Fox News and the Iowa Republican Party have released the set of rules that will govern which candidates will be invited to participate in the August 11th debate from Ames, Iowa.

Report from the Des Moines Register:

All nine candidates on the straw poll ballot should automatically be invited to participate in the nationally-televised Republican debate that will be held in Iowa on Aug. 11, party leaders say.

The candidates listed on the ballot for the Aug. 13 straw poll are: Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Thaddeus McCotter, Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum.

The Iowa Republican Party’s state central committee voted unanimously today to approve to that rule, and three other rules developed jointly with Fox News Channel.

Candidates must satisfy the following by 4 p.m. CDT on Tuesday, Aug. 9:

1. Registered with the Federal Elections Commission as a presidential exploratory committee or presidential campaign

2. Meet all U.S. Constitutional requirements

3. Garnered at least an average of one percent in five national polls based on most recent polling leading up to the registration day.

The debate will begin at 8 pm CST on Thursday, Aug. 11 at Stevens Auditorium on the Iowa State University campus.

Tickets are not for sale but will be given to supporters and those who sponsor a pre-debate reception, a party spokesman said.

For more information, contact Matt Groenwald at the Republican Party of Iowa at (515) 282-8105.

In theory we could have 9 candidates on stage which will be a very crowded group for a 2 hour broadcast. If you divide out the time of 120 minutes by 9 candidates, minus commercials, there isn’t much more than 11 or 12 minutes per candidate tops. Of course, I’m assuming as with most debates, the time will be eaten up by the purported front runners. We will see how the debate moderators manage this large group and try to present each candidate to the viewing audience.


  1. Its ridiculous to see that there is only one libertarian or small-government/ constitutionalist minded politician up on that stage. The likes of Huntsman , McCotter and Romney are all pro-war, pro-government spending and just selfish individuals. Newt Gingrich can’t manage his own staff how could he possibly run a country and Santorum and Pawlenty received very little support given the media coverage and debate publicity they’ve received. It seems that Gary Johnson was once again duped by this system. He offers more diversity up on that stage and it seems that the American people were swindled by yet another deserving candidate who just wasn’t given a fair chance.

  2. I would like to see Gary Johnson included in the debates. I lived in New Mexico when he was Governor, he is a true Conservative and Constitutionalist.
    Why is Governor Johnson not included in this important debate?

  3. How can McCotter have a fair chance to pull the 1% he needs to be included in the debate when Gallup doesn’t even include him on the list of potential presidential contenders in their polls? He paid his money to be in the straw poll and that was supposed to be enough to get him included in the debate field under Iowa rules. Do the right thing and let him have his shot.

    McCotter is the ONLY candidate who gets the danger of trade with Communist China and the need to reinvigorate the American manufacturing base. Let him debate at least one time and we’ll see how long his numbers stay low once regular Americans have a chance to hear the man speak.

  4. What I take exception with is that this article flat out says that the moderators will most likely play favorites with the ‘Purported Frontrunners’. Who are they to try and tell the American people who the frontrunners are and who arent? Giving Bachmann, Romney, and Cain a combined 70% of the overall time is a complete sham. Especially when they all parrot Congressman Paul’s views, then completely ignore Paul. The man is on a finance committe, and was a Dr but not once does he get asked a question about the economy or healthcare! These debates are a complete dog and pony show to try and drag the American voter around by the nose, and get them to vote for who they want.

  5. Every candidate should be asked every question, and given a fair amount of time to repond. The people watching are the people voting, and we should be able to hear every candidate speak, so we can make the most intelligent decision as to who could actually lead this country in the right direction and out of the mess we are in. I watch FOX, always, but if they are not given equeal chance, they are doing a injustice to our the citizens of this country. Is there anyone we can trust out there, when it comes to politics and fairness.

  6. Why are Thaddeus McCotter and Jon Huntsman allowed in? Neither one of them has a blizzards chance in hell in winning. They’re just cutting in to valuable time for the real candidates.

  7. RINO’s McCotter and Huntsman should be excluded, and Gary Johnson should be included because he got in much earlier and also has a libertarian bent which differentiates him from the others. They should also have fewer questions and provide candidates more time to answer and any candidate who disagrees with what another candidate is saying should be allowed to give the counterpoint..

  8. Gary Johnson was robbed. He was a two-term governor and had a great record. Shame on FOX. Another reason why I don’t watch FOX.

  9. @SJ

    To be fair, Thaddeus McCotter paid for a spot at Ames so he should be allowed in the debate IMO. I couldn’t care less about Huntsman tough…and I don’t think I’m alone there!

    Given recent events, I’m interested in how Bachmann is going to handle herself, and watching Mittens work up that flop sweat of his is always good for a laugh.

    Herman Cain seems a bit out his element most of the time (especially regarding history), and Ron Paul seems to be just preaching to the choir, but at least he makes more sense than those other clowns.

    Should be interesting.

  10. @anon,
    Herman Cain isnt out of any element..Are you referring to Cain not being up to speed on the ‘right of return’??Heck,I dont know too many people that are/was…If you want a ‘career politician’ who speaks well and knows how to evade a subject or gives answers that are full of BS,Mr. Cain’s not your guy…

    • If you want a former chair of a Federal Reserve Bank and current Fed apologist at a time when the Federal Reserve is making $16 Trillion dollars in emergency loans ($3+ Trillion going to foreign banks) and further devaluing the dollar then I dare say Cain IS your guy.

  11. If they give Ron Paul decent questions and time to answer, he will mop the floor with the rest of the field. Based on past debate shenanigans, I’m not holding my breath.

  12. One thing is certain when unbalanced Fox gets involved in debates. They will give more time to PAC supported candidates than to Ron Paul, and the questions given to Ron Paul will be presented in a demeaning manner. The debate will more resemble a show in the old Soviet Union than a debate that one would expect to watch in a democracy. That’s why I stopped watching Fox a long time ago.

  13. One thing is certain when unbalanced Fox gets involved in “debates.” They will give more time to PAC supported candidates than to Ron Paul. The debate will more resemble a show in the old Soviet Union than an event that one would expect to watch in a democracy. That’s why I stopped watching Fox a long time ago.

  14. I think Ron Paul will be much more committed to take his fair shear of time. He is been doing good in the polls, so the moderators will be more willing to give that time. And once that is the case, Ron Paul ignite the crowed and the next day waves of Ron Paul supporters will get to moving, and then, well then its a win!

  15. I agree, EVERY candidate should be given an EQUAL amount of time. We the People are fed-up with seeing the media give most of the time to their darlings & not the candidate (Ron Paul), who can truly lead our country out of this mess. I had to laugh yesterday at a talking head who talked about independents voting for Romney?! What was he smoking? The ONLY way the republican party is going to get the independents/conservatives/Ralph Nader votes is to nominate Ron Paul. Otherwise, we’re all just going to vote our conscience again, which means 3rd party & Obamao will win.

  16. Wake up America! Quit listening to the media…..Fox, CNN, MSNBC….etc…..research these candidates, listen to each of them these next few months and make your own decision…..Just because the media says….”so-and-so is #l”…don’t be swayed by that! Our main goal is to get our current man out of office….our country is in trouble, severely….in all aspects. What happen to “We’re number 1?” We are all going to have to make sacrifices now since our country is in so much trouble. We’re America…..the red, white and blue….a great nation, well respected (in the past)but now in trouble of losing everything. It’s unfortunate we are where we are….let’s not be complacent any longer….touch decisions have to be made….its not going to feel good, but it’t too late. We haven’t any other options until we sink…our nation sinks and we are no longer the leader….and that’s coming if we don’t start standing up to what is going on. Research these candidates…I’m not pushing you to one or the other. Just do your homework, you have time….and go with your heart for our country, our children and grandchildren…and our freedom, cause we still live in the greatest country of all. Let’s not lose THIS!!!

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