Tonight in Tampa, Florida, eight Republican candidates will take the stage in a debate sponsored by CNN and The Tea Party Express. Questions will come from moderator Wolf Blitzer, however, questions will also be delivered by citizens in the audience and from Tea Party events around the country.

Full Video: Watch entire CNN Tea Party Debate Video

Air Time: Monday, September 12th, 2011 at 8pm ET on CNN

Participants: Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum

Report from the Miami Herald:

WASHINGTON — The tea party movement roars into the Republican presidential spotlight Monday night, as grassroots conservative-coalition members are scheduled to question GOP candidates at a Tampa, Fla., debate.

The two-hour debate, co-sponsored by the Tea Party Express and CNN, promises to include some topics that rarely come up in national political forums, such as the candidates’ views of the Constitution and the Federal Reserve.

The debate, which begins at 8 p.m. EDT, will be closely watched because the tea party movement, through a loose collection of grassroots groups barely two years old, helped elect scores of Republicans to Congress last year.

This year, Republican presidential candidates are aggressively courting the movement’s eager-to-work followers and trying to tap into their influential social and fundraising networks.

Coming on the heels of the Reagan Library GOP debate, this Tea Party-centered event could have a different flavor than previous debates. I’m hoping that audience questions will lead to an even more substantive discussion than we just witnessed at the Reagan Library, which in itself was fairly good.

Look for entitlement reform to be a lengthy discussion especially considering the eruption over Rick Perry’s assertion that Social Security is a “Ponzi scheme.” Michele Bachmann will also be looking to get back into the forefront after she was essentially shut out of the discussion in the Reagan Library debate which was dominated by Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. Ron Paul also was a bit jilted on many topics last time around and I will assume that he will field more questions tonight from the audience.


  1. many Republicans call themselves Conservative yet they promote extravagant and endless wars with no real exit strategy. i would like to ask the candidates how they can reconcile these two things that seem so polar opposite in terms of policy.

    • excuse me , but i do believe democrats have started basically every war starting with woodrow wilson !! can you get your facts correct please !

      • Sorry champ though generally I could agree that the for the most part Democrats and Republicans have forcibly turned this country away from its WWI and WWII isolationist, Democrats would never have acted if they did not have Republican support for its neo-imperialist policies:

        2. You lie as Eisenhower was the first to bring the US into Vietnam to take up the slack of the French as today with Sarcozy: The Iraq War or War in Iraq began on March 20, 2003 with the invasion of Iraq by the United States under the administration of President George W. Bush and the United Kingdom under Prime Minister Tony Blair, Grenada was Ronald Reaguns (PRESIDENT January 20, 1981 – January 20, 1989), invasions of Panama and the first Iraq war was Herbert Walker Bush (respectively 20 December 1989 – 12 January 1990, Gulf War or Persian Gulf War or Operation Desert Storm Iraq August 2, 1990 – February 28, 1991)

        As the United States under the control of a shadow government acts withgout regard to political party but instead class.

      • “Think not” is a good name for you. Bush Jr. started war in Afghanistan and 2nd Gulf War..his Daddy started 1st Gulf War. As far as I can remember those two guys that are related to each other are/were Republicans. But if your saying they are indeed the same party behind the scenes, then you might have a point there.

    • How can any candidate be conservative but not willing to defend and honor the U.S. Constitution plus We the People?

      Please tell me.

      • Can I ask what you would mean by defend the constitution. How do 4 foreign wars in any way defend the constitution? I would say we have 1 war that we should be fighting and that is the war on the southern border of the US against drug cartels and keeping them out other wise bring all out troops home from Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and South Korea

      • Answer: They can’t.
        This is why many who claim to be conservative, but grow the size/scope of government and encourage endless spending/wars, are fighting tooth and nail to become The Conservative. But they’re not. So to Defend the and Honor the U.S. Constitution and We the People, I encourage everyone to vote for Ron Paul and work against Obama, Pelosi, Perry, Romney, and anyone else who has proven to be working against the U.S. Constitution and the Spirit of America in their ACTIONS.

        They don’t need to be punished, but they don’t need to be in the positions they’re in, and let us fix this country. We, the People, are who are going to fix this country, with the aid of adherence to the Constitution. The one and only person running at this time who understands this, and Has the Proven Track Record, is Ron Paul. The others “make mistakes” in regards to violating the constitution and We the People. That’s fine, but I’m not going to vote for them to be my leader.

        When I hear someone pick anyone other than Ron Paul, my instinct is “Why do you hate the Constitution!? Why do you hate America!? Why do you hate Me and my Kids!?” but I’ve learned that most don’t really hate the Constitution or America or my family, they just have been misled for so many various reasons. Perry showed himself to be a big Democrat wearing an (R) tonight, and with his record….. people stick the word “conservative” on him. HA! As a Born Texan who lives and works in Texas… Perry is no conservative. That he pulled a dictatorial executive order is no supprise (among other things), and I’d expect no different once he’s got an even bigger chair. Track records of all of them… Willard, Jon… you name it… not so conservative.

        the short answer – imo

    • Democrats start wars they can’t end. Or they fail to act to avoid wars. WW II might have been a lot shorter if FDR had helped England when England asked for help. We might have avoided 9/11 if Clinton had done more than lob a few cruise missles at empty training camps, an act which simply emboldened the enemy.

      GW Bush didn’t invite the war, he didn’t start one, he wasn’t looking to be a war time president.

      Obama and Democrats are displaying the kind of weakness that invites attack.

      As to a war fought by democrats that seems to never end — how about their “War on Poverty” — how’s that working for us ??

      • Actually FDR was helping England when England asked for help what FDR did not do was create the WWII alliance at the onset of the Spanish Civil War to defend the elected government of Spain and to defeat Hitler and Mussolini there because he was taking a conservative position due to the Catholic Church support of Franco (and his allies Hitler and Mussolini) in Spain.

      • The longest war we’ve ever been in was started by a Republican. He absolutely invited a war, because he attacked a country with no reason.

  2. Ron Paul/Dennis Kucinich 2012 r3VOlution!
    register Republican to vote in the primary elections for Ron Paul! because if he doesn’t get the party nomination he won’t be on the ballot for the 2012 general elections! and the alternatives… are scary, crazy, greedy, ass hat fundaMENTALists!

    • R U kidding me? You’re saying if we don’t support your candidates that we’re fundamentalistS?? Please give us a break. Sounds authoritarian to me, you sound like the people you supposedly oppose.

      • I think what she said was that the other candidates, that is the candidates that are not Ron Paul, are poor choices for president. She says nothing about supporters of any kind.

        Also, “You sound like the people you supposedly oppose” implies that the people she opposes, again, candidates other than Ron Paul, are, in your opinion what she says they are.

  3. Cheryl, it’s the same way I cannot fathom how death penalty advocates usually describe themselves as pro-life. Conservatives are afraid of change, unless it’s a return to a “safer” past. It’s very hard to make sense of arguments that are mostly an appeal or a reaction to emotions.

  4. Ron Paul (the kook) has no business being in a republican primary anyways. @ Cheryl Taylor it’s a republican thing you would’nt understand it.

    • Are you talking about the Republican policy that the oldest member in their party gets to be candidate based on the “its their turn now, he earned it” system?

    • I am a Republican and I support Ron Paul.He is the only one I trust to secure the borders and kick out the illegal aliens.What is your gripe with the man.

  5. Their all pre-elected ya dummys, all this came from Kissinger admin. and his one baby motion for china… I need to catch up here, maybe later today but I really like Kicinich…

  6. newt is always the smarterst man in the room. but has too much baggage.

    personnely, i would vote for a spam sandwich befor i would voter for

    • o-bummer has got to be the worse pun ever. And their is nothing more disgusting than spam. It probably has led to more problems than Obama, such as climate change and monopolistic food corporations.



    • That’s right, Iraq and Afghanistan aren’t wars. Those damn vets are just sucking of the government teat. Bastards.

      • The last declaration of war that the US last issued on Dec 8, 1941. Every single combat operation has been an executive order with or without (Libya) congressional approval.

        These executive orders are the reasons our military is at war from Korea to Afghanistan. This country is not at war because the fighting is overseas. See it with your own eyes, then you will know what war really is. Wars that do not effect peoples daily lives directly will not directly know its effects. I know its effects, and I hope you never have to see it.

        Bring them home, and let’s stop all this political BS and hey, maybe we will actually find a way to make our economy work without going to “war” this time.

        It’s unfortunate for the media’s view on him, but Ron Paul has my vote.

    • war now, is about winning over the hearts and minds. The media exposes to much to have a carpet bomb be a solution. And Japan just stole the US’s copyrighted materials to create their own better functioning software in order to repair their economy. So Id say it didnt work and never will in the near future.

    • Speaking as an eleven year veteran and combat veteran of the Iraq war, I must say that you have no idea what bombing people is and that hawks such as yourself look for solutions that deny the humanity of those we fight. If one terrorist is hiding in a village the hawkish solution is usually to burn the village. If you have to see a small naked child screaming, running and crying for its mother before the fire mercifully takes the small one’s life you may change your tune. As a Soldier it was my job to kill “bad guys.” “Bad guys” can justify that kind of violence and cruelty because they are bad people. If you want the United States military to do such horrible things in your name then by all means find a candidate that will endorse atrocities. Or better yet, join up yourself and kill everyone you meet.

  8. I would like to know how Michelle Bachmann, who doesn’t believe that women should have the right to make personal choices, can separate herself from her gender and believe that she can make critical choices as President. What does that say to other women?

  9. Where is Gary Johnson? I get so angry when the news media controls our elections by deciding which candidates gets airtime.

    • Governor Johnson is busy in New Hampshire. There is no reason for him to be treated as a background player by the television producers for these early campaign events as the also-ran candidates and the front-running rabbits beat up on each other pandering to stay in this thing as long as possible before they exhaust themselves and quietly step off the track. Did you ever watch Jim Ryan run a Mile? Comfortably from the back of the pack until he made his move. Wait for it.

  10. Who made the foolish decision to schedule a Republican debate on a Monday Night in September. Are you guys totally out of touch . In case you haven’t heard on Monday’s nights in September you are competing with both Monday Night Football and Major League Baseball on TV. Only policy wonks will be watching this debate and 99% of them have already made up their mind who they will vote for in 2012.

    Conservatives keep making the same mistakes poor use of the English language and amateirish mistakes like this one.



  11. I voted for Obama but no more! I like Ron Paul. If he does not get the nomination, I will vote for Perry or any Republican accept Mit Romney!
    And I wish Marco Rubio gets into the race.
    This our time. A Latino in the White House in 2012.

    • Perry was for selling tax payer paid for highways to Centra of Spain, He also was Al Gores Manager in 93, He also forced an experimental vaccine on teenage girls and caused many inuries and death, he also punished businesses in Texas with unfair taxation on the little guys, Perry is a fake conservative and a Globalist piece of excrement here to sell you up the river to his and his handlers benefit,,,that is a fact proven by his history.

    • “This is our time.” The presidential election is for the supreme representative of all United States’ citizens, Paula. If picking a Latino candidate is a pick for “your” time, then what do you think of all the citizens who are not Latino? Perhaps the better solution would be to pick the candidate that has the stances on the issues that you most identify with and vote for him or her, even if they aren’t Latino.

  12. Wow, I knew it was only a matter of time before some inconsequential douchebags posted their opinions on here, as if anyone cares. Did your welfare babies eat today? You’re welcome.

    Anyone but that current retard 2012.

    • AGREED. Ron Paul would be the BEST thing that could possibly happen at this point. Jesse Ventura would be kick ass in office too. I STRONGLY believe that 9/11 was an inside job. Also, if you haven’t already, check out Jesse’s documentary on Plum Island on youtube. It’s a REAL eye opener. ROCK ON, RON!!

  13. How about we get back to the basics….. We withdraw all of our presence from other Countries…..they don’t want us there…. Our Country is in trouble we need to take care of ourselves before we can help other Countries. We use our own resources for a change we manufacture our own goods….. we ceate jobs in our economy……ROADS, BRIDGES IN DISREPAIR….WE CREATE TARRIFFS ON WHAT COMES IN OUR COUNTRY WE MAKE IT BENEFICIAL TO OPERATE A BUSINESS ON OUR OWN LAND…..WE HAVE NATIONAL PRIDE AGAIN….WHY DID IRAQ NEVER PAY US IN GAS/FUEL FOR ALL THE HELP WE PROVIDED????…..I AM TIRED OF PROVIDING ALL THIS AID AROUND THE world AND NO ONE APPRECIATES IT OR PAYS FOR IT WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE TAX-PAYER…..LET OTHER COUNTRIES FEND FOR THEMSELVES FOR A CHANGE… LETS GET BACK TO BASICS AND HIT THE “RESET BUTTON” ENOUGH IS ENOUGH….

    • But Christine, that would mean we would have to end things like NAFTA that have made it impossible for Mexican farmers to produce corn at a sale price that is competitive with US corn producers. That would mean that fewer Mexicans would have to leave the country that they love (yes, all of the Mexican people I have met are very patriotic, like many U.S. citizens, and love their country) because they make more gathering recycling on the streets of New York City than they can make at home. This making more money is important too because it’s enough to feed themselves and send some home to feed families at the poverty level in Mexico. As you may imagine, Mexican poverty is far worse than American poverty, and the issue with that is that even in a poor society people will stay with everything they know if they can live. Today, Mexicans are finding it harder and harder just to live. Maybe we should let them die too, just like our poor. International “free-trade” is hardly free in any sense of the word.

  14. I would like to know what the panel wodo to create jobs. All I hear is jobs for the union works what about the none union workes.

    What would you do to change and help the truck drives the way the goverment ties their hands

  15. Look at all of the uneducated posts flying around here. I bet you people have plenty of e-mail forwards to back up every word, though. It’s better than thinking for yourself, I suppose.

  16. Would you consider the ‘money owed to the SSI Lockbox’ a violation of the DEBT LIMIT? If not why not? If yes, is this not some of the same tactics as the SSI Lockbox that is non-existent?

  17. Darlene – democrats know little or nothing about how to run a business, they have no experience. So they believe spending money is the answer – they simply don’t understand what free enterprise is all about.

    • Jeff – Except for all the successful business people in their party, I suppose. I might add that Kennedy’s father, while an outlaw, did have a firm grasp on the free market as just one example. The difference is a difference in opinion on how resources should be allocated. Both parties are far too involved with private enterprise directly to actually find an unbiased approach to business regulation. A candidate who backed a banning of all lobbyist activity would never get elected, but that candidate would be the first to realize that his or her job is not to support business. His or her job is to support United States citizens and make choices that most benefit the greatest number of people while protecting members of society that face threats to personal liberty from society at large. Small business people make up the lion’s share of employers in the United States, yet they receive far less support from the government than General Electric does. This begs the question, will benefits for the wealthiest, those with the greatest share of United States’ wealth, aid the small business person? I suspect that as this is not currently the case, after all small business people rarely find themselves in the top five or even ten percent of wealth holders, that the “free enterprise” and “pro-business” enthusiast candidates will overlook them as they always have. Bob’s Hardware will not have a lobbyist. The Small Business Administration is the government body charged with aiding our nations employers, yet they have a budget for operations that is well below the lobbying budget of many large corporations.

  18. Regulatory reform = burning rivers?
    Tort reform = they dump poison in the water, I get sick but they are not accountable?
    BUT…if we let them get away with it I can have a job so I should be thankful? Is that the math?

  19. Just prior to the Great Depression beginning in 1929, the top federal income tax rate was 24 percent and government regulation was virtually non existent. Would you describe the outcome of these policies as an economy “taking off like a rocket ship” as Governor Perry has suggested.

  20. Does any of the debaters have the guts to add a term limits requirement for Congress to their party platform??

  21. What are some of the regulations and government restrictions that made our business and manufacturing companies move to foreign soil? How can we change these and what incentives can be given to make these companies come home?

  22. Gov. Perry, there is a rumor that you attended a Bilderberg Group meeting.
    Why were you there? How many meeting have you attended? When was your last contact with this group?
    What is their role in creating the “New World Order”?

  23. My questions pertains to congressional health care. Are you willing to eliminate health care coverage for congress and other elected officials thereby leveling the playing field between congress and “We the People”? Especially elminating alcohol/drug treatment coverage.

  24. Please we can’t require participation in health care? BUt all states require auto insurance is that constitutional? Everyone gets healthcarenow, just show up in an ER!!!

  25. Why is Blitzer letting the candidates side-step his questions? Perfect example: Bachman won’t answer question about the 30-year old uninsured person…instead blathers on (again) about how she’s been opposed to Obama-care. Come on Wolf, you’re supposed to be a professional.

  26. Why is Blitzer letting the candidates side-step his questions? Perfect example: Bachman won’t answer question about the 30-year old uninsured person…instead blathers on (again) about how she’s been opposed to Obama-care. Come on Wolf, you’re supposed to be a professional.

    This is not a duplicate comment.

  27. On the issue of immigration, does it include immigrants other than Latinos, and Caribbeans? Because the only race I hear discussed is Mexicans and I know for a fact that Asian, Russian, other European and African immigrants are a problem in our country as well.

  28. Uninsured people who have a health crisis should be sent to training hospitals with no right to sue, unless they can and want to pay for their healthcare on their own.

    • You might be surprised to find that many of them would accept this offer with open arms. Likewise, people with little money should have to go to “training” auto-shops with no right to sue. Children with little money should be sent to “training” schools with no right to complain about a poor education. It is absolutely time that we accept that those with less, for any reason at all, are less human and thus less worthy of our compassion. Uninsured people should stop spending the 500 to 5000 dollars or more a month that health insurance costs in most places in the United States on cheap, poor quality food and housing and should start buying their own health insurance. Actually, this is a rather poor solution. We should follow the advice of one member of tonight’s audience and just let them die. It’s only the morally right thing to do, after all money IS everything.

  29. People at this debate CHEERED the idea of letting uninsured sick people just DIE rather than have public health. Who are these people and what the hell is wrong with them?! That’s NOT American, that’s NOT the society that we and our ancestors built, I’d rather pay half my income in taxes than live in an anarchistic society that would do that. If anyone here was one of those people, are you REALLY saying you’d stand by and let children die, let your fellow Americans actually DIE rather than have public health?!

    • Very well said TiBo I also heard the people cheering about letting the person die i wonder if they would feel like that if that person was their parent,grandparent children or someone else that they love?

      • Who in good conscience could ever feel this way? I was shocked that we have sunk this low. It is simply humiliating as a citizen of this country to see people cheer the idea of allowing their fellow humans to suffer and die because they aren’t wealthy enough to pay. I am ashamed that my fellow Americans can be that cruel as a group.

  30. OK I saw the entire debate, I believed Govenor Perry will be the nominee he looks more a like a President.

    He doesn’t matter the Job, job, we are asking not going to return to the US no matter what will be the President. US economy is going to be in a whole for long time. Unless we cut all the Trillion speding overseas in Country that we don’t need to be there.

  31. Perry crashed and burned tonight. I don’t really like the guy but it was still hard to watch. What a shame they didn’t let Paul talk about the Federal Reserve.

    • I agree. But, as much as I hate to say it, they never do. They try SO hard to hide everything he has to say. But a LOT of people INCLUDING me know he’s the best one out there for the job. If Ron Paul doesn’t get nominated to run for president, I’m not voting for any of these other worthless assholes. I’ll WRITE his name on the ticket and check it!!

  32. Excellent debate – all of them are at least passionate about CHANGING the one whose always talking out of both sides of his mouth–and is a pathalogical liar! OOOOhhh, its time YOU GO! For anyone who likes to complain of those trying to change and fix America, if you don’t like who you see, then stand up there with them, if you can do better! Otherwise, focus on the one who WILL become the next leader of this great land; lest she’s run into the ground by the current admin again!

  33. So “Why can’t anyone hear the one voice that has the experience, intelligence, and answeres to this nations problems” Newt Gingrich will fight for our country, protect it, bring it out of the pit we are now in, and make us proud again to be in this country that he loves”. Mitt has no backbone, Ron Paul doesn’t either, and may I add Huntsman is just plain strange. Rick Perry can’t be trusted, and Michelle and all the rest lack the experience. The news media keeps Newt out of the headlines and out of the spotlight, but everything he says outdoes anything any of the rest can come up with. He is way ahead of their league. Just listen to him and try to hear what he says one time and see if you just might be curious to hear more.

  34. Ron Paul is the only one who has any integrity. All of the others are neocon warmongers who will say anything to get elected. The only reason Perry has started badmouthing about the Fed is because Ron Paul’s been talking about it for decades, and Americans are finally listening.
    They don’t want to give Paul a chance to answer the questions, because they know that he would beat the pants off the other phonies if people could only hear his ideas.
    A true Republican doesn’t go looking for wars in other countries and meddling in their affairs.

  35. Ron Paul is the only candidate who is actually trying to tell us the truth. The rest of these jerks are nothing more than another GW Bush. TV-brainwashed Americans can’t see it, so they elect Perry or Romney.
    If one of these jackholes gets elected it will out of the frying pan and into the fire. Pathetic earthlings, who can save you now?

  36. hermain cain is the man. he has the most common sense and smarts without the political bs to get this country turned around. he is also smart and served as chairman of the board for the federal reserve in kansas city. he’s not just a pizza man…

  37. Rick Perry is part of the bilderberg group. He is being primed by the nwo order to take over from Obama and propogate more of the same. Please choose your candidate very carefully. I know who mine is. R O N P A U L!!!

  38. Seriously, this 2012 administrative team is the last economic hope for the United States and Americans:

    President Michele Bachmann
    Vice-president Newt Gingrich
    Secretary of State Mitt Romney
    Secretary of Treasury Ron Paul
    Secretary of Commerce Gary Johnson
    Secretary of Energy Rick Perry

    “Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours. And recovery is when Barack Obama loses his.”

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