In case you missed it or need to watch it again, I have finally found the entire video of the Fox News May 5th Republican Debate from Greenville, South Carolina. It is split into 4 parts from YouTube.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Hat tip to Right Speak for providing/locating the entire debate video.


  1. The Paul-Bots have added 4 years to their terribly original 2008 slogan.

    Flash back 4 years:

    RON PAUL 2008

    Wonder if he’ll be garnering more than 2% this time around.

    • Ron Paul can and will get more of the vote this year because his message is:

      1) not motivated by wanting to direct the massive federal budget toward a particular interest
      2) actually based on sound economics, an ethical foreign policy, and, oh, the Constitution
      3) resonant with people from all walks of life and all political backgrounds

      and Paul can win IF the mainstream media-bots (to borrow your term) can see the issues for what they are.

      I find it laughable that you can decry the slogan “Ron Paul 2012” for being… unoriginal?? Its just appropriate, no?

      RON PAUL 2012

  2. Ron Paul was right in 2008, and he is still right in 2012. I challenge you to watch how correct he was is these same debates 4 years ago and you will see he was the right choice then and he is the right choice now.

  3. Nate, you must be from the future; four years ago was 2007 from my temporal reference frame. Cheers, and RON PAUL 2012!

  4. Gary Johnson is obviously the best choice. So level headed and clear in his thoughts. A Johnson/Paul ticket or vise versa would be great!

  5. Thanks, I’ve been looking for the full debate for 30 minutes and couldn’t find it until now!

  6. Obama 2012!

    Four More Years!


    To be quite honest, with the kinds of republicans the GOP Establishment wants the public to accept for the role of challenging Obama, we might as well just have the same president for another four years.

  7. Thanks for posting this. Like Brent, I also searched for it for a while before I found it here.

  8. I’ve donated plenty to Paul, but I’m done with him now that he came out of the closet in his book as a latent “libertarian” open border/unlimited immigration supporter. Paul thinks if you want borders and immigration limits, you’re a racist or a simpleton.

    • First of all, Ron Paul does NOT endorse open borders. He does not support amnesty. Ron Paul believes that if we end the entitlement programs, free education, free medical care, food stamps, and end giving USA citizenship for being born on USA soil, then most of our immigration problems will be done.

  9. Vote Ron Paul, END THE FED, End the war on drugs, End the war in Iraq & Afghan, stop this policing of the world, lower taxes, and have a free market!!!

  10. Did you notice how most, if not all of the other candidates, gave watered down, lip service to Ron Paul’s stance on things?

    They sound like someone who is just trying to touch the buttons they feel will get a response from people but have no sincerity. It’s all just parroting with no real belief in it.


    • I completely agree! Ron is the only one who gives you truth and real feeling. What you see is what you get with Ron and I agree with him! He is inspiring and and American as you can get with his positions. Go Ron!!!

      Ron Paul 2012

  11. More questions for Dr. Paul!! I like listening to actual logically-founded reasons, not lip service (as Jim says). I have to admit, he really makes the majority of the republicans look like the neo-cons they really are. Some positions were decent, but overall everyone else was just a mix of garbage our Founders would be ashamed of.

  12. I think it is funny how so many people have commented that they searched so long before being able to find the entire debate online.
    I had to search a while before I could even find an interview with Mitt Romney that had ANY substance! There was talk of his dad, his looks, his charisma, his kids, vehicles, Obama etc etc etc. How is he a front runner? This isn’t a beauty pageant. There is no bikini competition.
    Ron Paul is the real deal. I am a mother of 3 and am scared to death of what the future holds for my children. Ron Paul is the light I see. He says what he feels and means and I agree with him wholeheartedly so far. People need to spread the importance of education before the Republican Primaries. Too many people I know don’t care enough to educate themselves and want to complain that there are “no good candidates” when election time rolls around. We must all rally and vote for who we (as informed individuals) believe is the BEST candidate. For me…that is RON PAUL!!!

    GO RON!!!!

    RON PAUL 2012

  13. Get on the Cain Train people. As soon as the American people find out who Herman Cain is and what he has done and what he will do for America there won`t be any stopping. This candidacy will just continue to build momentum because Cain is able to beat Obama.

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