalist policies are able to successfully stifle Paul’s voice and distract us from understanding that the question Nationalism or Globalism is the first and most important thing one needs to know about a candidate, they will succeed again.

      When and if this question is answered the answers to all the important questions you asked will have context, if this question remains overlooked there will be no substantial change or improvement because we will have been effectively manipulated again.

      Ron Paul 2012

  6. To all candidates: Each of you hope to take an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States as President. Approximately how many hours have you diligently studied the US Constitution in your lifetime? and is your Constitutional conviction strong enough to guide you in spite of the lawyers and their tactics?

  7. After I watched Gingrich debate with Cain I have no doubt that Newt is the man who will fix this country! Cain may be a good businessman and have a funny personality, but that’s it. He is NOT a well rounded candidate. He kept passing questions to Newt because he didn’t know how to answer them… that would not work in a debate against Obama. Newt has an amazing record, he is extremely straight forward, highly intelligent, and 100% well rounded. He can beat Obama. In fact, he would send Obama home crying!

    • Newt can’t beat Obama, if he’s the same, his answers on Iran, shows he’s the same as Obama, so how could he beat Obama? Ron Paul however, can beat Obama, he’s for real chance not chump change.

    • I don not agree that Newt is the best candidate, I do agree that Newt is the best Technocrat (he could be an adviser)
      Newt will antagonize everyone, have all of you forgotten the Clinton years when he was Speaker?

      The reason he picks fights with the media is to get attention, he cant attack the other candidates directly but the media is fare game.

      They you probably have forgotten, sad.

    • Newt Gingrich is an Internationalist. That is the policy our country is operated under now.
      Ron Paul is the only candidate who is a confirmed and staunch National Sovereignty candidate.

  8. To all candidates: the majority of Americans want our immigration laws enforced and no more amnesty, PERIOD! And yet, Democrats and Republicans continue to ignore the majority. Do any of you have the courage to do what needs to be done to weed out illegal immigrants?

    • Ask this are you for National Sovereignty or Internationalism. The answer to this question reveals all we need to know.

  9. TO ALL THE CANDIDATES: If you were elected President, would you immediately protect our 4th Amendment right and immediately repeal the Patriot Act, close all “security” checkpoints that are more than 25 miles inside our borders and honor individuals dignity as citizens of the United States of America and abolish the Transportation Security Administration as well?

  10. After Rick Perry’s recent political suicide, Ron Paul will soon overtake Perry and become the best funded Republican campaign, 2nd only to Romney and his tens of millions in corporate donations. Ron Paul has received more contributions from the military than all the others, including Obama, combined. Ron Paul is the only candidate on both sides of the aisle with military experience, yet he is also the only one who is antiwar. Ron Paul knows that a humble foreign policy is the best way to make friends with nations rather than warring with them. He knows wars are horribly expensive, inflationary and destructive. He knows the central bank, Federal Reserve, is the reason why mere humans have been able to afford their violence fantasies throughout the last 100 years, but that this insanity must give way to the sanity of sound money and longterm peace. A vote for Ron Paul in less than 1 year is a vote for peace, economic stability and honest prosperity and the end of the police state.

  11. My No. 1 issue is Immigration. In my lifetime, there has not been a President nor Congress, Democrat nor Republican, who was interested in stopping the illegal flow across the southern border although it has always been possible. We have somewhere between 7 and 20 million people (no one knows for SURE) in jobs that could be done by out-of-work Americans. A bill came out of the Judiciary Committee without killing amendments to it that would make E-Verify mandatory. The House won’t vote on it until there are 100 sponsors. It doesn’t look like that’s going to happen and it’s going to die before it comes to the floor for a vote. We have a million immigrants coming into the country legally every year and another 50 thousand coming in via the lottery. I would just like to know how many tomatoes we need to pick, for heavens sake; and HOW are we ever going to get Americans working again with all this flow into the U.S. from other countries, legally AND illegally.

    • Take the ground troops out of all of our bases over seas.. sell the bases, bring home what we can, safely. Then put the ground troops and equipment on our borders, to guard them. Ron Paul has the solutions, Americans’ just need to snap out of the main stream media mind control.

    • Ask this: Are you for National Sovereignty or Globalism. The answer to this question reveals what we need to know.

    • I usually don’t, but just this once, as I have the unique perspective of being a Native American of the “Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians”. I would like to plat “Devil’s Advocate”. Why is that so many of the descendants of European Americans have such an issue with Immigration?

  12. The Progressive Income Tax is the most egregious and unjust taxation plan devised by man. Most people would prefer to see ALL individuals participate in a National Sales and Consumption Tax and the total elimination of all other Federal Income Tax plans in existence, i.e., captial gains taxes, and any other taxes that are hidden. This plan would also free the citizens from potential criminal acts of tax evasion and remove the Government from forcing taxes from our pay checks each month! A fair percentage for all (with no exemptions for any one or any entity) would be between 10% and 15%. In this manner the revenue generated would produce enough funds that our economic problems would be almost solved. It would also eliminate all of the divisions and other problems generated such as PAC groups seeking favors, politicians using a tax break to get votes, etc.! A lot of serious problems would be solved. Would you support such a plan? If not, WHY not?

    • “Most people would prefer to see ALL individuals participate in a National Sales and Consumption Tax”

      —I would NOT support this, neither would MOST informed-people.

      “and the total elimination of all other Federal Income Tax plans in existence, i.e., captial gains taxes, and any other taxes that are hidden”

      — I support abolishing the illegal federal income tax that goes to the IRS/IMF/WorldBank.

  13. To Mr. Cain

    How prepared will you be to answer that emergency call at 3 AM with little knowledge of foreign policy?

    • There is a lot of talk about “Foreign Policy” expertise and it’s unfortunate. How much experience did Ronald Regan have, how much experience did Bill Clinton have, how much did George W. Buch and most of all, just how much “Foreign Policy” experience/expertise did Obama have.

      The point is that “Foreign Policy” is something that a candidate grows into having some convictions of of their own and selecting the people around him/her.

      The point is, experience is a none issue, its the “overall views” that the candidates have that we can agree or disagree with, from there the Policy will grow and be made and history will judge.

      • Overall views are often amended when there is lack of moral conviction. “Compromise” reigns supreme in modern politics. So much so, that many constituents readily forgive failure to follow thru on commitments. Awareness of this fact, leads many politicians to take lightly the commitment(s) they made to gain elected office. This fact is self evident. Instead I would concur with the writings of Thomas Jefferson when he authored

        “ In questions of power, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” Thomas Jefferson

    • As we can see so far, they are NOT treating him fair. The media is our biggest problem next to the unwashed masses who suck daily at their breasts.

    • Excellent question Pete for Mr Cain and for Perry! I just wish all the candidates would have the opportunity to answer all the questions posed in the debate. they have all been very lop-sided to me.

  14. To all candidats, Obama promised to label GMO foods in 2007 on the campaign trail then after becoming president appointed 4 key positions in agriculture from ex-Monsanto cronies.
    1) Ex-biotech governor of the year Tom Vilsack to USDA secretary
    2) Ex-Monsanto VP Michael Taylor to Food Czar at the FDA
    3) ex-Monsanto defender Elena Kagan tp the US Supreme Court
    4) ex-pesticide lobbyist Islam Siddiqui to the US trade office

    Dear candidates, how many of you have a couple of decades behind you to showcase your integrity so we know you won’t get into the office of POTUS and immediately do everything you said you wouldn’t on the campaign trail like OBama did?

    • “ In questions of power, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” Thomas Jefferson

  15. It should be obvious to the boobs by now that there aren’t any differences between the Republican candidates, except for Ron Paul. Reap what you sow. Americans are afraid of freedom and gave it up long ago for a rhetorical sense of security.

  16. I want to know how these candidates feel about our movements towards a new world order and if they are in support of it and if not what steps they are willing to take in order for America to maintain its sovereign status… not that we ever truly were that! It is obvious that the banking system is on a world wide standard with one note effecting the other. Certainly there is a push to change the present monetary system. One side aims to bring about a new monetary system with one note throughout the world. The alternative is to become more interdependent creating our own dollar and moving back to the gold standard. At any rate, there are real changes in the air… we can all feel it. There will be serious long term consiquences with drastic effects… and most choices really are not going to bring about favorable results for America and our standard of living.

  17. Everyone:

    Have you submitted your great questions to CBS through the link at the top of the page?
    Submit Questions to CBS/National Journal GOP Debate

    Ron Paul 2012 Liberty, National Sovereignty and Non-Intervention

  18. I’m doing homework at that time, does anyone know if/when this will re-air or if it can be viewed online tomorrow?

  19. 75% of all active miliary personnel contribute political donations to Ron Paul. What do they know that we don’t?

    • Where do you get your information? I wonder why those soldiers risk their lives in the first place and then vote for Paul!
      Perhaps if they give up their arms and come home they could fight Jihad right here in USA. I see Ron Paul’s view of war as an invitation to death.

      • As a veteran I can tell you. Insurgents are PEOPLE. 90% of the people killed in these wars are civilians who just want to live their lives peacefully. We can feel good about ourselves when we dehumanize them. The hard truth that most of the military knows is, we are in the business of murder. Wasteful murder. Quite frankly, even if this wasn’t the truth, we can’t afford to do this anymore. Our economy is already being manipulated to sustain itself. Like all bubbles, this one will pop too. The longer we do this the worse it will be when it crashes.

  20. The Federal Reserve is a union of private bankds, owned by international bankers, who besides conterfeiting money, devaluing the US dollar, stealing people’s homes through manipulation of inflation and deflation, and financing both sides of wars and battles, take an additional 6% fee of all money loaned to the government and smaller banks in the world.

    They own most of the candidates in both parties. Herman Cain was a deputy director of the Federal Reserve, KC, as just one example.

    Ron Paul has said for decades that we need to put an end to the Fed, allow our own US Treasury to print currency backed by gold and/or silver.

    Ron Paul alone can save America, because Ron Paul alone, will destroy the problems at their source, followed by making the Government lives within its means – only spend what it takes in. NO MORE BORROWING.

  21. With our national debt so high it becomes a national security issue
    Being indebted to China – effectively paying and growing their armed forces larger than our own
    China’s undervaluation of currency rendering the US companies unable to compete
    China’s continued infringement on US companies ideas/products by cyber theft
    China using cyber warfare and gaining US classified information – considered by many an act of war
    China and Russia stating they will not support us on sanctions against Iran
    and Americans being war weary ….

    How to you plan to defend our nation without wasting blood and treasure? Restoring our position on the global stage without causing an international incident or being isolationist? While creating a thriving, growing and powerful economy?

  22. After looking at all of these post it makes me smile. I see many of you seeing the strength in Ron Paul and knowing that he is the only one we should be putting in office. After 30 years of Ron Paul being laughed at by the 2 main parties he will get his day in office. GO RON GO 2012!!!

  23. CBS cuts off Santorium as he articulates need to attack Iran’s nuclear works. Then CBS shifts questions to Afganistan.

    Iran is about to or has a BOMB and CBS simply does not want to discuss a nuclear Iran.

  24. Who’s the smug looking jackass with the stop watch hosting this debate? I tuned in late, but so far he’s been wrong about US vs Military law, the use of force, and let Ron Paul & Jon Huntsman skate on the definition of torture. Any real journalist would have known that no one approves of torture. The question is what is it, how is it defined, and will you let the ACLU define it? These terrorists aren’t singatories of the Geneva convention, and we dont recognize international law, in this matter. How about getting them to go more than a half-inch deep in rhetoric and define “torture” and how the AG, Supreme Court and MIlitary Revue Board, Joint Chiefs of Staff and others will have a say in what is (and isn;t) torture?

  25. If you start Israel with zero fund how in the wolrd you will expect Israel to deal with the Arap spring including Iran and now Syria who are killing 10th of people every day?

    • Israel deserve much more than nothing from us and Obama well knows it. Hopefully our next President will know and care enough to back Israel, unlike Obama’s who surely loves Palestine. Israel is our only real ally in the Mideast. Our real enemy stems back to Iran! Get with it.

      • Perhaps, we should allow Israel to concern themselves with themselves. I agree that treaties should be in place and enforced if/when the need arises. However, I don’t believe we should send constant monetary support to any country unless it is a dire need and a limited event.

  26. Dr. Paul has been marginalized…. again — but, I’m not surprised. I am very happy to see that some of his philosophy has rubbed off and the other debaters are using Dr. Pauls positions in their answers. If he could only get equal airtime…… Question for Dr. Ron: Tell us why giving money to nations such as Pakistan is inviting civil war in those nations we are financing.

    • I am sad to say that they are not moving towards Ron Paul’s ideas, they are just saying them, just to get more of the votes. Then they act more like Obama or worse. Obama did this
      Bush did this
      Clinton did this
      and so on.
      Chris (WA)

  27. Rick Perry,

    Do you believe that Americas reliance on foreign oils will cause us to countinue to send our tax dollars to them no matter what even with your idea of starting at 0% ?

  28. [QUOTE]Pete

    You are not very well informed.
    Ron Paul 2012 Liberty, National Sovereignty and Non-Intervention[/QUOTE]

    HOWEVER, Mr. Paul has too many other minuses on his record. Just look at his voting record as an example. In addition Mr. Paul has ties with White Supremacist groups. That is unacceptable.

    • Luisa

      Don’t make denigrating allegations without proof, support your statement please.
      I suggest you view Ron Paul videos on YouTube go back to the 1980’s, what you will see is consistency, respect for all humankind regardless of race, ethnicity or country of origin.

      Ron Paul 2012 National Sovereignty, Liberty for all Americans, Non-Intervention

  29. Ron Pauls feelings on the War might have Constitutional merit yet it is frightening to most. People see war as a necessity therefor Ron will not get the Republican nomination. He recently made it clear he will not run as an independent..Period! End of story! There is no doubt Ron could draw from both Republican, Democrates and independents but, the bottom line as with Democrats most stay with their party… many who did not favor Obama voted for him just the same…most Democrats are not free thinkers. Many Republicans also would not go with Ron enough to get him the nomination. So, unless some shit load of students and independents are signed up as Republicans count Ron out. It will most likely go to New’t and I’m not sure where he is coming from on Fed issues and the Banker,, Power elitists crowd which Obama is in deep with. Seem it doesn’t matter who we vote in… we are moving on a predetermined course.

  30. Newt to the top of the pile among Republican Presidential hopefuls. Let us not forget it was Newt who led the crusade against American Sovereignty and Our Constitution during the Clinton years. “Yet he had the chutzpah to agree with Ron Paul during one of those alleged debates on television; slipping in c…omments that appeared he also opposes the Federal Reserve and big government. Nothing is farther than the truth.”

  31. Rick Perry just gets worst and worst! Ron Paul just shown his true colors of how big of a lunatic he is. Jon Huntsman as ambassador of china simply can not be trusted. Herman Cain was just a Big Blank! Santorum is not even in the race.

    That leaves Newt, Mitt and Michelle as the only decent candidates in my opinion. But Newt has way too many skeletons in his closet and Michelle is the lowest on polls!

    That only leaves Romney as the lesser evil.

    Is this really all that the Republican party can offer???

    • Yes! It’s either Romney or Obama; who do you want.
      I will add I agree with every person that called for waterboarding.
      Did Romney want that?

  32. Everyone stop for a minute and think about it. Ron Paul scares the H*ll out of the media and the banks. That is exactly why they have been blacking him out. He is the only one who know (or admits) that our wars were false wars and money-making machines and that we have to get our own house in order and that we need small government. If legalizing drugs is what it takes go for it. I have kids but I’m sick of being terrorized by our own government about the “war on drugs”. They are legal in Holland yet they don’t have a problem because people don’t want what they can easily access. There is no black market.

    Ron Paul may be blacked out but he is our only decent chance. So blow him off if you must but when you wake up to what the U.S. really is about, the alarms in your head will tell you that HE was telling us the truth all along.

    • Do you ever think about whether our country survives as a nation against enemies outside of boundaries?
      You must take Paul as a whole; for me it is a no go.

      • We staged a coup in Iran and overthrew their ELECTED Government in 1953. We placed a military dictator in power and THEY OVERTHREW HIM in 1979. The Iranians hate us because we stole their freedoms. We are setting the stage to do it again. How long will you allow the cycle of hate to continue? We have multi-billion dollar missile defense systems all throughout the U.S. There is no country that could potentially bomb us as it stands. Especially not one WORKING ON ITS FIRST nuke. Grow up America, stop letting fear propaganda allow us to be irrational.

        • Eric
          Well said! I want to add that fear propaganda is the globalist tactic to insure we keep fueling the machine. Our dollars, our dead and wounded young people, the destruction of innocent people’s lives, all for a lie. Know the bottom line, globalist ideology or nationalist, once one knows that it’s easy to tell what your candidate will really do once in office.

          Ron Paul 2012

      • In their hopes to remake the world in their image, the globalist elite who run much of America’s policy-making apparatus simply further isolate our country from the rest of the world. By claiming a moral superiority that is so evidently absent when the effects of their policies are witnessed, neo-conservatives have made America seem hypocritical to many abroad. – Lew Rockwell

  33. What moron decided NOT to air the entire debate on TV? Anyone in that news organization give a crap about the people who live west of the Hudson River? Now we have to relay on your biased analysis as to what transpired after you pulled it from the TV. Pathetic…

  34. This is one of the most importaant programs that was on TV tonight. Disgusted that you shut it off after an hour for most people in the United States.

    Don’t do that again on a debate please. America needs all the info they can get on these debates!!!!

  35. Rick Perry was great. He framed the debate on Foreign Policy. He also was a good sport by making comments about “forgetting”. He was bold and strong tonight!!

    • His great sense of humor and smile are not going to be enough to cover up his gaffs and lead his way to the WH.

  36. This was the worst debate yet. It went off TV after the first hour so ridiculous NCIS could come on. Scott Pelley was rude and arrogant and tried to outshout the candidates repeatedly, and it just proves what a LOSER NETWORK CBS is. I hope I never have to engage with CBS again.

  37. Ron Paul is the only candidate whose main concern is following the constitution and keeping this country from going bankrupt. I agree we should cut all foreign aid. I don’t care about Israel. My country is the United States. If we were energy self sufficient, which we could be with nuclear, coal and natural gas, I wouldn’t care about the middle east at all. We have too many special friends. We are going bankrupt with “special friends”

    • Ron paul is also the only candidate that has a greater chance of getting a stroke…lol he is too risky! and his old school ways is not gonna work!

  38. When the dust clears and the BS abates, this general election will come down to two guys on a stage debating the future of us peons: Obama vs. (?)…Please let the (?) be the white boy from Georgia.

  39. I am with you; but I think Mitt Romney is more electable. I would love to see Rick Santorum influence our next President. He is so clearheaded, perceptive, and decent! Gingrich would make a great Secretary of State. He’s firm and intelligent.

  40. I love Rick Santorum. I just think he is too decent to be President, even if he did have all the money he
    needed to win.

    • Some of them maybe paid!

      I am NOT PAID!!!

      Ron Paul 2012!!!

      P.S. (to John) Ron Paul won’t destroy this Nation. Listen to what he is saying, research it, study history, study The Constitution, also a side note, they stopped teaching The Constitution correctly in schools in about the year of 1900.

      Chris (WA)

  41. To get a full understanding of what has happened to our money/economy read Alan Greenspan’s 1966 article “Gold and Economic Freedom.” This is the where Ron Paul is coming from. The greatest threat to this nation is the economic collapse we are seeing in slow motion. With sound money and free markets no man or group of men would have any damaging authority over the economy’s direction. People like Ben Bernanke would be irrelevant.

    We have drifted so far away from the Constitution that it sounds alien to us. A man comes along trying to get us back on track and he is scoffed, ridiculed and marginalized. What a shame.


  42. Ron Paul has a simple solution for everything. Let the States regulate everything. Let the States regulate drugs, immigration, even war. Paul wants to dissolve the Federal Government. His policies border on the insane. His philosophy is “every person for themselves”. He is an isolationist. His policies would lead to anarchy in this nation. He wants this nation to stick their head in the sand. Paul is coward at heart.

  43. In an earlier post I mentioned this article. It was written by Alan Greenspan in 1966 before he joined the Nixon admin. It is the single most important thing that a person could ever read on money. PLEASE READ IT WITH AN OPEN DICTIONARY, THEN TELL OTHERS TO READ IT TOO! Had Mr. Greenspan stuck to his principles he would probably be a world hero.

    Barry, self government is not anarchy. The Constitution is not anarchy. It is the law of the land that presidents swear to uphold and defend with millions of citizens witnessing. Then their promise (oath) is conveniently forgotten. People don’t even have a clue about the importance of this document.

    We got along fine with the rest of the world until we started sticking our nose in their business. (Read about the Shah of Iran.} At one point in our history, one nation, (France) thought so highly of us that they presented the Statue of Liberty to us.

    In the 50’s and 60’s (when I was a kid) this nation was proud of having ridded the world of Hitler and had an optimism that does not exist today. People were happy, not depressed. Anybody that need a job had opportunities in all directions. Factories were everywhere. America was it. Now, as we decline, and as opportunities evaporate, we quibble over a rotting corpse.

    Again, as I said in an earlier post: We have drifted so far away from the Constitution that it sounds alien to us. A man comes along trying to get us back on track and he is scoffed, ridiculed and marginalized. What a shame.


  44. ?”Ron Paul has said very clearly, if our national security is threatened, he will petition the Congress, procure a declaration of war, and use overwhelming force to win that war”

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