A majority of the 2012 GOP contenders are slated to speak this weekend at the 2011 Values Voter Summit in Washington, DC. The event will be happening throughout Saturday culminating in a presidential straw poll. According to the schedule, here is when the 2012 GOP candidates will be speaking.

Friday, October 7th, 2011: Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann

Saturday, October 8th, 2011: Ron Paul and Mitt Romney

You can watch the event live on C-SPAN or at this live stream.

Continue reading for video of each candidate’s speech.

Rick Santorum already spoke this morning and here is a 3 minute excerpt of his remarks courtesy MSNBC:

Texas Governor Rick Perry also spoke this morning, here is video of his entire speech:

So far the most notable speech has come from Herman Cain who, apparently, was met with thunderous applause throughout his speech. Here is Herman Cain’s entire speech courtesy MRC-TV:

Here is Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s entire speech:

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney addressed the group Saturday morning, here is his entire speech:

Here is Ron Paul’s address to the crowd. Apologies for video quality, it has been the only footage available so far.


Ron Paul won the Values Voter straw poll, Cain came in second.


  1. Herman Cain is the leader with the values and inspiration that will correct the path of our nation and assure that our children will have the opportunities that many here have enjoyed. Our country must be fought for and returned to a course of excellence rather than sustaining the nonproductive & disinterest. It is the right of all to work for their dreams.

  2. Federal Reserve Chairman, Herman Cain has a questionable history. After occupying one of the most powerful positions in central banking and his own career, I am puzzled why he chooses to be known as CEO of Godfather’s Pizza. Additionally, his business records pertinent to Godfather’s Pizza have been sealed and removed from public scrutiny. There are many questions Herman Cain needs to answer.

  3. I Don’t Trust Mitt Romney he seems Weak and sneaky to me – We need a Beast Killer To Slay this Dragon called Obama – Mitt can’t do it hes to soft and off my List – Herman Cain is My strongest Hope at the Moment – but I’m Keeping an mind open to the rest

  4. Bachmann Really hits home with me – she sounds strong And Newt also has me listening – I wish i could Mix Bachmann, Cain, and Newt together or maybe a P-VP type team I really Wish Allen West was in the Race I’m praying for at Least 32yrs without Dem’s and No RINO’s

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