Earlier this evening in Tampa, Florida, eight Republican contenders took the stage in a Tea Party-sponsored debate hosted by CNN. The lead off topic of the evening was, of course, Social Security and how the GOP nominee would deal with entitlement reform.

Full Video: Watch entire CNN Tea Party Debate Video

Here are some clips from the debate which originally aired on Monday, September 12, 2011 on CNN:

Perry, Romney spar over social security:

Romney, Perry, Paul spar over jobs:

GOP candidates on why they are running for office:

More to come as they are available.


  1. Where is the full video? CNN is the one network that cant seem to post the full debate after it happens? MSNBC had it reposted the second they were done, what’s the hold up?

  2. If the bankers fraud has the blessing of the federal reserve to steal our citizens homes with MERS then we need to elect Ron Paul so he can have them for lunch, dinner, and breakfast. to Audit, Abolish, and bury in Europe.

  3. These one minute sounds bites on Jobs is ridiculous. Get the Facts on TEXAS Jobs 65% of those working in TEXAS work for the STATE – that doesn’t mean SMALL Gov. A majority of these new jobs were low paying jobs and many were without health CARE benefits. In 2003 Rick Perry wanted to do a reverse ‘Dead Peasants Insurance’ against RETIRED Teacher’s, he wanted to pay them $100.00 or equivalently priced item and have the STATE reap the full payout. And I guess it doesn’t help when TEXAS ranks really low on health care, education, environment. Gov Rick Perry likes NAFTA and has been preparing for the Continential Highway, which is the ROAD to the AMERO. Get Smart and do your own investigations. TEXAS gets $1.25 from the FEDERAL gov for e/$1.00 in Fed Tax money, how much does your STATE get? So in effect, you help pay for out-of-control budget spending in Texas. Perry robs Paul to pay Peter, so firemen lack proper equipment, teachers have 60 student classrooms, jobs given for political donations. …Sound Familiar?!

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