Gallup finally polled following the announcements by Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump that they would not seek the presidency in 2012. The results are fairly underwhelming and show that everyone in the field gained a few points, however, the real leading choice is “None/No Opinion” at a solid 22%. That isn’t good news for all the candidates in the running.

Here is how the field shakes out.

This can only be good news for Rick Perry, Rudy Giuliani and others rumored to be considering a run. Clearly none of these candidates has locked up front runner status meaning it is still a wide open race. The next few debates could be crucial in sorting things out.


    • He’s THE MAN. The only one who WILL change things for the better. He has spread the message of peace and personal freedom for over 30 years. Look it up!

  1. Let see,ah Romney…..nope uh Palin……naa uh Newt…….NO Way! Ron Paul……You talk about CHANGE. YEP,YEP and if you can handle it…..Vote for THE MAN “RON PAUL”! OBama…’ve got to be kidding. HA,HA HA…..that’s sad and funny.

  2. I really like Ron Paul but he is just plain getting too old. He will hit 80 while in office. That is 2 years BEYOND the average mortality rate for a US male. Better like his running mate since you’ll more than likely end up with him/her as president.

    • Your right Dan so look out for Ron Paul’s son Rand Paul. He’s up and coming with the same liberty, small government and personal freedom idea’s. Another one with great ideas is “The Judge”.

    • Wouldn’t that be discrimination? That fact that you just said that makes me think that you and your kind are exactly the problem with america today, and that you do not deserve to reside here. Go buy a one way ticket to cuba.

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