In one of several interviews President Trump has been granting for the countdown to the end of his first 100 days in office, the President told Reuters news that he though being president would be easier than his prior job as a real estate developer, and he somewhat laments the difficulty involved with running the nation’s affairs.

Story from Reuters:

He misses driving, feels as if he is in a cocoon, and is surprised how hard his new job is.

President Donald Trump on Thursday reflected on his first 100 days in office with a wistful look at his life before the White House.

“I loved my previous life. I had so many things going,” Trump told Reuters in an interview. “This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier.” [Emphasis added]

A wealthy businessman from New York, Trump assumed public office for the first time when he entered the White House on Jan. 20 after he defeated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in an upset.

Is he … serious? That quote reminds me of reports from the first few days of starting his transition back in November about how he didn’t realize the scope involved with how many people the executive branch had to staff and maintain. Flashback to November 13, 2016, via Business Insider:

President-elect Donald Trump celebrated his status as a Washington outsider during his campaign for the presidency, but his lack of familiarity with the US government appears to be coming into view as he transitions to the White House.

During Trump’s private meeting with President Barack Obama on Thursday, Trump “seemed surprised” by the scope of the president’s responsibilities, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

Trump’s aides were also apparently unaware that the entire staff of the president working in the White House’s West Wing would need to be replaced, according to The Journal.

Many people, including myself, questioned the veracity of these reports as perhaps just cheap shots from the prior administration trying to make the new president look ill-prepared. It turns out, perhaps he was ill-prepared and this was the reality of heading into Election Day as the under dog, not expecting to win.

But back to the Reuters interview with the President on his first 100 days. Clearly he seems to have enjoyed winning during the campaign far more than the grinding days of governing:

“Here, you can take that, that’s the final map of the numbers,” the Republican president said from his desk in the Oval Office, handing out maps of the United States with areas he won marked in red. “It’s pretty good, right? The red is obviously us.”

He had copies for each of the three Reuters reporters in the room.

Trump, who said he was accustomed to not having privacy in his “old life,” expressed surprise at how little he had now. And he made clear he was still getting used to having 24-hour Secret Service protection and its accompanying constraints.

“You’re really into your own little cocoon, because you have such massive protection that you really can’t go anywhere,” he said.

He keeps the 2016 electoral map nearby, likely as a reminder of how much fun it was to hold rallies and skewer your political opponents all day long. Compared to that, the job of actually being the President isn’t much fun.

I’d say that some of these feelings he’s having are probably just human, all presidents experience some level of emotional adjustment to life inside the Oval Office cocoon. However, it also speaks to the difference between electing a politician versus electing a businessman. Your average sitting U.S. Senator or your average state Governor probably can give you a rundown of the massive duties involved with an office such as the Presidency of the United States. It’s not entirely unlike being the President and CEO of an international real estate firm, but it also comes with an entirely different set of rules to function within that don’t exist in the business world.

For Trump, I think the hardest lesson he’s learned so far is that dealing with political opposition, on explosive issues like health care, is far more difficult than dealing with a business foe. If you typically work in the world where you think most everyone “has their price,” and just needs the right level of finessing, you may be shocked to find that strongly entrenched ideological people on both sides of the aisle can’t be bought as easily, since they live and die by re-election, and they need to keep their constituents happy.

Democrats will not simply roll over on repealing ObamaCare anymore than Republicans will roll over on things like gun control or tax hikes, it isn’t that simple to negotiate against political beliefs.

The savior in Trump’s inner circle on this matter is probably Vice President Mike Pence. This is someone who spent years in the U.S. House, then was elected as Governor of Indiana, then become Trump’s VP. Pence knows the ins and outs of legislating, and I think if it were not for Pence, Trump would be worse off when it comes to dealing with Congress.

Perhaps the next 100 days will be less disappointing for Trump, with some lowered expectations, now that the first 100 days are just about in the history books.


  1. Did anyone really have any expectations that he would do well? Appoint the village idiot as town mayor and this is what you get. You reap what you sow.

    • I don’t think it’s a question of IF Trump is “doing well.”
      The question is “for whom” he is doing well.

      New polls are showing that 85 to 95% the people
      who voted for him think he’s doing great.

      • If they weren’t astute enough to see how inept and inappropriate he was at the point of election, then I hold no trust in their faculties to perceive how badly he is managing our nation now. I am really addressing the majority who didn’t vote for him or who are now realizing too late the error of their ways. The minority who are still too blind to see do not concern me presently.

          • And ad hominem fallacy again. If you haven’t realized your error yet, then you’re already too far gone. There is no reasonable argument that will sway those who have abandoned reason, their basic humanity and/or common decency.

    • Village IDIOT? President Trump wouldn’t take O’Buggers prize title from his Kenyan roots. After all he has to leave the clown something he can claim as his legacy.?

      • – Calling other commenters idiots.
        – Flinging homophobic and racist slurs at the former President.

        Yet for some reason their trolls never have their comments deleted or get banned. That only happens to progressives. I wonder why.

        • Do you know how to read? I didnt call the person I was responding to an idiot. I also wasn’t homophobic nor racist. It is amazing how so called PROGRESSIVES twist the written or spoken word of another. It seems that this is the only way progressives can feel good about themselves. Pretty warped logic if you ask me.?

          • “O’Bugger” is definitely not homophobic. And “Obongo” is definitely not racist. Calling black people “thugs” is definitely not just a dog whistle for the N-word. Yawn.

            • You can make anything mean whatever you want it to. I suppose if you have the time to waste to let your imagination run wild, then good for you. But I will not let you or anyone else imply I am this, that or the other thing, to satisfy your idol whimsy.?

              I read every post that I made to this article and in not one of them did I use the word thug. I have in other posts and they could be for white, black, Asians or any other persuasion. A thug simply means that the I individual is a DREG to society, a malcontent.?

              Are you really that badly in need for clarification of terms. Perhaps I might suggest that you begin with a professional, something like a REMEDIAL English class.?

            • If you find it in any of my posts, I will explain it to you. If you don’t, I won’t presume to know what somebody else is thinking.

              I will leave that to you clairvoyant progressives.

            • Oh please. You’ve used it many times, snowflake. Don’t be shy now. Tell me what it means

            • In the past month, “Obongo” has been used only three times:

              12 hours ago, 16 hours ago, and last week.

              Only person to use the term in more than 30 days is UpisDown.

            • Great, so within the magical time limit of 30 days, he hasn’t used that particular racial slur in these comments, which can be edited after the fact.

              It is, however, a very common racial slur used for Obama in Republican spaces, by people who might as well be clones of this particular racist.

              Since I don’t possess your comment scanning tools, I’d settle for an explanation of why he uses homophobic slurs to attack Obama.

              I would also like to know if he’s willing to call his fellow Republicans racists for using the term Obongo.

              Forgive me if I don’t give your friend any benefit of the doubt. He is routinely advocating for, and threatening, murder of Muslims, black people, Democrats, and others. He should be locked up instantly.

        • Lmbo. Really? Go back and read your comments. For Pete’s sake you called ?me a whole bunch of names. You may want totake a good look in the mirror. A troll is someone who speed out remarks and statements without facts

          • My comments get deleted when I insult racists. Your comments, advocating for ethnic cleansing, get to stay.

            • I have NEVER done that!!!
              You seriously need to stop and think about what you write. You are sounding a bit crazy lately.

            • Yes you have, snowflake. You just don’t want to take responsibility for your actions.

            • I think you have gone off the deep end. I know the type of person I am. I know that I would never advocate such a horrible thing.
              You need to stop LYING.

            • Perhaps you are 100% crazy. ??????????
              Seriously, screwed up in the head.
              Stay away from the keyboard.
              Do you know the definition of “Decentcy”? Go ask your parents.

            • de·cen·cy
              behavior that conforms to accepted standards of morality or respectability.
              “she had the decency to come and confess”
              synonyms: propriety, decorum, good taste, respectability, dignity, correctness, good form, etiquette; More
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              “a loose dress, rather too low-cut for decency”
              the requirements of accepted or respectable behavior.
              plural noun: decencies
              “an appeal to common decencies”

            • Holy cow girl. You are something else. This conversation isn’t that hard to follow. ?

            • See how I have not edited that simple spelling mistake? Would you like to know why I haven’t? It is simply to point out your attitude. Now the world will know what a pitiful girl you are. ? I am positive that you will have something to respond with, because you don’t know when to quit, you dig yourself deeper in the hole, and I like it. True colors show up. ?

  2. Great article. The resistance and undermining of the Trump administration is huge. From Antifa, the 9th district court, mainstream media, and every liberal/democrat out there..It has been an uphill battle.
    I am happy that the police are now requiring people show their face or are thrown in jail. I am happy that many people (left) are now speaking up FOR protection of free speech. I hope that one day soon, name-calling, destruction of property, and fighting are a thing of the past. Forever tied to Obama administration.

      • I don’t see anything wrong with protesting her ideas, but they shouldn’t protest her appearance.

        The greatest danger we face is the fact that we don’t listen to each other anymore.

        Forget ISIS. The real danger is us.

        • I couldn’t have said it better myself. I wouldn’t go listen to Hillary Clinton speak for free, even if they gave me a front row seat. Because I don’t like her does that give me the right to stop those who want to hear her? ANTIFA and like groups are nothing but latter day BROWN SHIRTS.?

          This is a free country and everyone is entitled to like and listen to whomever they want. It would be a terribly drab and boring country if everybody liked the same thing.?

        • ?
          The point is that the liberal agenda will soon face another backlash. Even lifelong Democrats are getting angry with “Antifa” “Liberal” “Resistance” or “Snowflake” rallys/protest.
          Lucky for us.. we are finally starting to see a backlash from some people like Bill Maher or Bernie Sanders.
          Fingers crossed that everyone stays safe and continues to push conversation without? insults.
          * Yes we included “Snowflake” I’m the discription because they now “own” it. Like we now own “deplorables”. It is no longer an insult.

            • Snowflake is a term that the liberals now own, like we own deplorable. So by you using it to insult OUR President is funny. ?

            • Nah. It’s just another interchangeable Republican buzzword. It means the same as every other word the moron class geta hung up on.

            • From what I can tell, “Snowflake” comes from the move toward “trigger warnings,” that tell readers or viewers (or students) that upcoming material may be a problem for “sensitive viewers.” That includes political ideas that they may not be able to handle.

              The metaphor suggests someone so weak that the slightest “heat” will destroy them.

              It would probably be appropriate, referring to times when Trump throws a Twitter-tantrum over some small slight. But I wouldn’t say that it’s “no longer an insult.” It’s an annoying cliche, since it’s thrown around so much. Like “whatever!” or “awesome!”

            • Well Goethe, many of my Democratic Facebook and Twitter fans put Snowflakes, safety pins and “I’m with her” arrow signs as their profile pic. ? Yes “safe space” and “trigger warnings” as well as non binary language has now become a policy in some colleges and universities. Being “offended” for others as we as yourself is considered good. And calling out names like NAZI and shutting down free speech because it isn’t what you like has become popular.
              I DO NOT AGREE WITH IT.
              I welcome debates and discussions. I think you fo too, which makes your job as an writer so much fun. I would have covered so much more. ?

    • The cognitive dissonance is killing them. They can’t accept his abject failures. They’re too invested in their moronic, racist chauvinist “anti-hero” to accept that they have made a grave error in ascribing to this demagogue, this autocratic, self-centered imbecile.

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