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The Difference Between Trump Tribulation and Hillary Hatred

Just a few weeks ago, Democrats were gleeful about the way Ted Cruz was erratically attacking, and John Kasich was insisting he’d be in the race ’til the cows come home. It seemed like a party coming apart at the seams. The Bushes and others said they wouldn’t even vote for Donald Trump, much less support him. What a difference these few days have made.


Politico reports that the GOP elites are lining up nicely.

The Never Trump moment is over. . . The thawing has slowly but surely begun – and it’s visible everywhere. . .“Trump’s our nominee. We’ve got to support him,” [Foster] Friess, the primary funder of Rick Santorum’s 2012 presidential bid told a group of governors, operatives, and donors.. . .[Tom] Tellefsen, who helped Marco Rubio in the primary. . .said most big GOP donors would come around. He predicted that even those loyal to Romney, a loud Trump critic, would eventually open their wallets. . .

Penny Nance, the president of Concerned Women for America, a leading evangelical group, has long been a Trump skeptic. . .in January, she signed a letter to Iowa caucus-goers urging them to “support anyone but Donald Trump,”. . .[Now] she sees a path for him. . . Two people involved in Conservatives Against Trump, a group that is devoted to finding a third-party candidate, said that as many as a dozen members had recently departed, convinced that its efforts were futile.

So now, most people think the Republican convention will be all peace-and-love, because the “flexible” Trump says constituent groups can write anything they want into the platform. Now, it’s the Dem convention that might look like the one they had in 1968.

A majority of Democrats say they’re worried about the party’s ability to unite its factions before the national convention in July. . . Only 35 percent of Democrats said they weren’t worried about unifying the party, with 42 percent “somewhat worried,” and another 23 percent who were “very worried.” For some Democrats, the issue took on new resonance after discord and violent threats marred this past weekend’s Nevada state party convention.

Most Democratic insiders pinned the blame on Sanders, the independent Vermont senator, arguing he has inflamed his supporters by giving them the unrealistic impression that he can pass Clinton in the delegate count. . .Other Democrats, however, pinned the blame on the party establishment and warned that Sanders’ supporters won’t automatically join the fold in a general election.

All you have to do is look at this chart to see the danger. Among Bernie fans, Hillary’s favorability is taking a nosedive that gets worse every day.

According to the most recent YouGov poll, 61 percent of Sanders voters have an unfavorable view of Clinton, against just 38 percent with a favorable one.

The real difference between the party campaigns is that, while the large GOP field seemed to be in chaos–from the vantage of today, it looks more like an almost orderly peeling off of incompetent campaigners. And while there were a few harsh words, there was more disappointment than anger.

“Little Marco” Rubio imploded, lashing out impotently. Jeb Bush was too “low energy” even to lash. Ben Carson nearly fell asleep on-stage. Carly Fiorina “screeched” to a halt. Turns out, Bobby Jindal couldn’t talk and Scott Walker couldn’t “run.” Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee didn’t have a prayer. There wasn’t enough room for Chris Christie. Rick Perry’s campaign was a total “Oops” that died four years ago. Rand Paul made too much sense. Ted Cruz just smoldered out, and John Kasich. . .was he running?

While it’s true that there are still questions whether Trump was the best possible candidate, there is no longer any question that he WILL BE the nominee. As such, in typical GOP fashion, he will soon have 100% loyalty and dedication behind him.

Not so on the Dem side. There’s not just disappointment and frustration. There’s real anger and hatred, like I haven’t seen since 1968. Yes, Democrats hated Nixon, and Republicans hated Bill Clinton, but you’ll have to go back to 1968 to find a party having so much hostility toward its own “presumed nominee.” LBJ was so hated that the incumbent president removed his name from consideration.

How bad is it now? All you have to do is read the comments. Here is a sampling of comments ONLY on this site, and ONLY in the past week, not from Republicans, but from Bernie fans, referring to Hillary:

OG–Um, Clinton would be the downfall of America.

KJ–Hopefully they will indict her finally for the country. I want her a** in handcuffs and chains and put bottom of the jail.

M–Give it to her Bernie… take her down. She is a puffed up blow hard and I can’t even stand to watch her.

L–If the democrat don’t want to consider Bernie it is better to vote for Trump because Hilary Clinton is more racist and dangerous than Trump only that she hide it.

KJ–Yeah she won only by voter fraud and suppression among corruption. That’s the only reason. Stop drinking the Clinton kool aide lady. She won’t be president and I will still vote for Bernie Sanders in November no matter what happens. Clinton is a liar and a criminal.

TG– Hilary is a remake of Bill Clinton who is a well known thief and quite possibly a killer from Whitewater controversy.

A–The Hillbot, Hilary Rosen, is a baldfaced liar covering for fraud. The DNC is committing nonstop fraud for Hillary — look at the money laundering they committed through the Hillary Victory Fund. All the Hillbots have are electoral fraud, compulsive lying, and incessant carping.

KJ–Big Blue Vision is owned by head of Clinton super PAC. Brock. I hope he beats her a** in California and New Jersey. We don’t want her. Trump will beat her handily

RD–Clinton for Devil!

Sounds familiar. But when John Boehner said Ted Cruz was “Lucifer in the flesh,” he said it with a smile. It was humor, sarcasm, and personal schadenfreude about a champion obstructionist going down in flames (so to speak).

When RD and KJ and A and TG and L and OG and M and others say things like that, it’s with a real desire that Hillary’s heart will stop beating.

Goethe Behr :Goethe Behr is a Contributing Editor and Moderator at Election Central. He started out posting during the 2008 election, became more active during 2012, and very active in 2016. He has been a political junkie since the 1950s and enjoys adding a historical perspective.