No rest for the debate weary candidates wrapping up November. CNN is broadcasting a debate tonight at 8pm ET from Constitution Hall in Washington, DC. The debate is sponsored by CNN, The Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute. The eight usual GOP candidates will be participating.

Full Video: Watch the CNN National Security Debate

Air Time: Tuesday, November 22, 2011 at 8pm ET on CNN

Participants: Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Huntsman, Paul, Perry, Romney, Santorum

Details from CNN:

CNN lead political anchor Wolf Blitzer will moderate a Republican presidential debate on Tuesday, Nov. 22 from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. (ET) live from the historic DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C. The debate, in partnership with The Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), will focus on three of the most critical issues candidates will encounter during the Republican presidential nomination: national security, foreign policy and the economy.

In addition to Blitzer, Foreign policy experts from AEI and The Heritage Foundation will pose questions to the candidates. The following eight presidential contenders will participate in the debate: Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, businessman Herman Cain, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, Texas Rep. Ron Paul, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum.

I’ll be watching for whether Herman Cain has brushed up in the foreign policy arena since some of his answers have not been as extensive as his GOP counterparts. Another question is whether Ron Paul will be given more than 89 seconds of speaking time as he was during the CBS News GOP debate on November 12.


  1. Why was the comment allowed: “I’ll be watching for whether Herman Cain has brushed up in the foreign policy arena since some of his answers have not been as extensive as his GOP counterparts.” ? I for one resent this inappropriate attempt by this writer to sway my opinion or anyone elses by demeaning Herman Cain.

    Where is the question: “I’ll be watching to see how John Huntsman and Mitt Romney explain why they call themselves Christian when neither of them believe Jesus Christ is in fact God Almighty (Basic Christion Understanding)and why they both believe that man by their acts can become God” ? Surely these beliefs disqualify them to lead a Christian nation.

    We have already allowed one Godless buffoon to reside in our White House named Hussein Obama, also a non Christian so stupid on foreign affairs he insults our allie Israel every chance he gets and thinks we have 57 states when that is true of the Arab states, where he was trained in the same Madrassas as Bin Ladden. (And miraculously he isn’t a radical Muslim?)

    • I wasn’t aware that websites opinions had to match yours in order to be considered “appropriate”. I was under the belief that we were living in a nation where free speech was one of the core tenants of our great modern civilization. I also wasn’t aware that Herman Cain should be sheltered from questions that tend to reveal how he doesn’t know anything about what he’s talking about.

      Furthermore, it would seem that you are under the impression that these republican debates should be more akin to a session with the Spanish Inquisition than a debate about politics. Since when has it been the duty of the debates to sort out the “true believers” from the “godless heathens”? Also surely the CHRISTIAN beliefs that you should stone children for disobeying their parents or that you should kill homosexuals disqualifies you from leading a free-religion (or lack thereof) nation.

      I seriously hope you’re being sarcastic in this last paragraph. If you lack the mental aptitude to tell when Fox News is being off the charts crazy then simply stop watching. They have clearly influenced your misguided ideas and it’s done serious harm to your credibility. Firstly, and see the previous paragraph for further exposition on how we are a free-religion (or lack thereof) nation, nobody, but you cares if the President just so happens to belong to your nutty little club of rednecks and rich white people who believe there is an invisible man in the sky that cares about whether you look at a woman with lust in your heart or not. You may want to spend a little more time figuring out how the rest of the world treats our current president. He has greatly improved the foreign affairs of the United States and for that he gets welcomed everywhere he goes in the world with crowds of people cheering for him. Also he has yet to have any shoes thrown at him. Please for the good of yourself and the good of those around you. Keep your unwarranted hatred to yourself, your fellow church members and your fellow Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes members. This is the internet, not some sleazy, slummy, ghetto where you can tout your Republic/Religious hatred as the moral compass of America. Good day sir and have a pleasant tomorrow!

      • I hope and pray that I am not standing next to you all at the Judgment Seat of Christ when you all are judged. I hope and pray that you all realize that God created you whether you like it or not and you will one day face Him. I hope that you all realize this before your judgment is worse than it is already. PREPARE TO MEET THY GOD!

        • SCREW OFF! So tired of this religious dogmatic bull! No one knows for sure even if there are any gods, much less yours you claim is the one and only. It has been and continues to be beliefs like yours that make this world the cesspool of hate and intolerance that is it today. Next time, keep you religious nonsense to yourself!

        • You do realize that with every passing day that goes by, you are p-ing off the REAL God by believing in your Christian God? You’re going to a bad place when you croak, I,m sorry to say.

      • Justin, are you this stupid or are you trying to impress me? Let me give you a clue oh clueless one, this is in fact a Christian nation founded on Christian principles and it is sad that you are oblivious to the truth. Obviously you have not been educated what you have been is indoctrinated.

        Anytime Christianity is not front and center in this land then it is time for war to get rid of the evil that assumes otherwise. Too many good men have put their lives on the line fighting for Christian principles for some dimwit like you to spout off as if it it an inquisition to call fowl when a damned Liberal berates a decent man and says nothing about two occultists. Don’t you think it is important that Romney and Huntsmans cultic beliefs are that they can become gods? No one asked that question of Hitler did they?

        • “Justin, are you this stupid or are you trying to impress me? Let me give you a clue oh clueless one…”

          Not a very Christian response, Ed.

        • Things like this always fascinate me! I sort of want to have an argument, but you realize that by internet standards you would be considered a “troll” correct? The general rule of course is that you should not “feed” the trolls by commenting on their posts, but I just can’t help myself sometimes… Plus I would like to think you feel you have good intentions, and do not simply want to make people angry.

          Mainly I want to know if you are willing to have a constructive argument? If I state something you disagree with, are you willing to argue your point, but also keep your mind open? In my mind no reasonable person could say no to this, so I just wanted to ask. Assuming you answer is yes, I have a simple question. It’s not malicious, or loaded in any way, I’m curious to see what you think. The question is this: In the constitution there is something known as the “Establishment Clause” that states the U.S. will show no support to any one religion, I was wondering where your ideas fit in with this? Although the majority of people who had a hand in founding this nation were Christian, this seems to show they did not want Christianity specifically involved in the nation. This is at least my view… certainly there are some flaws in my logic…

          Another question because I can’t help mysel: do you value the Christian religions, or their morals more highly? That is to say if there were two candidates, one who was Christian but openly slept with prostitutes, or one who was atheist but was highly moral, who would you vote for?

          Here’s looking forward to an interesting exchange,

        • Mr Ed said: “Justin, are you this stupid or are you trying to impress me? Let me give you a clue oh clueless one, this is in fact a Christian nation founded on Christian principles and it is sad that you are oblivious to the truth.”

          Mr Ed, this nation was founded by a group of Deists, not Christian fundamentalists like you apparently are.

          From Wikipedia: “Deism in religious philosophy is the belief that reason and observation of the natural world, without the need for organized religion, can determine that the universe is the product of an all-powerful creator. According to deists, the creator does not intervene in human affairs or suspend the natural laws of the universe. Deists typically reject supernatural events such as prophecy and miracles, tending instead to assert that a god (or “the Supreme Architect”) does not alter the universe by intervening in it. This idea is also known as the Clockwork universe theory, in which a god designs and builds the universe, but steps aside to let it run on its own.

          Deism in the United States

          In the United States, Enlightenment philosophy (which itself was heavily inspired by deist ideals) played a major role in creating the principle of religious freedom, expressed in Thomas Jefferson’s letters, and the principle of religious freedom expressed in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. American Founding Fathers, or Framers of the Constitution, who were especially noted for being influenced by such philosophy include Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Cornelius Harnett, Gouverneur Morris, and Hugh Williamson. Their political speeches show distinct deistic influence.

          Other notable Founding Fathers may have been more directly deist. These include James Madison, possibly Alexander Hamilton, Ethan Allen,[44] and Thomas Paine (who published The Age of Reason, a treatise that helped to popularize deism throughout the USA and Europe).”

          Jefferson even went so far as to cut up the Christian bible, extracting the teachings of Jesus, but removing sections of the New Testament that contain all the supernatural nonsense recombining it into a book that he called “The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth”, and which is now commonly called the Jefferson Bible.

          So Ed, just go away. Our nations fellow Evangelical Fundamentalist Extremist Christians like you are everyday seeming ever more out of touch with the true needs of our modern reasoning nation. At least the nation we’d like to see. There are many like me who have had enough of folks like you. You’ve had you time with your buddy George W in charge. But it is now time for us to claw back to a state of logic and reason to guide our country and world, and away from dogmatic beliefs based on two thousand year old superstitious and pre-science nonsense based on a made up deity.

        • Ed, every time you open your mouth, your wife must hide her face in shame, and pretend she doesn’t know you. A lot of us are here laughing at you and your woefully ignorant comments, you should know.

      • Justin Vaughn, you are a class a act! A proper legend 😀
        Thank you for showing up Ed Craft, and the loonies of his kind. You made my day!

        Before I go, I would just like to point of the irony of someone with Ed Craft’s beliefs would criticize an Atheist for being indoctrinated. Some times people are just so close to seeing the strings that moves the puppet they call their beliefs that they become oblivious to them…

        • You have a problem with the truth don’t you dim bulb? Where do you feel Justin showed me up? An atheist is a fool Henrik, according to God: “A fool says in his heart there is no God”. Try to explain why you believe the things you do, that would be interesting.

          • Because he is capable of independant thought. Easy. Whats easier for me to explain however is why you think the way you do. Your incapable of independant thought. This stems from your genetic desire to be led as, as a result of your evolutionary characteristics that ensured your genes survival through the passage of time you are genetically programmed to be a “follower” commonly known in the animal kingdom as an OMEGA where as those of us that are capable of free thought without an inbuilt desire to follow are called Alpha’s.

            This is referenced in most churches with the A&O symbology in addition to the biblical statement “I am the alpha and the omega”…..

          • Wow are you living in a bubble.

            I know people like you, you think you figured it out, you think you know how everything works and how it should work, you preach about religion and then act and talk with utter hypocrisy. You probably even think you are superior to anyone who doesn’t believe what you believe in, and every other opinion different than yours has no chance of being right. And even if you’re proven wrong, you convince yourself that this is what you believed in the first place. I pity you, and please don’t attribute Christianity to people like yourself. I’m christian but this is not Christianity, this is exactly like radical insane people attributing themselves to Islam. And if you convince yourself otherwise then you’re delusional. But you probably are anyway, and unfortunately, you’ll never recognize it.

            It’s amazing how much you could tell about someone from few simple commenst.

          • I love you Raymond, and I love how violently ignorant these sheep are about their own biology. It’s hilarious and always a pleasure to see them get educated.

      • Thank You for that. I think Ed Craft is well educated but an ignorant person. I wanted to say everything that you said in your post but I couldn’t put it in worlds. Thank you very much

      • Here, here. Justin et al. Don’t let the religious nuts speak un-challenged as though they speak for us all. They have the arrogance to chastise others for their Sharia law and then claim that our nation is exclusively a Christian one … without even the decency to be aware of their own hypocrisy. Such narrow-minded hate. I can’t claim to know Christ personally, but what I do know is that he was a loving, embrace-your-foes, turn-the-other-cheek sort of man. Too bad there is so little of Christ in Christianity. I happen to believe the nation was fathered by Deists, as SkepticMan points out, but even if you believe the right-wing version, it was formed by Pilgrims seeking freedom for the kind of religious dogma folk like Ed Craft and the like subscribe to. If Ed’s comments were about a Republican president, it would be considered treason. But, we’ve already covered that side’s comfort with hypocrisy. Shame on you, Ed, for both your bias and your lack of responsibility in reporting so-called facts.

    • Ed Craft, you are off base with the comments on the President (your comments on Huntsman and Romney are also in poor taste). Why is it that people like you who wear their religion on their sleeves feel so free to condemn others? You give Christianity a black eye with your uniformed and hateful comments.

      • My comments are germaine to the Presidential Candidacy. We do not have a President and haven’t had one since 2008. Our military had to over ride him in order to kill Bin Ladden, neither Hillary or Hussein were informed of the operation until it was too late for our resident muslim to call it off. That was apparent on their faces even if you are not privy toinside information.

        The fact that Romney has been chosen as our candidate by the GOP, the Media scum and the Liberal Democrats is what is in poor taste. I pointed out that Romney is not a Christian he does not believe Jesus Christ is God, if you find that distasteful go live with the Islamic Devils. You will change your thinking quick!

        • One recognizes a Christian not by their profession of faith, but by their actions. Few knew this any better than James, the brother of Jesus. Faith and works are like the body and spirit…through their faith and by their works, i would say most Mormons are more Christian than you. You might want to work on that a bit.

        • You are a sick individual, and non patriotic to boot. I should feel sorry for you, but I can’t. Lots of uninformed hatred coming from you.

        • A Christian is defined as one who believes in Christ. Pretty simple. Romney says he believes in Christ.I will not judge him nor you. Love one another, as Jesus said.

        • I’m with ED Craft! You’ve said it all! They have no conscious, nor do they care for others…guard your mind thee rod and staff will comfort you. Your wisdom has said it great! The guy is a Muslim hates whites hates this country and has severe mother issues. He can’t think–or make decisions (except with Larry Sinclair). He doesn’t care about the millions that needed those oil pipe line jobs, or the boeing jobs, or the gulf jobs..he has made millions of American families suffer. He lies and lies and lies! SO many blunders with cash for clunkers, the stimulus, solanta, gun runner, insulting US over & over again. These are our people our Americans that he has thrown to the curb and yes Americans. Liberals are parasites..they suck the life out those who work-we are the ants and they are the grasshoppers living off we have gathered and it makes me sick. They’ve never fought in a war, they’ve always had their hands out..they are the victims. We built America and they are the parasites this ME generation. Let them pay 5 bucks for gas let them stand in line for health care.They do nothing to the Hollywood millionaires or the NFL millionaires and all the billionaire democrats who point to others but put their money in swiss accounts…HE IS THE NUMBER ONE MILLIONAIRE!!!! And the left is too stupid to figure that out!

    • Craft, Obama is a committed Christian and he leads our country and all of us to try to be better. For whatever reason you have trouble seeing this. Please reflect more thoughtfully on what Christianity means. A nation can’t be Christian although its individual citizens can. Israel is not a nation of faith although many of its people are. If you are a Christian please be thoughtful about faith, hope, and love. Your words don’t reflect this faith.

      • Obama is a Muslim he is not a Christian. He has never attended Church since elected but he sure shows up at filthy Mosques to pray with his own kind. Wake up! Do you think he hates Israel because he is a Christian? No Christian can hate Israel, that is insane.

        • Ed Craft

          You make broad statements but you never provide any substantiation for your beliefs.

          Obama claims to be Christian. If Obama is in reality Muslim what matters is the evidence of the intention to misrepresent himself and mislead the American people, not his right to choose and practice Islam in America. Good leadership, good character, honesty, trust, knowledge, wisdom, intention, experience, deeds and outcome matter.

          But without providing substantiation that Obama is deceiving Americans what except to keep everybody fixated on the teeny-tiny areas of pseudo-disagreement is the intention of your comment?

          Ron Paul 2012

          • It was never my intention to make broad statements that would obscure my beliefs, if you have any questions about them I would be happy to answer you.

            In America, Freedom Of religion does not extend to Muslims, Budhists, Confuscists, Hindus or even to the Jews, except by their special creed, according to David J. Brewer that wrote the opinion for the landmark Supreme Court case that stated “We are a Christian nation.” As far as Freedom of Religion not even extending to the Jews except by their special creed, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, defends this and explains the historical accuracy of the opinion, which is current law despite five reviews.

            There are many people in this land that have been permitted to believe as they choose, but it certainly is not their inherent right. It is only the kindness of Christians that thus far has permitted it and some of these have overstayed their welcome. Muslims especially seem to be dedicated to overthrowing any government that will not allow them to force Sharia law on it. America will never allow this to happen without a full scale civil war!

        • Who really cares about Israel….. This is the thing I dont understand about the states. Why is Israel such a good friend to the states? What EXACTLY has Israel done to support the united states in world politics to afford such a fanatical stance in relation to this friendship? Please…. someone explain it to me.

          • We give them money to be our friend basically. We keep Israel(Ally) satisfied so we can have a presence in the Middle East.
            What has Israel done for us???? Good question, I don’t get this, this sounds like a bogus waste of our money to me.
            We give them weapons, aid, fuel jet. Holy smoke we are broke and this is nonsense!! We have given them millions, Geesh.
            If we would stay out of everyone’s damn business, I wonder how much of this B.S would continue around the world especially at these levels?

        • Ed Craft

          What substantiation do you have to support your statement: Obama is a Muslim he is not a Christian. He has never attended Church since elected but he sure shows up at filthy Mosques to pray with his own kind.

          Ron Paul 2012

        • Why are you so insecure that you cannot tolerate anyone with beliefs that vary from your own? From every indication President Obama is a Christian, but I couldn’t care less what his religion is — much more concerned about character and he seems to have the right stuff there.

          Why is his, or anyone’s, religion anything other than a curiosity? Feel free to vote for someone based on your beliefs — it’s a free country. But your right to throw your rhetorical fist ends just short of the other person’s nose, and you fail that test.

          We keep hearing about “low-information” voters — your many posts here show you to be a “no-information” voter. Chill out.

        • You are an idiot. You are so far out of touch from Christianity. Everything your hole spews is of blind hatred. You sir, give Christianity a bad name.

      • Obama???? What the….. What happened to all the lobbyists in Congress Obama said he would help destroy?? I was so excited about him and what he would do for our country, He is a soft and had absolutely no intentions to stand before Congress in our defense and eliminate all the crooks. In my opinion Obama is part of the problem. Don’t you forget why we’re in this mess in the first place, because of our government, the lies, lobbyist, dishonesty and corruption. We need a President for the people not a passive liar, period! Don’t forget (one of the reasons I didn’t like Obama), he accepted money from Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, over $100,000 to shut the HELL up and turn the other cheek. That’s just one instance for Obama, he got paid from others as well. Hillary Clinton was also among that long list of the individuals who received money from this housing industry. I feel the country would of been in worst shape with McCain, this was the lesser of 2 evils. Make no doubt about it, Democrats and Republicans are on the same side playing a game pretending to have a cat and dog fight at our expensive, mean while collecting money from crooked Corporations to turn the other cheek. Why doesn’t Paul get the air time from the Media? Why do the Democrats and Republicans hate this man? Because he is consistent from back in 88′ and he tells the truth and he threatens their jobs. Unlike Obama, Paul would actually get rid of all these governmental crooks! Man oh Man it really amazes me how people can so quickly forget about the pass and continue to defend all these lobbying IDIOTS!! They are crooks and should be locked up. No wonder the average House member is a millionaire and the average Senate is a multimillionaire. We couldn’t even stop two jets from hitting the twin towers? Now we are wasting more money in Iran, to find nukes. What cat and mouse game…What lies. What happened to North Korea and their nukes? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Settle down Big Dogs and chew on your bone. The truth of the matter is we have nukes and lots of them. So we have the God given right to tell everyone else to stop making them? We did not stop N. Korea. And we definitely ain’t gonna stop Iran, this is a waste of time and money. We need to mind our own business and concentrate on building a strong security base and military. Why are we always involved in nonsense? We should concentrate on world peace and resort in war only when necessary. Christian’s and their Christ like minds? That is so hypocritically of what Christ actually stood for. This government and media is so good at diverting our attention all over the board towards B.S. it’s pathetic, just to hide their corruption and political lies. The sad thing is we are buying into this nonsense. War on Terrorism is not a war it is a concept and plain and simple you can’t fight it. It’s like a dog chase it’s tail, you might catch it then you’ll be at the drawing board again…whoops missed again. What a waste of tax payers money. I thought we would all wake up and smell the coffee by now, come on people do your homework!

    • Keep everybody fixated on the teeny-tiny areas of pseudo-disagreement, so they don’t step back and realize that Democrats and the current Republican candidates, except
      Ron Paul, are the same. Both parties want a huge, huge federal government that does everything under the sun. They both want spending to keep going up. Neither party cares much about what’s going to happen to us, our descendants or America and what it stands for.
      They are the tools of big-business and the business of the military industrial complex not the representatives of the American people!

      Ron Paul for Change, American Sovereignty, Freedom, Non-Aggression and Prosperity 2012

    • Oy. God doesn’t exist and religion is a waste of time and a burden on the intelligent individuals of the country.

        • You guys are honestly scary as shit if you really believe any of that.

          Magic sky-man is gonna judge me or else I’ll go to a fiery place for the rest of my existence! Makes perfect sense!!

        • I feel Christianity is just an excuse to kill, murder, rape, etc. Christianity just like all religions are man created and makes no sense to me. I do understand people do need guidance, so I guess that acceptable to a certain degree. But, the Christianity I read about back in the day of your supposed Missah is entirely different than the past and what is preached today. Christianity appears to be an excuse to do a lot of unethical things. If you think I’m lying about Christianity as an excuse look at you’r history. Constantine murdering then starting a Christian up rise and building all those glorified sanctums. Anyway what kind of perfect all powerful God would pick one man(Jesus), one nationality to lead all. To me that is so bias of a perfect God. Jesus was a hell..whoops of a preacher and he knew that he and we are all God. God is all and nothing. So whether the individual believes or doesn’t believe in God, we are all bound spiritually to the earth, atmosphere, each other and all. The Indians had it right. Look at all these cults in the name of God. All these dirty nasty catholic priests and pastors. What about finding the new world? Telling people to follow you cause God is on our side and you will burn in hell not to follow our ways and murder in the name of God. I understand early times why the Bible was created and followed, but we are much better than those days, well I would like to believe anyway… Hmmm I could be wrong. Do not think of God as one individual? Think of God as everything and nothing, God is all. Christians trip me up when they say God, he is Great. It’s not a slip of the tongue most actually think of God as a He and some even add she! Jesus the man, the preacher the legend is never coming back and we will see all in our spiritual presents, where there will not be labeled by skin color, gender, strength or wealth status. Wouldn’t that be nice a perfect….Blissfulness. Unfortunately to enjoy Bliss we have to live a not so Blissful life. Now WAKE UP!, back to reality. We need to get a knowledgeable(on all issues), CONSISTENT(for 30 years, honest, solid (Constitution driven) president that will be fair not to just the rich, not just to the poor, but to all to unite us and to eliminate the biggest problem we face today. I’m not talking about the economy, nor the foreign policies. Im talkin bout the lobbying, lying, so call Christian crooks in our government. If I then told you once I then told you twice Do your Math. Obama+Romney+Perry+Gingrich+Bachmann+Cain+Santorum, you can take one out, leave them all in, take three or four out, either way you plug these values in and out of the equation it’s going to = DISASTER! Stop buying into this Media mumble jumble! That is the only way anyone would even think it’s normal to defend anyone of these freaks accept Ron Paul. Don’t get me wrong every candidate has his or her faults. You won’t always buy into all of their issues either, but I challenge you to do you Homework then come back to the table with some good old American common sense!!

    • The United States is NOT a christian nation. It is a republic. You need to separate the difference between the pledge of allegiance “one nation under god” and two things: 1. Reality – Not all citizens are religious. 2. Define God – Not all citizen’s interpretation of god pertains to the Christian version.

      The fact of the matter is the Author in an attempt to write an article regarding the debate formulated into words an opinion. This is called “Journalism”, which is very different to “reporting”. And even if the author did formulate the statement in an attempt to sway your opinion, are you of such feeble mind and opinion that any article written by any author pertaining to any subject provided on an internet website is enough to make you change your mind? Really?…… I swear to (my) god…. Some people need to not have a vote in determining this country’s future.

    • I beg to differ!! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints do in fact believe in Jesus Christ as Savior/God.

    • Ed, not only are you a liar, but you are a moron.
      Almost everything you have wrote are lies.
      How anyone could even call themselves a Christian and act the way you do is beyond me.

    • Mr. Ed Craft………….you have your facts in correct, the church that Mr. Rommney and Mr. Huntsman belong to is called, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is named after the Lord Jesus Christ, and are indeed Christian in every since of the His word. And unlike you they act in Christian manner.

    • To my dear friend Mr. Ed Craft,

      You win. I thought yesterday that my response to your nonsense would stop you dead in your path to crazy town. I was clearly mistaken. I logged in on my lunch break yesterday, typed up my response, ticked the boxes to be notified of follow up posts and got nothing in my inbox. Which I suppose is a good thing. If I had seen you carrying on like this with your peanut gallery of minions at your side I would have had no choice but to spend the entire evening retyping my name and email into this reply box. Which clearly would have made for a very unproductive evening as you have clearly taken the crotchety, stubborn, old man approach to how you handle criticism of yourself and your pretentious views. Make no mistake, I wanted to verbally annihilate your responses. I did not flee in terror from you or your “god”. I simply wasn’t informed that the firefight had escalated into a flamewar. I’m also glad that I didn’t get notified of your comments until today when someone was kind enough to inform me that you had responded. So in a broad reply to all your comments I have only one thing to say…

      Thank you. You have shown me what it truly means to be a christian. I love it when people such as yourself remind me of my favorite reason for leaving the church after 11 years. I hope you a fantastic remainder of the year, enjoy watching the future republican debates, cheering for dead soldiers, talking about the “gay agenda”, being that one racist friend for some of your friends, and above all showing your commitment to the teaching and commandments of Jesus F. Christ.

  2. PLEASE SHARE! I have a Master’s Degree in Communication and I feel the lack of fair coverage for Ron Paul goes against every standard of integrity in journalism. Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite would be ashamed of the modern mainstream media. Here are FIFTEEN FACTS that PROVE Ron Paul is the BEST candidate for President for any doubters that think he is “unelectable” whether they are Republican, Independent, or Democrat. Thank you for reading and sharing now!:

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    2) “Ron Paul bests President Obama 48 to 39 percent among independent voters. The poll also showed Paul as the ONLY Republican candidate leading President Obama among independents.” Here’s the proof.

    3) Everyone (especially journalists with an agenda) should watch and share this five minute video that aired yesterday from a Fox News affiliate that completely DEBUNKS three big myths about
    Presidential candidate and frontrunner Ron Paul:
    Myth 1: He’s too radical.
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    4) Foreign policy experts agree with Ron Paul as well

    5) Here is Ron Paul’s plan for national security and restoring our foreign policy.

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    7) Vietnam Veteran Ron Paul has the power and the will as Commander and Chief to bring our troops home NOW and stop wasting money overseas to protect our own borders. More civilians were killed last year in ONE Mexican border town than ALL of Afghanistan COMBINED! Can anyone with a brain explain why our troops are overseas fighting an endless war for Empire in the Middle East when we are not protecting our back yard as a Republic?

    8 ) General Fuller in charge of training the Afghans was fired for speaking THE TRUTH about the corrupt dictator in Afghanistan (President Karzai) who is saying that if Pakistan ever declares war on the United States they will defend Pakistan instead of the United States. Afghanistan is our enemy. Please read and share.

    9) As for the economy Ron Paul has been right for 30 years and has the best plan for a balanced budget backed up by economic experts. His voting record is perfect on the issue as well. He has never voted for an unbalanced budget.

    10) He is a doctor who has personally delivered 4,000 babies and is pro-life because he respects how precious every life is AND also respects a woman’s right to prevent pregnancy with birth control methods such as the morning after pill because it’s impractical to police that.

    11) Ron Paul is also against ALL forms of torture including water-boarding.
    A) Proof water-boarding is illegal.
    B ) Multiple military branches say torture never works
    C) Matthew Alexander is a former senior military interrogator who conducted or supervised more than 1,300 interrogations in Iraq.

    12) Minorities support Ron Paul in droves and here is why in their own words.

    13) Ron Paul addressing the false allegations of racism on CNN.

    14) The President of the NAACP in Texas trusts Ron Paul.

    15) Finally, Here is how to register yourself and others as a Republican even if you may now be a Democrat or Independent to help Ron Paul win the GOP primary nomination in your state. Thanks!

    • I agree with Ben Franklin X!

      Thank you for taking the time to substantiate what so many have learned by presenting hard facts and why millions support Ron Paul.

      America and the world are standing on the the precipice of the greatest collapse ever known in the recorded history of the world. We can no longer deny that the fall is at hand and a certainty. There has never been another time in recorded history when entire world economies are so intertwined and for the first time we face not only the collapse of America but a world economic collapse. We all know it. Attempts to manage it haven’t worked. The only choice we have is which direction do we choose and how do we land. Ron Paul is the only candidate who recognized the problem and where it would lead, he has been telling us for years, he knows what needs to be done to mitigate the effect the collapse will have on America and the direction needed to correct and steer America onto a firm foundation from which we can build a sound economy again. Ron Paul is the only candidate who identified and warned us of the real problems and where they would lead if America didn’t change course. He talks about the core of the problems we face today and he has a plan to lead America onto the sound road to recovery.

      Our current Foreign Policy is one of the core issues leading to America’s collapse. Only a change of direction will bring America to a secure place of defense and a strong foundation to rebuild our economy.

      No other candidate but Ron Paul recognizes this, even as they co-opt Ron Paul’s message the other candidates solution is to continue managing the current failed course. They will not acknowledge the depth of the problems until the crash. Though many are well-intentioned their plans only tinker with the failed attempts at managing the course we are on, just like Bush and Obama did. No one in America is happy with this course! What we want is change.

      Either direction we choose will require hard work, recovery will be painful, we Americans will experience difficulties, sacrifice, hardship and maybe worse unless we recover. So PLEASE,PLEASE, recognize the difference. Ron Paul proposes to change course. Do choose the sound road for recovery it’s imperative now to choose SOLUTION, not merely continued attempts to fix and manage the failed direction we are on.

      There is a fork in the road before us and it’s safe to say that no one in America is happy with the course America is on now. America can still be all it was meant to be if we choose well and act now, strong, just, free, prosperous! I urge you to listen to the content of the answers given by the candidates debating tonight, are any other candidates besides Ron Paul proposing a fundamental change of course?

      Ron Paul 2012

    • Thank you good sir for this great post!! Ron Paul is the key to our country continuing as a free republic.
      All other candidates are domestic terrorists being paid by the devil himself.

  3. This should be good. Now that Ron Paul has brought himself in the lead with 89 seconds in the last debate, I wonder what CNN is going to throw at him. The Media seems to do everything they can to hide Ron Paul. When are they going to accept the the PUBLIC love him? There is nothing cute about not giving candidates a chance to speak when they are in a debate. Its unfair and un-AMERICAN. Maybe the Media should count the minutes each Candidate got to speak and even them out in the current and future debates.

  4. Yes, I completely agree with the above comment.

    Why also haven’t you highlighted Michele bachmann’s 28 kids? Surely she deserves to be president after that; Godless Obama has only 2 kids, 2 kids!!! :o….he should be impeached for having so few kids…..I for one resent the founding fathers for trying to create a secular nation. We need to create a theocratic nation like the Taliban created in Afghanistan (just look at how succesful they are in the business world).

    As Americans, it is our God-given (i’m sorry, Jesus-given) right to force our beliefs regarding abortion and marriage onto others.

    Shesshh, this is just another example of the liberal media pushing their liberal agenda and trying to turn us into Socialists like China.

  5. I think it will be comical to watch the non-Ron Paul people spew more of the same jargon to facilitate maintaining the status-quo that got us into the exact position we’re in today.

    I think it will be comical watching the various commentators tell us how to think about what we hear. How they will tell us how crazy it is to think of moving forward in life with the government telling us when we are allowed to go to the bathroom.

    I think this political process, and the blatant disregard for common sense in the media, is downright comical.

  6. You sir, need to get your information from correct, credible sources and then stop talking. You believe Obama is a radical Muslim, and look down on this, but you are on the other side of the spectrum and a radical Christian. You are upset because this reporter added opinion to sway others, but you did the same – with incorrect facts might I add. Also, in the same sentence you critize Obama for being stupid, you spell ally wrong. Seriously? Look at your life. Look at your choices. And then be quiet.

  7. The Communist News Network will give half of the debate time to Romney-Perry again.

    @Ed Craft, this is not a forum for religious discussion. America has never been and never will be a Christian nation. Christianity is not mentioned in the Articles of Confederation, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution or any of the amendments.

    If you’d like to live in a Christian nation, I advise you to move.

    • Chad… one nation, under God.. is what is in the Pledge of Allegiance. As an American citizen, you are pledging to abide by that…The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag: “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

      • Peter, that is so lame. America is a melting pot. A historical slogan does not define the character of our nation. This nation was, if you read your history, founded by peoples fleeing religious intolerance — not peoples seeking a place to create a new brand religious intolerance. The way the right has hijacked Christianity for political division is the very definition of “unAmerican.”

      • The “Under God” Part of the Pledge was added in 1954. “In 1954, Congress after a campaign by the Knights of Columbus, added the words, ‘under God,’ to the Pledge. The Pledge was now both a patriotic oath and a public prayer.”

        • The “Under God” part was added due to input by President Eisenhour, who knew our God was what saved us during WWII, and he had just seen the liberation of the Death camps where millions of God’s chosen people were put to death by a megalomaniac just like Obama.

          • The USA is a Christian Nation

            Jesus Christ created this world under the direction of God our eternal Father. The whole world is Christian because it was created by Christ. Christ was the very God of the Old Testament who inspired and taught all of the Holy Prophets from Adam on down. Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of all of God’s children whether they be Atheists, Deists, Protestants, Catholics, Hindus, Muslims etc. His gospel is the basis of all the various religions of this world. There are many imitation and manmade religions that teach some of Christ’s Gospel mixed with the philosophies of uninspired men.
            The undefiled true Gospel of Christ is the perfect law of freedom.
            There are five elements of freedom: life, liberty, property, knowledge and work. The laws of God do nothing, but protect and enhance the five elements of freedom. Thou shalt not kill specifically protects life, Thou shalt steal protects property, thou shalt not lie protects knowledge, Thou shalt not commit adultery protects all of them, Thou shalt not covet protects all of them. All of the laws of God in one way or another protect every one of the five elements of freedom. The five elements of freedom hinge on each other. If you destroy or injure one of the five elements of freedom you destroy or injure the other four. For example if you destroy one’s life he cannot have liberty, he cannot acquire and utilize property, he cannot obtain and utilize knowledge, he cannot work. If you take away a man’s liberty such as tie him up and throw him in a corner he cannot sustain life, he cannot acquire and make use of property, he cannot obtain and utilize knowledge and he certainly cannot work. So it is with all the elements of freedom.
            It can be shown clearly that every principle and ordinance of Christ’s pristine, undefiled Gospel protect and enhance the five elements of freedom. All of our God-given rights fall under one of these broad categories of the five elements of freedom.
            Again the Gospel of Christ is the perfect law of freedom. There cannot be real and full freedom without abiding by the principles of Christ’s Gospel. The breaking of Christ’s commandments destroys freedom in one way or another! The Gospel of Christ when lived keeps humanity from destroying each others freedom and keeps everyone from destroying their own freedom.
            Man was created by God that we might have joy and our joy is in direct proportion to our freedom.
            This nation of the United States of America was created by Christ through the Founding Fathers whom He raised up for that very purpose. It is Christ’s nation, the Promised Land, and He, Jesus Christ, is the true God of the land even though Satan professes that he is.
            Now for those who don’t see this freedom matter clearly just relax. God our Father and Jesus Christ our Savior are fully committed now and forever to the freedom and justice of all mankind! It is Satan who takes away our freedom by deceiving and tempting us to not abide by the principles of Christ’s Gospel.
            The basic principles of the Constitution were inspired by Christ through the various Founding Fathers and they are based on Christ’s Gospel so as to protect our freedom.
            God and Christ will never unjustly violate man’s free agency (the right to choose good or evil). They are totally committed, now and forever, to allow man to choose for himself good or evil. It is Satan who wants to take away our agency, our freedom and our joy. It is Satan who is undermining Christ’s gospel, our freedom, our joy and the Constitution through an evil criminal conspiracy of rich men who want to rule the world by force!
            The Founders were a lot smarter than the average dumb-ed down, public schooled Americans of today. They knew that Christ was behind the founding of this nation and that only a moral people who live the principles of Christ’s Gospel can maintain freedom.
            So if we are free to choose good or evil, what is good and evil? Very simply and precisely put: Good is anything that protects and enhances freedom without destroying any other persons freedom. Evil is anything that unjustly destroys or injures freedom.
            Christ set up the Constitution through the Founders in a way that all people could believe what they wanted and worship how, where or what they please as long as they don’t destroy and injure another person’s freedom.
            All of God’s children are precious regardless of what they believe. This dangerous world is filled with lies and half truths.
            The Founders with Christ’s inspiration saw through the darkness and the deceitfulness of Satan’s lies and established a Constitution that guarantees freedom and justice to the people of any nation who will abide by its principles and the ideology of Christ’s gospel. Without Christ’s true religion there can be no freedom!
            The Constitution is Christ’s glorious standard of government!
            Freedom is the cornerstone of the gospel of Christ!
            It is because the USA is a Christian nation that people of all faiths, beliefs and colors are welcome so long as they respect the God-given rights of everyone else. Christ and true Christians would never attempt to cram Christianity or any other religion down anyone’s throat or injure their freedom for that would be anti Christian, anti freedom and anti-American! That is why Christ inspired the Founders to write into the Constitution the following. “Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”
            The Lord Jesus Christ has said, “It is not right that any man should be in bondage one to another.”
            Family is the basic unit of society and strong moral families are absolutely essential to the maintenance of freedom. Christ’s religion is about the creation and maintenance of real freedom through strong moral families who have been taught to obey His eternal laws that protect and enhance freedom. Christ’s religion makes men free and happy!
            Any man who breaks God’s law is guilty of injuring or destroying freedom, for when one breaks any law of God he is injuring or destroying one or more of the five elements of someone’s freedom in some way or another.
            It is true that the Declaration of independence was signed July 4, 1776, but the Continental Congress first voted to declare our independence from England on April 6, 1775 and our nation was created on April 6 1779. This is no coincidence that both of these events happened on Christ’s birthday. It is just another testimony that this is a Christian nation.

          • Hey Ed, Is “Eisen-hour” before or after “Happy Hour” you brainiac, you! Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought an idiot than to open it and remove all doubt (with apologies to Abraham Lincoln, who would not have passed your Christianity litmus test and neither would Thomas Jefferson).

  8. Neither is this a Luciferian Masonic/Illuminati nation, ‘course the Masons beg to differ on that one.
    I don’t see any owls mentioned in this nation’s founding documents, but God is mentioned. If this government doesn’t get rid of its idol owls (Bohemian Grove, TBN, Frost building, etc.), God is going to MIGHTILY STEP IN and take care of it for them. You are telling Christians to go somewhere else if we don’t like what you said? I presume you are an ignorant liberal and, I’ll leave it at that. Good luck at getting Obama elected again. The American people have had enough of this idiot and will vote for any Republican to get rid of him. That’s about it! GOD BLESS.

    • God Bless you too Jael… I just hope evil hasn’t taken a hold of our nation to the point of God allowing the re-election of this imposter.

    • They can differ all they want the facts are we are a religious people and a Christian nation. Fully 80% of our citizens identify themselves as Christians. That doesn’t mean they live like or act like Christians. That said, being a Christian does not mean being so gentle that we allow evil bastards like the socialists in the ACLU to take prayer and Bible Reading out of our schools, or allow a judge to say slaughtering babies is acceptable, or to allow another evil judge to remove the Ten Commandments from our courthouses. It is time to rise up like David and fight to take our country back and outlaw the left wing permanently!

      Being a Christian does not mean being weak it means being real. Personally, I am no ones punching bag. Anti Christion blathering said around me will cause people to bleed, profusely. (Liberals do not believe in God, they aren’t that intelligent)

  9. I certainly hope that all the cadidates get equal amount of debate time. I would really like to hear Michelle Bauchman, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich because they are superior candidates. I am tired of having the candidate that the RNC wants forced upon us.

  10. I agree with you Daniel Gallegos!

    “The Economy will fall no matter what the circumstances.” You all have seen the results! Bush’s Bailout? Obama’s Bailout! IT IS ALL A DELAY! I am tired of the blood on our hands, whether it be war, or YOUR HARD EARNED LABOR that is GETTING YOU NO WHERE! If we want to live happily the way we ALL would like to, why not take into consideration of a new aim or route that actually has a plan, AND WILL FOR ONCE FOLLOW THROUGH!!!”

    America and the world are standing on the the precipice of the greatest collapse ever known in the recorded history of the world. We can no longer deny that the fall is at hand and a certainty. There has never been another time in recorded history when entire world economies are so intertwined and for the first time we face not only the collapse of America but a world economic collapse. We all know it. Attempts to manage it haven’t worked. The only choice we have is which direction do we choose and how do we land. Ron Paul is the only candidate who recognized the problem and where it would lead, he has been telling us for years, he knows what needs to be done and how to steer America onto a firm foundation from which we can build a sound economy. Ron Paul is the only candidate who identified and warned us of the real problems and where they would lead if America didn’t change course. He talks about the core of the problems we face today and he has a plan to lead America onto the sound road to recovery.

    Our current Foreign Policy is one of the core issues leading to America’s collapse. Only a change of direction will bring America to a secure place of defense and a strong foundation to rebuild our economy.

    No other candidate but Ron Paul recognizes this, even as they co-opt Ron Paul’s message the other candidates solution is to continue managing the current failed course. They will not acknowledge the depth of the problems until the crash. Though many are well-intentioned they only offer to tinker and manipulate the course we are on, just like Bush and Obama did. No one in America is happy with this course!

    Either direction we choose will require hard work, recovery will be painful, we Americans will experience difficulties, sacrifice, hardship and maybe worse unless we recover. So PLEASE,PLEASE, recognize the difference. Ron Paul proposes to change course. Do choose the sound road for recovery. Solution, not mere continued management of the failed direction we are on.

    America can still be all it was meant to be if we choose well and act now, strong, just, free, prosperous!

    Ron Paul 2012

  11. I expect Romney to be present but not prominent and Cain to be hectored by the moderators. The two open questions are: will anyone take the fight to Gingrich (a dangerous strategy), and will Ron Paul sound like a fiscal conservative and isolationist, or a true friend of Iran?

    I think taking on Newt is a dangerous enterprise. Romney will not take that risk. Cain won’t either, since he’s still hoping that Newt will be his VP. I expect Santorum will answer the bell, but Newt’s a tough customer; I don’t like Rick’s odds.

    If I had to bet on a longshot, I’d take and 25:1 odds that Herman Cain will actually have a good debate. I know… it’s a longshot. He’s a fighter.

    • Reasonable View

      Why engage in the drama? The drama diverts our attention away from identifying if we stay on the same road by tweaking the current policies proposed by all the other candidates or if Ron Paul’s foundational change of direction is the soundest plan to lead America in achieving security, sovereignty, a sound economy, civil rights for all Americans, freedom of choice in religion and marriage and the pursuit of happiness.

      I support Ron Paul’s foundational change of direction 2012

  12. Wolf/CNN – I have a simple question. Without revenue/tax compromise, how can anyone of them promise to fix the recession besides the typical party talking paper and ideology? We never lost the middle class until august debacle?

    Mayor Bloomberg(Independent?/GOP endorser? and one percenter/wealthy millionaire/expert CEO?) and many economists/”experts?” said “we need both spending reduction and revenue/Tax” for any recession or economic recovery to succeed last night. It takes two components and without one or the other, it will never work! Also, he said we need compromise to succeed!) Is it not also a FACT that no president alone can fix any recession without congress/compromise and yes,as Reagan would say “They need to do their job and quit the blame game and politics for the good of America?”

    I watched you and Grover Norbett last night who we all know is an extreme anti-tax fanatic and controls the GOP! We know every candidate tonite will never compromise on taxes for the 1% which several of them are. Without revenue compromise from the GOP candidates, how can they promise to fix the recession just by cutting benefits to the 99%? There is just too much hyprocisy by everyone of them! WHY can’t we do term limits like the President. Then, we will never, ever have to hear about “career politicians” which they all. I agree with Ron Paul and I don’t even like him! At least, he is honest and truthful; not a career politician like the rest of the hypocrites!

    Whatever happened to the value of “fairness to all, rich or poor but true fairness?” I don’t ever mind paying my fair share, rich or poor! Been doing it all my life!

    Thank you very much

  13. Ed Craft, first of all, I know this is not suppose to be a religious discussion, but being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints myself (nicknamed the Mormons), I could not let a comment so uninformed as yours go by without correcting you. 1. We do believe Jesus Christ is in fact God Almighty. 2. We do not believe that man by their acts alone can become like our Heavenly Father – the correct statement would be to say that we believe we are saved by grace because of the atonement of Jesus Christ, after all we can do. In other words, if it were not for the atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ, all mankind would be lost with no hope of redemption no matter what we did, but Christ suffered for our sins if we will but receive Him as our Savior and follow him to the best of our knowledge and ability. We believe that everyone will be judge for their actions and justice will be served, but so will mercy for those that rely on the merits of He who is might to save, even Jesus Christ. Call me what you will, but I call myself a Christian and a Mormon.

    • Who told you American discussions are not supposed to be religious discussions? The Supreme Court in 1892 declared “We are a Christian nation and a religious people.” This is current Law. So to assume our discussions on Christian candidates are not inherently religious is to be brain washed or worse. (Not blaming you for that)

      As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, you are taught that Jesus and Satan are God’s sons. The inference is that they were procreated. Your “Jesus” is not the one of Christianity. As a matter of fact your cult teaches that “God” himself was once a man and rose to godhood. Your system teaches that once you obtain godhood you will have your own planet and universe.

      The sure sign of being a cult is the reliance on a seperate book other than the Bible. Yours is the Book of Mormon.The nickname “Mormon” seems a little odd also since it was the Angel Moroni that delivered the golden tablets to Joseph Smith, of course no one but Smith saw them. Not trying to be funny but the nickname should have been “Moron” not “Mormon”

      Every evil belief system believes in good works we do is the way to please God. That is definately not Christian. We cannot keep the 10 Commandments and were doomed to eternal death, therefore the creator had to become a man and die in our place, he alone was sinless. We have all sinned and come short of the glory of God. We are saved by grace not works that we can boast of.

      These issues we need to have addressed by our future President and that thing in our White House now!

  14. Rush Limbaugh noted that Wolf Blitzer has been prepping for any Gingrich remark on the poor journalistic integrity of the moderators by rehearsing clever comebacks. This confrontation should be interesting to watch, to note how Blitzer may attempt to wiggle out of bad moderation with the use of canned rhetoric. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate for him to rehearse doing a good job rather than getting back at any debater who is slighted by whatever Blitzer does?

    If he’s smart, he will sit on any response and not lash out when poor reporting skills are exposed. How impressive it would be to have a professional job of journalism rather than pushing an agenda.

    If foreign affairs is to be a strong component of this debate, I wonder if Santorum will be asked genuine questions to allow his depth of knowledge to come out? Most probably, Herman Cain will get gotcha questions in an attempt to expose weakness instead of revealing any GOP authority.

    It’s no wonder Gingrich is able to tweak the mods so easily in each debate.

  15. You are all a bunch of ignorant liberals:
    1) Mormons ARE Christians
    2) We ARE a Christian nation, look at our founding and look at the largest number of believers in the country–what are they and what percentage of the population do they make up???
    3) Obama IS a socialist bastard(and non-true African American, his roots didn’t have the Black American experience)
    4) ANY one of these Republican candidates, including Ron Paul, would make a much better president and put America back on track–because they’re not socialists!
    Positive comments:
    I like the “Communist News Network” breakdown for the acronym CNN

  16. I would just like to reply to the comment,

    “Where is the question: “I’ll be watching to see how John Huntsman and Mitt Romney explain why they call themselves Christian when neither of them believe Jesus Christ is in fact God Almighty (Basic Christion Understanding)and why they both believe that man by their acts can become God” ? Surely these beliefs disqualify them to lead a Christian nation.”

    I was raised as a Mormon and have lived as one for 21 years of my 28 of life. I now disagree with Mormon doctrines and quite frankly Christian doctrines in general. However, even despite my disagreements with Mormon/Christian teachings, I would strongly advocate classifying Mormons as Christian followers. They believe in Christ, their hope is in Christ, there lives are modeled after Christ teachings, there church is called the church of Jesus Christ. Everything they do is centered around Christ. As far as a christian nation, I would like to point out that the founders were mostly deists, not particularly Christians. I would recommend reading the Jefferson’s bible link on Wikipedia which for many years was distributed to the members of congress.
    I am now a microbiologist that observes evolution and cells under a microscope every day. I would like to emphasize the word, observe. Many people say evolution is “just a theory” but so are cells. Cell theory is as true as real as looking through a microscope. As is evolution. The problem Christianity faces with evolution is not with the creation, it is with the fall of Adam. If we evolved from single celled organisms, as the fields of archeology, anthropology, linguistics, genetics, geology, biology, radio-isotopic dating and mathematics all seem to suggest, then death was introduced by life, not Adam, and temptation becomes instinctive behavior based upon dopaminergic neurochemical pathways.
    Despite all this, I still believe God exists. The problem the founders faced was having a sense of morality in the country with the system they were setting up. If the people could not agree to basic moral principles our system of democracy would fail. The interesting thing about my observation and thought on evolution is that I have come to the conclusion that if we did indeed evolve from microbes, then God must exist, and when it really comes down to it, we all did come from microbes. Unless you don’t believe we came from a sperm and an egg, then I can’t help you. I find it no more insulting to think we came from bacteria, than to think we came from a sperm and an egg. And to think that God could produce so much, from so very little, only expresses his Majesty, intelligence and power that much more.

  17. WmLambert, my above comments aren’t directed at you. You actually comment here intelligently. I don’t disagree with your post.

  18. Amen, my friend Jeremy Olson–and I say that most respectfully. Yeah, some of these people on here just ‘shoot their fingers off’ having no knowledge of what they are talking about. I, myself, am Catholic, but have had many conversations and debates with Mormon friends. One thing I know, LDS ARE a Christian denomination like any other.
    Your Brother in Christ,

    by the way, do you have a daughter/relative by the name of Ashley?

  19. Hey Tom, moron from Pace, how is a 50%-60% income tax, the combined top rate, of both federal and,most, states NOT paying one’s fair share????
    “Tax the rich, feed the poor, ’til there are no rich no more–tell me where is sanity?” Even rock song writers from the drugged-out era of the ’60s were smarter than the morons of today that pretend to know what they are talking about.
    By the way Tom, in the case of your state, you wouldn’t know of that higher tax burden because FL has sensible conservative tax policy– 0% state income tax. This due, of course, to the fact that it has been run by Republicans for many years. The result of which leads the higher end earner and innovators to reinvestment their money(instead of having it confiscated by the state), yes to make ‘more money for themselves’ AND, in turn, to grow the economy, creating jobs, producing assets, and, yes, even generating greater tax revenue(through sales, and residual tax revenues). THINK before you write man! Use the brain God gave you!

  20. “And to think that God could produce so much, from so very little, only expresses his Majesty, intelligence and power that much more.”

    If only our government could do the same.

  21. ++

    uhm, Herman Cain was right about Libya, but you wouldn’t know that because his “in context” response up was totally ignored as they more than happily portrayed him as being as dumb as what’s under that rock in Texas via “sound bite”.. /s/


  22. Are they going to allow Rep. Ron Paul speak more than 89 seconds than the last time? He has good ideas, to bad the left mainstream media (cnn, abc, nbc, cbs) don’t like him.

  23. Matthew 22: 37-40
    37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’[a] 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[b] 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

    Please try to keep this in mind when defending Christianity — you lose all respect when you quit being respectful and loving others.

    I don’t agree with Obama either, but we still need to be loving to him and to his supporters or they will NEVER come to know Christ.

  24. To Ed,

    Thanks for your passionate zeal and love of God. I love God, and I am also a Mormon, or more importantly, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints . If you take the time to read the Bible, you will learn that “Lucifer, the Son of the Morning” fell from the Grace of God. You will also find multiple references to also being judged by “Works”, as well as being saved by “Grace”. Jesus Christ also stated that you will be judged, and also John the Revelator mentioned being judged by their works from the books written. Your statement “therefore the creator had to become a man and die in our place, he alone was sinless. We have all sinned and come short of the glory of God. We are saved by grace not works that we can boast of.”, denotes a God that is bound also by laws and had to provide the Atonement, or all would be lost. He had to be sinless (a works requirement). However, he also gave us a requirement to repent, be baptized, and continue on in the faith, repenting throughout our lives for the Atonement to then make up the difference (Grace) to save us. These are “works” requirements, that don’t save us, but do help us to become more Christlike and represent him to others.

    Please, before you make comments about what the doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is, why don’t you actually read the Book of Mormon and find out from the source of all truth “God” if is is true, and if it does not support the Bible and clarify all the doctrines such as Faith versus Works, that so many people argue about. It references Jesus Christ almost 3 times more than the Bible therefore, how can you even say we do not believe in Christ. Please have full knowledge of something before you make statements. Go to the source, not statements or commentaries from others. If you needed to get your “Hoover” fixed, would you go to Hoover, or to the hair salon for their recommendations?

  25. @ Ed
    Hi Ed, as a fellow Christian I was deeply concerned by some of your comments on this forum. I am afraid I don’t have the time to go through all you’ve written here and say what I agree and disagree with but I would like to take a moment to point out that you can stand up for the truth with great courage and fidelity without being uncharitable (and unjust) to those who disagree with you. Christ said that the world would know us by our LOVE. Now, I know that part of real love is proclaiming the truth in and out of season, but I highly doubt that Jesus would clasify comments such as “Anti Christion blathering said around me will cause people to bleed, profusely. (Liberals do not believe in God, they aren’t that intelligent)” as “loving comments”. Christ preached (and practiced) turning the other cheek, He said “blessed are you when they persecute you for my name’s sake….” He may have overturned the tables of the money-changers in the temple but He would never have threatened to do physical violence to those who mocked Him. And with regard to the comment that Liberals aren’t intelligent enough to believe in God…well, my friend, you would do well to remember that faith is a GIFT and not something you earn because you are smart enough. Furthermore, the implications of that comment are just manifestly false…to imply that Liberals are unintelligent is as foolish as almost any other sweeping generalization. I am sorry if this sounds “preachy”; it isn’t meant to. I am a firm advocate of fraternal correction, being so often helped by it myself, and reading your comments I felt like Christianity was being misrepresented. So, be humble, my friend, as Christ Himself was “meek and humble of heart”. And may God bless you with a deeper knowledge of and love for Himself, and with union with Him in the life to come.

  26. Ed, where’d ya go? We hardly knew ye ! I believe God created us all in His image…….perfect……except for the children with cancer. This evening I severed off my arm with a hatchet and I’m praying for it to regrow, but the carpet is a bloody mess !

  27. on the topic of national security debate, what exactly will the do for our fellow first responders and emergency personel. they are a vital part of our national defence and security, i once read an article saying(god forbid) that should a nuclear device ever be detonated on american soil, at any major city anywhere in the country. that there would not be enough equipment, personel, hopital beds, i.v’s,or even blankets. now think what state we will be in if we continue to cut and stop the support and funding of these departments and facility’s

    • Ok, so you enjoy having our troops die. Best background? LMAO, how so?!

      Better candidate? How many times has Ron Paul had to school him on stage? Don’t forget 2008 too 🙂 Mitt Romney, lol yeah right.

      Sorry, but no you’re wrong and I’m really trying not to be a ahole about it. You can use google and find out how big a failure Romney is inside of 5 minutes. This guy is overhyped and only the media suggests he stands a chance. His staff cheats at the straw poll conventions, they have video on youtube lol.

      Come on, I thought we as a nation were done with politicians like this?!

  28. An aside on one of Ed Craft’s comments regarding the Supreme Court:
    Church of the Holy Trinity v. United States – the court decision did include this line:
    “These, and many other matters which might be noticed, add a volume of unofficial declarations to the mass of organic utterances that this is a Christian nation.”
    It should be noted that this was not to be understood as part of the court’s findings. It was a statement about the general feeling of the nation’s people based on common experience at the time.
    Justice Brewer, at least partly in response to misunderstandings like yours, later wrote this:
    “But in what sense can [the United States] be called a Christian nation? Not in the sense that Christianity is the established religion or the people are compelled in any manner to support it. On the contrary, the Constitution specifically provides that ‘congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.’ Neither is it Christian in the sense that all its citizens are either in fact or in name Christians. On the contrary, all religions have free scope within its borders. Numbers of our people profess other religions, and many reject all. […] Nor is it Christian in the sense that a profession of Christianity is a condition of holding office or otherwise engaging in public service, or essential to recognition either politically or socially. In fact, the government as a legal organization is independent of all religions.”

    Given that you’re either a troll or hopelessly bound to your own opinions, I don’t expect this clarification of your mistake to make any difference to you, Ed. However, I hope that others might find this interesting enough to go back and fact check their own arguments.

  29. so where is the video re stream of this debate? I missed it 🙁

    I really dislike how news networks hold these public forums hostage…

    Down with shitty American Media conglomerates. It should belong to the people to stream and re-stream freely.

  30. To all who espouse these false beliefs about the Saints. The Latter-Day Saints, that is. A saint is a follower of Christ. Christ established His church upon the earth during his ministry, in its fullness. He ordained apostles and they carried on the church after his resurection and accension into heaven. Before he left them, he told them he would again return one day but before he returned there would be a great falling away from the true church. It was called the great apostasy. The apostles led by Peter, James, John headed the church thereafter. Peter being the head. Peter was crucified. The other apostles were eventually killed off or died. They had ordained others such as bishops and the other offices but the persecution was so intense, people fell away and were also tortured and killed until nobody had all the authority that the apostles had. The church was basically taken over by former pagans and it became corrupt and lost many precious truths. Christ said in the last days he would do a marvelous work and a wonder and would restore the fullness of his gospel. This he did when he called Joseph Smith to be his first prophet of these latter (last) days. He restored all the authority and gospel teachings that had been lost. So you see, Latter-Day Saints, as you call them “mormons” ARE CHRISTIANS in the truest sense of it. We DO BELIEVE IN CHRIST, FOLLOW CHRIST, READ AND PRACTICE HIS TEACHINGS. No, we are not totally like your protestant churches (key word here is protestant–protestors of the catholic church from which you split. A church that was already so corrupt, the fullness of the gospel and the authority to act in Christ’s name didn’t exist) and we are not totally like the catholic churches. We have the RESTORED GOSPEL the way Christ himself originally had it. Not the apostate semi-truth, no authority simlitude gospel you have so you see it is YOU who are NOT the real Christian other than you believe in Christ. We are the Christians in the truest sense of the word. YOU are the ones who have fallen away from it SO SO FAR from the truth you now deny and condem the real teachings of Christ’s gospel. Stop spreading the lies. You have no idea with members of the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints believe. Your churches don’t even bear HIS NAME! It’s the chursh of baptism (Baptist) or the church of methodology (Methodists) or the church named after Presbys (Presbyterian) or after England (Church of England–Episcople in the USA). HIS church is named after HIM. His FULL name—JESUS CHRIST and it is in these LATTER DAYS to distinguish it from the church during HIS ministry and to let it be known it is the SAME one now that iw was then, thus saying LATTER-DAYS.

  31. Why even have a debate? Ron Paul is going to destroy the other candidates anyways, and then media will attempt to discuss the debate while trying to mention his name as little as possible.

    Do you want to continue spending money on war, and rebuilding other countries? Continue killing our troops to continue a coporate welfare system? No then vote Ron Paul.

    You want to continue the unconstitutional power grab aka patriot act which does nothing to enhance national security, and everything to give government power they should never have? No then Ron Paul’s your man.

    You want to continue to allow corporations to decide what’s best for the American people? No? Then Ron Paul.

    Seriously why is there any discussion about anyone else? He’s the ONLY anti-war candidate, period. I’m an athiest, but I would think that’d mean something to christians. I know who Jesus would vote for.

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