Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said in an interview the other day that he has no plans to run for President in 2012 and instead plans to run for reelection as Governor.

Story from The Times of India:

HOUSTON: Indian-origin Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, considered a potential Republican presidential candidate, has ruled out his bid for the White House in 2012.

Jindal, 39, who is currently promoting his new book ‘Leadership and Crisis’, said yesterday that he is not interested in running for president in 2012 and will run for re-election for governorship next year, local newspaper ‘Advocate’ quoted him as saying.

“I’m running for reelection for governor of the state of Louisiana for next year, but I want folks across the country to see what we’ve done in Louisiana,” Jindal said.

“I’m running for reelection. Next year you’ll have a lot of Republicans in Iowa. I’m sure I’ll be in Louisiana,” WWL First News quoted him as saying.

Of course, with all Presidential run denials, Jindal’s circumstances could change perhaps. Still I see Jindal has a long shot for top-of-the-ticket this time around though he could be picked up in the VP spot.