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Here’s a Rundown of Weekend Caucuses and Primaries

The Presidential race becomes a bit more scattered this weekend with a mixture of primaries and caucuses over the course of Saturday and Sunday. Here’s a breakdown of what’s happening on each day with some analysis of the races as they stand.


Called Races:

Cruz: KS, ME
Trump: KY, LA
Rubio: PR

Sanders: KS, ME, NE
Clinton: LA

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Kansas Democratic Caucus
Democratic Caucus Information
1pm to 3pm CT
Delegates: 37
Live Results: Politico
Winner: Sanders

Kansas could be a competitive race on the Democratic side. Polls show Hillary Clinton with a reasonable lead, but with almost 40% of voters still undecided, this race is a toss-up.

Kansas Republican Caucus
Caucus Information
10am to 2pm CT
Delegates: 40
Live Results: Politico
Winner: Cruz

As with the Democratic race, the Republican side is close but currently gives the front runner an edge. The latest polling shows Donald Trump leading at 26%, however, 39% remain undecided. I would call this race a toss-up as well.

Kentucky Republican Caucus
Caucus Information
10am to 4pm Local Time (either ET or CT)
Delegates: 45
Live Results: CNN
Winner: Trump

The last poll in Kentucky is from weeks ago and shows Trump with a 13 point lead. However, given theLive Results: amount that remain undecided, this race can also be considered a toss-up. Trump may be a favorite, but he has not done as well in caucuses as he has in primaries.

Louisiana Primary
Primary Information
7am to 8pm CT
Delegates: 58 Democratic, 47 Republican
Live Results: Politico
Winners: Clinton, Trump

Donald Trump holds a sizable lead on the Republican side and should do quite well, likely winning in Louisiana. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton is favored by upwards of 40 points

Maine Republican Caucus
Caucus Information
Time varies by county
Delegates: 23
Live Results: CNN
Winner: Cruz

There has been no recent polling in Maine so the state of the race is likely a toss-up.

Nebraska Democratic Caucus
Caucus Information
Time varies by county
Delegates: 30
Live Results: CNN
Winner: Sanders

No polling exists for this race, but Bill Clinton has been in Nebraska this week campaigning for his wife. I’d have to naturally give Clinton the edge here, but anything could happen in a caucus situation.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Maine Democratic Caucus
Caucus Information
Varies by county, between 1pm and 8pm ET
Delegates: 30
Live Results: CNN
Winner: Sanders

Maine is in the backyard of Vermont so Bernie Sanders could do quite well here. This could be a close one but I suspect Sanders may have the edge heading into it.

Puerto Rico Republican Caucus
Delegates: 23
Live Results: New York Times
Winner: Rubio

I suspect Marco Rubio will do well in Puerto Rico since he has been one of the few candidates discussing their economic problems as of late.

We’ll have results trickling in over the weekend and a full wrap up on Saturday night and Sunday night with the results of the day.

Nate Ashworth :Nate Ashworth is the Founder and Senior Editor of Election Central. He's been blogging elections and politics for almost a decade. He started covering the 2008 Presidential Election which turned into a full-time political blog in 2012 and 2016.

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  • Predictions:

    Canadian Cruz will win the caucus states (since the panicked GOP rather cheat in his favor, than dead-end Rubio's).

    Trump will crush all in the direct vote in Louisiana.

    Afterward, winner take all Florida and Ohio will make Trump unbeatable --- sending the dozen fat men from the North-East Coast that run the Republican Party from their country clubs, into a tail spin, thus ending their pernicious power forever.

    The End of the anti-American RINOs and Neocons is just a few days away!

    Then, the Tea Party will ascend --- for only such Patriots are the salvation for our Nation!

    • Patriots? More like a bunch of nitwits running around in drag. Spare me this kind of perverted patriotism.

  • Weird. The polls were going crazy and you could track levels of support from phone surveys to exit polls to twitter searches by the minute until a week ago. Now nothing? What's that about?

  • It looks like Mitt Romney's voodoo black magic is really having an effect on the electorate.
    I wonder who his puppeteers are. They must really have him by the balls.

    • Donors and lobbiests.... the people that are doing the commercials for Rubio and Cruz.. well instead of paying 2 million for a commercial...they gave Romney a million to stand up and make a pledge against Trump. It's all about $$$$ just like in Sports!

  • Cruz should've been able to perform much better considering 3 things:

    1. All 4 of Saturday's contests were Closed

    2. Kentucky was not only Closed, but it was also a Caucus

    3. Trump has been absolutely terrible this past week. Not only has he been getting attacked by his opponents, pundits, past candidates, party leaders, the media themselves (and rightfully so)... but he hasn't responded in any resilient way. Not to mention, the guy couldn't attend CPAC because it was obviously too big of a risk for the campaign (WTF?). hahaha, like.... the man seeking the Republican nomination can't attend CPAC... because he's seeking the Republican nomination,lol. Usually it's a right of passage for candidates.

    I just don't see the support pulling away from Trump like it should/should've been. It shows that there's a strong possibility of Trump sweeping the WTA's of FL, MO, and OH. Whereas there's zero chance of Cruz nabbing all, if any, of the 3. Kasich pulls too much from OH and Rubio pulls too much in FL and MO is a friggin' OPEN primary! (217 delegates in all)

    It's good that Cruz got the headlines of winning 2 more states, but his situation is more dire than it seems. Basically, the next 10 days will decide the 2016 general election. GoP voter turnout is up something like 100% from 2012 and Dem turnout is below expectations. The GoP will certainly win the General. So I'd expect some "Lee-Atwater-level" hijinks coming from conservative leaders in the coming week if they truly want to stop Trump.

    (Oh, and reason 4. Ron Paul basically won Maine in 2012. It's a weird state. I love the guy, but Maine doesn't really count.)

    • Trump should of went to Kansas earlier and really needs to start hitting 2 places per state(day) instead of jumping 1 city in a state to the next unless he plans to go back. Point is.. Trump needs to start making more than 1 trip to a state. He's hitting NC 2 times coming up which is what he needs to do.. but he needs 2 more times in Ohio... 2 times in Missouri and Illinois and 2 more times if not 3 in Florida before each primary to secure them states. If he did 2 times in Kansas..he would of if not won but only lost by 1-2 delagates only.

      • I don't see him changing his campaign up too much at this point, for it has been working for him for the most part. If he starts acting like every other politician, that hurts his brand he has made for himself.

  • Cheat Liar Cruz will continue to steal the WIN FROM TRUMP UNLESS AMERICANS PROTEST!

  • The majority of the people who voted absentee are disappointed they did. Those who voted for Donald Dump regret it and wouldn't have done it had they seen and heard what a psycho, minority hating, racist ass#hole he is.......

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