A slew of the contenders for the 2012 Republican Nomination spoke the past few days at the CPAC convention in Washington, DC. Among those in attendance included Mitt Romney, Mitch Daniels and several others with names at the top of the 2012 list.

Mitt Romney: (Highlights from CNN)

Mitch Daniels: (Full speech, audio only)

Herman Cain:

Ron Paul:

Donald Trump:
(Who knew?)

More to come as they pop up. Leave a comment if I missed some important videos.


  1. Trump is the only one with enough audacity to come out and face sensitive issues. Trump loves debate, and he loves winning debate, because winning debates and staying on top is what Trump does for a living – naturally. I know if he became president he is going to tell it like it is from the podium and none of this go hide behind congress BS we get from every president. Not to mention the American economy can only get better if it plays a trump card – and how overdue the US is for a TRUMP card!!! So if Trump wants to get real on the ballot, I am voting for him. Its not a joke anymore because the US is in deep financial debt and Trump is the only one who understands this and knows how to climb out of the hole. The only ones who will hate Trump are the other country leaders who will be jealous of the US moving forward with financial stability and prosperity. I think its time we stop wiping everyone elses butts and lay the smack down with the trump card ballot. Enough said.

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