Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin spent a great deal of time in Iowa during the Iowa Straw Poll this past weekend looking and speaking an awful lot like a Republican candidate in 2012. Of course, Palin has stated she has not made a decision yet but take a look at this video put out by her political action committee and judge for yourself.

Report from the LA Times:

Sarah Palin is out with a slickly produced video that captures her impromptu visit to the Iowa State Fair last week in the most positive light possible. And the release is certain to fire up yet another round of will-she-or-won’t-she speculation about a presidential bid.

Unlike “The Undefeated,” the hagiographical film released this summer that was produced outside Palin’s circle, the new spot, dubbed “Iowa Passion” is a product of Palin’s political action committee, making it perhaps the biggest tease yet about a possible run.

The release comes as Palin plans to give a speech to a tea party group in Iowa on Labor Day weekend, an address that possibly could provide some hint about her plans. She has said repeatedly that she expects to decide in September whether to mount a campaign for the GOP nomination.

Palin is still a wild card in the race. Certainly Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry share the bulk of her potential supporters but what would her candidacy do to the race? If she isn’t running, why spend so much time in Iowa? Why not Nebraska or anywhere else? Certainly she can gather a Tea Party crowd anywhere in the country if she wanted to.