According to the most recent Rick Perry news, it looks like we won’t be seeing him on the debate stage come August 11th in Iowa. We may, however, be seeing a Rick Perry campaign announcement in the second half of August according to his closest campaign aids and other unnamed sources.

Report from Real Clear Politics:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is all but certain to launch a presidential campaign and is nearing an announcement set for the second half of August, according to sources familiar with his political team’s planning.

For months, Republican activists, donors, elected officials, and even voters have dithered about their choices in the 2012 presidential primary contest. This is especially true of grass-roots conservatives who have clamored for someone else to enter the fray, only to be disappointed by the likes of Indiana Rep. Mike Pence, South Dakota Sen. John Thune, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee — all of whom declared this year they would not be candidates, in that order.

But they may have their man in Rick Perry, a telegenic and booming political presence who boasts executive experience as the nation’s longest serving governor, as well as a healthy level of support from the tea party faithful. The governor’s wife, Anita, has given him her blessing for a national campaign, and now that anticipation of a Perry candidacy is reaching a fever pitch, he is poised to jump into the race next month.

According to the strategists and campaign staffers being contacted for positions, they are being told this is a sure-thing toward the end of August:

While Perry has focused on determining whether he can raise the funds necessary to run a credible campaign, his strategists have begun locking down verbal commitments from vendors and other potential top staff who would fill out a campaign organization. One who was contacted about a senior staff position was told, “This is a 99 percent sure thing.” Another said he was told, “He is 100 percent in.” That wouldn’t seem to leave much margin of error, but a third vendor who was approached said that while Perry’s political circle is lining up a staff, they are doing so without knowing what Perry’s final call will be.

Perry will surely be looming over the race in the coming weeks leading up to the Ames straw poll and further campaigning in Iowa. If you’re completely unfamiliar with Perry, see this piece in Texas Monthly which fills in a lot of his background.


  1. I don’t like Rick Perry at all. Ron Paul is more liked by Texans than is Perry. He is a man with many skeletons in his closet. It’ll be difficult for him to paint himself as a small-government minded politician when he supported the NAFTA highway, mandated Gardasil vaccinations to12- yr old girls and nearly tripled government spending as his solution to the state’s job loss issue. If he does run Perry will need to keep all the aforementioned hush-hush and I feel that him, his staff and his top-dollar contributors have a plan for that.

  2. Rick Perry is not a good choice. He will ruin this country more than Bush or Obama! Ron Paul is the only smart choice.

  3. Perry won’t be running, totally made up un-named sources. As far as Ron Paul, great man but he won’t win. I campaigned for him heavily in 2007 and see less support in the early stages than last time. Switching to Palin

  4. I am from Texas, and this a$$hole is worse than that last Texas Governor that became President…avoid this guy like the plague!!!

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