We finally have a finished schedule for the list of 2012 primaries and caucuses since New Hampshire and Nevada worked out their differences.

Our 2012 Primary Schedule has been updated and I encourage you to take a look at the dates and see where your state landed in the list.

This is what January of 2012 will look like now:

January 3, 2012 – Iowa (caucus)
January 10, 2012 – New Hampshire (primary)
January 21, 2012 – South Carolina (primary)
January 31, 2012 – Florida (primary)

Super Tuesday this time around will occur on March 6, 2012, when 10 states will hold either a primary or caucus. Lucky for me I get the Iowa caucuses on my birthday just like 2008.

Check out the 2012 primary schedule to see how the 2012 calendar will play out.