The Republican debate scheduled originally for July 10th, 2011 sponsored by The Daily Caller and Americans for Tax Reform has been postponed indefinitely due to lack of candidate participate. The debate was the finale of the 2011 Conservative Leadership Conference. Seems that the decision by Mitt Romney to pass on the debate was enough for organizers to postpone the event though a future date has not been given.

Report from the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

No Mitt Romney, no debate.

Three days after Romney, the GOP presidential front runner, said he wouldn’t attend a July 10 debate in Las Vegas, the organizers postponed the event, citing scheduling problems.

The Daily Caller and Americans for Tax Reform Foundation on Friday announced their GOP face-off would be put off until another time, although no new date or venue was offered.

“Due to scheduling conflicts and impending changes in the Republican primary field, we have decided to postpone our debate,” the group said in a statement, attributing it to Daily Caller Publisher Neil Patel and Grover Norquist, president of the tax reform foundation.

Herman Cain had been the only GOP presidential hopeful to have confirmed he would participate in the debate. Organizers had said they were confident the rest of the field would show up, but that apparently wasn’t coming together after Romney announced on Tuesday he would skip it.

Romney said he planned to participate in a series of six other debates this summer and fall, culminating with one Oct. 18 in Las Vegas that will be televised live by CNN. That face-off will be part of the Western Republican Leadership Conference, a major regional meeting for GOP fundraising and organizing, including for Nevada’s Feb. 18 presidential caucuses.

The July 10 debate was scheduled to happen the day after a Conservative Leadership Conference on July 9 at the M Resort. Cain is among those scheduled to speak at the conference.

GOP hopeful Herman Cain will still speak at the conference despite a lack of the previously scheduled debate. This will officially make July a debate-free zone with the next scheduled debate not until August. We’ll keep you posted on whether we get a rescheduled date for the July 10th event.


  1. Cowards… No Romney, no debate…that’s telling. A little hypocritical as well…a RINO decides not to show at a conservative leadership conference but the conservative is and you call off the debate. Guess I know who the GOP is pushing!!

  2. Romney isn’t gonna be there because Ron Paul makes him look like an idiot in every debate. I hate the way Romney Stands up there smiling like he’s better than everyone else when they’re answering a question. We all know the truth about that flip flopping puppet. What gives him the right to disrespect the election process like this? His campaign said he is not entering into any off the polls anymore either. The people can see whats really going on and it’s gonna turn off a lot of voters . Your digging your own grave Romney. That @!$%# says something man. We The People want balanced budgets, no more wars, no more taxes, no more police state, no more big government & no more big brother !! If you put Ron Paul in a debate next to Obama he’s gonna make the president look like an idiot. You know who is winning 90 percent of all the polls right now? – 12on Paul – You know who won the CNN GOP debate? – 12on Paul – CNN reported another polls results the next morning because Ron Paul won with over 50 percent on their own poll. Why would they discredit their own poll? Why does the mainstream media manipulate the truth? What are they hiding? Why are they hiding it? Let it be known. We’re here to take our country back and we’re not going anywhere!! When we do take it back. All the manipulative snakes that have lied to the American people for so many years. Have done a disservice to this country & will be exposed. JUSTICE for ALL!

    • The media giants don’t want to give Ron Paul too much publicity because they fear if he were elected, government subsidies to the news giants would be cut off. The government subsidies are the only thing keeping their poor programming alive. Without the subsidies, they would be forced to provide real news to compete for viewers even if that meant internet-only.

  3. The GOP establishment continues to show what a joke they are as they try to herd in their big Government stooge Romney who would rather be off fund raising abroad than actually have to explain his corporate-paid-for views to the American people.

    GG Republicans, way to cancel the debate just because your white version of Obama couldn’t make it.

  4. The demise of you bottom feeding + parasite loving + fake conservatives.

    Ron Paul 2012!!!
    Is why you cancelled the debate ….
    Be honest with yourselves.

  5. This is down right ridiculous. Not only is this an outrage to voters, but should also insult the candidates as well. Since when is our democratic process dictated by one person deciding not to attend an event. This will only call more attention to whats really going on..

  6. That’s right, show the masses who you really are. The masses don’t need you anyway. Thank you and keep up the “good” work.

  7. This is an insult to our political process those organizations should be ashamed of themselves and just lost my support!Just because Romney decided he wasn’t going to the party it has to be cancelled? Thats a Joke don’t be fooled into voting for who the corporate news tells u to vote for Romney loses in most the polls and the ones they show u are fabricated go Ron Paul!

  8. You guys are so full of crap. Romney is NO WHERE NEAR the front runner. In the Time magazine GOP Bracket poll Ron Paul received over 50% of the total support while all of the others combined didn’t have as much as DR Ron Paul.

    You do a disservice to ALL AMERICANS by declaring another Corp America sell out to be the top contender.

    Romney won’t show because he doesn’t have the will. Or is it because he was already in Vegas and got 10M in donations from CORP AMERICA ??

    You and your organization are just a bunch of schills and should be ashamed of yourselves.

    The time magazine article will be a huge blow to Romney and all of the other Corporate puppets on the ticket.

    Here’s what you’ll be looking at on news stands come July 8th, 2011.

    Since YOU wont report the truth….we will.

  9. And Republicans want to get Obama out of the White House? Only 1 person scheduled to show up for the debate…Shows where the other candidates interests REALLY lie. This is pathetic. Cain is an underdog but at least he is willing to do what is necessary to get the job done.

  10. “Hermain Cain was the only candidate to confirm” that’s a load of bull…Ron Paul was also confirmed for this debate, someone conveniently decided to leave that out.

  11. well you needed to keep this debate then if just one candidate show up then he would get the full time to show what he is made of. that kind of air time with the american people would show who is real and could beat Obama.Romney and Bachmann are the mainstream media picks that thay think Obama can beat.But this is going to come down to Hermain Cain, Ron Paul and maybe two others that can win.

  12. What a surprise. I am so sick of the media and the GOP establishment trying to pick the candidates for us. If either Romney, Hunts Ketchup Brains, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, or Michele Bachmann is the nominee, I will stay home. I know Bachmann is a tea party favorite, but she seems like the type to use the people to get elected for her own benefit. Do people just pay attention to labels in this country and not do their research?

    People keep saying that Ron Paul is unelectable, but the more I listen to him…the more I think we really need change in this country. I used to hate the guy, but the more I keep seeing the same people get elected, the same people make the same mistakes over and over again, the more I will not listen to the establishment. Herman Cain is my number one pick, and Ron Paul is number two. So sick of Romney…why in the hell should he determine if there is a debate or not. The people don’t want him anyway. What in the hell do you establishment idiots not get?! THE PEOPLE ARE SICK AND TIRED OF YOU JUST AS MUCH AS THE DEMOCRATS AND IF YOU DONT WANT TO GET BEHIND SOMEONE THAT WILL FIX OUR PROBLEMS…WE THE PEOPLE WILL. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. WAKE UP!

  13. What a load of crap. I was looking forward to seeing Ron Paul at these debates. F*** the establishment and the propagandist media!

  14. I agree that this is an attempt to front load Romney by the GOP. He is a joke on all issues. If anyone looks at his stance on the issues that matter you’ll find he is a progressive. He will spend big just like everyone else. People, look at the Federal Reserve…it is a privately owned bank. Do you think for one minute that they want us to balance a budget when they collect interest on every single dollar in circulation that they don’t even print? Please, please, please look into the Fed and you’ll realise how crooked they are. Americans talk about wanting our founding principles back but a lot of you won’t support the only candidate that stands on those principles, Ron Paul. He has a flawless record of standing for what is rigght…the Constitution. I am a service member and I will gladly lose my job in cuts if it means a sound economy and strong America again. I promise you a massive military does not equal a strong America. Our economy makes us strong. Thank you.

  15. If cares if Romney or anyone else doesn’t show up for a debate. Debate with those who DO show up – there, that was easy. Get a clue media!

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