The 2011-2012 debate schedule will take a two week hiatus and pick up again in October. The October 11th Republican primary debate is sponsored by Bloomberg News, The Washington Post and WBIN-TV, a local station which will broadcast the debate in New Hampshire. The debate will also air nationally on Bloomberg Television. Pre-debate coverage begins at 7pm ET on Bloomberg.

Air Time: Tuesday, October 11th, 2011 at 8pm ET on Bloomberg Televison

Report from The Dartmouth:

With the Oct. 11 Republican primary debate drawing nearer, Dartmouth officials are working to prepare the logistical elements of the College-hosted event. The debate, which will take place in Spaulding Auditorium from 8-10 p.m., will focus on the hot-button topic of the economy and will be moderated by PBS host and renowned journalist Charlie Rose, Bloomberg Television White House correspondent Julianna Goldman and The Washington Post’s national political correspondent Karen Tumulty.

Tumulty, Goldman and Rose have begun coordinating ideas and holding brainstorming sessions for the debate, which will focus primarily on economic issues, Goldman said in an email to The Dartmouth. “With the Bloomberg terminal, we’re uniquely positioned to back up our questioning with an enormous amount of data,” Goldman said.

Officials from the debate’s four sponsors — Dartmouth, Bloomberg News, The Washington Post and local news outlet WBIN-TV — have not yet decided on the questioning format to be used in the debate, according to Justin Anderson, director of media relations for the College. The sponsors are still considering whether Rose will ask each question or if he will also take questions from students and faculty members, Anderson said.

Of course, no participant list has been finalized since we have two weeks which can be an eternity in presidential campaigns. More details are available at a special page setup by Dartmouth College. Ticketing is closed as all available tickets were awarded first to students and faculty through a lottery system.