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March 22nd Primary Results (Arizona, Utah, Idaho)

Both major parties are holding a primary in Arizona and a caucus in Utah today. In addition, Democrats in Idaho will also be holding a caucus. Arizona is the top prize of the day, especially on the Republican side, where there are 58 delegates up for grabs which are winner-take-all. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the current polling leaders in Arizona, while Ted Cruz is poised for a win in Utah. Bernie Sanders may pull off a victory in Utah and Idaho, where polls in both states find him with a slight edge.


Called Races

Cruz: UT
Trump: AZ

Sanders: ID, UT
Clinton: AZ

Arizona Primary
All polls closed by 9pm ET (7pm MT)
Live Results: Politico
GOP Delegates: 58 winner-take-all
Dem Delegates: 85 proportional
Winner: Trump, Clinton

Idaho Democratic Caucus
Caucus runs from 7pm to 8pm MT (results between 10 and 11pm ET)
Live Results: Politico
Dem Delegates: 27 proportional
Winner: Sanders

Utah Caucuses
Dem Caucus Time: 6pm to 8:30pm MT
GOP Caucus Time: 7pm to 9pm MT
Live Results: Politico
GOP Delegates: 40 proportional (unless the winner gets 50% of vote, then WTA)
Dem Delegates: 37 proportional
Winner: Cruz, Sanders

This page will be updated when the results start to come in later in the evening. Since these are all western states, we probably won’t see any results until after 9pm ET.

Nate Ashworth :Nate Ashworth is the Founder and Senior Editor of Election Central. He's been blogging elections and politics for almost a decade. He started covering the 2008 Presidential Election which turned into a full-time political blog in 2012 and 2016.

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  • Perhaps I am understanding wrong but I am very confused. Can anyone explain how they can call a winner if it's started that there has only been 1%reported? I'm just looking at Google and it says Clinton wins AZ with only 1% stated as being reported

    • That does seem odd. Apparently, they rely on exit polling, which assumes that people tell the truth about how they voted.

        • There was no exit polling in AZ. But AZ basically consists of Maricopa County as the most populated area in the state. Once they started getting returns from there (which includes Phoenix), they can call the state. Because there aren't enough votes anywhere else in the state to make up for the number of votes in that one area.

  • I just for the life of me can't see Trump as POTUS. Its almost comical. When I listen to him speak during the debates its like he has the temperament and communication skills of a ten year old.I imagine he can bully his way around white collar business men but that shit won't work with Putin or ISIS. At this juncture in America I would rather go with someone who at least knows their way around the White House than someone who could potentially drag us all to hell. Famous last words, what's the worst that could happen?

      • https://youtu.be/YqmpcpSpXQg
        This is all I could find for now. But, don't Take my word for it...take it from the people who voted.

        Mind you the election is still fresh off the press, so more is sure to come.

        It's worth looking into... You guys have a lot of potential here to start an intelligent conversation. Lord knows the media won't. I hope you guys do the right thing.

  • Cruz has more than what you say, Robert, or didn't you know he was the only one that stood against ALL of Obama's "executive orders"? INCLUDING the Iran "deal" (more like HAND OVER) and Obamacare. The only one that promises to maintain the Bill of Rights and the Amendments without removing them by "executive order" like the Democrats have PROMISED to do, or "allow" them to be removed like the other Republicans "might." Even Trump now is saying he may or may not build that wall. All Hillary or Sanders will have to do is play back all his clips and either one will win handily. Only Cruz has not flip flopped, and that's the kind of President we need now. You say he's hated? I'll tell you why: Neither side can buy him. Neither side can bully him into violating the Constitution. The Republicans hate him AND Trump? Yeah, because Cruz stood alone against things most of the others allowed through, things that hurt the American people and violate the Constitution. The others don't give a rip about the Constitution. But he cares because he's half Cuban by ethnicity and UNLIKE the OTHERS is grateful to live in a land that gives him freedom and cares about PRESERVING that land and its Constitution. The others find the Constitution "stands" in the way of what they WANT. That's what the difference is. It's time to put aside our petty wants about the SO-CALLED freebies and extras we think the others are promising and follow the one candidate who most cares about this land and about the vision of the Founding Fathers. Trump on the other hand has shown himself to be as much a liar and pro-adulterer as Hillary is, and as happy to hand out empty and questionable promises as Sanders, and HE changes his on a dime. I suppose I will be forced to vote for Trump in November, because the one thing we DO agree on is Hillary is the WORST candidate; however, while the primaries are still running I WILL vote for Cruz, because the more votes there are for Cruz, even if Trump wins, the more he will understand there is a sizable group that voted for Cruz. Vote for him now against your conscience, and you give him the signal you are for EVERYTHING he does, including lying and changing his positions on a dime. Vote for Hillary, and you say you are HAPPY poor Ambassador Stevens died in Benghazi after she LIED and claimed "no one was lost"--if the Reps have any brains they will play THAT tape and her scandals over and over and over--and you will say that you APPROVE of Bill the Masher and everything he AND SHE did to those women who dared say something about the things he's been doing. As a woman and a FORMER FEMINIST (wanna know how I QUIT being one??), I CAN'T support THAT!

    A woman who enables her husband to do WRONG and ATTACKS the ones he victimizes and thinks nothing of her foul ups causing other people's deaths like it did or has no trouble with her financial shenanigans or lies under oath and is dishonest as a lawyer is NOT FIT to be President, neither is a pie in the sky Marxist who wants to get rid of our democracy and turn it into another socialist regime, neither is a lying, adulterous, three time divorcee who makes his money off of gambling casinos--then has them go bankrupt, still having money himself but causing employees to lose their jobs and everything--and also owns a strip joint and boasts about his affairs and pretends to be a conservative when he's a RINO.

    Well, if you don't want Cruz as President, America, fine, you WILL GET then what YOU DESERVE!

    It's only too bad that those of us with much better sense will have to put up with YOUR DECISION...

  • The bashing list on Trump. 1. liar 2. racist 3. woman hater 4. unqualified 5. loosed tongue 6. other counties will turn against us 7. wants to blow up the . The bashing comments go on and on.
    1. as far as I know we all lie 2 I have LISTENED to Trumps comments regarding what they say make him a racist and obviously the ones bashing Trump have not. This is THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA, NOT the United Countries. The borders are out of control, innocent people are being KILLED, there are all kinds of problems with this, the border patrol people are at wits end just trying to do their job. Americans are not being hired because illegal immigrants from many different countries are taking Americans jobs. The welfare system is overloaded with illegals and they are abusing the system. Americans benefits are becoming less due to illegal immigrants receiving the benefits. I SAW A Family in Washington who lived in 3 different HUD units driving a lexus, a lexus luxury van that had to be at least 80 or 90 thousand and another luxury car. NOW NOT ONLY WERE THEY LIVING IN GOVERNMENT PROGRAM HOUSING, DRIVING VERY EXPENSIVE CARS, THEY ALSO WOULD GET BAGS AND BAGS AND BAGS OF GROCERIES OUT OF THEIR CARS they would literally expect you to move out of the walkway for them even if you were there first, THEY HAVE NO PROBLEM BEING DISRESPECTFUL TO YOU WHILE THEY RIP OFF OUR SYSTEM. THEN THEY CUSS YOU OUT. These are just a few of real life experiences. As far as 3. Where did woman hater come from?. Really!. 4. Lacks political qualifications, yes I agree with that, some for the good, some for the bad. We are talking about an extremely qualified man in business with a high eye q. Do you really think he is incapable of learning what needs to be learned and practiced in holding Political Office?. 5, loosed tongue, absolutely. He needs to really work on that. Other countries will turn against us. THEY ALREADY HAVE and now we have a Prince demanding Trump not to run. SINCE WHEN DO WE LET ANOTHER COUNTRY TELL US WHO CAN AND CANNOT RUN FOR OFFICE. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. WHAT DOES THIS TELL YOU ?. Is this what you want, a President who sells us off piece by piece, loss of freedom of speech, other countries running our government, political correctness to where we loose our rights, disrespect from illegal immigrants, more crimes and murder and how about we just give up everything to please everyone else ?..These things are bringing us down and we will be no more. You see where Trump speaks out and what he says yet do you seriously want another Obama or Bush in office. We know Hillary has done allot of awful things and yet she still runs for President. They all have huge egos, not just Trump. What we do not really see in the so called experienced politician is what they are really thinking. WHAT ABOUT THE RELEASE OF TRUMPS WIFE PHOTOS, DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT CRUZ HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT YET ALL THEY CAN TALK ABOUT IS TRUMP MAKING THE COMMENT OF CRUZs wife. THE REPUBLICANS HAVE BEEN RUINING THEIR OWN PARTY, they act like babies if they do not get their way, they hold decisions off until they hopefully win and now are taking every step they can to banish Trump from possibly holding office, even if they do not care for Cruz, they will stand for him. I AM ASHAMED THAT I WAS ONE REPUBLICAN. THEY HAVE DESTROYED THEIR PARTY. IT IS SO DIVIDED AND ITS HUMILIATING. I do agree with certain very important issues Trump needs to work on yet I think any other choice will land us into a country lost. Try living in the real world where money cant buy you safety or keep you far away from crime. See what is really out here that the common American lives with. Trump is not lying about the real life issues.

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