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March 15th Primary Results

Some news outlets are referring to today as “Super Tuesday 3” in reference to the start of “winner take all” delegate allocation in some races on the Republican side. There are 367 delegates at stake for the GOP, and 691 at stake for the Democrats. Primaries for both parties are being held today in Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri, and North Carolina. Republicans are also holding a caucus in Northern Mariana Islands.


Called Races

Trump: FL, IL, MO, NC, and Northern Mariana Islands
Kasich: OH

Clinton: IL, FL, NC, MO, OH

Florida Primary
All polls closed by 8pm ET
Live Results: Politico
GOP Delegates: 99 winner-take-all
Dem Delegates: 214 proportional
Winner: Clinton, Trump

Illinois Primary
Polls close at 7pm ET
Live Results: Politico
GOP Delegates: 69 proportional
Dem Delegates: 165 proportional
Winner: Clinton, Trump

Missouri Primary
Polls close 7pm ET
Live Results: Politico
GOP Delegates: 52 winner-take-all
Dem Delegates: 71 proportional
Winner: Clinton, Trump

North Carolina Primary
Polls close 7:30pm ET
Live Results: Politico
GOP Delegates: 72 proportional
Dem Delegates: 107 proportional
Winner: Clinton, Trump

Northern Mariana Islands GOP Caucus
Results: The Hill
GOP Delegates: 9 winner-take-all
Winner: Trump

Ohio Primary
Polls close 7:30pm ET
Live Results: Politico
GOP Delegates: 66 winner-take-all
Dem Delegates: 143 proportional
Winner: Clinton, Kasich

This page will be updated when the first polls begin closing tonight after 7pm ET.

Nate Ashworth :Nate Ashworth is the Founder and Senior Editor of Election Central. He's been blogging elections and politics for almost a decade. He started covering the 2008 Presidential Election which turned into a full-time political blog in 2012 and 2016.

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  • well.. i voted for kasich in the nc primary today. trying to send a message that trump doesn't belong in the presidential race. g'nite.

    • He is probably referring to his support of NAFTA and other policies Trump has attacked him on.

  • Electing Hillary will ensure the same things to be fall America that did under her friend Obama's terms.

  • idiots cant believe most people voted for Hillary dumbasses and for trump supporters I bet most of u guys didn't see all his debates just uneducated idiots that are voting. smhh

    • Oh Marcos... Bernie isn't going to give you free Chipolte or free Starbucks or free Iphones....boo hoo... are you going to go to a Trump rally and Cry like a baby and start fights? Get out of your parents house!

  • Trump for America bring back the jobs, bring back the industry. Real jobs, real work, not just low paying service sector jobs or welfare bankruptcy.

  • Clinton, Obama and their masters the Vatican (black pope included) are responsible for the unrest in the middle east, which will initiate WW3. Also Albert Pike (famous mason) claimed three World Wars, would be required to bring in the New World Disorder and enslave the people.

  • Hillary Clinton sold Ambassador Christopher Stephens and the other 3 Americans killed, to the Muslim Brotherhood; to get Obama's half brother in the Muslim Brotherhood 450 tons of military equipment. Her foundation was set up with the private email server, to procure the selling of state favors for big money. One of those emails revealed the location of Christopher Stephens.
    Hillary Clinton represented a child rapist that damaged a 12 year old girl so horribly, that the girl was permanently barren. Hillary laughed when stating, her client only spent 2 months in jail.

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