The debate has concluded and we’re getting some highlight videos coming from CNN. Here is a collection of them as they become available from the June 13th, 2011 CNN Republican debate from New Hampshire.

GOP presidential candidate, Herman Cain, explains how he would get the economy moving during the GOP debate in Manchester:

Republican presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich, says Obama is anti-jobs and a destructive force during the GOP debate:

Former Governor Mitt Romney responds to a question about the auto bailout used to rescue the failing auto industry:

Newt Gingrich explains why he feels the private sector needs to replace NASA:

GOP presidential candidate, Herman Cain, explains his stance on appointing a Muslim to his cabinet:

More to come shortly including the entire debate video once it finishes.


  1. Go 2nd round of debates. Any of these candidates would be better than Obama. Remember hope and change? What happened? It never was going to happen, people are just dense!

  2. This time, Media bias WILL back fire. Independents are changing party affiliation to vote for Ron Paul becuase he is the only non status-quo candidate. GOP=DEM, with out Ron Paul, Obama wins (GOD HELP US). Obama, you fooled Independents once but NEVER AGAIN!

  3. I don’t know who Michele Bachmann might be fooling but she sure had a strong stance against the Patriot Act until she voted to extend it. Therefore I have no reason to believe the lies that flew out of her mouth about repealing Obamacare.

  4. Some people are not as photogenic or as video friendly as others, but that should have nothing to do with real substance. Substance meaning continual sticking to your guns about the issues that really matter, voting record reflecting this, and mostly making sense. You aren’t going to win a national election with a mainstreamer. It has to be someone people are excited about. When the media is purposely trying to attack someone, or make them look bad, or paint him in a negative way, then you know you have the real thing.
    the only way I would even vote is if Ron Paul makes it. So far the rest are saying me, me, where as Ron Paul is saying.. the message is more important than me.

  5. It is funny how main stream media likes to say that Romney or Bachmann is in the lead and they only talk about those two running… I live in a relatively upscale neighborhood and almost everyone I talk to is voting for Ron Paul or Herman Cain.

    People are socialist in nature… or at least because that is how the history books molded them. Hence, the reason most media talking heads believe in the outlandish things they believe.

    Break out of the mold and vote for a real future… Ron Paul all the way!

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