There has been a lot of speculation that Indiana Congressman Mike Pence will be ultimately building a campaign for the Presidency in 2012. This weekend Pence appeared on This Week and spoke to this question saying he would be waiting until after the new year to make a decision.

Story from CBN:

With the midterm elections now over, some political analysts are already looking ahead to the 2012 presidential election.

One possible contender is Indiana Republican Congressman Mike Pence. The evangelical Christian is stepping down from his post as the number three U.S. House of Representatives GOP leader. After the GOP election victories last week, Pence said he was stepping down as the GOP’s conference chairman. He alluded to a potential bid for president or Indiana governor.

Christiane Amanpour, host of ABC’s “This Week,” asked Pence if he would run for president.

“We’ve been very humbled by the encouragement we’ve received back in Indiana and around the country,” he replied. “And we’re intent on taking the coming weeks to really prayerfully consider that, to wait on the Lord, to seek counsel, and after the first of the year, we’ll make a decision.”

In September, Pence finished first in a presidential straw poll among social conservatives.

Pence is a great Congressman and a strong candidate. He is very popular amongst conservatives and could build a strong grassroots backing, that is certain. However, he does not have the national recognition such as Romeny, Huckabee or Palin and would essentially be introducing himself. That isn’t a bad quality though either since the media hasn’t spent time destroying him.