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CNN/Time poll shows Obama losing to Huckabee, Romney

A heartening new poll from CNN/Time shows President Barack Obama with a tough battle ahead in 2012 for his reelection bid. Some Republican candidates fair better than others, see if your favorite is well-positioned already:


Washington (CNN) — His party got its clock cleaned in Tuesday’s midterm elections, but President Barack Obama still remains competitive in some hypothetical 2012 presidential election matchups, especially against Sarah Palin, a new poll shows.

The poll’s release comes as Santorum visits New Hampshire to give a speech about the midterm election results and the future of the Republican party. No one has yet to announce a bid for the GOP nomination.

In a possible general election showdown, Obama leads Palin 52-44 percent among all registered voters.

In a hypothetical 2012 matchup, Huckabee leads Obama 52 – 44 percent, while Romney has a 50-45 point advantage, which is within the poll’s sampling error. Obama holds a 49-47 percent margin over Gingrich.

Breakdown as follows:

52% Huckabee – 44% Obama
50% Romney – 45% Obama
47% Gingrich – 49% Obama
44% Palin – 52% Obama

Those are some pretty impressive numbers being that it’s November 3rd, 2010. Would they look the same a year from now when many Republicans will have already announced their candidacies? Stay tuned..

Nate Ashworth :Nate Ashworth is the Founder and Senior Editor of Election Central. He's been blogging elections and politics for almost a decade. He started covering the 2008 Presidential Election which turned into a full-time political blog in 2012 and 2016.

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