On Wednesday, Carly Fiorina publicly endorsed Ted Cruz, saying she’s “horrified” by Donald Trump. Maybe that means other endorsements will follow.

Endorsements don’t necessarily mean a lot, of course, especially when the endorser has little credibility on their own.

Earlier, Rick Santorum endorsed Marco Rubio. Trouble is, he couldn’t think of a single accomplishment Rubio had that he could point to.

Likewise, Rick Perry endorsed fellow Texan Cruz, and was basically never heard from again. Cruz did win Texas, so perhaps Perry’s usefulness has already peaked.

Sometimes, however, endorsements do matter. Such as when Chris Cristie endorsed Donald Trump. It was a brilliant coup for The Donald since it came right after a success by Marco Rubio taking a surprise win in Minnesota on Super Tuesday.

Rubio wanted to build momentum — but the very next day, his nemesis from the debates stole his thunder. No one destroyed anyone in the debates as when Christie smacked down Rubio. Rubio has never really recovered from that debate, here’s a refresher of that moment up in New Hampshire:

There has been some talk that Jeb Bush may endorse Rubio, even though they fought during the debates. The question is, whether there’s anything left to endorse, after Rubio’s fourth-place finishes, and winning of no delegates on March 8th, let alone winning actual states. Rubio’s candidacy is clearly on “life support,” and that brings us to Lindsey Graham.

The always witty Graham spoke at the annual Washington Press Club Dinner last month, where he joked that the GOP had gone “batsh*t crazy.” He also noted that he had endorsed Jeb Bush.

Graham then commented on how his own campaign had died, and Bush’s campaign quickly died after Graham’s endorsement. Therefore, he said he must be the “Jack Kevorkian” of the Republican Party, and with that, he donned a Donald Trump hat, humorous video here:

On an earlier page here, I asked why candidates were just dropping out and not endorsing anyone, as was the practice of the past. One answer is that candidates usually don’t “end” their campaigns these days, they just “suspend” them. Endorsing someone would make it clear there’s an end. But I guess the time has come.

Carly endorsed Cruz, Santorum endorsed Rubio, Christie endorsed Trump, Graham endorsed Bush. Meanwhile, former candidate Sarah Palin has also endorsed Trump, and former candidate Romney has endorsed “anyone but” Trump.

Where does that leave us? You tell us. Who will these other former candidates endorse, and will it make a difference? What do you think?

Who will they endorse?

Jeb Bush
Ben Carson
Mike Huckabee
Bobbie Jindal
George Pataki
Rand Paul
Scott Walker

For that matter, who will former Democratic candidates boost, if anyone:

Lincoln Chafee
Martin O’Malley
Jim Webb

And, of course,

Joe Biden

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