Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann hit the airwaves in Iowa this week with her first TV ad touting her Iowa upbringing and credentials. Aimed at cementing her as the “Iowan” in the race, the ad stresses that Bachmann is most “in touch” with Iowa voters.

Report from USA Today:

GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann is on the airwaves today in Iowa, emphasizing her roots in the crucial state and her vow to cut spending in the first TV ad of her campaign.

Bachmann, a Minnesota congresswoman who lived in Waterloo until she was 12 years old, is hoping a good showing in the state of her birth will help propel her White House bid.

“I know we can’t keep spending money we don’t have,” Bachmann says in the spot, which aims to introduce her to the state’s voters in time for the Iowa straw poll next month.

The straw poll, to be held Aug. 13, is a test of candidate popularity and organizational skills. But it’s not always an indicator of who will win the nation’s first presidential caucuses, scheduled for Iowa in February.

Bachmann is essentially tied with former Mitt Romney in Iowa, according to a recent Des Moines Register poll.

Bachmann stresses her Iowa roots and her biography — mom of five children and numerous foster children and tax attorney — in the ad. Campaign spokeswoman Alice Stewart told CNN that “it is a significant ad buy” that will allow the spot to run statewide and on some Sunday morning talk shows. ‘

The ad was first reported Wednesday by Politico.

At this point, without Rick Perry in the race, Bachmann is battling Romney in Iowa and she’s reasonably close to his heels.