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C-SPAN launches “Road to the White House 2016”

C-SPAN has jumped on board the 2016 bandwagon already and created their “Road to the White House” series looking at the next Presidential Election. The first series featured Vice President Biden and Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

C-SPAN Road to the White House 2016

Report from the Washington Times:

It will be three very long years until many Americans are in presidential election mode, and eager for talk of their favorite candidates or horse race politics.

But it is never to early in some circles to get a start on things. As of Friday night, C-SPAN will begin airing “The Road to the White House 2016,” firing up its traditional presidential programming that last covered President Obama’s victory speech in November.

The fair-minded public affairs channel journeys to South Carolina for dueling appearances by Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican. Both have some presidential buzz going for them, both will appear at significant events in the company of Palmetto State power players.

Cruz I can understand, he’s a definite contender for the GOP in 2016. However, I’m a little baffled at Biden but I guess since he hasn’t stated he isn’t running, it’s fair to assume the Vice President of the term-limited President will indeed pursue the next highest office.

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