Businessman Herman Cain and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich have agreed to participate in a Lincoln-Douglas style debate this weekend for the Texas Tea Party Patriots PAC. The debate style will feature much lengthier questions than 30 second answers and should provide some deep policy discussions.

Air Time: Saturday, November 5 at 8pm ET / 5pm PT on C-SPAN

Participants: Cain, Gingrich

Live Stream: C-SPAN

Report from Investor’s Business Daily:

The lengthy verbal duel, with time for fully-developed answers not 30-second sound bites, was designed to circumvent the media’s usual entertainment format, designed to produce TV news, gotchas and show off network stars as interrogators. The topics are current economic and social issues and the timekeeper is Rep. Steve King of Iowa.

The C-SPAN network has just informed us here at that it will, indeed, broadcast the entire Cain-Gingrich Lincoln-Douglas debate nationally Saturday evening on its main channel, plus C-SPAN Radio and live-stream it at Starting time is 5 p.m. Pacific, 8 p.m. Eastern.

Many candidates over the years have called for lengthier, more in-depth debate opportunities but very rarely has this come to fruition. I’m glad we’ll get to see this happen and hope that it will be 90 minutes of informative debate.


    • You are right Ron Paul is the best one out of all the canidates. I dont understand what this debate will prove. Maybe it will be a jerking off contest? I think Gingrich is stepping out and going step up for Cain and Cain will say Gingrich will be his VP. This is just a show they are putting on… nothing more.

      You all should look up Beat The Media on FaceBook and fallow it.

    • Ron Paul’s foreign policy ideas are dangerous; he is delusional and a menace. He is the ONLY republican candidate I would NOT vote for. That speaks volumes because Obama is the worst president we have ever had.

      • Please enlighten us on these “dangerous” foreign policy ideas.

        And please exaggerate and misrepresent what he believes like you neocons typically do.

    • I Agree!! I am truly perplexed by the support for Cain. He has not said ANYTHING in this process that is original or impressive. It’s really sad to see, but I have actually heard people say they are supporting him because of his lack of knowledge and experience! WHAT?!?!

      Other than being a Fed Reserve bankster and a business man, what qualifies Cain to be president? You guys don’t like Ron Paul because of his foreign policy positions but you are willing to support a guy with ZERO foreign policy experience or knowledge.

      Someone please explain it to me because I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone here. America has really lost touch with reality.

    • You don’t really believe that do you? Gingrich is leaps and bounds better than any other candidate running. Ron Paul wouldn’t stand a chance debating with Gingrich.

        • I agree Gingrich,is far above all the others in the running.I also hope he gets to express his vision for our great country.I feel e when he speaks Im also learning more & more about our country and how it’s being destroyed .I like his vision for all branches of our goverment and his plan to get us all in a better place,not just the cherry picked americans who are a drain on the whole country.Lets hope he get’s the chance to shine.

      • I disagree. Here’s how this game works. I like candidate “A”. I don’t like candidate “B”. I watch “A” and “B” debate. after the debate, I claim, of course, that “A” trounced “B” and is the much better candidate.

        Did “A” necessarily do better than “B”? No. I am just biased toward my candidate.

        A Ron Paul v Newt Gingrich debate would likely be the best debate of the cycle. Both men are experienced and extremely knowledgeable in almost every area.

        While all candidates are sometimes guilty of mispeaking, it is not the same as disagreeing with their position. People seem confused by this. If you disagree with Ron Paul’s stance on the federal government getting out of the drug enforcement business, that does not make him wrong. It just means that you disagree with his position. On the other hand. When Cain tried to say that he never insulted those who desired an audit of the FED, this was genuinely false. It was fact checked by several organizations and found to be so.

        You, as a person who doesn’t like Paul would never admit that he did better than anyone else. It’s all very subjective. There is no real measure of who really “won.”

  1. You’re kidding right? A Cain/Gingrich debate? A debate only including two people? A designed to circumvent the media’s usual entertainment format? Get real….. This is a debate for two horrific campaigns that are spiraling out of control and will ultimately crash into a pit of nothingness. Please….this is a clear example of two failing life long politicians gasping for air and straws to keep their pathetic campaigns alive. You guys forgot to invite Santorum, Bachmann and Perry.


    • Life long politicians? Cain has never held public office. You really should look at the facts before you go off on a rant

    • This is still a free country. Why should the two leading conservatives of the race waste their time with the “moderate” Romney and Perry? A Cain/Gingrich ticket, with Cain’s real world experience and Gingrich’s outstanding record and capitol hill experience would be the best ticket the republicans have put together since Ronald Reagan ran. I’m tired of “moderates” like McCain and the instigator of Romneycare.

    • Man that was a stupid rant. Both Gingrich and Cain are RISING in the polls, and Cain’s the first guy to have a real shot at becoming president from outside a political career since Dwight D. Eisenhower.

      • So much for Cain “RISING in the polls” Mike! Gingrich will be going down the tubes next just like Cain! Here are some interesting facts about Newt that you might enjoy!

        Flip-Flopping Newt Gingrich

        Newt Gingrich’s chronic flip-flopping almost makes the ever-malleable Mitt Romney look consistent. Here’s a compilation from MSNBC and please note, this is just the tip of the iceberg:

        Health-Insurance Mandate:

        Flip: “Personal responsibility extends to the purchase of health insurance. Citizens should not be able to cheat their neighbors by not buying insurance, particularly when they can afford it, and expect others to pay for their care when they need it.” — June 2007

        Flop: “I am against any effort to impose a federal mandate on anyone because it is fundamentally wrong and I believe unconstitutional.” — May 16, 2011


        Flip: “I think if you have mandatory carbon caps combined with a trading system, much like we did with sulfur, and if you have a tax-incentive program for investing in the solutions, that there’s a package there that’s very, very good. And frankly, it’s something I would strongly support.” — February 2, 2007

        Flop: “A carbon cap and trade system … would lead to corruption, political favoritism, and would have a huge impact on the economy.” — April 21, 2008

        Climate Change:

        Flip: “I think is that the evidence is sufficient that we should move towards the most effective possible steps to reduce carbon-loading of the atmosphere.” — April 10, 2007

        Flop: “I actually don’t know whether global warming is occurring.” — November 8, 2011

        Paul Ryan’s Budget Plan:

        Flip: “I don’t think right-wing social engineering is any more desirable than left-wing social engineering… [Paul Ryan’s Medicare proposal] is too big a jump.” — May 15, 2011

        Flop: “I made a mistake…” — May 17, 2011


        Flip: “Exercise a no-fly zone this evening … Provide help to the rebels to replace [Qaddafi] … All we have to do is suppress his air force, which we could do in minutes.” — March 7, 2011

        Flop: “I would not have intervened. I think there were a lot of other ways to affect Qaddafi … I would not have used American and European forces.” — March 23, 2011

        Criminal Court Trials for Suspected Terrorists:

        Flip: “Well, I think if [members of the Bush administration] believe they have enough evidence to convict [Jose Padilla], going through the process of convicting him and holding him, I suspect, may be for the rest of his life without parole would not be — would hardly be seen as a loss. I think this administration is still wrestling with what are the real ground rules for dealing with people who are clearly outside of normal warfare? They’re not wearing a uniform. They’re not part of an army. They are openly threatening to kill thousands or even millions of people.” — November 22, 2005

        Flop: “Why would you take a Nigerian national who just tried to blow up a plane over Detroit … Why would you take that person, put them in the American criminal justice system, give them an attorney, read them their Miranda rights?” — January 4, 2010

  2. This will be great! Props to both Herman and Newt for having the balls to go beyond the sound bite debates and get into some real substance 1-on-1

    • I agree. This should be a great debate which should prove to be very educational. Both Cain and Gingrich are my favorites, I’m really looking forward to going beyond the past debates and getting in-depth insight into these two candidates.

  3. “You guys forgot to invite Santorum, Bachmann and Perry.” — no kidding! Wonder why that would be? Perhaps the all-knowing Newt has to cut his teeth on the clueless Cain. Wonder if any sexual harassment/multiple marriages/cheating on one’s spouse will be on the agenda? Oh, wait, that’s Clinton. No, on second thought, these two seem to have a vault of their own experience in these departments. Lift the gag order, Herman! Let the lady have her say! If you’re as pure as the driven snow as you claim to be, what are you afarid of????

    • Mr. Cain has no gag order. Get you facts straight. Even Joel Bennett, the attorney who “represented” one of the alleged plaintiffs, acknowledges that Cain was not a signatory to the payoff. Also, that crap about Gingrich telling his wife in a hospital that he wants a divorce is all false. I bet you watch MSNBC.

    • The National Restaurant Association agreed to lift the confidentiality provision of the agreement (not a gag order) and the lady refused to come forward. There is no lineup of ladies willing to comeforward like Juanita Broderick, Jennifer Flowers, Kathleen Wiley, Monica Lewinky . . . . These ladies had accusations ranging from indecent exposure to groping and rape. The group that excused Clinton of these sins is pathetic. Did I mention John Edwards yet?

    • I absolutely lose my patience when the most ignorant and unaccomplished of us have the temerity to label the irrefutably successful Mr. Cain as “clueless!” Please stop the silliness and limit you comments to the facts and reasonable analysis, if are intellectually capable.

  4. WOW! You negative folks certainly sound afraid of something. Maybe of having to make a decision regarding who to elect on your own? Much easier to do things the old way and base it on entertainment value. America is not quite dead yet, and events like this give it oxygen. We need more of them! Kudos to both candidates!

  5. I can’t wait to see this. The two candidates with the most promise to turn this country around will be head to head, spending time on important topics. This is exactly what I have been looking for since I am having trouble picking one of these two over the other (they are definitely the two top choices).

    And I agree with Mk, how is Cain a “lifelong politician”?

    Lastly, the whole point of this style of debate is to get more time and more detail on important topics. That cannot be done if all the candidates are involved. If you would take the time to do a little more research than what you read in a headline, you would see that Newt has the vision for this type of debate to rotate through all the candidates.

    • Will you guys still be supporting Cain tomorrow when Newt mops the floor with him. I don’t like either man, but I think Newt will expose Cain for the fraud he is.

      Anyone who thinks they are buddies is simply naive. The only person between Newt and the top spot is Cain. You think Newt is going to just bow out to Cain? Not a chance.

      You guys complain bitterly about Obama’s lack of experience and lack of vetting (I agree entirely). Are you willing to see Cain’s flaws and admit it when he loses this debate? Or will you continue to do exactly what the libs did with Obama and follow Cain no matter what happens? Careful, your hypocrisy is showing.

      P.S. don’t argue that Cain is better than Obama. No one her is arguing that point. He needs to prove why he’s more qualified than the other Republicans.

  6. Why would anyone want to watch these two idiots debate? First of all, both of these clowns are tainted. Gingrich cheated on his first wife when she was battling cancer and later did the same to his second wife, and Cain tried to get it on with at least two of his female employees at the Restaurant Association and ended up paying one $35,000.00 to keep quiet about it. Cain is only riding high because the media gave him a free ride. First the media takes Cain to the top (undeservingly), and then they tear him down to cripple the Republican field. Gingrich is just a windbag who thinks that he is the smartest guy in the race because he can flap his gums for three hours straight talking about useless trivia. The truth is that Gingrich is a moron who is living in the past, 1994 to be exact. Anything new or interesting that comes out of Newt’s mouth he stole from Ron Paul, and you can bet that Newt was not talking about Auditing the Fed before he jumped in the race. This will be the most boring and worthless debate of all time.
    Neither Cain nor Gingrich would be able to win a debate with Ron Paul, and Ron Paul would not waste his time to debate two guys that will not even be a factor in January. Character matters, and Cain and Gingrich both lack good moral character!

    Ron Paul for President in 2012!!

    • They are “tainted”? Oh… to bad, I had no idea! We better go exorcise them, can’t have the Devil have any say in our government. Hey, you make sure to tell me if any other candidates have been tainted by the evil of temptation OK? Or if any practice any form of Witchcraft… we already know those two crazy guys Huntsman and Romney get in with that sort of stuff, but I’ve suspected Bachmann for a while. I mean she’s an independent women, that’s never a good sign right?


    • Bob, Bob, calm down. Take a deep breath. Newt has his faults, but he is hands down the best candidate running. Hands down.

    • Ron Paul ??? Right we should include him so he can explain how he manages to be the first one to the trough when the pork is being served up. He is the reason I can’t say “anybody but Obama”. Ron Paul is a lunatic and has an amazing inability to grasp any complex or nuanced concept. His supporters are pretty damn naive if they think there are no skeletons in his closet..

      • Please enlighten us on all of his “pork” spending. I’d hate to see you be just like Cain’s accusers and provide no facts when attacking a candidate. That would make you a hypocrit.

        You guys claim to be Constitutional Conservatives but you refuse to consider the only candidate that truly understands and follows the Constitution. I know you learned some big words at the community college, but please tell us how you can possibly believe that Paul has an “amazing inabilty to grasp any complex or nuanced concepts?”

        Cain says “me love Constitution, beat Obama!” and you guys fawn all over him. Paul explains, in great detail, Contitutional matters while exhibiting a genuine knowledge of every subject, and you guys say he’s a “crazy man who doesn’t understand any complex subjects.”

        We truly have entered some parallel universe here. I’m not sure anything makes sense anymore. Everyone needs to watch the movie “Idiocracy.” That is what America has become if candidates like Cain or Bachman can gain traction.

        • Wow you Ron Paulite’s see no wrong in him. He is totally delusional and has no grasp of the concepts of national politics. He says give everything back to the states and bring all our troops home. The troops home I can agree with, but the Federal Gov’t does need to do more than amass an Army and have them stay at home. Flat tax is the way it should go I believe Newt’s 15% would be the fairest to all concerned. Let’s be honest about the whole deal, Newt is the smartest one on the stage and has the most experience of all of them combined, and he did work with both parties to get things done which is what this country really needs to get back on its feet. Fair and balanced compromise! Yep I said it.

          • See, you say that because you don’t like Paul. It doesn’t make it true, it just happens to be your opinion. I support the right of everyone to have their opinion. What I don’t like is that people go on the attack in this circular firing squad in defense of their candidate. I’m not asking you to like Paul. By your name I take it that you have made up your mind about him. All I ask is for respect of other people’s opinions.

            I think that Ron Paul is the only one who really sees the problem and is the ONLY one of the candidates that predicted our economic collapse before it happened. This is a fact. You don’t like his foreign policy, and that’s fine, but have you ever served in the military during war time? I served two tours in Iraq and I have seen the way we “spread democracy.” Ron Paul takes a position that many other Americans agree with. This does not make him wrong, it just means that you see it a different way. If every candidate was exactly the same, we wouldn’t even need elections. There is a reason for the process and we should respect it. We should also respect the fact that we are all on the side that wants Obama to retire next year. Let’s not forget that.

  7. Lots of trolls here. Kind of classless of them, really.

    Actually, the Lincoln – Douglass debates had no questions. They both gave long speeches, althoguh in them they asked questions of the other.

    I think it should be fascinating. Gingrich won every debate; it’s just no-one believes he’s running. And Cain was the real stand-out. This should be something.

  8. Unfortunately not all the candidates will agree to this style of debate with Newt. Maybe no other one. And the left will be hoping that their candidate doesn’t have to turn down this challenge by Newt.

  9. It seems to me that we could use more debates like this one. Pretty hard to figure things out when you have a 30 second format, where each person does not get get equal time.

  10. I would like to see RON PAUL in this debate or another debate held in this syle.
    I and millions of individual, independent thinking individuals support RON Paul’s candidacy. RON PAUL is respected for his message, service, leadership, experience, intelligence, courage and uncompromised pricipals by individuals and Leaders worldwide.

    Newt Gingrich’s well-documented unprincipaled personal indiscretions and dishonor while serving as The The Speaker of The House clearly show that he is too seriously compromised to be a viable candidate for President of The United States.
    It appear’s that Newt Gingrich sought the debate with Herman Cain, because Cain is the weakest and least experienced candidate in the race and in addition, as Herman Cain has shown in recent interviews, he is confused and still developing his position on important issues

    In my opinion this debate will only serve as entertainment which will be used as a tool by the media to denigrate all GOP candidates.

    RON PAUL is the only candidate that can rise above the fray, RON PAUL is my PRESIDENT 2012.

  11. Clearly, you clowns don’t understand what a Lincoln-Douglas style debate is. You can’t have more than two people. It’s a specific format of question-answer-rebuttal, making a total of seven rounds of debate. Gingrich wants to do one of these debates with every candidate. If Ron Paul wanted to challenge Mitt Romney or whoever else, I’m sure CSPAN would be happy to broadcast it.

    • Horray!! somebody who is informed and DOES know what is going on, and the style of debate that this is!!! I’m with you Nathan, and if any of the other candidates would like to debate in this same manner… get in line, because I think these two candidates are gonna be hard to beat… especially if they were to team up together!!!

  12. This debate will be an exercise in contrast. And I am not talking about color, but style, experience, motivations, and knowledge of the political process. On the one hand you have Herman the guy who has zero political record or experience, assuming that private sector CEO’s must be cut out for public work. He has a very weak understanding of the process, and of compromise, and he even lacks the ability to express himself when he needs it most. He obviously has the most secrets to dig up, since he has never had them exposed. His lack of public office is tauted as a strenght, but Obama sure hasn’t had any executive experience. Herman would say “How’s that going for you?”

    On the other hand you have a life-long politician who knows the answers three moves before it gets to him, except with his support staff and family situation. But he knows how to make congress work, and knows how to use the political process to actually get things done. He has made mistakes and learned. He is more polished and confident. But – he’s a life-long politician who has made a living at pandering to the public, living on our dime, and using his power for personal favor. It is clear what his motivation is – a job, and one with power. Cain doesn’t need a job, he has made his money and had his power.

    From 2007-2010, experience in politics was a big downfall. Only the new people in politics -grass roots folks could make it in. A bunch of green rookies in congress havent done much either. Nevertheless we all still have disdain for the old boy’s club.

    This is why we need Mitt Romney. His motivations aren’t money – he’s got that. He has had his share of power. He has not been corrupted as a life-long politician, nor is he completely empty of experience. He has had executive experience in private and public sectors. He knows how to compromise and make things happen – governing in a state where his congress was overwhelmingly in the opposing party. If only people could see that his pragmatism in such an environment is being painted as weak integrity. That would be a mistake.

    Cain has great ideas, fire in the belly, and no know-how to get it done.

    Gingrich does not belong in the party of values.

    Neither have a campaign, grass roots, money or organization to take on Obama. I think I’ll just watch the highlights on this one. I’m sure they’ll just scratch each others’ back the whole way. This is Gingrich’s opportunity to lose though.

    • So, you would rather have a candidate without any principals than a brilliant historian with some flaws or an accomplished CEO who knows how to solve problems (and we have them!)

        • Boy, I’ll say he did. He was a womanizer just like his pappy. Men with power always attract women. It’s a perk that comes with the job. I’m not defending the practice, but let’s get real, some women are drawn to men with power and most men are powerless to resist women who massage . . . their egos … ahem.

      • I would actually rather have someone who knows what they are doing.

        This isn’t a job where “on-the-job training” is even a remote possibility. Saying that he will simply hire intelligent people to help him make decisions should not even be an option!!!! Think people!

        Even Mark Davis (often fills in for Rush) has finally admitted that Cain is just not qualified to be President. He said he really wants Cain to be something he is not and was willing to overlook his flaws for a while, but could do it no longer. You guys are just like the libs who ignored all of the red flags with Obama and pushed into office anyway. HYPOCRITS!!!

  13. Between Herman and Newt there should be some unforgettable fireworks.

    Remember remember the fifth of November Gunpowder, treason and plot.
    I see no reason why gunpowder, treason Should ever be forgot…

  14. I’m glad to see the new style of debate so that the real intelligence and foresight can be established. The 30 second answers are designed to minimize the responses, and in the case of the last debate, to see how much reaction to personality baiting can be introduced. Personally, I believe a life-long executive with multiple degrees and a truly American transition from invisability to presidential candidate is much more likely to take our country to jobs and solvency than the community organizer has done.

  15. John Dean,

    Thank you for posting this important and very well done video about Newt Gingrich revealing substantiated and important information about this very deceptive man.

    This wolf-in-sheep’s clothing needs be publicly exposed and loudly denounced by Conservatives and Constitutionalists and Republicans.

    The Real Newt Gingrich

    RON PAUL 2012

    • This is ridiculous….the communistic leader and followers are in office now and that is who Gingrich or any other Republican leader is going to replace. My vote is for Newt Gingrich because he does know how the govt works and is the only one I see as the most intelligent candidate. He could be President and have Cain as VP or Bachman or Santorium and our government would finally be in good hands again. Of course then he is faced with the mess Obama has made. I have faith though that Americans will all pull together and get our good name and country back again. Windisea is spreading propaganda. If he wants to see socialism and the communist manifesto at work he better be looking at Obama and his kool aide drinkers.God bless America!!!!!!!!

  16. Republican presidential candidates should be put into a boxing rink and duke it out, last boy standing wins the nomination for Prez. It would have been a shoe-in for Obama if Perry and Romney had punched each other out cold. What a great soap opera, “ME FIRST”

    re. PUBLIC can democ. RATS, The truth.

  17. How can Ron Paul not be in this debate? If he were given even a fraction more press. people would see he is the only choice to restore America.

  18. MY 2 FAVORITE CANDIDATES…LOOKING FORWARD TO IT…Hope to see you both in the White House come either order…You would make a great team!!!!!

  19. I will watch this because I feel it is the responsible thing to do, and I do agree on the premise and style. However, the candidates that are participating make this a waste of time. Cain can’t even get his stance on abortion straight, and Newt will use this as a platform to show he can beat the dumbest person in the race one on one.

    And then the media will use it to propel Newt into the “top tier”.

    The screenplay has already been written, we just have to watch it unfold.

    Did Newt extend this challenge to Ron Paul, by any chance?

  20. Ok, here is how this debate happened, Newt said he wanted to debate Obama with the Lincoln-Douglass style debate and in response Cain told Newt he’d love to participate in a L-D style debate and Newt said let’s do it, since Cain is the front runner Newt has nothing to lose and Cain accepted because he loves free press and any chance to get his message out. Newt on the other hand could use the debate to increase media exposure and possibly take some of Cain’s momentum. If Cain doesn’t get destroyed by Newt he will get a boost in the polls that nobody will be able to undo, and no matter what happens Newt gets a boost in the polls due to the media exposure and if Cain is demolished Newt has a chance at the number one position.

    • He set the tone for the very debate that you people claim you started!!! Ron Paul has been screaming the “Tea Party” message for all of those 20 years without ever changing his tune. What is wrong with you!!!

      It’s like taking credit for everything in your life and pretending your parents had nothing to do with your outcome. Honor your father. Ron Paul is the father of Constitutional Conservatism. The tea party would have never happened without Ron Paul. You don’t have to support him, but you do need to give credit where it’s due.

  21. This debate will be very telling. Everyone expects Newt to come out on top as he is the career politician and more aware of details of foreign policy, etc. I have to hand-it to Mr. Cain for putting himself in this position. He IS indeed a STAND-UP guy and is proving it by venturing into this venue.

    As for Ron Paul: Only if folks want to chase down rabbit-trails will they invite the never-pithy Mr. Paul. It would be pure brain-punishment to watch such a debate where he had the go-ahead to take the ball and run with it … off the field down the street, across the meadow and into outer-space.

    As for those ad-hominem-attack folks lurking on this site (and so many others), you only prove your inability to form sensible arguments when you talk that way. Find me a politician who has nothing worthy of criticism and attack and I’ll show you a politician who doesn’t do much outside of inhabiting the office for awhile.

    • Ohhhh, I get it. You are trying to say Ron Paul is crazy. Forget the fact that he runs circles around all of the other Republicans on every issue (Newt comes close on some issues). Just because you are a faux conservative war hawk that thinks a guy like Cain is qualified to run the greatest nation in the world doesn’t mean that Ron Paul is crazy. You guys are just like liberals. You will never let facts and truth get in the way of your blind adoration and ideology.

  22. I would like to see Obama and either Cain or Gingrich do one of these. No prompter to use and his inability of memorizing more than one minute of his crafted lies would make Obama look like the fool he really is.

  23. This is going to be awesome!!! I am so excited! These are my two favorites…and I really hope they end up running together!!! One as pres and the other for VP…and to the first two that replied…john dean and Shayne a….well, your about as dumb as that idiot in the white house…don’t talk politics if u are as uninformed as to say the dumb crap u have stated…lol

    • AHHHH, so Codelia, if someone doesn’t agree with you or support your candidate they are “dumb?” You madam are just like the idiots in the White House. You are unwilling to allow anyone to vett Cain or the other candidates. We either have to like Cain or we are “dumb, idiots, trolls, ignorant, libs, or any of your other insults.”

      He clearly has some flaws and has some major weaknesses. Obama would humiliate Cain in any debate. I have come to believe that Obama is Cain’s biggest fan. Other than maybe Bachman, Cain would be Obama’s dream come true in a general election. Think this through guys. Once we are in the general, there is no turning back. Do we really know ANYTHING about Cain beyond his bio? Consider what would have happened if Edwards had won the Democrat primary in ’08.

  24. There’s only one candidate who is smart enough to debate at all; Newt makes all the rest of them look like morons. Isn’t smart what we need in the White House?

  25. Is this Ford/Oldsmobile Debate going to have Newt coaching and facilitating Cain to make him look astute and foreign policy prepared? If Cain is the nominee maybe Newt will have Cain select him as the vp mate…in other words, Rove was Bushs’Brain…….so Newt might be Cain’s Brain’s. Or, maybe it’s something Newt regrets doing now that the pesky “harrassment” story is out. I will tune in …can’t help it!

  26. Look what we have in the WhiteHouse and you want to complain about these guys. I would vote for Mickey Mouse before voting for this un-american guy who is sending this country to hell in a hand basket. His whole life has been devoted to filling his father’s dreams and that is to distroy the country that they both hate. This has been the biggest scam every done to this country. Years from now you will all know who this guy really is and what he and his people have been up to all these years. Try reading and pay attention.

  27. I seriously doubt that the establishment would agree to give Ron Paul the time to answer; they barely give him 30 second answers! This debate is like a college professor debating a kindergadener; we all know who will win. Ron Paul is our only choice is this election, like him or hate him. The rest of the candidates have been pre-selected. In 2008, the medias chose our President for us, don’t let them do it again!

  28. Ron Paul has some good ideas, but mostly he is just rigid idealist. I like Cain, but he would be completely “smashed” in debates with Obama, who, as you all know is pretty good “talker”. (but nothing else)
    Only Newt and Romney would be able to beat Obama in his own game. Remember, we cannot have everything!

    • I think you might be surprised at Cain’s abilities. He’s held his own and had some good responses in previous debates. Certainly neither one of these has had much time during the other debates so it will be interesting to see how they go head to head. I think it’s a good opportunity to give them their chance to present themselves to America. I’m looking forward to it.

      • What do you actually know about Cain? Everyone has seen the debates. He doesn’t actually SAY anything in the debates other than talking points and platitudes. I didn’t think he was serious when I saw him in the first debate. I know all I need to know about Cain.

        • How can you know all you need to know when Cain hasn’t had much talking time in any of the debates? Before the last one, the most he’d had in any debate was a total of 6 minutes to speak. And in the last debate, he spent almost all of his time defending 999. He was the first to have a plan of any kind and he has plans on other things if people would just let him talk about those things. It sounds to me, Swampgas, that you choose to remain ignorant. Do all of us a favor. If you choose to remain ignorant, at least don’t vote out of that ignorance then. Be informed or don’t bother to vote.

          • DR, you can’t win on substance so you go right to the insults. Okay, I’ll play along.

            First of all, I know all I need to know about all of these candidates. I eat and breath politics. Some people watch football or baseball; I watch C-Span. Some people watch TV shows, I read the news from many, many sources. I have a degree in political science and a masters in history. While some read novels, I read statistical data and researh journals.

            Now that we have established that, my opinions of Cain are based on what I have seen of him. You sound like a liberal. Simply because I can’t see the “obvious brilliance” of your prefered candidate, I must be simple. Right?

            I have seen every second of every debate, I have read every article that I can find on all of the candidates, and I have researched all of their positions and platforms. It is you sir that are ignorant for coming on this comment section and insulting someone you don’t even know. I am a veteran of the United States Army and did two tours in Iraq. Much of my worldview is now based on my experiences in the military. I made up my mind through extensive research, prayer, and careful consideration. You should be ashamed of yourself. You guys are starting to sound just like the Obama people. I’ll be waiting for an apology. But you don’t need to do that when you are hiding behind a computer now do you?

  29. Herman Cain 2012. Newt Gingrich VP, because a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Ron Paul can be treasury secretary…he’ll audit the boy himself. John Bolton for Secretary of State. Donald Trump for US ambassador to China.

    • Why on earth would Newt, a guy with a ton of experience and knowledge, want to play second fiddle to Cain who has little political experience outside of his failed senate campaign and even less knowledge? Not a chance. While we’re dreaming, I want a pony!

    • Xavier, great call, I like your line-up. The Debate was very interesting and informative for a change. I am gaining a little more hope for next year. I volunteer to help HC #45 (cornbread) unload the moving truck.

  30. Paulistas, give it a rest. He’s a crank, and only 7% support. Moaner and groaner. He’s done. Good domestic ideas, well some but horrible foreign policy. Does not connect well with voters. That’s it.

    • Well, I guess we’ll all just hang it up then. ronaldusmagnus says Paul can’t win and he doesn’t like his foreign policy. I guess that’s it then. I’m going to take my Ron Paul sign out of my yard right now. Thank’s Ronald, now we can all move on with our lives. I guess Cain is the Republican candidate. No debate, no discussion, no vote; he’s just the chosen one. Obama all over again; just on the other side.

  31. (1) Those who threw rocks here have either (a) supported Ron Paul, but their negativity only makes Ron Paul look bad. I like Ron Paul’s ideas a LOT but you guys are a cult; (b) root for some unnamed candidate, probably the slimy Obama, who today made it known that Congress has “overstepped its bounds” by actually holding a committee to subpoena corruption (next stop, we hope, is censure or even impeachment proceedings); or (c) think that calling names is a sport, with scores, rankings, and prizes.

    (2) Setting the record straight on the debate: (a) its style includes two candidates only. If you want Ron Paul vs. Newt Gingrich, stop posturing and get to arranging it. I’d like to see it also; (b) it is between two friends, two Georgians, two conservatives. It is not necessarily going to be combative, nor is it prohibited to be either helpful to each other or amicable; (c) it is a refreshing change from the ADD sound-byte mentality within which hit-and-run bloggers are trapped and upon which they thrive.

    (3) Can’t wait.

    • I know that Ron Paul supporters are sometimes passionate, but I have never, ever seen as much angy, vitriolic language as I have seen coming from the Cain supporters. I actually saw a guy tell a nice women who still had some concerns about Cain to “shut the f#$% up [email protected]*#.”

      As a Ron Paul supporter myself, I get most frustrated by those who try to claim that Cain has more knowledge and experience than the other candidates. Unforunately, this is simply not true. Cain is the mental equivalent to a little league team playing against a major league team which is every other candidate in the race (other than Bachman. She says the right things, but she’s not firing on all cyllanders).

      • Everyone has flaws. I’m more than willing to put my money where my mouth is… oops, too many hundreds 😉

        (1) Cain: Love him. Flaws: a little too eager on some things, a little too slow on others. Makes up for it with sincerity. Loses points for inexperience in politics but makes up for it by great success in business. Unclear personal allegations make no dent unless proven. Solid marriage regardless.

        (2) Gingrich: Like him. Flaws: has been wrong on several key issues BUT those were in the past and it’s possible people can change and/or get the picture (jury still out). Historical paradigm unmatched in the field, quick wits a plus, demolition man with the tongue. Too bad his personal life has suffered but it’s also true that the media has smeared him with lies and half-truths as well.

        (3) Ron Paul: Like him. As most conservatives, I’m 100% on board with Austrian economics. As most Republicans, I’m not on board with his 1970’s approach to detente. His stance on Israel borders on contempt. He’s pretty old. He’d make a great Treasury Secretary.

        (4) Michelle Bachmann: OK. She’s right on some things, especially Obamacare, and not deep enough on others. She’s a valuable ally and asset.

        (5) Rick Perry: Nope. Please… between Gardisil and Immigrant entitlements (I do have a heart!)…

        (6) Mitt Romney: Capable. Not my cup of tea, but he would wipe the floor with Obama in any debate. Pretty sure he is 100% in the bag for the establishment (compared to say 25-50% for others).

        (7) Rick Santorum: Nope. Too emotional, and not the good kind.

        (8) Jon Huntsman: ugh.

        (9) Gary Johnson: Unsure. There’s something great about him, and yet something not quite right. Is it because he always looks stoned? I don’t know.

        (10) Buddy Roemer: You’d be surprised. He makes a lot of sense, but so do many front-runners. You can’t pick him just to be on the side of the underdog.

        • I agree with almost all of your analysis. I obviously don’t see the same things as problems regarding Ron Paul. Our problems at home do not allow us to involve ourselves with overseas problems anymore. Israel has said that they are good and don’t need our help to govern their own affairs. Most Israelis would just assume we stay out of their way and let them handle things as they see fit. I am a Christian who supports Biblical Israel, but this secular government we see today is not the Israel of the Old Testament.

          Cain’s advantage is that he has no record. Politicians with no record to target seem to be better candidates, but this is often decieving. Simply having no negative marks on their political record (like Romney, Perry, Newt,) does not make a person a better candidate.

          I obvioulsy don’t like Cain as a candidate, but I like Obama even less. This is why I am raising the alarm flags. I have a degree in political science and a masters in history. Obama prays every night that Cain wins the nomination. Cain is nowhere near prepared for the Chicago way. Every single thing that Cain has ever done will come to light and his lack of political chops will be used against him. This will, hopefully, become evident after tonight’s debate. Obama will destroy Cain.

  32. Oh, how pleasant to read comments from the Paul “airheads”! Yeah, lets let him split the vote and thus allow Obama to do it to our country for another 4!!! Get real you kool-aid drinkers!

  33. Let’s be clear, this will be a great opportunity to hear the two most intellectual candidates expound on their positions. Either one would be a vast improvement over what currently occupies the White House. The other thing to note is that despite what the Ron Paul fanaticks think, he cannot be elected. We need to elect the most conservative candidate who CAN be elected. I’ll be watching, and many thanks to CSPAN for broadcasting it!

      • I support Ron Paul because he IS the most conservative candidate in the race. The problem in this election cycle is the fact that many “conservatives” have a different idea of what the term means. Even the RNC acknowledges that their are several different groups of conservatives within the party. I am a Constitutional Conservative that believes in a stric constructionist approach. This view applies to everything and everyone, not just those I agree with like many so called Republicans. Rights are naturally given to all men and cannot be given by government. I believe in personal liberty. I think the government should stay out of people’s lives and decisions. This does not just apply to Americans. I served two tours in Iraq and watched America “spread democracy.” There is a reason most Soldiers and veterans support Paul; they actually have to fight the wars all of the neocons push for. We need to afford people of all nations the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness without meddling from the U.S.

        Cain is not an intellectual. He has been very successful in life, but hearing the man speak, I cannot classify him an intellectual. If you want the most (true) conservative candidate, then you want Ron Paul.

  34. You guys are delusional. Cain has said absolutely nothing in any of the debates other than platitudes and prepared talking points. My wife and I thought he was a joke the first time we saw him.

    I only hope that Newt, who actually knows what he is talking about, forces Cain to answer questions beyond talking points. Everyone thinks Newt is buddy buddy with Cain, but if Newt is smart he will use this “debate” as an opportunity to expose Cain for the fraud he is and take his supporters. Newt is a professional politician and is NOT about to play second fiddle to an intellectual lightweight like Cain.

    This “debate” will be Cain’s undoing. Unfortunately, you Cain zombies, who cry everyday about Obama’s lack of qualifications and the lack of vetting in 2008, are willing to sweep Cain into office without ever accepting any of his weaknesses. Being a lifelong businessman makes one as qualified to be president as being a mechanic qualifies one to perform open heart surgery.

  35. Pick the strengths of each republician/independent candidate and determine which political position suites them best. Present the team ticket will all of the canidates serving in different capacities and send Obama and his team (including Czars) packing. After all, they are applying for a job (the most important task this country has ever been faced with) and they need to work together. Each canidate needs to be given respect for their ideas. Please stop the name calling!

  36. let me see if i understand all the issues from the Obummer crowd…Cain is an idiot and Gingrich is stupid. or is it their both stupid idiots? gee i had thought there were few other issues like the economy, unemployment, out of control government spending, high taxation, illegals, Obummer’s wars and potential wars, government corruption, Obummer Care and Obummer trying to become dictator in chief of the new world order …just to name a few.

  37. Tonight’s event in Texas – maybe it’s less of a debate than a talent show – will give both candidates an opportunity to shine. Cain needs to impress us with his smarts, eloquence, and understanding of the issues. Gingrich has a different challenge. He needs to convey leadership and inspiration. He needs to be forward-looking, not reminiscing about the past. Both stand to gain, if everyone else can stand to watch that much debating on CSPAN.

  38. There is really only one candidate that the establishment members all agree they DON’T want. (Rep or Dem) They have done everything in their power to abort his efforts through any means possible even though he is steadily gaining more and more popular support. You all know who it is. Why do you think they are trying so hard to get around him? This is the only candidate who has the character to do what he says. Don’t forget it’s not just what they say – more importantly, it is what they will do!

  39. How many times is Cain going to defer to Newt on questions he doesn’t understand? I’m trying here guys. He just looks very amatuerish. At least admit that it should be Gingrich/Cain instead of Cain/Gingrich. Cain looks very small in Newt’s shadow tonight. Newt has long detailed answers full of relevant content and information while Cain has short answers full of platitudes and talking points. People keep telling me I’m crazy, but I’m watching this happen in real time.

  40. And Cain just asked Newt “and what would you do as Vice President of the United States” thereby breaking up Newt. To which Newt replied “Well, I wouldn’t go hunting”.

    Genuinely wonderful men with real ideas – and a sense of humor which has been sadly lacking in the White House and government. Shades of Regan.


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