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Will it Happen? Bernie Accepts Trump’s Offer for Debate

Last night, on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Donald Trump was asked a question about whether he would consider debating Bernie Sanders. Trump said he’d love to debate him, which Sanders quickly jumped on and accepted the challenge, with the stipulation that it happen in California before the June 7th primary. For his part, Trump also stipulated that Bernie would have to cough up some money for a charity of Trump’s choosing in order for him to actually go through with it.


Report from The Hill:

Whether this debate will actually happen remains to be seen. Maybe we’ll get some details in the next few days if Trump’s statement was serious. He had to know that Bernie would accept it, so I have to think Trump may be prepared to deliver. Fox News was already trying to put together a Clinton/Sanders debate in California, perhaps they can revive that process and substitute Trump for Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is either laughing at this prospect or it will have her campaign in a flurry since Sanders will arguably have the largest viewing audience since the campaign began. That is, of course, if this debate actually happens, and there’s no official confirmation yet that it will.

Stay tuned for this one.

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