The stories are breaking daily whether it’s revelations from leaked emails or the ongoing Trump/GOP feud, the campaign has officially entered that crazy season in October. I personally don’t remember the home stretch being this turbulent in 2012, but then the candidates were of a more traditional nature. Here’s a rundown of the latest controversies from the campaign trail.

The embarrassment keeps coming from hacked emails obtained by Wikileaks from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta. In the latest round, email exchanges show top Clinton advisers seeming to mock Catholics, Evangelicals, Southerners, and what the campaign described as “Needy Latinos.” In another leaked email, top Clinton campaign advisors discussed whether they could continue avoiding press conferences. The question was whether they could craft a strategy to hold press conferences, but still keep the campaign events focused on Hillary’s message.

There have been numerous instances in recent days where a handful of people show up at Hillary rallies around the country wearing shirts that say something like, “Bill Clinton is a rapist,” or feature some such similar message. One of these “rape” protesters got into an altercation during a rally in Las Vegas and the violence ensued as Clinton supporters tried to remove him from the event.

Following the tape released last Friday where Donald Trump makes comments about grabbing women by the “p***y,” House Speaker Paul Ryan immediately denounced and distances himself from Trump. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, on the other hand, took a “wait and see” approach which seems to have paid off. Ryan continues receiving threats to his speakership while McConnell is going largely unnoticed in this whole ordeal.

Trump has said in recent days that his split with many in the Republican Party is like having the “shackles removed” from his campaign. At campaign stops in recent days, his rhetoric has been ratcheted up and his attacks against Hillary Clinton, and members of his own party, like Paul Ryan, have come fast a furious.

So far, polling indicates that Hillary Clinton gained some ground since the weekend as most polls show improvement for her both nationally and at the state level. Trump is currently hovering near some all-time lows in some national polls, while others show a smaller dent in his numbers. At the state level, Trump has suffered in Ohio, Nevada, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, and North Carolina.

The Keystone State continues leaning toward Hillary in the polling averages, but there are some interesting trends happening on the ground in terms of voter registration. The Pennsylvania GOP says 240,000 new voters have joined the party this cycle, and the Department of State, which tracks voter registration by party, says that nearly 100,000 Democrats switched their registration to Republican since the January. From the same source, around 40,000 Republicans have switched their registration to Democrat during the same time period. The result is what appears to be the “enthusiasm” gap favoring the Republican candidate in this cycle.

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